The 6 Best Pool Skimmers for Dog Hair (Reviews) in 2020

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Best Pool Skimmers for Dog HairMost dogs love playing in the water, and if you have a dog and a swimming pool, then you better add the occasional doggy paddle to the regular dog-walk routine. Letting your dog swim in the pool is not a problem; the issue is, the dog may leave a bunch of hair behind, which could cause pool problems. Most dogs do shed, leaving a residue of fluff, dander, and loose hair inside the pool. The waste can wreak havoc on the pool filtration system and make it even more expensive to maintain your pool.

Luckily, you can deal with this dog hair mess using the best pool skimmer for dog hair. Not all pool skimmers are designed to handle dog hair, but there some models which offer useful collection and removal of the hair. So, how do you find the best pool skimmer for dog hair to buy? Your answer is simple: read my article to the end. I have given you top models you can buy and a buying guide to help you choose the right model for your needs.

Top 6 Best Pool Skimmer for Dog Hair For 2020

As I mentioned, there are several pool skimmers out there, and not all are ideal for dog hair removal. However, I have done my research and came up with the following list. Each model I’ve listed here is perfect and useful for hair removal. Pick one, buy, skim your pool, and thank me later.

1. Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Pool Skimmer

Hayward SP1091LX Dyna Skim Pool SkimmerMy first and top-rated model in the list is the durable, top-performing Hayward Dyna-Skim Skimmer. The Dyna-Skim skimmer is redesigned to match today’s above ground pool needs while also remaining applicable for use on existing pool models. It features large debris collection skimmer baskets, which eliminated the need for frequent emptying.

The best part is, this model has a heavy-duty ABS construction, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Above that, the skimmer is also UV-protected to ensure it stays in shape even after long-hours exposure to the sunlight. For easy usage and better effectiveness, this model comes with a snap-in and removable weir.


  • An outsized debris collection basket
  • Wide top seat pools Compatible
  • UV-resistant ABS construction
  • Top & front basket access
  • Removable Snap-in Weir


  • A bit expensive

Installation requires you cut a spot on your pool wall

2. INTEX Deluxe Wall Mount Pool Surface Skimmer

NTEX Deluxe Wall Mount Pool Surface SkimmerNext is the superior Intex Wall Mount Surface Skimmer. It’s explicitly designed to help you save time and effort while cleaning your swimming pool off dog hair. It attaches directly to the pool filtration system to quickly and easily stop dog hair and other debris from getting to the pool bottom. It works in conjunction with the pool filter pump to provide smooth and automatic surface skimming.

The skimmer requires an Intex filter pump of at least an 800GPH flow rate. Another thing, this model comes with adjustable brackets for easy mounting to Easy-Set or Metal-Side pools. Besides that, it does include a large strainer basket, which is easy to clean and also remove. It’s a model that requires very little from you to do away with floating debris like dog hair.


  • Easy, automatic surface skimming
  • Easy-to-clean Strainer basket
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Adjustable brackets


  • Cleans the pool surface only
  • Works with over 800GPH Intex filter pump only

3. PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and Cleaner

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer and CleanerThe high-quality PoolSkim Skimmer for PoolSkim USA is the next best pool skimmer for dog hair you can buy. It’s an award-winning automatic pool skimmer that does more than simple pool skimming. It uses its Venturi suction to draw all the floating debris, such as dog hair, to its fine nylon mesh clip-on bag. It connects to a 1.5-inch threaded outflow water return jet where the pool water flows back.

The skimmer is self-adjusting to reach the water level. It does an excellent job of reducing the workload on your pool filtration system by eliminating debris like dog hair. With this unit fitted on your pool wall, your pool cleaning will be made more accessible. The heavy-duty plastic construction employed here helps this pool skimmer stay in shape even after years of use.


  • Award-winning automatic skimmer
  • Reduces Filtration System Workload
  • Sturdy nylon mesh clip-on bag
  • Self-Adjusting to Water Level
  • Makes Pool Cleaning Easy
  • Powerful venturi suction


  • Mesh not strong enough
  • Not compatible with Intex pools

4. Solar Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Solar Breeze NX2 – Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner Save MoneyThe Solar Breeze Skimmer is an automatic pool cleaner that uses sunlight to power itself. The NX2 comes with built-in solar panels, which it uses to charge the inbuilt battery that runs it. It’s designed to automatically remove around 90-95% debris on the pool water surface. It does a great job of cleaning dust, dog hair, leaves, bacteria, and pollen.

It’s long-lasting thanks to its heavy-duty construction. As a solar-powered skimmer, it charges its battery during the day to run for several hours after sundown. It uses its autonomous navigation to navigate the swimming pool and get out of any sticky situation. Its large capacity debris collector eliminates the need for frequent emptying, thus providing long cleaning cycles.


  • Large collection area capacity
  • An auto solar-powered system
  • Autonomous pool navigation
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Chemical dispenser tray


  • A bit expensive
  • Cleans the pool surface only

5. Bucket Lidz Triluca Pool Skimmer

Bucket Lidz Triluca Pool SkimmerAfter discussing the automatic pool skimmers, I now have a practical manual pool skimmer, the Bucket Lidz Triluca Pool Skimmer. It comes as an ultra-fine mesh net skimmer designed to clean sand, pollen, pet hair, bugs, and leaves. With this skimmer, you have a cost-effective way of keeping your swimming pool clean and running efficiently.

Apart from all that, the skimmer also has a durable yet friendly opening and can be attached to a standard pool pole to extend your reach for a further or deeper cleaning. It’s a great cleaning skimmer for both residential and professional pool cleaning. It can clean decorative Koi ponds, swimming pools –both above and inground pools, ad also hot tubs.


  • Personal or professional use
  • Attaches standard pool pole
  • Friendly 14-inch opening
  • Triple stitched nylon
  • Enhanced durability
  • Ultra-fine mesh


  • It’s manually operated

6. Ocean Blue Water Products Professional Spiral Wound Bag Leaf Rake

Ocean Blue Water Products Professional Spiral Wound Bag Leaf RakeOcean Blue Water Products is another brand that wants you to have an easy time cleaning with dog hair from your swimming pool. Their professional heavy-duty leaf lake skimmer is designed to help you deal with any debris inside your pool. As a manual skimmer, it fits any standard sized telescopic pool for a better reach while you clean.

It’s quite durable and heavy-duty thanks to its high-quality construction. It uses a durable, UV, and chemical-resistant mesh attached to a reinforced aluminum. With this construction, the leaf net can pick up even the most massive debris. Mounting is quite simple; it doesn’t require any assembling.


  • Picks up even the heavy of debris
  • Durable, Chemical Resistant Mesh
  • Fits Any Standard Telescopic Pole
  • No Assembly Required
  • Reinforced Aluminum


  • Manually operated

Best Pool Skimmer for Dog Hair [Buying Guide]

After knowing the models you can buy, it’s time you know the different aspects you need to consider while weighing your choices. Here is a list consideration I suggest you keep at your fingertips for a smooth selection.

(1) Type of pool

Different pool skimmers are designed for at least one pool type, and you need to make sure you buy the right model for your pool. Some are compatible with above ground pools and those for inground pools. However, you can use some for both pool types. Check for the information about the product description before you buy it.

(2) System type preferred

Usually, there’re two types of pool skimmers, automatic skimmer, and manual pool skimmer. The manual skimmers are attached to pool poles and require your help to move it around the pool as it scoops the dog hair out. On the other hand, automatic skimmers operate autonomously once they are hooked to the pool filtration system or activated for the floating skimmers.

The decision on which is the best for you depends on your budget and preference. If asked for a recommendation, I would recommend for an automatic skimmer that you connect to the pool filtration system. It will be effective at capturing and removing the dog hair and other debris before getting to the pool filter and pump.

(3) Skimmer compatibility

Automatic pool skimmers connected to the poolside or pool return drain require fitting compatibility. You need to make sure it will fit with your existing pool filtration and circulation plumbing or else be forced to make some modifications that might cost you more. The drain and the side walls need to be suited to hold the skimmer into position.

(4) Durability

The durability of a pool skimmer is also something you need to consider. Here you need to check the materials used, their longevity, and even the general product construction. Mostly, the skimmers are made of plastic materials which need to be sturdy and heavy-duty. The mesh and framing should be made from high-quality materials. The construction needs to be water chemical corrosion-proof and also UV-resistant.

(5) Setup/Installation

Lastly, you need to consider how easy it’s to install the pool skimmer. For a DIY installation or setup, there needs to be a step-by-step instruction and fewer no tools required. That way, the process will be hassle-free. So, check to see if the user manual has the setup and installation instructions before paying for the skimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a floating pool skimmer effectively remove dog hair from my pool?

Yes. While the water pours over its floating weir allowing the debris to enter. When this happens, the floating skimmer will be able to collect the dog hair and remove them during the next emptying.

What should I do if my pool skimmer is still allowing some hair and small debris to pass through?

It’s quite simple; you need to use skimmer socks as they are designed to capture even the smallest debris. Remember to use the compatible socks for your pool skimmer.


Now you can confidently encourage your dog to enjoy a swim too. With the best pool skimmer for dog hair, the mess dogs leave inside a pool shouldn’t worry you anymore. Use the information I have provided to ensure that you pay for a model ideal for your needs and compatible with your pool. Good Luck!

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