8 Best Shower Pans [Reviews] For 2020

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Let’s know what do shower pans in your bathroom. Well, a Shower pan or tray is a waterproof barrier and made out of either lead or vinyl. Now you might want to know that why it is considered as expensive equipment of all beautiful bathrooms and what is the purpose of using it?Best Shower Pans Reviews

In general, shower pans & bases can catch any water which can seep through the tile or bath floor and you can also call it a selfy floor tile. I suppose you need many things in mind while buying expensive shower tray and bases. Most importantly, keep your eyes alive before ordering this luxurious bathroom equipment.

Are you looking for the best shower pan to improve the decor and refinement of your bathroom? Many shower base choices are available in different sizes, shapes, features, and colors to coordinate the style of your bathroom. Also, these adorable trays are available in a variety of materials including ceramics, stone resin, and acrylic.

There are many alternatives on the market. The choice of the most appropriate solution can be confusing. A shower pan can significantly improve things in your modern bathroom, and therefore it is essential to choose the right one. Here are my best shower pan choices considering all the different components for the perfect one.

The 8 Best Shower Pans in 2020

Here, I have created a comparison table based on shower pan dimensions. So now at a glance on the product and match your demand according to your washroom.
Product NameDimensionsPrice
DreamLine Shower Base36 in. D x 60 in. W x 2 3/4 inCheck Price
SlimLine Shower Base32 in. D x 48 in. W x 2 3/4 inCheck Price
Bestbath Shower Base/Pan30 in. W x 30 in. D x 6 inCheck Price
Schluter Shower Tray32" x 60" (81 cm x 152 cm)Check Price
KERDI Shower Tray48" x 48" (122 cm x 122 cm)Check Price
PROFLO PFSB3434WH(34" X 34")Check Price
Swanstone R-3636-010 Shower Floor36-Inch x 36-Inch x 5-1/2-InchCheck Price
Tile Redi 3448CBF-PVC34-Inches D x 48-Inches W x 7.00-Inches HCheck Price

DreamLine SlimLine Shower BaseDrain Single

This DreamLine SlimLine Threshold shower pan is one of the best Dreamline Company shower bases. It is made of ABS and high gloss acrylic and fiberglass reinforced for durability. This tends to be used in a custom project of combining with DreamLine; Shower doors in a shower facility or replacing a bathtub to a shower. It has a safe position and a clean appearance.DreamLine-SlimLine-–-Center-Drain-Single-Threshold-Shower-Base-Review

This DreamLine SlimLine shower pan choice is much less demanding than that required to install a mosaic shower pan. It is a waterproof design that does not require additional waterproofing below. Currently, it is well known for proper drainage, so there is no need to focus on the appropriate tilt of your soil to the drain.

This first tray is a quick and easy installation for beginners and professionals. The shower tray is very popular and received positive reviews from customers who bought and installed it. Among the various comments, customers praised the fact that the SlimLine DreamLine is durable, offers a high-quality finished look, exceptional silver quality and a dull finish and fit.

It is vast enough not to allow any water to flow out. The 36in. X 60in. 2 3/4in. (D x W x H) the white shower pan is the item to have in your bathroom.


  • Integrated tile flange
  • Sized for tub replacement
  • Slip, Scratch and stain resistant
  • Single unit installation
  • cUPC certified Shower Base
  • Covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Size: 36in. X 60in. 2 3/4in. (D x W x H)
  • Style available: Center Drain, Left Hand Drain, and Right-Hand Drain bases


  • Simple design
  • Complaints about the drainage

DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold

This single-threshold shower base has an extraordinary white look. You will not encounter any problems related to sustainability. It works perfectly and never poses any issues associated with flexing the base.DreamLine-SlimLine-Shower-Base-–-Threshold-Center-Drain-Single--Review

It is unobtrusive and uses a scratch-resistant surface for impressive performance. This shower tray is made from glossy, modern acrylic fiberglass reinforced. That’s why it looks fantastic in the decor of all bathrooms without creating a problem. The floor surface provides finishing security with the slip grip texture.

You can say goodbye to a sudden slip accident. The DreamLine shower pan is simple to maintain; a reflective acrylic finish protects against stains thanks to the central drainage system. These will go efficiently in your bathroom with vibrant colors. The cost is also reasonable.

If you are concerned about the location of the drain, it is wise to check the technical drawing before placing the order. Even if it is in the center, you will see that it is centered on the width as it was. It is a shower pan made for everywhere, but remember that it is not usually a weekend DIY project and requires professional installation.

DreamLine SlimLine pan is made of high-quality acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass for durability and modern and streamlined design. The slip-grip textured surface provides slip resistance for added safety. This DreamLine SlimLine bases are available in many colors and will certainly complement the style of your bathroom.


  • Single unit installation
  • cUPC certified Shower Base
  • Integrated tile flange
  • Sized for tub replacement
  • Slip, Scratch and stain resistant
  • Covered with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Size: 32in. X 48in. 2 3/4in. (D x W x H)


  • Available in one color only
  • Only professional installation needed

Bestbath Step Shower Base/Pan

Bestbath is a well-known brand in the market that offers its customers a comprehensive answer to their customers for a long time. The Bestbath custom shower pan Step-in 30″ x 30″ is a step-in shower pan that comes with a 6 inch Curb Height and is available in White color.Bestbath-Step-Shower-BasePan-–--Center-Drain-Shower-&-Custom-Shower-Basins

Bestbath Shower Tray is an excellent shower tray that will give your bathroom a vintage look. Built mainly with a monobloc shower tray reinforced with gelcoat/fiberglass, it guarantees a reliable use. Non-slip gelcoat and high-quality scratches are used to provide a safe and productive shower. Your three-part installation process will make you stress-free and no need to worry about maintenance.

The integrated tile flange guarantees a waterproof shower pan. This shower tray offers extraordinary strength with a wooden support base. Since you are concerned about quality, durability, and durability, this shower base is an integrated set to consider.

Accessible in an elegant white color, this Best bath item can transform your bathroom. This square shape and low-advance shower base deliver incredible and exceptional performance. Also, you will not need concrete for installation because of a solid foundation to a large extent. If you are looking for a reliable and popular shower base, you should try this Bestbath container?

Well if you go through my best shower pan, I hope you will get your best product in this article. Although it’s a bit expensive, its features make it exceptional among the other units available on the market today.


  • Center drainage shower base
  • One-piece shower pan
  • Slip-resistant textured floor
  • Integrated tile flange
  • Stain-resistant: Easy to clean
  • 3-wall alcove installation
  • Smooth installation and easy maintenance
  • Fiberglass material use for durability
  • Features Self-resistance Gelcoat
  • Warranty: 30-Year limited lifetime warranty


  • A bit pricey
  • Only available in white color

Schluter KERDI Shower Pan Center Drain Shower Tray

The Schluter Kerdi 32″ x 60″ shower tray offers an incredible drainage system and accompanies all the information needed for its installation. The installation is simple because it accompanies the critical instructions and a video CD included in the unit.Schluter-KERDI-Shower-Pan--Center-Drain-Shower-Tray-Review

The product is durable and lightweight and is an incredible replacement for large bathtubs. It gives bathrooms a much cleaner and more spacious appearance. The membrane is pre-cut for the pan of the shower, and you can glue the layer to the base then the tiles to the sheet with an excellent setting mortar. With this unit, you can also stretch the shower pan to 32 × 66 or according to your needs.

The outlet of the drain is out of the center, which makes it extremely convenient for water to flow immediately from all sides. It is made of lightweight expanded polystyrene and is now prone to stand at a strategic distance from the need to prepare its subfloor with a mortar bed.

If you are determined to place a tile base, you cannot go wrong with this system. It eliminates the vast majority of the work of preparing your substrate. It integrates well with other elements of the KERDI system and gives a clean and professional start to your shower floor. The main problem is that the cost may seem a bit high compared to other brands.


  • Made by Schluter Systems
  • Made of lightweight polystyrene
  • Comes with a waterproofing membrane
  • Not necessary to prepare a mortar bed
  • 1-1/2 inches Perimeter Height
  • Off-center Drain Outlet Placement


  • The cost is a bit higher
  • Not ideal for large-sized or medium bathroom

KERDI Shower Tray Custom Shower Basins

With the dimensions of 48” x 48”, this shower tray is one of the easiest ones to install. The drain is placed in the center which ensures that the water can drain off quite quickly.KERDI-Shower-Tray-–-Best-Custom-Shower-Basins-Review

In case, you want to change the size of the pan then you can do so with the help of the box knife. It means that you can customize it as per your requirement. When you look at the perimeter height, it is 1.25 inches. It comes along with a waterproof membrane which is another advantage.

It ensures that the water will drain without any leakage in the vicinity. Also, it is easier to install. It means that you can fix it without much of a problem. There are installation videos uploaded by the company on YouTube as well.

It says that you will be able to check the videos and install it without any problem. The versatility and ease of installation make it a much better option as compared to some of the other shower pans.


  • It is easy to install.
  • You can easily use a box knife to cut it
  • The installation videos for the shower pan are available on YouTube
  • It comes along with a waterproof membrane
  • It has increased perimeter height border
  • The drain placement is in the center


  • The installation is time-consuming

PROFLO PFSB3434WH Single Curb Rectangular Pan

The dimensions of this shower pan are 34” x 34”. It is rectangular. The drain is in the center. It is compatible with the different types of shower enclosures which ensure that you can use it as per your requirement.PROFLO-PFSB3434WH-–-Single-Curb-Rectangular-Shower-Pan-Review

When you look at the material at the bottom, you will realize that it is slip-resistant. It makes it much safer as compared to some of the other options. The thickness of this shower pan is more as compared to some of the other pan options. Owing to this very reason, it is highly durable.

The drain mechanism is more accessible to connect with the pipes. It means that you can install it without any problems at all. The ease of installation as well as compatibility with various shower enclosures, make it one of the best shower pans which you can buy.


  • It is rectangular in shape
  • It has a drain in the center
  • Connecting with the drain pipes is easy
  • The dimensions of the shower pan are 34” x 34”
  • It is made from the slip-resistant base


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

Swanstone Shower Floor

The best thing about this shower pan is that it consists of 2 different color options. The measurement is 36” x 36”. It consists of the drain in the center which makes it easier for you to install. The surface does not become rough with every use. It remains smooth and as good as new.Swanstone-R-3636-010-Review-Swanstone-Shower-Floor

When you look at the surface, you will realize that it does not consist of any coating. It means that it will not chip anytime soon. The bottom is slip-resistant which helps you reduce the chance of an accident. The integral tile flange provides robustness to the shower pan.

As a result, it makes itself more comfortable to use it for an extended period without any wear and tear. When you look at the entire assembly, you will realize that it comes along with a filter as well as the center drain. It means that you do not need to invest separately into these fixtures.

It also says that you will be able to install it right away. The product has also been designed in such a way that it can not only handle the heat, but it is highly durable. The customer support which is provided by the company is also up to the mark.

The product has been designed in such a way that it will retain its shine for an extended period. It means that it will not look pretty old after a period. Due to the durability and versatility, it is a good option when you’re looking for a shower pan.


  • It is available in 2 different color options
  • The dimensions are 36” x 36”
  • It has center drain placement
  • It is highly durable
  • It comes along with center drain and filter


  • The packaging can be improved

Tile Redi Shower Drain Review

If you’re on the lookout for a shower pan that comes in various sizes, you should consider this option. It is available in 6 different sizes. It means that you can pick the one as per your requirements easily. The dimensions vary from 48” x 30” to 48” x 42”.Tile-Redi-3448CBF-PVC-–-Best-Shower-Drain-Review

There are six different options among the sizes. Also, the placement of the drain is at the center which ensures that you can integrate it with the drain pipes quite easily. It is leak-proof and easy to install. The drain plate is included as well. It is chrome polished which makes it look much more elegant as compared to the standard drain.

In case, you want to tile it then you can do it right away without any extra fixtures. The entrance is barrier-free which means that you will be able to walk into the shower pan without any problem at all. It helps you in tiling as well. You can select the tile precisely as per your requirement and the decor of your bathroom.

The shower pan comes along with Redi poxy epoxy. It means that you do not have to apply an additional waterproof layer. With the help of this epoxy layer, you will be able to start with tiling directly. The installation is such that it will not take an extended period for you to install it. All of these features combined make it one of the best shower pans which you can quickly pick.


  • It is leak-proof
  • It is available in 6 different sizes
  • It comes along with a drain plate
  • It comes along with the epoxy layer
  • The drain plate is chrome polished


  • The instructions which come along with it are limited

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