6 Best Pool Vacuum Hoses [Reviewed] For 2020

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Best Pool Vacuum Hose ReviewsThe best way to beat the warm weather and have some fun under the hot-burning sun is getting a splash inside a swimming pool. Right? However, with the swimming pool being full of slime, dirt, leaves, and other debris, all the fun goes away automatically. A good pool vacuum is one of the perfect ways you can deal with this mess.

With that said, the type of vacuum hose used on the vacuum cleaner will determine efficiency, how easy or rough the cleaning task will be for you. Luckily, today there lots and lots of vacuum hoses you can buy if you find it hard to use your current one. It might also be a replacement for a broken vacuum hose. And it requires you to get the best pool vacuum hose for it to work as expected.

That calls you to be a bit keen on what model or type you buy. You also need to make sure you buy the best performing vacuum hose. Is it easy to find? You bet NO. Luckily, my guide is here to help you. I will give you the top best models and a buying guide to help you shorten the process as possible.

Top Best Pool Vacuum Hose in 2020

Settling with the best pool vacuum hose calls you to be open to options and consideration of your needs. For you to that, you need to know those top models available on the market. Here is a list I made for you.

1. Poolmaster 33435 Pool Vacuum Hose

Poolmaster 33435 Pool Vacuum HoseThe first product in the list is the Poolmaster pool vacuum hose designed for use with in-ground pool vacuums. It comes as a 35-feet long vacuum hose with a 1.5-inch diameter. It is also a perfect product for a standard swimming pool vacuum head and a telescopic pole for manual cleaning.

One thing I love most is the combination of different designs which creates a durable and heavy-duty vacuum hose. The hose does feature an extruded flexible EVA plastic material and poly-welded EVA cuffs providing kink-free maneuverability.

Another thing that makes this model high-performance is spiral wound construction. The crafting gives it ideal strength, maximum flow rate, and proper flexibility. On top of that, its superior strength offers crush-resistant operation.


  • Unbeatable strength and flexibility
  • Spiral wound construction
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Ideal maximum flow rate
  • Poly-welded EVA cuffs


  • Not ideal for automatic vacuums

2. Haviland Vac Hose

Haviland Vac HoseThe Haviland Vac Hose is the next model you can trust. It comes in a length of 8-feet and a diameter of 1.25-inches, and it is ideal for use with above ground pools. Apart from that, this vac hose does come with rugged construction for abrasion resistance and a smooth interior wall for unrestricted flow.

Another feature you will love is the special UV coating which provides ideal protection from sun rays for years of use. The models itself are sold in packs allowing you to choose the perfect size for your pool vacuum cleaner. The tested high-quality construction employed here will ensure you get years of continuous use.


  • High-quality, rugged construction
  • Abrasion-resistant outer shell
  • UV and chemicals Protected
  • Easy vacuuming Floats
  • Variety of lengths


  • Ideal for Above Ground Pools Only

3. WORKSHOP WS25021A Vacuum Accessories Wet

WORKSHOP WS25021A Vacuum AccessoriesIf you’re not satisfied with the first two, here is another model you can consider, the Workshop Wet-Dry Vacuum Accessories vac hose. It comes as a 13-feet vac hose with a diameter of 2.5 inches, which provides an ideal passage for the debris and perfect flow.

It fits most shop vacuums with the 2.5-inch standard inlet. Apart from being ideally long, this vac hose comes with three adapters which allow a secure connection to the vacuum.

There are also locking tab which allows easy detaching for storage. Additionally, as a high-quality, durable vac hose, it resists crimping and collapsing. The whole set comes with all the accessories you’ll need to complete the connection.


  • High-quality Construction
  • Spiral wound construction
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Huge 2.5 diameter


  • None

4. Milliard Pool Vacuum Extension/Replacement Hose

Milliard Pool Vacuum ExtensionReplacement HoseMilliard Pool Vacuum Hose is yet another high-quality vac hose you can connect to your pool vacuum for a boost in performance. One thing this vac hose high among its consumers is the fact that it doesn’t affect by pool chemicals or UV rays.

It outperforms by staying reliable and robust for years. The best part is, this Millard pool vac hose is compatible with all the first automatic pool cleaners. With a length of 3-feet each and five pieces in a pack, you have around 15-feet long vac hose.

That will allow you to clean your pool and move around freely. Additionally, its wide 1.5-inch diameter will allow easy passage of the dirt and debris without blockage.


  • Automatic pool vacuums compatibility
  • Joined together for customized length
  • Maximum durability and flexibility
  • Male/female connections
  • Versatile configuration


  • None

5. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Pool Vacuum Hose

U S Pool Supply Professional Pool Vacuum HoseNext in the list is the U.S. Pool Supply Vacuum hose. It comes as a 30-feet long professional vac hose with a diameter of 1.5-inches. One thing I loved about this model is its heavy-duty construction.

Apart from using high-quality materials, the vac hose does also feature a spiral wound which makes it super flexible. On top of that, this vac hose is lightweight yet robust and rigid. Its particular crafting allows it to stay abrasive-free and resistant to chemicals and UV rays.

The application of swivels ensures the vac hose doesn’t kink or tangle. The U.S. Pool Supply, a trusted company, uses innovative design to ensure this vac serves you as you desire and also last for long.


  • Swivel cuff and spiral wound design
  • Made of durable EVA material
  • Ideal length and diameter
  • Five-year warranty
  • Built to last


  • None

6. Think Crucial Replacement Vac Cleaner Hose Parts

Think Crucial Replacement Vac Cleaner Hose PartsLastly, I give the Think Crucial Replacement Vac Hose Parts. The vacuum hose used here is high quality with maximum efficiency hose technology for the best pool cleaning. As a heavy-duty vac hose, it will maximize your cleaning power by improving the vacuum suction quality.

On top of that, it comes with spiral wounds allowing it to be flexible enough. As a long-lasting and durable vac hose, it’s washable, safe, non-toxic and reusable. Its innovative design allows it to stay reliable and robust when exposed to pool water chemicals and Sun rays.

Installation is quite simple and straightforward for the skilled and non-skilled labor. With this set of accessories, you will get to enjoy keeping your swimming pool clean.


  • Clean and healthy lifestyle
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Premium and heavy duty
  • High quality and durable
  • Long-lasting service


  • High on price

Best Pool Vacuum Hose Buying Guide:

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the top best models to buy, it’s right time you settle down and know what you need. The list will make you overwhelmed. For you to narrow down the products to one model, you will need to consider the following criteria.

1) Material and Durability

Best quality vacuum hoses feature high-quality materials like EVA plastic or similar to that. They offer flexibility and strength without being prone to breakage or leaks. I suggest you run away from cheap and thin plastic as it will no work as desired; it can even rupture quickly.

The premium quality vacuum hoses can also feature a polymer outer layer. It protects against the UV light and the pool water chemicals, increasing their durability. You can use the warranty to check the vacuum hose quality, and some can have even up to 5-years warranty.

While checking the materials, also check to see its heavy-duty and can handle frequent usage. Apart from resistant to UV rays and water chemicals, it should also be robust enough to handle regular usage and high pressure for extended durability.

2) Length

With a sufficient vacuum hose length, you will be able to reach every part of your swimming pool. If you own an average-size home swimming pool, a 30-feet long vacuum hose or more will be ideal for you. The best way to be exact on this is measuring before you order and buy a more extended model for better, comfortable use.

As you might have noticed, some vacuum hoses come in pieces allowing you to join or remove parts depending on what is needed at that moment. An added convenience of using this type of vacuum hose is, it’s easier to clean.

3) Diameter

The vacuum hose diameter determines how efficient the hose would be. It’s perceived that larger diameters are ideal, particularly if you have a larger swimming pool and a stronger pool pump. Typically, the vacuum hoses have a 1.5-inch diameter [normally more than enough for a good flow].

Additionally, the big diameter hoses are easier to clean and do not get clogged easily by the debris passing through. While making your diameter decision, do not forget to check on the cuff diameter too. It needs to be enough to offer a tight fit to the vacuum head and the skimmer.

4) Flexibility

Flexibility is a necessity for a free movement allowing you not to worry about the hose rapturing or kinking. Materials are the primary determinant of the elasticity, but other factors like the design play a role too. Spiral-wound vacuum hoses offer great flexibility and make the vac hose rigid and stronger. The vacuum hose swivels around the attaching point reduce the twisting chances or flow stoppage.

Best Pool Vacuum Hose (FAQs)

What’s the best vacuum hose for my vacuum cleaner?

Your best vacuum hose should be that model that fulfills all your needs, high-quality and long-lasting. Give a closer look at the features of each vac hose in the list and pick one which matches the features you need and meets your budget.

What’s the best way to clean a vacuum hose?

Cleaning a vac home can be more comfortable or complicated depending on the length and diameter. Most of the time, you will need to run an ideal clean through with one end closed. Allows it to sit for around half-hour. You can then remove it and rinse the hose off all the cleanser.


With my reviews above and the buying guide, you’re now in a better position to buy the best vacuum hose ideal for your vacuum cleaner needs. Everything here will take you a step closer, and you shouldn’t skip anything. Take your time to go through all the models I reviewed and buy the model that meets your needs and budget. Good Luck!

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