5 Best Sauna Thermometers [Reviewed] for 2020

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The best temperature for the infrared sauna is between 110°F to 130°F. With an average preheating duration of about 45 minutes, you enjoy the several benefits associated with saunas.Best-Sauna-Thermometers

I love going to the sauna with my wife where we can both enjoy the benefits of getting the detox. Apart from ensuring the infrared sauna is operating at the best temperature, we always keep an eye on the humidity.

In our home sauna, we installed a thermometer that takes the reading of both the temperature and the humidity. For instance, the aesthetic appeal of the thermostat was a big concern to my wife. The ease at which readings can be taken was another factor we took into consideration.

After carrying out enough research, we came up with a list of the best-infrared sauna thermometers. Below is top 5 Best thermostat for infrared sauna reviews:

Top 5 Best Sauna Thermometers in 2020

Brand & NameTemperature RangesHumidity Scale RangesPrice
Eleoption Thermometer20 to 140 °F0 – 100 percentCheck Price
Fischer Germany30 to 150 °F0 – 100 percentCheck Price
ALEKO WJ0520 to 140 °F0 – 100 percentCheck Price
The Sauna Place10 to 140 °F0 – 100 percentCheck Price
FINO Saunas0 to 140 °F0 – 100 percentCheck Price

1. Eleoption Thermometer – Best Sauna Thermometer

It is a two in one unit which can capture both temperature and humidity. When trying to stay on top of the condition in the sauna, the unit works very well.Eleoption Thermometer – Best Sauna Thermometer

It has all features which keep me safe while in the sauna. The hygrometer and temperatures are in different dials; hence it does not confuse the readers.

It is made out of 100% Finnish pinewood; hence it is very durable. Temperatures displayed in the unit range from 80-280°F & 20-140°C.

The humidity range which can be captured spans from 0-100%. With the unit, I have everything I need to enjoy the high performance when in a sauna.

With a bright and durable display, I can easily take readings of the unit. The unit works well in both wet and dry saunas.


  • Clear and readable
  • Applicable in both dryad n wet saunas
  • Rectangle design


  • Temperature range between the range from 80-280°F & 20-140°C

2. Fischer Germany – Fischer Sauna Thermometer

It is a sauna thermometer which makes my sauna experience very safe. I always keep an eye on the readings to avoid exposing myself to too high temperatures.Fischer Germany – Fischer Sauna Thermometer

It is a two in one unit which takes the texts of both the hygrometer as well as the temperature. High-quality materials used to make the unit ensures it is highly durable.

Each change in humidity I’m able to recognize it due to the bright display on the unit. It displays the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The unit saves money because I do not have to buy two separate units for both temperature and humidity measurements. With a square design, it easily fits in my sauna.


  • Easy to use
  • Square 6.7×6.7-inch frame
  • Hygrometer & thermometer combined


  • A bit expensive

3. ALEKO WJ05 – Fahrenheit/Celsius Sauna Thermometer Review

It is an infrared sauna thermometer that comes with a great design. If you would like to add a little fun to your sauna just like the way we were looking for something great, then the infrared sauna can serve you very well.ALEKO WJ05 FahrenheitCelsius Sauna Thermometer Review

With a beautiful design, the thermometer has a Finnish pine display which makes it unique. If you love having a unique item in your home, then it is a great unit you can ever install.

It displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Easy to read design makes it stands out. The hassle-free installation makes it a unit to try if you would love to do things on your own.

The dust-resistant design ensures the readings are not obstructed by dust even after prolonged use.


  • Celsius (20-120°C) and Fahrenheit (70-250°F) readings
  • Easy to read
  • Dust resistant
  • Hassle-free installation


  • No hygrometer

4. The Sauna Place – Cedar Encased Sauna Thermometer

It is the Best thermometer for the infrared sauna which is made out of cedarwood. The display can take both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. The unit is best for use in dry saunas.The Sauna Place – Cedar Encased Sauna Thermometer

With a square design, it displays units. I was looking for a way I can keep an eye on the temperature as I enjoy the sauna sessions. The rectangular display in the unit makes it very easy to keep an eye on the heat.

It is straightforward to install, after buying it, it took me a few minutes to have the unit up and ready. The simple design of the unit allows even those who are not experienced in the sauna to use it.

When taking into consideration the overall design of the unit, it is very durable. I can say I have realized value for money after buying the unit.


  • Square 5.5×5.5-inch frame
  • Easy to install
  • Simple design


  • Not suitable for wet saunas

5. FINO Saunas – One Dial Sauna Thermometer

It is a classy looking sauna thermometer that can as well take humidity readings. I was looking for the best thermostat for the infrared sauna which can take both humidity and temperature readings before I came across the unit.FINO Saunas – One Dial Sauna Thermometer

Made out of cedar and stainless steel front it assures me the best operation. With a temperature range of between 50-250°F, it is a great unit you can have if you would like to enjoy your sauna experience.

Keeping track of the best heat for infrared sauna as well as the moisture and other conditions is easy. Before we located the best thermometer for infrared sauna, we took into consideration different factors.


  • 4-inch dial for better readability
  • Balances steam and heat
  • Ideal for dry and wet saunas


  • Temperature range between 50-250°F

What to Look for in a Best Sauna Thermometer?

There are several factors to colander when buying an infrared sauna thermometer. Some of the elements to consider so that you can buy the best unit include the following:

Accuracy and Reliability:

To enjoy your sauna experience, you need a thermometer that can take accurate readings. The sauna thermometers we have listed above come with high efficiency; hence you can have them and be sure of excellent reliability.

Temperature Range:

To always keep control of your sauna condition, you need a unit that can capture a wide range of temperature readings.

Humidity Range:

Consider a unit that can capture a wide range of humidity so that you can know what to do at different stages of your sauna experience.

Fast operation:

You need a unit that can capture the temperate readings fast. Check on the response of the unit before you proceed to buy it.

Best Infrared Sauna Thermometer (FAQs)

What are reliable thermometers for saunas?

The above are among the most reliable thermometers for saunas we have listed for you. You can be sure of taking accurate readings if you can try them.

What is the average price of buying the sauna thermometers?

The price varies from one seller to the other. The materials used to make the thermometer also vary. It is necessary to compare the prices online before you proceed to buy a given unit.

Is it easy to use the sauna thermometers?

Yes, it is effortless. Provided you know how to read the normal temperature readings on the displays, you can quickly identify the exact temperature reading on the thermometers.

Can you replace a sauna thermometer?

If you consider the one you have is not serving you well, you can always replace it. The sellers of the infrared sauna thermometers also offer warranties. If you buy one and it fails after a given period, you can still apply for a replacement, and they will provide you with a new one.

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