12 Best Pool Timers in 2020 for [Automatic Schedule]

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Best Pool Timers ReviewedA pool filtration pump is used to keep your pool well sanitized and distributes the chemicals throughout the swimming pool. It works by pulling water from the pool and circulates it through the skimmers and the filter to remove the debris, bacteria, and algae.

A good water circulation takes around 6 to 8 hour and at times up to 12 hours. The best pool pump timer will help you maintain this pump operation. It will turn the pump on and off at the intervals you’ve set, and that will not only ensure that your pool remains clean but also cut the maintenance cost. But what are the best pool pump timers available today?

When you do an online search, you will get a lot of pool pump timers, and it will be hard for you to pick one. It’s for that reason that I have prepared the review below. Go through it and at the end you will have that one model that will fulfill your pool pump timer needs best.

Top 12 Best Pool Timers of 2020

Woods 50015D & 50015WDWoodsCheck Price
Pentair 520547PentairCheck Price
Intermatic T101R Switch TimerIntermaticCheck Price
Intermatic P1131IntermaticCheck Price
Aube by Honeywell TI040HoneywellCheck Price
GE 15163 Indoor/OutdoorGECheck Price
GE Z-Wave Plus DirectGECheck Price
Intermatic T104MIntermaticCheck Price
Intermatic P1353ME Time SwitchIntermaticCheck Price
Intermatic T101R3 Timer SwitchIntermaticCheck Price
Intermatic P1121IntermaticCheck Price
Intermatic T104 DPSTIntermaticCheck Price

1. Woods 50015WD – Digital Plug-In 7-Day Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer

Are you searching for a pool pump time switch with a user-friendly digital outlet timer? If yes then the Woods 50015WD Plug-in Outdoor Timer is your best choice. It comes with three timing settings which are a digital timer, random configuration, and a countdown timer. Woods-50015WD

The 7-day digital programmable switch allows you to personalize your settings for outdoor appliances. You can program each day differently with the next day, weekdays differently with weekends giving you excellent flexibility. The Woods 50015WD require a simple plug-in to a standard power outlet. Also, it comes with a sturdy metal heavy-duty body and a durable cover protecting it from the dust, dirt, and weather.

The Smart backup with a self-charging system featured on this timer can retain setting even after a power outage. Due to its outdoor applications, the timer can work correctly for automating holiday/Christmas lights.


  • 7-Day Digital Plug-In Heavy Duty Timer
  • Hardy body and a heavy-duty cover
  • 2 Grounded Outlets
  • Smart backup with self-charging system
  • Three timer setting: digital timer, random configuration, and a countdown timer


  • When brought to use after a long time it requires resetting
  • No troubleshooting section on the manual

2. Pentair 520547 – Best Wireless Control pool timer Kit

The Pentair 520547 is a wireless controller kit that comes with 8 circuit control panel. You can use this wireless device to control the pool jets, lighting features, water features, cleaning cycle, water slide, among other electric controlled pool features.Pentair-520547

The wireless capability and the wireless antenna featured on this device allows you to control the water temperature and run times from the inside of your house. It works well for up to 300ft away from its EasyTouch control system transceiver.

The timer set comes with an easy-to-read manual which will help you set it up and guide you on how to operate the little thing. It is quite simple to run the Pentair 520547 using its clear EasyTouch control system panel.

Everything on this system is clear and requires a finger-touch to complete the set. It is available in different international language. The default language of this item is English, but you can change it to a language that you fully understand.


  • Fits with Pentair EasyTouch Control Systems
  • Clear Indoor LCD Control Panel
  • Wireless 8 Circuit Control Panel
  • Operates up to 300 feet away
  • Water resistant
  • Best pool timers in less money


  • Expensive
  • Takes time configure the system

3. Intermatic T101R – Best Outdoor pool Pump Timer

The Intermatic is the company behind the manufacturing of the Intermatic T101R Switch Timer. It has 120 years’ experience in construction of high-quality equipment and controls. The Intermatic T100 Series Mechanical Timer has proven to stand the test of time.Intermatic-T101R

It has been designed for both industrial use and residential applications. The switch timer boasts the highest HP rating in the pool pump timers industry. It comes with one “ON” and one “Off” tripper.

The Intermatic T101R can handle electrical loads up to 40 amps per pole and allows up to 12 ON/OFF operations in one day. The manual override switch feature provides added convenience. The switch timer can be applied on Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Signs, Electric Fences, Filters, Conveyors, Fans, Blowers, Heaters and Pumps Pool.


  • Suitable for Residential, commercial and Industrial applications
  • Has the highest HP ratings in the industry
  • Can handle electrical loads up to 40 amps per pole up to 40
  • Offers 1 to 12 On/Off Direct 24 hour control operations
  • Comes with one ‘On’ and one ‘Off’ tripper


  • Quite complicated to operate
  • Not for a 240-volt pool motor

4. Intermatic P1131 –  Best Affordable Pool Timer

The Intermatic P1131 timer is a portable outdoor timer which has been designed to control how your filter pump operates. It works well with an above ground spa or pool pumps but can also be applied to turn on and off engine block heaters, outdoor holiday decorations, and other indoor or outdoor appliances of up to 15 Amps.Intermatic-P1131

Unlike the Intermatic T101R, this best pool pump timer comes with 2 ON/2 OFF removable tripper settings per day. The minimum ON/OFF time is 30-min only. The device is covered with an outdoor rated enclosure that has a clear or black flip cover for easy reading.

The grounded standard or locking type style NEMA plug and receptacle allows it to be directly plugged into your wall power outlet. It uses for Up to 15 amps engine block heaters, outdoor decoration, and other appliances.


  • Portable outdoor pool timer
  • 2 ON/2 OFF removable tripper settings per day
  • For use with above ground pool pumps up to 1 HP
  • Twist-lock plug and receptacle


  • Customers complained of the device lasting for a few years
  • Hard to have it fully operational

5. Honeywell TI040 – Best Automating Pool Pump Timer

The Aube by Honeywell TI040/U is a 7-Day programmable timer ideal for an above pool pump. It comes with two power setting which allows you to use either 120V or 240V voltage selectable switch. The Aube casing is a heavy duty waterproof cover which will enable it to be used for outdoor applications.Honeywell-TI040

The case also comes with a locking system providing an added security. The temporary bypass used on this device will allow you to override the settings without affecting its programming.

The Aube TI040/U timer is compatible with 3-way switches. The device comes with three operating modes namely; manual using a typical ON and OFF switch, Automatic and the Temporary bypass. You can use the 7-day programming and its 14-setting to ensure that your pool filtering pump operates effectively for seven days keeping your pool clean.


  • Programmable for seven days with up to 14-settings
  • Three-operating modes: Automatic, Manual and Temporary bypass
  • Lockable tamper-proof casing
  • Versatile connection terminals


  • Pricey
  • Do not self-adjust

6. GE 15163 – Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Mechanical Time Switch

GE-15163The GE 151663 is a heavy-duty mechanical pump time Switch ideal for use with pool heaters and filter pumps, fans, Air conditioners, and many more. It comes with a heavy duty metal casing which protects it from weather elements, dust, and dirt making an ideal outdoor pump timer.

The heavy-duty lockable and temper resistant makes it perfect while providing some added security features. The installation process is quite comfortable with the use of its 1/2 inches and 3/4 inches knockouts. It is easy to set the timer and comes with a manual override making it easy for you to reset it.

However, you will require a licensed electrician to do the installation. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use with pool heaters and filter pumps, fans, Air conditioners.


  • Style: 24 Hour | Mechanical
  • Heavy Duty metal casing
  • Easy to install with Manual Override
  • Single-throw, single pole 120 VAC
  • Tamper resistant


  • Require licensed electrician for installation
  • The timer is hard wired

7. GE 14285 – Indoor/Outdoor Smart Pool Pump Controller

GE Z-Wave Plus Direct Wire 40 Amp Smart Switch, Repeater/Range Extender, 120-277V Lighting Appliance Control, Wink, Zwave Hub Required-Works with SmartThings by GE.GE-14285

The GE Z-Wave Plus helps to transform any residence into a smart home thanks to the innovative direct-wire outdoor/indoor smart switch as well as the GE 40 amp Z-Wave. Moreover, once integrated into a Z-Wave network, the wireless control of the ON/OFF functions for a big load, landscape lighting, pool pumps, heaters, water heaters, and so on can be performed by the heavy-duty switch.

It is possible to use the smart switch either outdoors or indoors, and it comes with an easily accessible wire connection block, an override switch for turning on any connected gadget off or on manually as well as front installed LED lights indicating the status of power on and off.

Apart from this, the smart switch is located within a tamper-proof and lockable case to guarantee that the wiring and the settings are safe. The weatherproof and rugged design helps to prevent any dirt as well as debris and is also ideal for usage in even inclement weather conditions.


  • Alexa compatible
  • Works with several Z-wave accredited hubs
  • Controls the functions of water heaters and pool pumps remotely
  • Tamper-proof and lockable metallic case
  • Z-Wave S2 Security and SmartStart along with compatible getaways


  • Might not last too long

8. Intermatic T104M – Mechanical Time Switch for Pool & Landscape Lighting

Intermatic-T104MThese debatably best pool timers happen to be a 24-hour timer mechanism that can be used in either T104R or T104 enclosures. This amazing product features electrical loads up to as much as 40 A and its operating temperature happens to be -40 to 54 degrees Celsius.

It features as many as 12 off and on operations every single day with the minimum off and on times of one-hour duration. It requires manual override and comes with 1 On as well as 1 Off tripper. There is also a 208-277 VAC – DPST switch that comes along with this device. Last but not least, the company provides a lucrative guarantee of 1 year.


  • The operating temperature is -40 to 54°C
  • Electrical loads up to as much as 40 A
  • Manual override
  • Comes with 1 On and 1 Off tripper
  • Offers 1 to 12 off/on operations every day


  • The water feature can suddenly become audible
  • An absence of a mechanical switch at the back

9. Intermatic P1353ME – Best Pool Timer for

Intermatic-P1353METhe Intermatic P1353ME is actually a versatile 24-hour control which is able to switch loads automatically as per a preset day-to-day schedule. This particular spa or pool mechanism can snap into any enclosure from Intermatic and provides customers with the easiest and fastest process for upgrading to an innovative digital solution with unrestricted versatility.

It is possible to retro-fit any mechanical time switch from the well-known T101 into a robust control system without replacing the current enclosure. The astounding P1353ME consists of a 2-speed pump, landscape lights, blower, 3 timed circuits for the filter pumps up to 3 HP, fountain pump, cleaner pump, blower, and so on. In fact, the possibilities are unending. Apart from this, the product likewise comes with LCD display, memory backup, fireman switch, 120 input voltage, etc.


  • 3 timed circuits
  • As much as 3 HP
  • The simplest way to upgrade to digital
  • LCD display
  • Intended for applications in aftermarket retrofit


  • The timer has to be replaced every couple of years

10. T101R3 – Best Timer Switch for Holiday Decorations

T101R3-Best-Timer-Switch-for-Holiday-DecorationsThis T101R3 Timer Switch happens to be a heavy-duty mechanical time switch which has been created for industrial, commercial, as well as residential purposes and feature the highest ratings when it comes to motor load in this industry.

They offer as many as 12 OFF/ON operations every single day along with a minimum OFF/ON time of one-hour duration. Every single model feature OFF and ON trippers and they come with either metal or plastic indoor or outdoor enclosures. The interpolation circuit happens to be 10 Amperes with a maximum of 240 V.


  • The time switch comes in a metallic enclosure
  • Has the highest rating in terms of motor load
  • Comes with ON and OFF trippers
  • The heater protection circuit is 10 A
  • Created for industrial, commercial, plus residential uses


  • The filter on the pool might not function properly
  • The quality is not that good

11. Intermatic P1121 – Heavy-Duty Outdoor Timer for Swim Pool

The Intermatic P1121 is actually a mechanical plug-in timer along with an inbuilt enclosure which is usually used outdoors. The timer is designed specifically for controlling holiday lighting as well as outdoor decorations; however, it can likewise be employed for controlling the filter pump of a pool which is situated above the ground.Intermatic-P1121

This innovative 120 V timer comes with a manual override OFF/ON switch, a 12-inch long grounded cable, as well as a water-resistant cover. The different applications of this product happen to be water fountains, pumps, holiday and landscape lighting, engine block heaters, aerators, and so on. For an ON or OFF operation, you need to turn the manual knob anticlockwise to the desired on or off position.

The timer is going to follow the subsequent scheduled automated operation. In case there is any power failure, you need to reset the timer. According to the outdoor timer instructions of the Intermatic P1121 you need to insert the ON as well as the OFF trippers into dial at the desired on and off times.

Following this, you must turn the dial anticlockwise for 1 or more complete revolutions till the arrowhead becomes aligned with the time of day (either a.m. or p.m.) in the window. Next, you need to turn on the lamp. Lastly, the extension cable has to be plugged into the timer, and the timer cable should also be plugged into the outlet as well.


  • Has been created mainly for outdoor applications
  • Controls water fountains, pool pumps, and engine block heaters
  • Comes with two sets of pins
  • Allows two on/off settings every day
  • Comes with a manual override on / off switch
  • 1-year warranty
  • Best pool pump timer in cheap price


  • Might malfunction over time
  • The design is not that good
  • The plug comes with a loose wire inside

12. T104 DPST – 24-Hour Mechanical Time Switch by Intermatic

T104-DPSTThis arguably best pool pump timers from Intermatic are intended for commercial, industrial, as well as residential uses. The heavy-duty 40 A timer can boast of the highest horsepower ratings at present for loads of as much as 40 A resistive from 208/277 V providing direct 24-hour time switch control.

The product likewise offers as many as 12 ON/OFF operations per day with a minimal ON/OFF times of one-hour duration. There is also an innovative time mechanism that comes along with the product plus a metallic case and one ON and OFF tripper.


  • Manufactured in the US and imported
  • Intended for commercial, industrial, and residential uses
  • Not recommended for any outdoor installation
  • Highest HP ratings with 40 A
  • Maximum consumption of power is 3 watts
  • Direct 24-hour control
  • Offers 12 on/off operations


  • The timers tend to be unreliable
  • The quality is not that good

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