5 Best Soft Sided Pools (Reviewed) for 2020

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When it comes to swimming pools, above the ground pools are indeed a good option. They are easy to install and are not that cumbersome to maintain either. However, when you’re buying a swimming pool, it is essential to buy one which can last for a long time.


While searching for above the ground pools, it is best to opt for the best soft sided pools. These pools have an additional liner which can protect them against the rocks, stones, plants or any other entrants from the outside.

It makes them highly durable. The liner makes them softer on the outer side. In short, pools are not only more durable but smooth as well. The problem is when you’re looking for best soft sided pools; the options are plenty.

That is why; you have to be selective while choosing them. I will today share with you the top 5 soft sided pools which you can choose.

Top 5 Best Soft Sided Pool in 2020

Brand & NameFilter PumpSizesPrice
Bestway 9’10” PoolYes9'10" x 6'6" x 33"Check Price
Bestway 118 x 79 x 26Yes118 x 79 x 26Check Price
Summer Waves 8′Yes8 FootCheck Price
Intex 8′ x 30″Yes8' x 30"Check Price
SUMMER WAVES 12′ x 33″Yes12' x 33"Check Price

1. Bestway 9’10” Pool – with 330 GPH Filter Pump

The first option which I am highlighting has measurements of 9’ 10” x 6’ 6” x 33”. The oval frame means that the area inside is on the larger side. The polyester mesh cover along with laminated PVC makes it very sturdy.Bestway 9’10” Pool Best soft sided pools

The three-ply reinforced material adds to the durability of the pool. It comes along with the liner which protects it from outside. The water capacity is 969 gallons. The steel tube framing reduces any wear and tear.

It requires minimal assembly so that once you get it, it will be ready in no time. The pool comes along with the filter pump which can handle 330 gallons per minute. Thus, all the essentials are included along with it which makes it a good choice.


  • Oval frame
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 969-gallon capacity
  • Includes a pump
  • Easy to assemble
  • Steel frame


  • Does not include a cover

2. Bestway 118 x 79 x 26 – Deluxe Splash Frame Pool

The measurement of this pool is 118” x 79” x 26”. The rectangle design means that you can easily install it without any problem. It consists of reinforced rope wraps.Bestway 118 x 79 x 26 – Best soft sided pools

The steel frame provides it with the much-needed rigidity. The galvanized steel adds to the durability. With a three-ply polyester mesh lining, it remains protected from projectiles.

The water capacity of the pool is 871 gallons. There is a flow control valve to control it easily. You can assemble it within 20 minutes with the help of a companion.

When not in use, you can easily disassemble it and store it in a small space. So, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty pool which is easy to set up, you can consider this option.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Consists of a heavy-duty pool liner
  • Highly stable
  • Steel frame
  • 871-gallon capacity


  • Not easy to clean

3. Summer Waves 8′ – Family Swimming Pool (Filter Pump)

The next option which I will highlight consists of a metal frame. It is 8 feet in diameter. It includes an internal filter system which allows you to keep the water clean. The metal frame is suitable for heavy usage.Summer Waves 8′ – Best soft sided pools

You can use it in any weather. It has a foam liner which can protect the surface of the pool from the outer side. The circular shape makes it easy to install.

One thing which I like about this pool is that assembling takes very little time. I pretty much assemble it within 30 minutes. The water capacity is 801 gallons. The filter which comes along with it has the D type filter cartridge which is highly efficient.

The reason this pool is on this list is that it offers a unique combination of a pool liner along with the metal frame.


  • Eight-foot diameter
  • Metal frame
  • Consists of a pool liner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes along with a filter


  • Packaging is not up to the mark

4. Intex 8′ x 30″ – Inflatable Above Ground Polygonal Pool

With the size of 8’ x 30”, you can easily place this pool in your backyard. It occupies a very little space owing to the polygonal design. It is an inflatable pool but is a pretty strong one.Intex 8′ x 30″ – Best soft sided pools

The side walls are super sturdy and triple strong as compared to any other swimming pool of similar size. At the same time, they are entirely soft. The triple layer construction protects the swimming pool from any outside projectile.

The thickness of the side walls as of 30 inches. They are not just durable but compatible with any pool chemical. The three separate layers minimize the wear and tear increase the durability of the pool.

I was able to get it ready without any additional tools. That is why; I prefer it so much as compared to other options. Moreover, it comes along with a pump so that you can keep it filled and clean without much of a problem. The super tough construction is what propels me to put it on this list.


  • Three-layer construction
  • Polygonal shape
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Comes along with a pump
  • Easy to setup


  • Air retention is average

5. SUMMER WAVES 12′ x 33″ – Above Ground Pool with Dark Wicker

The 1st thing which you will notice about this above ground pool is the outside surface. It has a dark wicker finish. The dimensions are 12’ x 33”. It is made from a metal frame so that it can handle the elements of weather.SUMMER WAVES 12′ x 33″ – Best soft sided pools

You can use it day in and day out without any problem. It has a liner which not only makes the outside walls smooth but also protects it against any projectile from outside. It uses the PVC material which adds further to the strength.

The assembling is pretty easy and takes 60 minutes. It comes along with a pump which can help you filter the water quite quickly.

Another unique feature of this soft-sided pool is that it is rust resistant which means that you don’t need to worry about any extended maintenance. The dark wicker finish along with heavy duty construction makes it a good choice.


  • Dark wicker finish
  • Metal frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes along with the pump
  • Highly durable


  • The filter can suffer occasional water leak

What to Look for in a Best Soft Sided Pool?

Best soft sided poolsThus, if you prefer soft-sided pools like me, these are the best options you can buy. I will now highlight some of the things which you should consider while buying one.

I always compare the best soft sided pools on these few parameters. They help me choose the right one straight away.

• Size of the pool:

You have to always first look at the size of the swimming pool and the water which it can hold. It will give you an idea regarding the capacity of the above ground pool.

• Construction quality:

It should be durable in construction. Only when it consists of a heavy duty frame and multiple layers of materials, it can last for a long time.

• Accessories:

Ideally, you should choose a pool which comes along with accessories like a pump. It will save you a lot of headache by not having to buy a compatible pump.

• Shape:

Soft-sided pools come in all shapes and sizes. You have to decide on the form you prefer.

These factors help you short-list the best soft sided pools quite easily. Now, I will answer some of the FAQs which people usually have while buying one.

Best Soft Sided Pools (FAQs)

What is a soft-sided pool?

A soft-sided pool is above the ground pool which consists of a liner. The liner on the wall protects it from any outside projectile. It enhances the durability of the swimming pool.

How long do soft-sided pools last?

Soft-sided pools can last for anywhere between 6 to 10 years. A lot depends on the frequency of usage and how you handle it.

What is the best soft-sided pool to buy?

The best soft-sided pool is Bestway Above ground Swimming pool. The sturdy construction and large water holding capacity make it a winner.

Globo Pool Overview:

If you prefer the soft sided pools rather than the normal above ground ones, you can follow my guide above. It will not only answer all your questions about soft-sided pools but help you choose the right one as well. I have taken great care and efforts to include only the best five options in my list above.

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