5 Best Solar Blankets for Salt Water Pool (Reviews) 2020

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Best Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool ReviewsA solar blanket for the saltwater pool has several roles. It helps in retaining heat in the pool, which saves on heating costs. You can apply the coverage to prolong the swimming season if you live in areas that experience winter.

During summer, it plays a role in reducing evaporation. The overall effect leads to the conservation of water in the pool. The solar blankets cover the pool surface where they prevent chemical loss. You can preserve the value for your pool through the application of the best solar blanket for a saltwater pool.

The blankets are highly effective in protecting the pool against UV degradation effects. Here I’m going to reveal to you the best solar blanket for the saltwater pool you can buy to protect your valuable swimming pool.

Top 5 Best SolarBlanket for Saltwater Pool Reviews 2020

1. Sun2Solar Blue Heating Blanket

Sun2Solar Blue 24 Foot Heating Blanket Best Round Solar CoverIt is a 40 feet saltwater pool blanket in a rectangular shape. You can apply it to achieve the best cover of your swimming pool. The blanket is designed to offer the best heating for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools. It is among my best pool care tools which I apply to preserve the quality of the pool.

The blanket works in such a way it uses the sun to heat the pool. Since I bought the pool blanket, it has helped me a lot in saving on energy bills. There is no need for expensive pool heating systems anymore. It is highly effective in minimizing water evaporation but at the same time, heating water effectively. I can’t regret buying the pool blanket. It is among my highly recommended products.

My main aim of buying the pool blanket was to heat water so that we can enjoy it with family and friends. The pool heating blanket has worked very well. It offers the best heating mechanism, which makes the pool very comfortable for swimming.

Each time we are done swimming, I easily roll it back. The design makes it very easy to use. It is among the few blankets which are made to assure me the best performance. It does not matter the shape or length of the pool, and I can easily trim it to fit perfectly on the surface.


  • Attractive blue design
  • Minimizes water evaporation
  • Heat retention
  • Trim to fit


  • For pools less than 40 feet

2. In The Swim Pool Solar Blanket

In The Swim 8 Mil Best Pool Solar Round Blanket Cover ReviewIt is another pool heating blankets in my collection. The pool blanket has been carefully designed to assure me of the best pool heating processes. At first, I had to check out the features available on the pool blanket before I proceeded to buy. For example, it comes with a thick construction making it very durable.

I bought it to use for my in-ground swimming pool, and it has served me very well. The use of solar energy to power it saves on energy bills to a great extent. It uses tiny air bubbles to transfer heat into the pool, making the heating process very fast. Apart from heating the swimming pool correctly, it is also highly reliable in reducing chemical loss through effects such as evaporation.

Since I bought the blanket, it has helped me a lot to save money which would have been lost through buying chemicals. I have a kidney-shaped pool, but the material is easy to cut. I was able to trim it till it fitted well on the pool. It is among a few materials which I can highly recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results when trying to heat the pool. It is a carefully designed pool blanket cover that has been serving me very well.


  • Thick solar blanket
  • Reduces pool chemical loss
  • Easy to trim
  • Effective solar heating


  • Only a 7-year warranty

3. Blue Wave NS520 Solar Blanket

Blue Wave NS520 14 mil Solar BlanketIt is the best solar blanket for the saltwater pool which comes with 14 mill thickness. I was attracted to buy solar coverage because it is highly effective in saving energy. I can utilize solar energy to increase the pool temperature for up to 15 degrees. It is an excellent saving on power.

After heating the water, it offers a protective cover where heat is retained for long. It does not matter whether the day is cloudy or the nights are cold, the blanket makes it a difference. I was reluctant to enter the swimming pool but since I bought the blanket things have changed for good. It works very well in assuring me peace of mind as I try to heat the swimming pool.

Superior quality materials used makes it stand out from the rest. It is highly effective in withstanding deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays as well as chemicals. With up to six years’ warranty, it is among my highly recommended swimming pool blankets. The blanket is very easy to install. It took me a few minutes to get it into position and start enjoying the several benefits.


  • Conserves energy
  • Minimizes heat loss
  • Superior quality
  • 15 degrees Fahrenheit increase


  • Not lightweight

4. Harris Rectangle Solar Cover

Harris by Sun Solar 24 ft Round Solar CoverI was looking for the best solar blanket for the saltwater pool when I came across the blanket. It has never let me down. The solar blanket comes in a unique design which makes it stand out in its way. With fantastic heat retention design, it offers the best performance ever.

Since I started applying it, it has been highly effective in increasing pol temperature, a record of up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The blanket works very well in saving me on the cost of heating the swimming pool. It is highly effective in reducing pool chemical dissipation which even contributes to more savings on my cost of running the pool.

The installation process is straightforward. The pool blanket comes with clear instructions that are very easy to follow. It took me a few minutes to get it installed. It is among few pool blankets I highly recommend to anybody looking to save on energy and at the same time improve on the general look of the pool. It comes in a design that allows sunshine to penetrate the surface and heat the water but avoid heat loss.


  • Fantastic heat retention
  • Increases pool temperature
  • Easy installation
  • Fast heating


  • Only 32 feet long

5. Thermo-Tex 2831632 Solar Pool Cover

Thermo Tex 2831836 Solar Swimming Pool CoverIt is another pool cover which works very well in conserving the pool temperature and chemicals. I was careful to choose the best solar blanket for the saltwater pool, which can assure me the best results in my struggle to preserve the pool temperature. The pool blanket comes in a unique design which makes me realize the best results each time I try to heat the pool.

With excellent heat retention capability, I can extend the swimming pool season. The blanket is highly effective in reducing water evaporation in the pool. It is also highly effective in saving on the heating costs of my swimming pool.

The covers are made from high-quality UV stabilized polymers that resist degradation, which may be caused by pool surface exposure to the sun rays. The saltwater pool blanket is lightweight, which allows me to put it on and off the pool surface quickly.

Since I bought the pool cover, it has helped me a lot in making my pool conducive for family members to enjoy swimming. It is a valuable pool cover which I highly recommend.


  • Saves on heating cost
  • UV stabilized polymers
  • Lightweight design
  • Reduces chemical consumption


  • Only three years warranty

Best solar blanket for saltwater pool buying guide

You need to check on several factors to ensure the pool blanket is of the highest quality. Here are a few factors to check out:

UV stabilized polymers

The pool cover should be made out of UV stabilized polymers to avoid cases where it will be degraded by the sun. A careful comparison of different products in the market you will quickly locate the best which can assure you value for money.

Easy to install

There are some pool covers which come in easy to trim design. You need to work with such materials so that you can be assured of the best results in your installation process. Check on the installation details to be sure.

Fast heating

You do not have a lot of time to wait for the pool to heat. Consider buying a pool blanket that has fast heating capabilities. It will save you on time.

Best Solar Blanket for Salt Water Pool (FAQs)

How to solar blanket for saltwater pool work?

The blankets work in such a way they trap energy from the sun then convert it into heat. The heat is then released to the water. It leads to a heating effect.

Is solar blanket for saltwater pool cost-effective?

Yes, you will save a lot of money in the long run. It is the best way to reduce energy bills. It also saves on the pool chemical use.

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