5 Best Sand Filters For Inground Pools Reviewed 2020

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Pool maintenance requires lots of activities like you have to ensure that there is an optimal water flow rate, removal of dirt and debris, among others. Pool water cleanliness is the most important, and that is why you need the best sand filter for inground pool.Best-Sand-Filter-For-Inground-Pool-Reviews

A sand filter can work great for an inground pool, but then the assurance lies on the product quality. It’s for that reason that you need to make sure you buy the best, right model.

And because I’m here to help you find the best, I have brought together top best sand filters for an inground pool, reviewed them and prepared a buying guide to ease your search.

I believe by the time you’ll be reading the conclusion you will have already found a model that meets all your needs.

5 Best Sand Filters For Inground Pool in 2020

Brand & NameSizesPositionsPrice
Hayward S244T3 6-position Vari-Flo or 2-position slide valveCheck Price
Hayward S210T47-position vari-Flo valveCheck Price
Hayward VL40T321Multi-position valveCheck Price
Pentair 1453222Six-position, top-mounted multiport valveCheck Price
XtremepowerUS1 7 Way Vari-Flo Control ValveCheck Price

1. Hayward S244T – Best Sand Filter (24-Inch)

If you’re looking for a sand filter that will help you keep your pool water clean and safe, then the Hayward S244T ProSeries inground pool sand filter will be a great deal for you.Hayward S244T – Best Sand Filter (24-Inch)

The sand filter uses all-natural sand granules which provide excellent water filtration while its 6-function control valve is allowing the pool owner to filter, drain, backwash and rinse, recirculate and close the system.

The filtration of this unit can pick up even the small algae and dirt particles floating around the pool. The filter will save you on cost and time since the all-natural sand needs replacement once after five years.

The Hayward S244T ProSeries sand filter also comes with built-in 24-hour time to give you a hassle-free experience when maintaining your inground pool. With a flow rate of 3,000 GPH, this Krystal Clear sand filter is ideal for all inground pool of 16 feet long and above.


  • Inbuilt- ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Heavy-duty corrosion-proof Tank
  • Integrated safety shut-off
  • Meets UL/CSA standards
  • Automatic operation
  • Built-in 6-way valve


  • No clock timer display
  • The hose sizes manufacturer listed are slightly inaccurate

2. Hayward S210T – ProSeries Sand Filter (20-Inch)

The Hayward S210T ProSeries is an inground pool sand filter that comes with an integral top diffuser which distributes the unfiltered water evenly over the sand media bead using a cascading, umbrella pattern.Hayward S210T – ProSeries Sand Filter (20-Inch)

That gives your pool the greatest filtration from every square inch of sand. The unit also features a self-cleaning bottom drain assembly and 360-degree slotted laterals which provide a fast and balanced flow of crystal clear water to the pool while permitting more thorough backwashing.

Additionally, the model has a full-flow technology which reduces the energy cost due to the filter operating for shorter periods. The device also comes with a patented, multiport control valve that was designed with seven inground pool positions.

The easy-to-use lever-action handle on this unit allows you to dial any filtration function quickly. The corrosion-proof housing employed in this model protects it from severe weather for years.


  • High-performance top-mount sand filter
  • Massive pressure sand/water drain
  • Corrosion-proof filter tank
  • 7-position vari-flow valve
  • Flange clamp design
  • Integral top diffuser


  • A little temperamental
  • The included O-ring may need to be replaced relatively quickly

3. Hayward VL40T32 – VL Series 30 GPM Sand Filter System

Are you on a tight budget and yet you want an effective pool filter system which works as good as the expensive filters and with less maintenance? If so then consider the Hayward VL40T32 Series sand filter pump.Hayward VL40T32 – VL Series 30 GPM Sand Filter System

The unit is similar to its brother above. It also comes with the six function lever that allows you to backwash, drain, recirculate, filter, rinses and even closes the system thus making it simple and convenient to use.

The Hayward VL40T32 Series comes with an inbuilt 24-hour timer which makes the overall filtration experience of your pool hassle-free. The unit also features the inbuilt ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology with integrated safety shut-off thus requiring zero maintenance.


  • Corrosion-proof filter tank
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Integral top diffuser
  • One 24-hour timer
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Cost-effective


  • Compatible with custom adapters only
  • Can be a bit loud at times

4. Pentair 145322 – Sand Dollar Top-Mount Pool Filter

The Pentair 145322 sand filter system is a well-performing pool filter ideal for soft-sided inground pools. And as many customers have said, this model is indeed a master to all the pool filters in terms of durability and affordability.Pentair 145322 – Sand Dollar Top-Mount Pool Filter

The model comes with a rust and corrosion tank which can hold about 42 pounds of sand. The tank also has a multiport valve attached to it. The multiport valve has four positions which help in the operation of the filter.

It assists in cleanliness for an extended amount of time. Another feature that made customers praise this model is the mighty power. The pump comes with a capacity of 60 GPM and operates at 115volts. The model accompanies all the necessary connections required in setting up the filtration system.


  • Top-mounted multiport valve
  • Corrosion proof filter tank
  • 4-position multiport valve
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to install


  • You need to buy the sand separately
  • come with an on/off switch

5. XtremepowerUS – Best Inground Pool Sand Filter

The XtremepowerUS inground swimming pool pump is a powerful 24000 GPH pump with a 13-inch sand tank filter. The filter system in this unit is designed to handle filtration need for numerous pools while reducing the running and maintenance cost.XtremepowerUS – Best Inground Pool Sand Filter

The pump is there to provide a robust and efficient way of receiving water from the pool skimmer into the filter tank. The filtration system’s core is a single-piece blow-molded tank which sits on top of a universal base.

The unit also comes with a top-mounted, seven-position multiport valve and feature a high capacity sand bed that catches more debris while extending the filter cycles.

This system is a simple-to-install, easy-to-use filtration solution that will help you keep your inground pool water clean and sparkling.


  • Dependable, consistent, optimum filtration
  • Top-mounted 7-position multiport valve
  • Single-piece 13-inch thermoplastic tank
  • Powerful self-priming Filtration
  • Meets Safety Standards
  • Holds up to 175lbs Sand


  • Sand is not included
  • Does not work with INTEX Pools

Best Sand Filter for Inground Pool (Buying Guide)

Investing in a sand filter requires that you ensure the product you pick to have the best durability, performance and be great at its operations. It’s therefore good that you use this buyer’s guide to ensure that you buy a model that meets all your needs and a product that will last for years.

Size of the Sand Filter:

Sand filter for inground pool sizing can be a challenging task, particularly for the new pool owners. You need to get this right if you want your pool filter to work efficiently. One thing you can use to know the exact size required is by using the pool capacity/volume. The more the amount of water in your pool, the bigger the size of the sand filter needed.

Additionally, you can use gallons to measure the amount of water in your pool and determine how long it can take your filter to clean the water thoroughly. Sand filter capacity is measured using gallons per hr so, in case your pool has 20000 gallons of water and the sand filter has a flow rate of 2000 GPH then it will take around 10 hours to have the water thoroughly cleaned. So, the bigger the pool, the bigger the sand filter should be and the better the flow rate.


As a buyer, you should always be skeptical about the product quality you get for your money. When you’re selecting the best sand filter for an inground pool, you need to narrow down to durability and the trapping medium.

Price and model:

Different sand filter models come at different prices. It’s quite hard to differentiate models from the same manufacturer. And a difference in costs means there is a difference in functionality or features. User reviews will help you a lot when picking a model from the same manufacturer. Additionally, it’s always important to compare the prices with the features the product presents.

Best Sand Filter For Inground Pool (FAQs)

Can I use beach sand in my sand filter?

You can, but they aren’t that effective compared to the standardize silica and gravel. Beach sand has a tiny particle which can quickly be washed into your pool during filtration. Also, they are said to be not effective in trapping dirt.

How often should the filter and be replaced?

Most of the sand filter in this review requires the sand to be replaced after five years of use. However, this depends on the frequency of pool activities. Always check the sand granules, if their edges become rounded or if the has become mud-walled, then the sand need replacement.

Globo Pool Overview:

Avoid disappointment by buying the best sand filter for the inground pool using this review and buyer’s guide as your reference. Every product listed here is a high-quality, durable, well-performing product loved by many customers. So, any model you pick should provide you with the best service. Match your requirements by using the buyer’s guide and purchase a model that you are confident will be the best. Good luck!

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