5 Best Portable Pool Vacuums (Reviewed) For 2020

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Best Portable Pool Vacuums ReviewsA portable pool vacuum makes it easy to remove debris from the swimming pool. There is some dirt you may notice at the far end of the pool, and you feel like you should remove it.

With the best portable pool vacuum, you will move close to the leaves or sand and suck them out effortlessly. There is no technical knowledge required to use a portable pool vacuum cleaner. It is a device you can buy to make the pol cleaning fun and easy.

The right product to purchase should be highly durable and reliable. Remember you need to invest in a product that can assure you return on investment. Here you can get a list of my top handpicked pool vacuum cleaners.

Top 5 Best Portable Pool Vacuums in 2020

1. Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum

Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa VacuumIt is among my high rated vacuum cleaner for pools. The power vacuum cleaner comes with all the components required for a vacuum cleaner. I can easily pick different debris from my pool, making it among my top picks. For the time I have been using the pool cleaner, it has served me very well.

It is among the few vacuum cleaners which are designed to guarantee the best results. There are no pumping or water hooks required. It is a portable vacuum cleaner which comes in an outstanding design. I highly recommend the vacuum cleaner.

The aluminum telescopic pole extends to cover over 7 feet, making it easy to clean the pool conveniently. I was careful about the length of the telescopic pole when buying the pool cleaner.

It has been carefully designed to assure me of the best performance as I clean different parts of the pools. It is a versatile vacuum cleaner that is highly effective in picking up rocks, marbles, pennies, sand, and other materials in the pool. It makes the pool very clean to hang around.


  • Self-contained vacuum
  • Aluminum telescopic pole
  • Picks pennies
  • Highly durable


  • Only 7 feet pole

2. Poolmaster 28300 Pool Leaf Vacuum

Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf VacuumIt is among the best portable pool vacuums which I have been applying. The big pool leaf vacuum is highly effective in removing debris from the pool. It removes both large and small debris. It is among my few vacuum cleaners which I highly recommend.

A large diameter vacuum makes it easy to remove large debris from the surface of the pool. High-pressure jet and multidirectional wheels under the vacuum cleaner make it very reliable.

It is a vacuum cleaner I highly recommend. I can use a standard size garden pool pole to move it over the pool quickly. Each time I attach the reusable leaf bag, I can comfortably collect all leaves from my pol surface.


  • Removes large leaves
  • Durable construction
  • All-purpose leaf bag
  • Picks small debris


  • Pool pole not included

3. PoolSupplyTown Pool Vacuum Cleaner

PoolSupplyTown Mini Jet Vac Vacuum CleanerIt is a versatile pool vacuum that works well under different operations. For example, it is highly effective when cleaning the pool, spa, Jacuzzi, and ponds. Simple assembly is required, but all the details are provided for you to find it easy. It took me a few minutes to get it together and start cleaning the pool.

Value for money is guaranteed due to the great design of the swimming pool vacuum. It easily attaches to the standard garden hose for easy cleaning. The pool vacuum is highly effective. It removes the leaves and collects them into the collecting bag.

I have an above ground swimming pool, and the cleaner works very well for me. It is among the few pool cleaners I can highly recommend in the market. Different features have been taken to ensure the pool cleaner achieves the highest performance.


  • Creates venturi-effect
  • Perfect in picking leaves
  • Ideal for above ground pools
  • Easy to use


  • Requires assembly

4. Skooba Kokido Vac Swimming Pool Vacuum

Skooba Kokido Pool Vacuum for Intex Inflatable PoolsIt is among the best portable pool vacuum which works very well. The use of durable materials makes the pool cleaner stand out. I use it to clean inflatable pools, and it has never let me down. Each time I pass it over the water, it collects all dirt.

It is a highly effective cleaner which I have been applying to realize the best results when cleaning pools. It is highly effective in cleaning between 8 to 15 feet diameter ponds. The pool vacuum is compatible with different swimming pool filters. It is a vacuum cleaner which has contributed significantly towards making my pool clean.

Easy to use design allows me to save time when cleaning the pool. I have used different pool vacuums, but the vacuum cleaner is among the best I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results when cleaning a pool.


  • Quick cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with different filters
  • Highly durable


  • For 15 feet diameter pools

5. Kokido Skooba Max Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Kokido EV30CBX Rechargeable Pool Vacuum CleanerIt is a vacuum cleaner I can highly recommend due to its excellent design. With the vacuum cleaner, the process of cleaning my above ground pool has been straightforward. It is highly effective in cleaning the soft wall and above ground pools. I prefer removing it from my pool twice a week.

The pool vacuum makes it very easy for me to get the job done as fast as possible. The general design makes it very durable. For the time in which I have been using mine, it is still intact. The pool cleaner is among a few which I can highly recommend.

It performs both the filtering and vacuuming functions making the pool cleaner very useful. I was after a vacuum cleaner which can prolong the life of my filters when I came across the design. It removes dirt, reducing the strain on the filters. The pool cleaner has been designed to guarantee the best vacuuming process. It is among the best portable pool vacuums I highly recommend.


  • Cleans soft wall
  • Works for above ground pools
  • Both vacuuming and filtering
  • Highly durable


  • Not for more than18 feet pools

Best Portable Pool Vacuum [Buying Guide]

There are several factors you need to check out before you proceed to buy a swimming pool vacuum cleaner. First, you need to check on the quality of the materials used to make the vacuum cleaner. Ensure it is highly durable. Here are other factors to check out:


You have a budget you would like to stick to. It is necessary to buy a vacuum cleaner which can save you some money. Ensure the vacuum is durable enough to assure you return on investment.

Quick cleaning

You should go for a pool cleaner which can clean fast. Take time to check on the speed of the pool vacuum cleaner before buying. You will save a lot of time if you can buy a fast-acting pool cleaner.

Removing large debris

There are times when large debris such as leaves will fall into the pool. You need a pool vacuum cleaner which can pick such leaves. Check on the size of debris the pool cleaner can choose before buying.

Best Portable Pool Vacuum (FAQs)

Are portable pool vacuum cleaners best for Intex pools?

Yes, the pool cleaners are built to work well on Intex pools. They can be moved from one location to the other to help you remove all debris from the Intex pool.

Are portable pool cleaners suitable for leaves?

Yes, if you have left on your pool, you can move the portable vacuum cleaner near the leaves, and it will pick them. They are highly effective in removing leaves and other debris.

Can I leave the vacuum cleaner in the pool?

You can use it in the pool to remove all dirt, but it is recommended to store it indoors. It is safe indoors. Only get it into the pol when you need to clean the pool.

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