7 Best Portable Saunas for Weight Loss (Reviews) in 2020

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Best-Portable-Sauna-for-Weight-LossThe best portable sauna for weight loss will not only give you an excellent weight loss program, but it can also be a helpful way of relaxing after a long tiring day.

But since portable saunas for weight loss are available in a different size, features, shapes, styles, and capabilities, picking one model requires you to be keen enough and research-full to select the best. Many buyers become confused and end up buying the wrong product.

And since I don’t want you to have the same problem, I have prepared the article below, which contains a comprehensive review and buyer’s guide, to help you with the search. Read it through and use it to find that one model that will give you the best weight loss benefits while also meeting your other requirements.

7 Best Portable Sauna for Weight Loss in 2020

1. SereneLife Person Portable Home Spa Sauna

SereneLife-Portable-Infrared-Home-SpaHas it become hard getting to a spa and you still want the same benefits of a sauna but in the comfort of your home? SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa is what you need.

It’s a 1-person sauna that features a heating footpad and a comfortable folding chair. It comes as a complete indoor sauna kit that has everything you need from the best portable sauna for weight loss.

Use the SereneLife infrared sauna to melt down the body fats while also relaxing after a long day of work, using your mobile phone, reading books, watching movies and much more.


  • Automatic heat setting and a timer
  • Programmed streaming sessions
  • Conveniently portable design
  • Ergonomic folding chair
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for large people
  • Low-quality zipper

2. Durasage Lightweight 1-Person Steam Sauna

Durasage-DSS-404-Personal-Steam-SaunaGift yourself with the best portable sauna for weight loss by getting the Durasage personal lightweight steam sauna. It is a unique and high-quality steam sauna that comes with lots of beneficial features at an affordable price.

It lets you enjoy the benefits of a real sauna in the privacy of your home or apartment. The Durasage sauna has an easy setup-frame design which makes it super easy to have it running.

The unit uses steam to heat the body that is generated by a steam generator which is safe for the user. Use the 60-minute timer to time your sauna sessions.


  • New generation carbon fiber heaters
  • Durable and energy-efficient design
  • Comfort, relaxation, and delight
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Comes with a footpad


  • The chair is too small
  • Doesn’t come with instructions

3. Durherm FAR IR Infrared Indoor Portable Sauna

Idealsauna-Infrared-FAR-IR-Negative-Ion-Portable-Indoor-Personal-Spa-SaunaDurherm Infrared FAR portable spa sauna is a model that you can use indoors and for weight loss benefits. The unit is designed with an integrated air ionizer which provides IR negative ions.

This 1-person comes with a design that includes those desirable features which are in those luxurious and expensive saunas. The negative ion generator employed in this model provides enough negative ions to purify the air.

The model uses three heaters which are hi-tech, superconductive and made of ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements. The unit comes with a footpad and a chair plus a 30-minute timer to allow you to time your sauna sessions easily.


  • Energy-efficient carbon fiber heating element
  • Excellent fabric material construction
  • Space-saving folding portable design
  • Steam condenser with a clock
  • Easy to set up


  • Weak construction

4. Durherm Low EMF Portable Infrared Indoor Sauna

Durasage-DSS-404-Personal-Steam-SaunaDurherm Infrared sauna is a low EMF indoor sauna ideal for those searching for a lightweight, portable sauna for weight loss. The model is a high-quality infrared FIR sauna that will allow you to enjoy exclusive beneficial sauna features at the comfort and privacy of your home/apartment and an affordable price.

The size of this Durherm is perfect for those who want some extra room for their legs. It’s easy to set up as it will take some few minutes to unfold it and set up. The unit uses three hi-tech superconductive, ultra-thin Tourmaline-made panels to deliver the best FIR heating.


  • Automatic temperature preset control
  • Deep penetrating infrared rays
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Time controller


  • Hard-to-read Instruction Manual
  • Heat is not evenly distributed

5. Ridgeyard Foldable FIR Infrared Indoor Spa Sauna

Ridgeyard-Portable-Safe-Folding-Far-FIR-Infrared-Sauna-Spa-Tent-with-Heating-Footpad-and-ChairThe Ridgeyard FIR Far infrared sauna comes as a portable, foldable indoor spa sauna with negative ion detox and wired remote control. The unit also accompanies a folding chair and a heating footpad.

Its foldable design allows easy storage while not in use. It has been designed to make your body sweat thus helping you burn calories which results in a safe way to lose weight. The FAR IR technology utilized by this model improves Cytolergy which in turn gets rid of toxins from the body.

The humanized design employed on this Sauna allows your hands and head out and let you do other things like watching movies, listening to music, reading books and so on, with ease.


  • Moisture resistant satin polyester material
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Far infrared technology
  • Humanized design
  • EMC certificate
  • Three-year Limited Warranty


  • Sides tend to fold

6. Durasage Infrared IR Far Personal Indoor Sauna

Durasage-Infrared-IR-Spa-SaunaIf you want a sauna that you can use even in your bedroom, then you ought to get the Durasage Infrared IR FAR portable spa sauna. It comes as a portable indoor sauna that features a heating footpad and ergonomic foldable chair to ensure you get the best comfort you need.

Its low profile design allows you to fit in any room including your bedroom. The three hi-tech superconductive, ultra-thin carbon fiber heaters ensure that your body gets the required heating to make it sweat while relaxing the muscles.

The model also features a pleasing design that allows the head and hands to extend out for easy reading, TV watching, and music listening while enjoying the sauna benefits.


  • Superconductive carbon fiber heater
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Relaxing heated foot pad
  • Quick setup and collapse
  • Heats up quickly


  • An instruction manual is not provided
  • Not adequately insulated

7. Rejuvenator SA6310-bw Infrared Portable Sauna

Rejuvenator-Model-SA6310-bwDetox your body and get a healthy body through weight loss by using Heat Wave Saunas Rejuvenator infrared sauna. It is a portable, high-performance sauna that comes with a wired remote control and a heated footpad.

The unit also features a negative ion generator that produces negative ions that purify the heated air. The portable and low profile design allows you to use it at the privacy of your home.

The model utilizes three hi-tech carbon fiber heating panels that do produce not only low EMF but also super energy-efficient. Additionally, this sauna comes with a user-friendly controller which makes it more convenient and easy to use/operate.


  • Compact and Portable Design
  • High-Tech Heating Element
  • User-Friendly Controller
  • Quick Pre-Heat Time
  • Low energy-efficient


  • Inflexible control panels
  • No automatic shut-off

[Buyers Should Know The Below Factors]

Because of the existence of a variety of best portable infrared saunas for weight loss, find the right model isn’t a straightforward process. You need to consider some factors to ensure the sauna you pick meets all your requirements. The following are some of these guidelines to help you with the search.

Size and weight

The best portable sauna for weight loss needs to have a lightweight design to allow mobility. Mostly, you’ll find that saunas that are lightweight are also compact, but you can also see a bigger unit which is also lightweight. The size also should be relatively small, but enough to fit your body size.

Make sure it’s comfortable enough and spacious enough for your body size to avoid suffocation. Also, consider the size of the place you will keeping the sauna. How big or small is the area? Will it fit in there?

Sauna Type

The second thing to consider while picking the best portable sauna for weight loss is the sauna type. When it comes to weight loss saunas, you’ll come across steam types and infrared types.

The steam saunas are the cheapest, but they have mostly affected damping which is their main shortcoming. On the other hand, infrared saunas are the most preferred as they provide an efficient heating system, but they aren’t that cheap.

Ease of Assembly

An excellent portable sauna for weight loss needs to be convenient and easy to use. That’s why you need to ensure that it is easy to assemble as you will be it more often. A quick and easy setup design should not take a lot of your valuable time and no need any special tools to assemble.

Maximum Temperature

It’s crucial for your portable sauna to reach the optimal temperature for you to enjoy the sauna weight loss benefits. Even though saunas come with different temperature ranges, a good weight loss sauna should achieve 150 degrees Fahrenheit, as it’s the right temperature for detoxification.

Heater quality

What materials are utilized to make the sauna heater? Are they conductive? You need to make sure that the heating elements used on the sauna are excellent in heat distribution, energy-efficient and long-lasting like carbon fibers — that way you are guaranteed of uniform body heating and lasting service.


I believe, with all the information above, getting the best portable sauna for weight loss is now a breeze for you. Right? So, what are you waiting for, head out there and buy that model that you believe will offer you the best service?

After purchasing, get a receipt as it will come in handy if you might need to return the model because of a manufacturing defect. And as always, proper use, storage, and maintenance will give your unit a long life.

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