11 Best Pool Vacuums for Sand (Reviews) For 2020

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Best Pool Vacuum for SandDo you find it challenging to clean sand from your pool? Have you tried different pool cleaners with no success?

If yes, my list today will undoubtedly help you. I will share with you the best pool vacuum for sand. These will eliminate a significant quantity of sand from your pool. So, it will be easy to get an immaculate pool.

You might be surprised to know that many of the current vacuum cleaners are no match for sand. That is why you have to pick carefully. I will share with you the five best pool vacuum for sand and also a buying guide that will help you choose between these five options.

Top 11 best pool vacuums for sand for 2020

1. INTEY Automatic Suction-Side in-Ground Pool Vacuum

INTEY Pool Cleaner Automatic Suction Pool VacuumINTEY pool cleaner is designed in such a way that it can remove dirt, sand, debits, and hair from the pool with very cleanliness. The pool cleaner has 12-free hoses. The manufacturers equip the INTEY Suction cleaner with a premium rubber disk. That means it can provide a wide cleaning path and is ideal for concrete tile or vinyl pool surface.

You will be glad to know that you don’t need to hire anyone to clean or use a more expensive robotic cleaner. That means that this INTEY suction-side pool cleaner is a better option for those who are very budget conscious pool owners.

In terms of the installation process, it is very easy to assemble and install. That makes your cleaning process much easier. The happiest feature of this pool cleaner is that you will get a 24-month warranty, which is a great solution while in case damaging. All these things make this one of the best pool vacuum for sand you can buy.


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Portable
  • Fully automated
  • Cleans debris and sand
  • The scrub function


  • Steering pattern is a bit random

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Automatic Nautilus CC Plus – Easy to CleanThe Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an automatic robotic pool-cleaning machine. It comes with powerful dual scrubbing brushes that can clean any tough dirt, sand, and debris from your pool. If the dirt and debris cling with the floor and walls, you don’t need to worry about it. The brushes will attack them.

As you’re using the high-quality of the robotic pool cleaner, there is a high chance of needing fewer chemicals than you used to confine your swimming pool. That means it will come with a lot of benefits like being less harmful to the skin and protecting the environment.

One of the additional features of the Nautilus CC Plus is the swivel cable. Although it doesn’t require it, the CC model has done away along with the function. You don’t need to worry about tangling as it comes with a superior anti-tangle (installed software) to assist.


  • Fast
  • Aggressive
  • Affordable
  • Smart cleaning
  • Excellent design
  • Quick cleaning


  • Doesn’t scrub the waterline

3. Milliard Flexible Spa And Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard Flexible Spa and Pool VacuumThe first sand vacuum on my list is one that is suitable not just for your pool but for the spa’s as well. With the help of locking clips, you can mount it to the current filtration system as well. It is removable and adjustable, which ensures that you can use it as per your requirement.

With 14 inches of cleaning surface, you can be sure that it will clean your pool in lesser time. The flexible plastic body can reach every nook and cranny of your pool. The weighted design means that it will always stick to the pool surface, and that is why cleans the entire area efficiently.

The free-rolling wheels ensure that there are no scratches on your pool surface. With the help of a 1.5 suction port, connecting it to the existing system is not a problem. The durable ABS plastic construction means that it is long-lasting as well. At the same time, the design is such that it keeps the suction power constant.

As a result, the debris and sand get eliminated easily. If you’re looking for a vacuum that you can attach to your existing filtration system, this is the one to fulfill your requirements and remove sand from your pool.


  • Compatible with various systems
  • Highly durable
  • Provides uniform suction power
  • Adjustable and maneuverable
  • Weighted design


  • Occasional repetition required

4. U.S. Pool Supply Vacuum Head

US Pool Supply Pool Vacuum Head with Swivel HoseThe next vacuum cleaner on my list has a weighted vacuum head. The weight is the same as the predecessor. It measures 14 inches in width. Additionally, it can help you remove sand as well as other smaller debris from the pool surface. It is compatible with the 1.25 inch and 1.5-inch hose.

The weighted body means that it will always remain close to the surface of the pool. It is quite flexible, and the heavy-duty wheels ensure that it can cover the entire area of the swimming pool quite easily.

Since it is compatible with the existing filtration system and remains close to the pool surface, you can be sure that all the sand and debris will get picked up efficiently. It has a spring action pole handle which can help you in controlling it with ease. The simplicity and the weighted design make it a reliable choice.


  • Compatible with standard hose sizes
  • Highly flexible
  • Has a weighted design
  • Easy to maneuver


  • A Bit bulky

5. Zodiac MX6 Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

Zodiac MX6 Inground Suction Side Pool CleanerIf you want to buy a pool cleaner with a mid-range budget, you can go with the Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner. It comes with a sophisticated design and a ton of features. The innovative low-flow design makes it perfect for your pool, along with double speed pumps.

The Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner comes with the swiveling system, which can connect quickly for your ease. You will have found with the Zodiac MX6 an automatic weir twist-lock elbow that has the capability of rotating at a 90-degree.

You can use this Zodiac MX6 automatic pool cleaner for all types of in-ground pools, such as swimming pools, park pools, and hot bathtubs. Even it can clean all kinds of dirt and debris from the in-ground pool. And you have to be happy because you will get a warranty of one year along with it. All these things make the pool cleaner perfect so that you can purchase it.


  • Tangle-free hoses
  • Perfect for many pool cleaners
  • Connect quickly
  • Cleans with no pain
  • 1-year warranty


  • Durability is uncertain

6. XtremepowerUS Suction Vacuum-generic Pool Cleaner

XtremepowerUS 75037 Automatic Suction VacuumThis is a good suction-side pool cleaner that comes with the price advantage along with effective cleaning. It has ten hoses and is very easy to assemble and install. With the help of 1 HP pool pump, it performs correctly and doesn’t need any other power source.

The most mind-blowing feature of the XtremepowerUS is that it works both well in-ground and above-ground. It comes with a flapper that moves freely and thus avoids any dirt and debris to get stuck while cleaning. It will, at the same time, clean sand from your pool. I think that it is the best pool vacuum for sand.

It can easily climb walls and clean them very effectively. It has a navigation problem and doesn’t mean to clean pool stairs. You need to make sure if there is no air in the hose. To avoid damaging the pool cleaner, release it in the pool. You will be glad to know that it doesn’t require any additional tools and electricity.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Affordable
  • Easily climbs walls
  • Indeed, steps upright
  • Connect quickly
  • Lower electricity consumption


  • Hose length can be short
  • Might have a low flow rate

7. Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Vacuum Head

You might think what’s so different about this vacuum head?

Milliard Sea Thru Triangle Cleaning Surface – Pool and Spa Vacuum HeadFor starters, it has spring-loaded locking clips. It means that once you close it, it will remain in its place. The vacuum port is suitable for a 1.5-inch hose and 1.25-inch hose. It means that you will not have to change the water hose at all.

The see-through design means that you can maneuver it around accurately, and ABS construction enhances durability. The weighted design keeps the vacuum head close to the surface of the pool. When it comes to the cleaning mechanism, it consists of nylon bristles at the bottom. These bristles can stir up the sand and other debris. It gets funneled through the vacuum head.

With the help of rubber bumpers, you can be sure that it will not scratch the side of the surface of your pool. That is why; it is suitable vinyl-lined pools as well. It is also resistant to most of the pool chemicals which means that durability is not a problem. Thus, when you’re looking for a vacuum head that is easy to control, picks up sand and also is completely safe for the pool, you cannot ignore this option.


  • See-through design
  • Does not cause any scratches
  • Comes along with nylon brushes
  • Sturdy construction


  • Gets stuck occasionally

8. Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Aboveground Pool Cleaner

Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction Above Ground Pool CleanerNow we have a different type of pool cleaner that is Hayward 500 Aquabug pool cleaner. This is a suction-side above-ground pool cleaner. I think it is one of the best pool vacuums for sand. It comes with such a design that makes it easy to set up. When you install, it will take less than 10 minutes. You don’t do any additional work, attach them to your pool plumbing with a hose and release them in the water. Forget about it, and it will take care of your pool.

You don’t need to replace the filter bag or empty because it performs with your existing pool filter. Even you don’t need an additional boost pump which leads to more energy-efficient things. In a word, all the unwanted dirt and debris will be completely cleared by the Hayward 500 Aquabug above-ground cleaner.

People of all ages love this Hayward 500 Aquabug above-ground cleaner. With the help of this pool cleaner, the pool water will more circulate and will be much cleaner. Moreover, you will have a 1-year warranty with the pool cleaner.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Easily climbs walls
  • Indeed, steps upright
  • Connect quickly
  • Lower electricity consumption


  • Might have a low flow rate

9. Water Tech Pool Catfish Vacuum for Sand

Water Tech POOLBUSTER LT Battery Operated Pool VacThis is another best pool vacuum available in the market. The Water Tech Pool Catfish Ultra comes with a design of catfish like which can easily clean dirt, sand, and debris from your pool. This one can clean all types of spas, kiddies’ pools, pools, and inflatable type pools. The Water Tech Blaster Catfish Ultra is lightweight, affordable, and user-friendly.

It comes with the feature of a 10.5-degree vacuum head; The useful thing about this cleaner is that you can remove the head. Even you can use the whole parts of your pool quickly and efficiently. That means it can save a lot of time and energy.

The most beautiful feature of the Water Tech Pool Catfish Ultra is that it has a lithium rechargeable battery. You can recharge the battery within only 4 hours. Having fully charged, you will be able to use it up to 45 minutes at a stretch. That’s really amazing. So these things make it the best pool vacuum for sand you can buy.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Removable Head
  • Ability to clean all types of pool


  • None

10. Poolvergnuegen Hayward Pool Cleaner

Is this pool cleaner good enough when it comes to sand?

Hayward Poolvergnuegen – Powerful Dual Scrubbing BrushesYes, due to the automatic suction mechanism, it is excellent at eliminating sand as well as other debris. Besides, the wheel drive along with the 4-wheel suction system means that it can pick sand easily. The heavy-duty tires can work on any surface.

The main USP of this pool cleaner is the 2-wheel side suction system. It means that once it covers any area, you can be sure that it will pick up the entire debris and sand easily. You will not have to move it over the same area again and again. The self-adjusting turbines mean that the flow is always at the optimum level.

It will help you in cleaning the pool in the shortest possible time. It comes with three interchangeable throats that can maximize suction performance. With the help of a pre-programmed internal steering mechanism, the intervention on your part will be limited. Whichever way you look at it, it is one of the best pool vacuums for sand.


  • Offers optimum flow
  • Pre-programmed internal mechanism
  • Heavy-duty tires
  • Includes replacement throats


  • Connectivity with the hose requires a bit of effort

11. HydroTools by Swimline Pool Vacuum Head

Swimline Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum HeadThe vacuum head which I’m speaking about now is designed explicitly for Fiberglas and vinyl pools. The triangular shape ensures that it can reach the corners and pick up sand and debris with ease. It is compatible with 1.25 and 1.5-inch hose, which is another advantage.

With the help of easy to assemble construction, you will not have to spend a lot of time. When it comes to the cleaning mechanism, it consists of angled brushes. These can pick up any debris, and with the help of a vacuum head, you can suck it in. It means that once it covers any area, it can eliminate sand with ease.

The weighted design ensures that it remains close to the surface always. So, your search for the best pool vacuum for sand with an efficient design might end here as this one is a strong contender due to the angled brushes.


  • Efficient design
  • Compatible with most hoses
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weighted structure


  • Reduces suction power by a notch due to brushes

In my opinion, if you wish to eliminate sand from your pool, these are the best pool vacuums that you can buy. I will now go into the details of the buying guide. After that, it will be amply clear for you to understand which one you should choose among these five options.

Buying Guide:

Type of vacuum:

When you’re going through the options, you will notice that not all of them are the same. You can go with the vacuum head which attaches to the existing filtration system, or you can go with the robotic vacuums. Each of these has its pros and cons. You have to decide which one you would like to choose.

• Cleaning mechanism:

If you think that only the filtration system generates suction power, you are wrong. Many times, the design of the vacuum increases the suction power. In some cases, you will realize that the vacuum heads consist of additional brushes as well to stir up the sand and the debris. That is why; you have to take a holistic view of the cleaning mechanism before making your decision.

• Form factor:

The size of the pool cleaner will also have a say when it comes to choosing the vacuum cleaner that can eliminate sand. While you might not be looking for the small or the big pool cleaner, but you have to look at the efficiency, design, and form factors before making your decision.

• Durability:

It is essential to look at the construction of the pool cleaner to determine its longevity. Only when it can stand the test of time, you can go ahead and choose that pool cleaner.

These are the factors to consider when you are planning to buy the best pool cleaner for sand. I will now answer some FAQs so that you can make your buying decision easier.


How do I vacuum the sand out of my pool?

Instead of using any manual method to eliminate sand from your pool, it is better to choose the pool cleaners from the five options above. These will help you remove the sand without much of an effort on your part.

Why is sand coming back into my pool?

If sand is coming back into your pool, then your existing cleaning equipment is to blame. You should replace it with any of the pool cleaners above to make sure that sand does not return to your pool.


Thus, with the help of my list above, it will be easy for you to banish sand from your pool. Any time, you witness the sand; you can use the pool cleaners to eliminate it. With these pool cleaners, maintaining your pool will be an easy task.

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