10 Best Saltwater System For Above Ground Pools in 2020

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When I was a teenager I could go swimming with friends and sometime I could feel my eye burning, get skin rashes and my eyes could turn super red. I never knew what caused the problem until I grew the interest of wanting to know why.Best-Saltwater-System-For-Above-Ground-Pools

That’s how I understood the benefits of a salt water system in a swimming pool. A saltwater system reduces the amount of chlorine in pool water thus eliminating eye redness, skin irritation among other thing caused by a large amount of chlorine.

Additionally, the saltwater system gets rid of bacteria and algae in a pool leaving your pool super safe for swimming. And because I believe you’re here for an assistant on finding the best saltwater system.

I have come up with a list of the top best saltwater system for above ground pool available in the market, reviewed them and prepared a buyer’s guide to make the process as quick and straightforward as possible.

Top 10 Best Saltwater System For Above Ground Pool 2020

Brand & NameWater Capacity HourlyFunctionsPrice
Intex GPH Saltwater System4500 Gallons 4-way valve, 3-prong plugCheck Price
Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump3,000 Gallons 6-way Valve, 3-prong plugCheck Price
XtremepowerUS 3100GPH3,000 Gallons 4-way valve, 3-prong plugCheck Price
Goplus Pressure Gauge2450 gallons4 –way valve, 3-prongCheck Price
XtremepowerUS 3450 RPM2,5,00 Gallons4-way valve, 3-prongCheck Price
XtremepowerUS 4500GPH 19" Sand Filter4,500 Gallons5-Way Multi-Port FilterCheck Price
INTEX 2650 GPH4,800 Gallons6-way valve, 3-prongCheck Price
INTEX Saltwater System Pool Chlorinator2500 Gallons6-way valve, 3-prongCheck Price
Summer Waves Salt Water System24,50 Gallons6-way valve, 3-prongCheck Price
Hayward AQR15 AquaRite4,000 Gallons4-way valve, 3-prongCheck Price

1. Intex GPH – Best Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System

The Intex Krystal Clear is a combo model that combines two excellent systems in one unit which keeps your pool comfortable, safe and clean.Intex GPH – Best Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System

The model combines a powerful pool filter and a salt system that come with an E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) Which help in eliminating chlorine harshness.

It’s quite an affordable, low maintenance system unit that comes with a GFCI which turn the filter off when the electrical current comes into contact with water thus keeping you safe. The filter uses all-natural, inexpensive sand to do an excellent job filtering pool water.

The sand is replaced once in five years, making it easier to maintain. The model has a chlorine output of 11 grams per hour and has a flow rate of 2150 gallons per hour. Remember, this unit is designed for above ground pools with a capacity between 4,800 to 15,000 Gallons.


  • Powerful and low-maintenance motor
  • Saltwater System with E.C.O
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • 24-hour automated timer
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Built-in GFCI


  • Sand sold separately
  • It can be noisy

2. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump – for Above Ground Pools

The first best saltwater system for above ground pools is the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump. It’s a powerful pool pump that comes with a 110-120v connection with a GFCI protection.Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump – for Above Ground Pools

The system is a model that will help you keep your above ground pool water safe and clear clean. And since it uses sand filters, it’s able to filter all type of dirt, debris, and algae; small or big.

The Intex Krystal Clear Filter Pump is also cost and time effective as the sand needs replacement once every five years. Additionally, sand filters are easy to maintain. And being made from rust-free materials, this filter pump can clean your saltwater and for years to come.

One more thing I need to mention is, it also comes with a 24-hour automatic timer that will help you set the operating time.


  • Powerful and low-maintenance motor
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • 24-hour automated timer
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Built-in GFCI


  • Sand sold separately
  • It can be noisy for some users

3. XtremepowerUS 3100GPH – Swimming Pool 16″ Sand Filter

XtremepowerUS 3100GPHThe next saltwater system is the XtremepowerUS pool system that consists of a sand filter with a pool pump. The combination creates a super quiet system powerful to filter and clean above ground pools of up to 15,000 gallons.

It is housed inside a single piece 16-inch tank that has a capacity of 42 pounds of sand. It’s powerful to offer a continuous pool cleaning and with less maintenance required.

Using this salt water system is quite simple and straightforward. You will love to hear that it comes with four-way valve, three-prong plug that has an electric cable and it’s a portable, quick-to-start model that anyone handy person can operate.

You will also be impressed to hear that it’s designed and optimized to run with low noise to ensure your pool cleaning is more comfortable and energy efficient.


  • Dependable Performance
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Low Noise Design
  • Simple operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Quickstart


  • Hard wired
  • No power cord/plugin

4. Goplus 2450GPH – Best Sand Filter Pump (Pressure Gauge)

Next up is the high-performance Goplus Sand Filter Pump. It’s a pool filtration system that can clean an above ground pool with a height of up to 32ft tall.Goplus 2450GPH – Best Sand Filter Pump (Pressure Gauge)

It has a dependable copper motor that provides reliable performance and a filtration rate of up to 2450 gallons of water per hour. It’s ideal and acceptable water temperature is around 105°F.

The sand filter pump is also equipped with a thirteen-inch tank which holds 45 pounds of sand that can clean up to 10,000 gallons. The sand cleans any size of algae, dirt, and debris.

For reliable durability, this unit is created from high-quality HDPE, allowing it to last for years. Easy-of-use is yet another feature you will love.


  • Thermal and overload protection
  • 4-Position Multi-port Valve
  • Excellent water filtration
  • Simple & Safe Operation
  • High-quality HDPE


  • The construction quality could be better

5. XtremepowerUS Valve 3450 RPM – Sand Filter Set with Stand

XtremepowerUS Valve 3450 RPMMy next best saltwater system for above ground pools is yet another well performing and affordable filtration system from the famous XtremepowerUS.

The XtremepowerUS sand filter pump that’s fully integrated with a sand filter, a pump, pressure valve, and a stand. With it stalled adequately, it can help you clean up your above ground pool with a rate of 43 pounds per hour.

Having it working is quite simple and easy for any person. All you need is to add the filter media, which is sold separately, hook up the water hoses, plug it in, and it will start the filtration immediately and without knowing your pool will be crystal clear. Lastly, being made from a never-rusting, blow molded PE tank allows it to serve you for years.


  • Dependable Performance
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Large Capacity Tank
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Low filtration rate
  • Noisy for some users

6. XtremepowerUS 4500GPH – 19″ Sand Filter w/ 1HP Pool Pump

XtremepowerUS 4500GPH – 19″ Sand Filter w 1HP Pool PumpLastly, we’ve got the XtremepowerUS 4500GPH 19-inch sand filter pump for above ground pools. Everything about this model is designed at leaving you with a crystal clear pool free of algae, dirt, and debris.

The sand filter pump is perfectly engineered to offer excellent flow rates which promote clean, safe, and crystal clear water quality. Additionally, this XtremepowerUS sand filter is designed to provide optimized operation with low noise giving it a better, more comfortable and energy efficient workability.

With it using sand as the filter media, which requires replacement after five years, gives you longed filtrations with minimal maintenance required.


  • Easy use and quick back-washing
  • Dependable Performance
  • 5-Way Multi-Port Filter
  • Efficient back-washing


  • Not that silent

7. INTEX 2650 GPH – Best Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System

For those searching for the best saltwater system for an above ground pool that will make their pool safe, algae-free, free of harsh chlorine odor and crystal evident, the Intex 2650 GPH combo is your ideal choice.INTEX 2650 GPH – Best Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System

The model combines a powerful sand filter pump and a saltwater pump to give you the best, super soft, silky, crystal clear pool water. Also, by combining the two systems, it provides above-ground pool owners with a smooth, low-maintenance and low-cost operation.

Both systems in this unit can be controlled by an auto 24-hour timer which makes its operation carefree and simple while effectively keeping your pool clean, comfortable and safe for years.

The deluxe maintenance kit that accompanies this saltwater system will help in keeping your pool water crystal clear while also cutting down the time spent while cleaning. The filtration system features a larger skimmer which collects floating debris.


  • Simple to use and smooth operation
  • Easy operation 6-way filter valve
  • Keeps pool water sparkling clean
  • Deluxe Maintenance Kit included
  • Powerful filter pump
  • Low maintenance


  • Expensive
  • Can be noisy

8. INTEX Saltwater System Pool Chlorinator – Affordable

The Intex easy set saltwater system is a chlorinator that comes with a 2nd stage copper ionizations which control the algae growth in your pool.INTEX Saltwater System Pool Chlorinator – Affordable

The unit works as a chlorinator, chlorine generator and saltwater system is designed for 15′ or larger Intex brand above ground pools and properly sized/matched Intex filter system.

By having this model installed in your pool system, you are guaranteed of no red and burning eyes or fading on clothes and pool liners.

Furthermore, the installation is quite easy; all you need is hook this Intex saltwater generator to your pool’s water flow, add the required amount of salt and leave it to do the rest. It is a pool solution that will keep your above ground swimming pool crystal clear, safe and fresh all the time.


  • Pre-programmed Flow sensor alerts
  • Touch-sensitive control panel
  • 2nd stage Copper Ionizations
  • Control Algae Growth
  • Easy to use


  • Limited use
  • Some reliability issues

9. Summer Waves Salt Water System – for Inground & Above Ground Pools

If you have been searching all over for the best saltwater system for an above ground pool to keep your pool clean and free from harsh chlorine odor, you can stop now as the Summer Waves Saltwater system is here to help.Summer Waves Salt Water System – for Inground & Above Ground Pools

The Summer Waves Saltwater system is a conveniently compact saltwater unit which features a touch LED display. The model also uses advanced eco-friendly technology to ensure that it keeps your pool water clean throughout the season.

Additionally, this innovative saltwater system uses natural salt to ensure your pool is free of bacteria and algae, and effectively safely filter and sanitize your pool. By using this kind of salt, the Summer Waves system eliminate burning, red, irritated or dry eyes/skin, while preventing costume and liner from fading and staining.


  • Advanced eco-friendly technology
  • Innovative saltwater system
  • 2 Universal Adapters included
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Touch Led Display
  • 180-day warranty


  • Hard wired
  • Limited use

10. Hayward AQR15 AquaRite – Electronic Salt Chlorination System

The Hayward Goldline AQR15 AquaRite is a powerful electronic saltwater system that’s is a convenient alternative to conventional chlorine.Hayward AQR15 AquaRite - Electronic Salt Chlorination System

By using this saltwater system you will be bringing providing your pool with very soft, silky water thus dealing away with red eyes, harsh odors or itchy skin.

And to ensure you get an ultimate swimming experience this unit also automatically delivers chlorine to your pool water. The salt chlorination process used by this system provides a more natural pool water chlorination which does away with the harsh factory-produced chlorine odors thus giving you that luxurious comfort enjoyment.

The Hayward Goldline AQR15 salt chlorination provides unmatched convenience while sanitizing your pool. The constant conversion of ordinary salt into chlorine is done automatically without you lifting a finger.


  • Automatically converts dissolved salt
  • Independently certified by the NSF
  • Provides consistent sanitization
  • Eliminates harsh chlorine odors
  • Creates unbelievably soft water


  • Hard wired
  • Does not come with a power cord/plugin

Buyers Guide:

When you try picking the best model in the above review, you will realize it isn’t as easy as you might have thought. Each product has its superiority, and that can confuse you, so that is why you need a buying guide to help pick the right model. Below are some of the things you have to consider for you to ease your selection process.

Pool size

How big is your above ground pool? Saltwater systems are generally made to work effectively on a particular size of a swimming pool. You have to figure out the capacity of your pool for you to select your model. The manufacturer will add the compatible pool size on the product description.


Durability is required whenever we make a long-term investment. It can be quite frustrating to buy the best saltwater system for above ground pool and break down or rust with a one year service. Make sure the materials used to make your model are of high quality and rust-proof as we well know saltwater can be quite aggressive in causing rusting.

Electrical connection

Before you even head to the market, check which system you’re using in your home. Is your electrical system a 110-volt or a 120-volt? To keep your unit safe you have to ensure you match the voltage as it can cause damage when you mismatch it.

Do you have an outdoor socket or will you be connecting to the interior plugin? Measure the cable length you need from your pool to the power outlet and buy a model that comes with a power cord of that length.


The best saltwater system for the above ground pool should come with a warranty cover that protects it from an unexpected breakdown. The manufacturer might be specific their product is of high quality, but even the most expensive models can have a manufacturing defect. So, ensure your model come with a warranty and the most complete, comprehensive will be the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my pool when the saltwater system is running?

Yes, you can. The saltwater system should be on when the pump filter is running too. That way you will be maximizing the chlorination process while also removing the debris and dirt from your pool.

How can I decrease calcium hardness in my pool water?

The best way is using a vanishing act calcium remover as it helps in achieving the recommended calcium levels for an improved saltwater system operations. Additionally, removing the calcium from your pool water reduces the requirement of additional chemicals to treat water hardness.

Globo Pool Overview:

Now that you have everything you need to buy the best saltwater system for the above ground pool, what are you waiting for? Just pick a model from the list above and head to the market and buy it.

As simple as that, and I promise you won’t regret it. Also, make sure you give it great maintenance if you want it to provide you with the best results and last you for years.

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