Top 11 Best Shower Kits For 2020 [Reviewed]

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Best Shower Kits ReviewsChoosing the best shower enclosures and shower kits are really not so easy job for you, right? I suppose so when I decided to write a buyer guide on shower enclosures and shower stalls I had to spend hours and hours to collect all the information shower kit. Well, let’s see.

When you are transforming your open bathroom into an enclosed shower area, you will need to have the best shower kits which not give you a good showering area but also complements your bathroom design. When you go searching for the one, you will hit some blocks. The market comes with different shower kits, and it is essential that you know which enclosure fits your needs best.

I have prepared the review below to reduce your searching process by providing you with the best shower kit available today. I have highlighted their unique features and explained why they are the best. So, why don’t you go through the list and pick the best product that you feel will give you the best service!

The 11 Best Shower Kits for 2020

I have created a short table to have a short idea on it. Carefully, look down the product sizes because it is very crucial for you. 
Brand & Item NameSize Up To AvailablePrice
DreamLine - SHEN-2134340-0440-1/8" W x 40-1/8" DCheck Price
DreamLine - Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure in Chrome38" W x 38" DCheck Price
DreamLine - DL-6701-01CL38" W x 38" DCheck Price
Swan - TI50000.010 3232-in L x 60-in W x 59Check Price
DreamLine - Infinity-Z38" W x 38" DCheck Price
Ove - Decors Breeze 3636" W x 36" DCheck Price
STERLING - 2375-42N-G05 29.4" x 29.4" x 78"Check Price
Ove -Decors Breeze38" W x 38" DCheck Price
DreamLine - Solo DL-6155-01CL33 in. D x 33 inCheck Price
STERLING - 72100100-036-Inch x 34-InchCheck Price
Ove - Decors Breeze 36 Paris36-Inch x 34-InchCheck Price

1. DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04 Shower Enclosure

Are you looking for a corner designed shower kit? If yes, then, the Dreamline SHEN-2134340-04 is a great option. The unit is made of stainless steel pivot bars giving it long durability. It comes with a frameless glass enclosure that features right and left reversible doors.


The shower kit can comfortably fit on uneven walls. Also, the unit door comes with a magnetic door latch for a water-tight closure. The shower kit is also water repellant because of the fantastic and high-quality strain resistant coating.

Also, this DreamLine shower kit features a 3.8 inches certified thick tempered glass that features an exclusive ClearMax stain and water-resistant glass. Because the unit is a frameless kit, it provides your shower place with an open good looking feel.

The enclosure is available in two different variants. You can opt for a chrome polished or a brushed nickel polished kit. The whole selection is entirely up to you. The unit also comes with a protective anti-limes scale coating on its glass.

That ensures the unit glass remains as good as new for an extended period. The open design gives your bathroom a modern and fabulous look. The system comes with a smart header footer construction and aluminum guide rails which for up to 3/8 inches out of plumb adjustment. The stainless steel pivot bars are used to offer stability and durability reinforcement. The installation of this unit isn’t a DIY, requires professional installation.


  • ClearMax anti-limescale protective glass coating
  • ANSI certified tempered glass
  • Size: 34 1/8in D x 34 1/8in W x 72in H
  • Walk-in opening: 22 7/16 in
  • Two 17in Stationary panels
  • Anodized aluminum wall profiles
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Brushed Nickel hardware finish
  • 1-3/8 in flooring threshold depth
  • Comes in 2 different variants
  • Frameless glass design


  • Pricey
  • Require Professional installation

2. DreamLine Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure

This kit is another high-quality unit from the DreamLine Company. The DreamLine Solo Sliding Frameless Shower Enclosure features a complete shower transformation. The kit comes with a sliding shower enclosure, back walls and a shower base in one convenient package to make it in pairing and during installation.


The Prime will add style and bold design to your bathroom shower area. Its neo-round style can fit virtually in any corner, and that makes it perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is limited. The durable Prime enclosure, the Q-Wall Back wall, and the SlimLine Base kit provide an ultimate solution to your shower project.

It is a perfect unit for small areas swing door do not fit. It comes in size of 34 3/8 inches diameter by 34 3/8 inches width and 72 inches height. Its center opening dual sliding door permits a considerable entry area. It also features a complete magnetic strip which provides it with watertight closure.

The panels feature two stationary panels that come with additional anodized aluminum walls profiles featuring adjustments on each side. The frosted tempered glass is ANSI certified meaning it has passed the quality control test. Its anodized aluminum wall profiles are handy and provide an adjustment of up to 1 inch per side.

The unit also comes in the acrylic finish which offers stain and scratch resistance capability to put you stress-free about the shower enclosure look. The kit also provides a non-slip pattern to ensure you’re safe when showering. The unit installation is a natural process there is no need to call a professional plumber.

If you’re searching for the best corner shower kit, then you’ve got it. It comes with a corner Neo design that allows corner enclosure installation. The low profile threshold construction provides easy entry and exit to the shower. The fiberglass is well reinforced to enhance its durability. One other good thing about the kit is that its drain opening fits in any standard 2 inches compression built-in drain.

What’s more, is that there is an integrated tile flange that ensures that there is no leak. You will love the system since it comes with other bonus features. The kit includes two glass shelves for added storage, a trendy look, an attractive tile pattern, ABS/Acrylic materials, and its color is white.


  • Complete length magnetic watertight strip
  • 34 3/8 inches D x 34 3/8 inches W x 72 inches H Shower Base
  • 13 7/16 inches dual panels
  • 20 3/8in Door walk-in
  • 1/4 inches ANSI certified frosted tempered glass
  • Neo-round design
  • Low profile design & Chrome finish
  • Scratch/stain resistant acrylic
  • cUPC approved
  • Attractive tile pattern
  • Two glass shelves


  • Cheaply made
  • Poor customer service

3. DreamLine DL-6701-01CL Enclosure and Base

When I talk about DreamLine products, I speak of high-quality products like the original sliding shower enclosure kit. It adds a unique, bold design and style to your bathroom space. The DreamLine sliding shower cabin has a complete shower transformation.


Its neo-round form can adapt to practically any corner, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms where space is limited. The kit comes with a sliding shower cubicle, rear walls and a shower base in a convenient package for pairing and easy installation. The panels have two fixed panels that come with additional anodized aluminum wall profiles with adjustments on each side.

The kit comes in an acrylic finish that offers resistance to stains and scratches to put it in the look of the shower stall without worry. Frosted tempered glass is ANSI certified, which means it has passed the quality control test.
Its anodized aluminum wall low profiles are practical and allow you to adjust up to 1 inch on each side. The kit also provides a non-slip pattern to ensure your safety while showering. The installation of the unit is a natural process; it is not necessary to call a professional plumber.

The durable Prime housing, the Q-Wall rear wall, and the SlimLine base kit are the ultimate solution for your shower project. The low profile threshold construction allows for easy entry and exit to the shower.

The fiberglass is well reinforced to improve its durability. Another good fact about the kit is that its drain opening fits any 2-inch standard compression drain. You will love the system as it comes with another additional feature. It includes two glass shelves for more storage, a modern look, an attractive tile design, ABS/acrylic materials, and its color is white.

Its double opening sliding door in the center allows a considerable entrance area. It also includes a full magnetic tape that provides a waterproof closure. If you are looking for the best corner shower kit, then you got it. It comes with a Neo angle design that allows the installation of a corner speaker. Also, there is an integrated mosaic rim that ensures there are no leaks.


  • Made for small-sized bathrooms
  • Has a magnetic strip watertight enclosure
  • ABS/acrylic materials
  • Stability reinforcement
  • Stainless steel pivot bars
  • Sturdy structure
  • Has an elegant finish
  • Easy installation


  • The walls come separately
  • High cost

4. Swan Veritek Bathtub Wall Kit

This is a popular 32-in L x 60-in W x 59.625-in Veritek Bathtub (Model No. T150000.010). It comes with some exciting features. It is from the house of Swan which is known for making some of the best shower kits and surfacing solutions. The back panel has a facility for an in-soap dish, and it also has two apron strips and silicone that is color-coordinated.Swan-TI50000

It is suitable for areas of around 29 to 32 inches x 53 to 50 Depth inches width x 59 to 5/8 inches height. It is well designed and ergonomic in looks, and it indeed goes a long way in adding elegance to the entire space where it is installed.

Additionally, it also is mold and mildew free and is often considered to be one of the best shower kits for new construction and new products. It is intelligently designed with enough storage space. On the whole, it can be considered to be a good buy offering excellent value for money.

It is reasonably priced and therefore within the reach of most people. It is straightforward to maintain and clean and therefore does not consume too much of your valuable time.


  • It is an all-in-one product
  • Come with has one back panel
  • It also has two corner panels, two side panels
  • It comes with installation kit & other attachments
  • They provide the best of heat resistance
  • The shower kits have high impact capabilities
  • The overall weight is quite reasonable


  • Installation is a headache

5. DreamLine Infinity Sliding Shower Door

It comes from the house of Dreamline and has some features and specifications that are quite interesting and exciting. It ensures safe showering and the fiberglass reinforcement makes sure that you have much better durability and longevity.


You can also be sure about the most modern look because of an attractive tile pattern. It can be easily maintained because of ABS/Acrylic material. You also get two glass shelves, and the sidewalls are trimmed to size. You also get a shower door, shower base and QWALL with five numbers of back wall kit.

The sliding door makes it possible for a left or right door opening. You also get a towel bar, and the wall profiles permit you to around 1-inch adjustment making it versatile. On the whole, it certainly could be considered as a value-for-money purchase and will be a good investment.

It will stay with you for many years because of the quality durability and longevity attributes built into it. The kit is impressive with Shower Door and a slimline base. At the same time, The finish ensures resistant to various microorganisms. The dimension of the product is 32 depth x 60 width x 76.3/4 height (inches).


  • The walk-in opening of 21.3/8 to 25.3/8 inches.
  • Wonderful hardware finish
  • Looks attractive and adds beauty and sophistication
  • The glossy acrylic finishes big takeaway
  • It is slip, scratch and stain resistant
  • Additional shelves can be added
  • Installation kit makes installation easy


  • Mismatch in the instruction manual and the actual product specifications

6. Ove Decors Breeze with Acrylic Base and Walls

This is a high-quality product and could easily be a candidate for being one of the best shower kits in the market. This is a 36-inch shower kit and comes with an acrylic base and also has easy to operate and clear sliding door.


It indeed is a premium shower kit and could be an excellent addition to your bath. The acrylic walls are of good quality, and they come with CSA certification. They can easily be cleaned, and therefore you need not spend too much time on upkeep and maintenance.

The glass is well and truly clear, and on the whole, the entire shower kit will go a long way in ensuring that you spend some of the most memorable times when you are in the bath. The three-piece shower door is easy to install, and it can be set up within a few minutes without the need for any outside help and support.

It comes with easy to understand installation instructions. It is quite light in weight and therefore not a drag for installation. It is straightforward to clean and maintain this shower kit on the whole excellent value for money product.


  • It comes with the reversible shower door
  • It is unique and versatile
  • It comes with tempered glasses
  • The glasses are 6 mm thick and robust
  • It is ideally suited for small bathrooms
  • The glass doors are easy to operate
  • It comes from the house of Ove Decors


  • Installation is a bit complex and nightmarish task

7. STERLING Angle Shower Kit Nickel

This is value for the money shower kit which uses the most advanced CleanCoat technology. This technology helps in creating a barrier between the glass and the water. Hence even after many years, your shower will still keep looking new.STERLING-2375-42N-G05---Solitaire-Neo-Angle-Shower-Kit-Nickel

The high-gloss finish remains that way for many years, and it is easy to clean. They are made from high quality and high impact resistant polystyrene. Hence, when all the above matters are taken into account, you could be buying a quality product that was built to last, perform and add aesthetics and looks to your bath.

It is also not very exorbitantly priced considering the features and functionalities which have been made into it. There are a few customers who still feel that the base might need some bit of reinforcement which is not necessary. It can effortlessly take the place of the old shower kit. This is because of its unique design features.

The packaging is good, and the equipment arrives on time. It is quite easy to install when the manual is followed. As a whole, it offers excellent value for money.


  • This item comes with recessed walls
  • Increased space for showering
  • The space-saving corner design is worth mentioning.
  • The shower door is a big takeaway
  • Made from quality tempered safety glass
  • The glasses are of 1/4 inch thickness
  • Glasses designed to take the high impact


  • Installation takes more effort than expected, but it is worth it

8. Ove Decors Breeze – Shower Kit Paris Glass

Have you ever thought of the best shower kits you can buy for a thousand dollars? If so, you should look into the Ove Decor Breeze shower enclosure. What can you anticipate from this product? Some of the things you will get from this is a high-quality construction, a vibrant and primordial design.Ove-Decors-Breeze---Shower-Kit-Paris-Glass-Without-Walls

Ove Decors Breeze uses a square and half-round design for a rounded configuration. When you look it from the front, it seems like it’s a massive water boiler, which gives it a futuristic look. The futuristic look is brought out by the impressive sliding glass door and the acrylic base.

The shower kit accompanies acrylic walls that can be mounted on pre-existing walls guarantying the robustness of the shower kit. What’s on that is, the tempered glass has a thickness of about 6 mm. So you can expect high durability.

It also features a superior shower space that will give you a lot of comfort in your bathroom. They incorporate the base and acrylic walls, combined with an attractive sliding glass door for simple maneuvers. With this shower enclosure, the Ove Decors comes with a shower door that can be installed in the opening on the left or right side, and that offers you installation flexibility.

Its panel features a lateral installation and a handle kit and is resistant to damage; hence the unit can serve you for a lifetime considering proper care. The shower kit can be installed in any corner of your bathroom thanks to its curved design.


  • It is a 38 inches shower kit
  • Equipped with Acrylic base and Acrylic modular walls
  • Comes with a precise sliding reversible door
  • Uses clear max technology
  • Made of water repellant and stain resistant tempered glass
  • The tempered glass is of 6mm thickness
  • It is CSA certified


  • Slippery shower base
  • The seat not included

9. DreamLine Frameless Shower Backwall Kit

In this DreamLine Solo DL-6155-01CL shower kit, you will find an extraordinary design that will surpass all your wishes. The shower kit includes a round base with frameless frosted tempered glass design, a chrome finish, and a multilayer design.


This is one of those space-saving shower kits which optimize the space in your bathroom. The sliding door gives you easy access to the shower, without consuming enough space to open it. The multilayer design of the shower base covers the surface of a high-gloss non-slip acrylic with a fiberglass reinforcement underneath.

The last layer is a structural support base that provides stability and prevents the shower base from moving sideways. You can easily install it without the help of a plumber. With a crystal glass, your shower stall will look rich of high-quality design. The shower kit also includes two glass corner shelves.

The shower walls have a tile pattern with a custom fit, which can be installed with ease but must be cut in the middle of the installation. This kit does not come with a drain and must be mounted on a solid surface and not against studs.

The good news is that the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the DreamLine Solo DL-6155-01CL back walls, a five-year warranty on the kit’s stall and a lifetime warranty on its shower base.


  • It is a solo shower kit
  • Quarter round base size: 33 inches by 33 inches
  • Made of tempered glass
  • Comes with two stationary panels
  • Equipped with a fiberglass reinforcement
  • The kit hardware is made of sturdy aluminum material
  • Has a Chrome Finish
  • Outfitted with QWALL-4 back wall kit
  • Feature a frameless glass design
  • Require out-of-plumb installation


  • Unclear instruction guidelines
  • Drain not included

10. STERLING Ensemble Shower

STERLING 72100100-0 is a shower kit that some of you may discover to be non-fitting. The explanation behind this is the design that prefers using the corners of your bathroom instead of a flat wall.STERLING-72100100-0---Ensemble-Shower

Another essential element is the angle of the walls because this enclosure has six sides. The side of the bathroom wall is a little narrow, but it accompanies three shelves where you can store your belongings. The larger surface is compromised with the swing door, which is not the best for small bathrooms.

Anyway, there is one thing we have to give. You can have a bath easily with another person while having enough space to move around. The good thing about this product is its beautiful appearance. The shower door is made of 1/4 “frameless tempered safety glass, to prevent unnecessary accidents in the bathroom, as well as your loved ones.

Since it is made with tempered safety glass, the shower kit door is durable and gives a high-quality outcome. While the door is glass, all that remains of the shower enclosure contains high-efficiency polystyrene, which is marginally unique compared to anything that you’ve used before.

It uses CleanCoat technology to frame a substantial barrier between water and glass for the durability of your shower glass. This shower enclosure is one of the least difficult to clean because it has a very bright finish.


  • Made from solid Vikrell material
  • High-quality polystyrene and tempered safety glass
  • Modular wall design
  • Stylish neo-angle shape
  • Clean lines with gentle curves
  • Realistic 6-inch x 6-inch surrounding tile wall


  • The swinging door isn’t great for small space
  • Low-quality base

11. Ove Decors Breeze Glass Shower Kit

OVE Breeze-36 is a corner shower ready to be installed in your home. This is a multi-piece kit, with acrylic back walls, built-in storage shelves, and acrylic base. There are no perforated openings for the faucet in this unit, which allows you to use the space that best suits your bathroom.Ove-Decors-Breeze-36-Paris---Wall-Mounted-Glass-Shower-Kit-Review

By choosing a sliding door and a rounded facade, it is much easier to use this shower in small areas, without sacrificing the size of the space in the shower stall or letting the client feel claustrophobic when in the shower. With a simple design, it has accompanied a surprising component to get the best thought of the shower.

The OVE Breeze shower kit accompanies an acrylic shower kit with a sliding door and acrylic walls. You can understand its durability. If you have doubts about its quality, it is accompanied by CSA certification. A reversible shower door has attended one of the best features of this shower kit.

With its 6mm thick glass, the use of this kit without stress is free in all cases because it is associated with excellent durability. Its crystal glass gives it a surprising outdoor beauty when you use it in your bathroom. Everyone will have an impressive look with great elegance.


  • Comes with acrylic base
  • Accompanies a sliding intimacy patterned door
  • The kit is CSA-certified
  • Feature acrylic walls
  • Reversible shower door
  • Tempered glass thickness: 6mm
  • Intimacy glass
  • Perfect fit for corners


  • Tough to install
  • Complaints about poor wall quality

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