5 Best Pumps for Draining Pool in 2020 with (Guide)

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Best-Pump-for-Draining-PoolAt times, you might want to drain your pool to clean it or when not in use. However, rather than going with temporary solutions to drain your pool, it is better to choose the right draining pool pump.

Among so many options, comparing and selecting the right sump pump (drain pump) is not an easy task. Moreover, not everyone has hours to compare different draining pumps. That is why; I will help you out today.

I will share with you my list of the best pump for draining pools. With these pumps, you can empty your pool at the earliest, which is a definite advantage. I will follow this list up with a buying guide which will help you pick the right draining pool pump.

Top Best Pumps for Draining Pool in 2020

1. Homdox Sump Pump – For Pool Flood Drain

Homdox-750W-3400GPH-Ruyiot-Submersible-Sump-PumpThe first pool pump which I am highlighting now has a flow rate of 3566 gallons per hour. With 750 W motor, it can remove the water from the pool quite quickly.

Another feature which I liked about this pump is that if the water level rises above the float, it will start on its own due to an automatic float switch. It means that if you want to keep your pool empty, then also it is useful. Below 8 inches, it automatically disconnects itself and stops operating.

Additionally, you can connect it to different sizes, which mean that extracting the water is not a problem. It consists of thermal overload protection that increases the life span of the pool pump. Besides, it has a thermoplastic body which can resist corrosion. All these features make it the best pump for draining pool.


  • Automatic float switch on offer
  • Flow rate is 3566 gallons per hour
  • 750 W power rating
  • Compatible with various hose size
  • Thermoplastic body


  • Involves a learning curve due to the automatic float switch

2. Superior Pump 91250Hot Tub & Pool Drain Pump 

Superior Pump 91250 – Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump Presented By Globo PoolWith 1800 gallons per hour of flow rate, it is one of the best to drain pumps which you can buy. With ¼ HP power rating, it can remove water in no time. It comes with a 10-foot cord, which means that connecting it to the electrical socket is not a problem.

The removable suction screen allows you to eliminate the contaminants. It can capture up to 1/8 inch pollutants. With the help of thermoplastic construction, the durability is on the higher side. It is compatible with the standard 6-inch floor drain, which means that you will not have to worry about any additional fixtures.

With stainless steel shaft seals, the durability is on the higher side. Also, it has thermal overload protection that increases the life span of this pump. The compatibility with the standard drain and the excellent filtering capability makes it the right choice.


  • 1800 gallons per hour
  • Consist of 10 feet cord
  • ¼ HP power rating
  • Thermoplastic construction
  • Compatible with the standard drain


  • Limited customer support

3. Flyerstoy Pump – for Flood Drain, Garden, Pond, Pool

Flyerstoy-Dirty-Submersible-Water-Pump-Flood-Drain-Garden-Pond-Swimming-Pool-PumpWith the flow rate of 2115 gallons per hour, this submersible pump is suitable for personal pools. It has a power rating of ½ HP. It automatically disconnects itself once the water level reaches below 4.7 inches.

It does so to avoid any burnout. In terms of compatibility, it can work with a 1-inch hose and 1.5-inch hose. It incorporates a higher base plate which prevents any debris collection in the pit. With thermal overload protection, it can easily last for a long time.

You can use it not just for draining out the pool but also any pond or even cleaning your yard. With low noise output and less electricity consumption, it is a pump which you can use consistently. It is available in 6 color options. The long lifespan and the unique design of this pump due to its high-baseplate have propelled it to our list.


  • Flow rate is 2115 gallons per hour
  • High base plate design
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Low noise output
  • Consumes less electricity


  • The packaging needs improvement

4. Professional EZ Travel Collection – Pond/Flood Pump

Professional-EZ-Travel-Collection,-Hot-Tub-and-Swimming-Pool-Drain-PumpWith the flow rate of 3700 gallons per hour, you can drain the water from any pool. Moreover, it comes with a 25 feet hose, which means that you can connect it to a drain at a longer distance.

You can use it for draining the tank, pond or a swimming pool. It is usable for any water feature. With the help of folding bottom feet, you can remove the water up to a low level quite quickly.

It consists of an impact-resistant casing, which means that the durability is on the higher side. With a carry handle, you can carry it with you wherever you go. All in all, it is an excellent option when you’re looking to drain any water feature.


  • Flow rate is 3700 gallons per minute
  • Comes with 25 feet hose
  • Highly versatile
  • Durable


  • Occasional leak

5. Yescom 1HP 3432GPH – Submersible Water Pump

Yescom-1HP-3432GPH-750W-Submersible-Dirty-Clean-Water-Pump-Swimming-Pool-Pond-Flood-Drain-Heavy-Duty-Water-TransferThe drain pump on my list now has a power rating of 1 HP. It consists of a 750 W motor. When you look at the flow rate, it can handle 3432 gallons per minute. As a result, it can empty the pool quite quickly.

The construction of the pump is such that the motor can run up to 23 feet below water. As a result, you can drain the larger pools as well. With the help of automatic shut-off load mechanism, you can be sure that beyond a point, it will shut down on its own.

The cable length of 25 feet means that you can connect it to the electrical socket. The resin construction and the casing makes it highly durable. The blend of these features makes it a worthy choice.


  • 1 HP pump
  • 3432 gallons/min of flow rate
  • Resin construction
  • Automatic shut-off feature


  • Not that easy to connect with the hose

Buying Guide:

So, if you’re looking for the best pump for draining pool, these are the five options to consider. I will now share with you a buying guide which will make the decision even easier for you.

• Flowrate:

The first parameter which you need to check is the flowrate. Only when you’re clear about that, you can go ahead and purchase the drain pump.

• Construction quality:

Secondly, you have to look at the construction quality to determine its durability. Only when it is sturdy, you can use it for a long time.

• Auto-shutdown feature:

Beyond a certain point, the drain pump needs to shut down on its own. It will prevent burnout. You have to find out whether the drain pump which you are choosing has an auto-shutdown feature or not. You have to pick the ones which come along with the auto-shutdown feature.

• Power rating:

You have to look at the HP rating of the pump or the motor rating. Once you look at that, you can quickly gauge the power of the pool pump. The more powerful the pump, the better it is for you.


These are the four factors to take into account while comparing the different drain pumps. I will now answer a few FAQs to help you make the right buying decision.

Should I drain my pool after it rains?

It is a good idea to drain the pool after rain so that you can remove all the contaminants and pollutants.

How do you completely drain a pool?

The best way to completely drain the pool is to use such a drain pump. I shared with you five different options above which you can choose.


So, draining the pool from time to time is must for maintaining proper hygienic conditions. That is why; you must always use such a drain pump to remove the water. With my list above, you can choose the right pump within minutes rather than spending hours comparing different options.

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