5 Best Residential Diving Boards [Reviews] in 2020

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To enjoy diving in your home pool, you need the best residential diving board. I’m a fun of swimming as well as diving. After checking on different products available online, I decided to try the different dive boards.Best-Residential-Diving-Board-Reviews

There are others which are available at high prices and those which are pocket-friendly. I tried both till I located those who can assure me value for money.

In a diving board, I check on factors such as the durability, quality of the diving board and the materials. The best dive board should be easy to use. The surface should be flexible enough to allow me to jump into the in-ground swimming pool easily.

After checking on the different products available online, I sampled the best residential diving boards so that you can as well find it easy when trying to buy dive boards. Here are the top 5 best residential diving board reviews:

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The 5 Best Residential Diving Board for 2020

Brand & NameColorsSizesPrice
Inter-Fab DB8WW48 FootCheck Price
R Smith 66-209-268S2-1610 FootCheck Price
R Smith 66-209-578S2B58 FootCheck Price
R. Smith 66-209-600S2710 FootCheck Price
S.R. Smith 68-209-208218 FootCheck Price

1. Inter-Fab DB8WW – for Inground Pools

The drive board is among the strongest I tested. It has two extra heavy Douglass coat to allow me to dive without any fear of breaking it. Other features that make the unit very durable include its resin protection on the outer cover.Inter-Fab DB8WW – for Inground Pools

The use of superior fiberglass construction makes the unit very durable. I was after a durable unit, and that is why I decided to go for the unit.

UV protected material ensures the unit is very durable. Nonslip surfaces prevent accidents as I dive into the pool. Several things make the diving board among my favorite. For instance, it comes with rust-free stainless steel hardware and predrilled holes for easy installation.

For light to moderate use in homes, it works very well. Up to 250 pounds capacity, it is a durable unit I can use to enjoy my diving experience. Clear instructions are provided on how to use the unit making it a great addition to your home.


  • Dimensions of 98 x 19 x 3 inches
  • Can support up to 250 pounds
  • Three years warranty


  • Not for heavy use

2. R Smith 66-209-268S2-1 – Fibre Diving Board Review

It is among my best residential diving board. With two coated wood runners, it is a highly durable unit. The use of fiberglass at the core makes it very durable. Since I bought the unit, it has served me for long.R Smith 66-209-268S2-1 – Fibre Diving Board Review

Vacuum formed acrylic cover makes it very durable. If you need a unit that can serve for long in your home pool, then the unit can be a great choice. The sanded non-slip surface makes it very safe. I do not have to worry about slips and falls as I try to dive into the swimming pool.

The general design even makes the diving experience more comfortable.APSP standards are fulfilled while making the diving board. Up to three years’ warranty, I’m always comfortable when using the diving board in my residential home. With a bright white surface, it is effortless to spot.

It has two pre-drilled holes to allow for easy installation. When it comes to safety and fun, it has everything for you to choose it. The maximum capacity it can support is up to 250 pounds.


  • Pre-drilled with two holes
  • Safety video
  • Lightweight


  • Not much bounce

3. R Smith 66-209-578S2B – Truetread Diving Board Review

It is a stylish board that comes with easy to install features. The use of soft materials makes it easy on the feet. I was looking for a way I can make my swimming sessions more fun.R Smith 66-209-578S2B – Truetread Diving Board Review

The diving board has transformed my swimming experience for good due to the addition of the diving board.
It is ideal for both kids and adults.

A safe design allows it to fit in any swimming pool. When stepping on the surface, I always realize a firm and safe position for effective diving. Special coating on the surface allows it to withstand UV rays and serve for long.


  • Easy to install
  • UV protection coat
  • Unique design


  • A bit heavy

4. R. Smith 66-209-600S2 – Frontier Diving Board Review

It is a product with a long-lasting acrylic outer surface. With non-slip surface, I can always enjoy my design sessions without the worry of slip and fall. For quick installation, it comes with two predrilled holes.R. Smith 66-209-600S2 – Frontier Diving Board Review

Fiberglass covering makes it very durable. When looking for a durable unit, I was more concerned with the fiberglass used. The unit is very durable due to the choice of materials.

The hardware is made out of stainless steel which even prolongs its lifetime. For more than two years, the unit has been serving my family very well, and it does not show signs of wearing out. It has everything I need to enjoy my dive sessions.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Installation video
  • Durable


  • Expensive

5. S.R. Smith 68-209-2082 – Cantilever Jump Stand Review

The diving board comes with a cantilever stand to allow for great dive. It is suitable for children who will enjoy diving in residential pools. The cantileS.R. Smith 68-209-2082 – Cantilever Jump Stand Reviewver stand makes diving very enjoyable.

The stainless steel frame makes the whole unit highly durable. It is corrosion-resistant; hence it can last longer. I bought mine almost two years ago, and it is still intact as if it was new.

The non-slip design allows me always to enjoy diving. Apart from the nonslip surface, it has cushions to protect the foot in each dive.


  • Cantilever jump stand
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Non-slip


  • Expensive

Best Residential Diving Boards [Buying Details]

There are several factors you need to take into consideration before you proceed to buy the best residential diving board. Some of the elements to take into account before purchasing the units include the following:

UV protective cover

To avoid cases where you will buy a group that will fail after a short while, you need to consider a unit that has UV protection cover.


When it comes to sustainability, you need to check on features such as the use of a durable steel frame and the use of fiberglass. With fiberglass construction, you can be sure of a long-lasting unit.


The residential diving boards come with different cost considerations. If you are strict on a budget, then you need to go for one which your budget can comfortably accommodate. You will enjoy the excellent diving experience if you can buy the right diving board.

Aesthetic appeal

Apart from durability and price, you should as well check on the aesthetic appeal. The best unit to buy should be appealing to your eyes so that you can always enjoy having it in your home.

Residential Diving Board (FAQs)

What is the right residential diving board to buy?

To locate the right diving board you can buy, you need to check on the features available on the diving board. Above we have listed some of the elements, you need to consider.

Are there any benefits of buying the private diving board?

Yes, the diving board will improve the safety of your loved ones as they try to dive. You will as well avoid cases where you will be exposed to injuries when you try to jump. It makes the whole diving experience enjoyable.

Where can you buy residential diving boards?

You can buy the boards online. Above we have listed the best diving boards, you can buy to transform your home for good. You can as well check on the places we recommend for you to buy the diving boards above.

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