5 Best Sand Filter Cleaners (Reviewed) in 2020

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Best Sand Filter CleanerDid you know that your pool filter requires cleaning once in a while? I guess not! Pool filters clean your pool water and pick up dirt, body oil, minerals, grease, and much more. While doing the regular maintenance routine, you need to clean your sand filter free of these elements and improve its efficiency along with boosting its life.

Sand filters are known to be the most effective in pool cleaning. However, when they become dirty and mineral-packed, their effectiveness and efficiency drop. That’s why you need the best sand filter cleaner to get rid of these minerals and dirt from your sand filter.

With this article, finding the right sand filter cleaner will be a breeze. Inside it is a list of the top best products you can buy and buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one.

Top Pick: 5 Best Sand Filter Cleaners in 2020

Below you’ll read about the top best sand filter cleaners which exceed most user’s expectations. Yes, they are from different brands, but they are all of high-quality and have high-performance at ensuring your sand filter stays clean. Here are the top 5 best sand filter cleaners to buy in 2019.

1. HTH 67015 Pool Cleaner Filter Cleaner

hth Pool Cleaner Filter CleanerThe first best, top-rated, high-quality sand pool filter cleaner is HTH 67015 Cleaner. It’s a non-corrosive filter cleaner and a backwash aid. It’s designed to improve your sand filter efficiency in getting rid of dirt, insects, body oil, leaves, lotion, and other pool water contaminants.

It’s also fragrance-free and a dye-free proprietary blend of surfactants and proteins. With this pool filter cleaner, you will be able to keep your sand filter clean on a routine basis, thus helping your filtration system work more efficiently and also extending your filter’s life.

The best part is, it comes with an HTH test kit and an HTH Test To Swim App, which will help you test your pool water, and you will be able to balance the water chemistry.


  • Improves the filtration system efficiency
  • Ideal for cartridge, sand or D.E. filters
  • Compatible with salt water systems
  • It’s non-corrosive


  • Creates lots of soapy bubbles

2. In The Swim Liquid Sand Pool Filter Cleaner

In The Swim Liquid Sand Pool Filter CleanerThe powerful In The Swim Liquid Sand Pool Filter Cleaner comes second. Backwashing removes large contaminants only while the minerals, grease, and oils continue to build up in the filter over time, which decreases the filters cleaning power.

The cleaner is a concentrated formula designed to removes oils, grease, and other mineral accumulation. It also does a great job at eliminating coked-on contaminants for improved filter efficiency.

The use of this filter cleaner in your sand filter will result in a better filtration that leads to safer, cleaner water inside your pool. As a fast-acting, concentrated formula, it’ll restore your sand filter efficiency for a boosted pool water filtration. On top of that, it extends the sand filters lifespan.


  • Designed for use with sand filters
  • A safe and reliable formula
  • Increase filter efficiency
  • Concentrated formula
  • Fast-acting


  • Takes long to clean

3. Natural Chemistry 03215 Pool Filter Cleaner

Natural Chemistry 03215 Filter Perfect Pool Filter CleanerNext up is the high-performance Natural Chemistry Filter Cleaner which is a natural, enzyme-based and highly concentrated deep cleaning solution ideal for cleansing sand filters. It’s designed to help get rid of deep-set grease, oils, and any other build up on your sand filter and different types of filters.

Since this cleaner is naturally based filter cleaner that is formulated with SMARTZyme technology, it’s able to break down the long-chain chemicals and leave your pool clean.

By using this filter cleaner, you will be improving your filter efficiency and lengthening the cycles between filtration cleaning. The cleanser is ideal for soak cleaning and is compatible with Bromine, Chlorine, and other sanitizing system options. The cleaner comes to simplify the way you deal with your pool sand filter cleaning and help you improve the filtration efficiency.


  • Compatible with sanitizing systems
  • Very useful on all pool filters
  • Lengthens filter cleaning cycles
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • Highly concentrated


  • Not that effective with D.E Filters

4. Essential Values Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaner

Essential Values Pool Spa Filter Cartridge CleanerNext product is the Essential Values Pool & Spa Filter Cleaner. It comes a cleaning solution ideal for all pool and Spa filters. As a high-concentrated formula, it’s designed to effectively and quickly clean your sand, cartridge and DE filters free of oil, grease or any impacted dirt thus restoring them to a new efficiency level.

All you need to do is apply the cleaner inside your filter and allow it to works for hours. That’s not all! Additionally, this cleaner is compatible with Bromine, Chlorine, and the Biguanide Sanitizers.

After using this cleaner to cleanse up your sand filter, you’re guaranteed of improved efficiency and a better long term service. When do you use it? It’s used simultaneous while draining and refilling your pool.


  • Engineered to clean, soak and remove
  • Compatible With all Sanitizers
  • Improve cartridge filter life
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Universal application


  • Not that effective with D.E Filters

5. Pool Mate 1-2702 Liquid Filter Cleaner

Pool Mate 1 2702 Liquid Filter Cleaner for Swimming PoolsPool Mate 1-2702 Liquid Filter Cleaner is my next best sand filter cleaner. It comes as a concentrated filter cleaner specially formulated to get rid of dirt, body oil, grease, and other minerals deposits from your pool or spa filtration system.

It works a great job at boosting the performance, effectiveness, and durability of your filtration system. It’s quite simple to use, and you will be impressed by how effective the cleaner reduces the time and work you spend maintaining your pools.

However, you have to be careful while using the sand filter cleaner. It’s only designed for use with pool filters. You cannot allow it to get into contact with surfaces like ceramic tile, Formica brand counter surfaces, linoleum, carpeting, etc.


  • Ideal for cleaning sand or D.E. filters
  • Improves filter life and efficiency
  • Concentrated Filter cleaner
  • Simple to use


  • Etches or decolorizes surfaces
  • Intended for use as a pool filter cleaner only

Best Sand Filter Cleaner Buying Guide

Buying the best sand filter cleaner requires that you be familiar with what the market offers, and the above review has given you that. However, that’s not all. You also need to have some features to consider to ensure that you make the right pick. They include;

Filter type

Yes, you know that you want to clean your sand filter but what you don’t know is, not all filter cleaners can clean a sand filter. You need to make sure you buy the right product. All the products in this article are ideal for cleaning pool sand filters. So, don’t stress yourself much.

Filter Cleaner Type

The cleaners are either powder, crystals, or liquid. Relatively they are all ideal for cleaning, but I would prefer the liquid filter cleaner as it’s easy to measure and apply. It also dissolves easily in water, making it easier to use.

Content to clean

When performing the filter cleaning, you might want to ensure you clean everything that contaminates the sand. These are the grease, oils, minerals, and more. The cleaner needs to be powerful enough to clean all the mess inside the filter and leave it clean.


Not all chemicals are ideal for human skin or breathe. While dealing with cleaning chemicals, it’s advisable to wear the cleaning safety gear. However, that isn’t enough. You also need to be sure you’re using the safest cleaning product. Remember, you want to make sure your filter needs to be improved after cleaning.

Thus the sand filter cleaner needs to be safe for use with the sand filter too. It needs to be dye and toxic fume-free else it’s not safe. Also, read the manual properly to see if it can decolorize your pool. If yes, then you need to clean the filter only and keep it away from the swimming pool.

Ease of use

Not all sand filter cleaners are for direct application. You will come across come that need mixing with other ingredients to form a cleaning solution. As a pool owner, I don’t think you have time to learn chemistry. The best sand filter cleaner needs to be directly applied to your filter system and with fewer steps and clear instructions.


While many pool filter cleaners are quite cheap, it is good that you make sure the one you buy doesn’t cause problems to your filter. It needs to do one job, clean it, and nothing else. Use the above information to ensure you buy the right and the best sand filter cleaner. Good Luck!

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