6 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets For 2020 [Reviewed]

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Best Pool Skimmer BasketsWe well know how crucial a pool skimmer is in your pool filtration system. It eliminates twigs, leaves, and other debris before escaping to the pool filter and the pool pump. The main component the does all the work, however, is the skimmer basket. It features a vented design that allows it to sieve all the debris and allow the water to pass through freely.

In the end, all you have to do is empty the basket, which is done once in a while. With that said, the basket does wear off at a time and requires replacement with another high-quality one. I believe you have found yours to be worn out or not as effective as you thought, and you need a better one. Right? If so, you’re on the right track.

Here I have prepared a list of the best pool skimmer basket model which are high performing, durable and well crafted. I have also provided a buying guide to help purchase a unit that meets all your needs.

Top Best Pool Skimmer Basket in 2020

The following are high-quality, durable, and well-crafted pool skimmer baskets, which I trust if you buy will give you a better return and improve your skimmer performance.

1. Hayward SPX1082CA Basket

Hayward SPX1082CA Basket Assembly ReplacementMy list starts with the high-quality Hayward SPX1082CA basket assembly replacement. It’s a durable model made to fit selected Hayward automatic pool skimmers. As an accurate replacement basket assembly, it fits SP1082, SP1083, SP1084, SP1085, and SP1086 Series Skimmers perfectly.

It’s a skimmer basket loved by many for its high-quality engineering and lightweight design, allowing it to stay weightless even when filled with debris. The basket provides an excellent filtration to help keep stones, leaves, and other colossal debris away from your pool pump and filter. And the best part is, it’s quite easy to install and remove during emptying.


  • Suitable replacement for various Hayward skimmers
  • Weighty design that prevents floating
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Simple Installation
  • Affordable


  • The float isn’t included
  • The flat handle design snaps easily

2. GVT SP-HP Skimmer Basket

GVT SP HP Skimmer BasketGVT SP-HP skimmer basket is my next best model on the list. It’s a uniquely designed skimmer basket that features a tower-vent responsible for providing continuous water flow even when filled with debris. It does a great job of protecting your pool pump motor from running dry.

Its unique handle allows you to remove it easily when overfilled without bending too much. It’s designed to fit Hayward SP1070 skimmer, Jacuzzi Deck Mate, Pacfab, American products, and swimsuits skimmers. Installing this skimmer basket is also easy and straightforward, with no tools needed.


  • Provide continuous water flow
  • High-quality plastic material
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Long Tower handle
  • Easy to empty


  • You have to wash it regularly

3. Pentair 516112 Handle Skimmer Basket

Pentair 516112 Handle Replacement Skimmer BasketPentair 516112 skimmer basket replacement is my next model. It’s designed to fit Bermuda Gunit and all Vinyl liner skimmers properly. If you need a bigger skimmer basket, this’s the best way to go. As a high-quality and heavy-duty plastic skimmer, it does come with exclusive engineering that filters the large debris while allowing free flow of water.

The basket does also comes with a curved handle that provides a convenient, sure grip during removal and emptying. The handle is metallic and lies flat when it’s submerged. If you need something long-lasting, you can buy this model with confidence.


  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to use and clean
  • OEM replacement
  • Reinforced Rim
  • Sturdy handle


  • Handle pops out too easily

4. SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket

SkimPro Tower Vented Skimmer BasketHere is another trustworthy model from SkimPro. It comes as a tower-vented skimmer basket with an inbuilt tower and handles. It’s a universal skimmer basket in the market, as it fits popular skimmer like Hayward 1070 series, Sta-Rite, Deckmate, PacFab, Jacuzzi, and much more.

As a product made in the USA, it features high-quality and durable construction, which allows it to stays in share for quite a while. On top of that, the crafting is also heavy-duty, giving this skimmer basket the chance to handle all types of debris without breakage. I was also impressed with the handle design, which prevents you from bending too much during its emptying.


  • Sturdy, flexible plastic construction
  • Convenient Tower construction
  • Allows continuous water flow
  • Widely compatible
  • Easier handling


  • Weir not included
  • Require frequent cleaning

5. Pool Ruler Skimmer Basket

Pool Ruler Skimmer BasketPool Ruler Skimmer Basket is another well-crafted skimmer basket replacement that I think you will love. It’s designed to fit Hayward SPX1070E and StaRite B9 pool skimmers. One thing that makes it this basket among the best is its heavy-duty construction, which allows it to handle all types of pool debris.

Another thing, the basket is solidly made with a handle and a heavier weight, which prevents it from floating or break. That’s not all; the maker guarantees its durability with a one-year refund or replacement guarantee. It does also fit Hayward SP1079 and StaRite U3 Skimmer series.


  • Convenient plastic handle
  • High-quality product
  • Weighted bottom
  • Versatile model
  • Very affordable


  • Flimsy handle
  • Floats when the pump turned off

6. Pentair R38013A Admiral Replacement Skimmer Basket

Pentair R38013A Admiral Replacement Skimmer BasketHeavy-duty Pentair R38013A replacement skimmer basket is my last model here. It comes as a genuine Pentair replacement skimmer basket that fits Admiral Pool skimmers that use floating weir. It’s also a direct fit replacement for the Aladdin B-37 basket and American Products 850001 S-10 basket.

As a superior quality replacement, it is injection molded using the best materials needed to provide optimum performance. It’s designed to allow it to create a great vortex as water flows through it. It does a great job of trapping the debris and in massive quantities, thus reducing interruptions and frequent emptying.


  • Genuine Pentair Replacement Part
  • Superior quality and durability
  • Strong plastic construction
  • Widely versatile fitment
  • Injection molded


  • No handle is included

Best Pool Skimmer Basket Buying Guide

Skimmer baskets are of different types, sizes, models, and feature other various qualities. You must ensure you’ve bought an ideal skimmer basket for your skimmer and also a model that meets all your needs. For you to do so, you need to consider the following aspects as they will guide you to purchasing the best.

1) Compatibility

Pool skimmers come in various designs and shapes, and that applies to the skimmer basket too. That means that different skimmer baskets from different makers feature different construction to fit inside a specific pool skimmer. That’s why you need to make sure that the skimmer basket you want to buy is compatible with your pool skimmer model. Check on the product description to see if your pool skimmer model is listed there.

2) Material

Most of the slimmer baskets are made from plastic that is the fact. The problems are, some of the plastic materials used aren’t durable or sturdy enough to withstand the harsh pool water chemicals. Others start to crack due to their fragile construction and shutter over time. That’s why I recommend you always ensure that the material use is chemical-resistant, sturdy, and also long-lasting.

While at it, you also need to ensure the unit is UV-resistant. Skimmers are exposed to UV rays for the best part of the day. So, to ensure that your skimmer basket lasts a lifetime, then do check on the properties to see if it’s UV-resistant.

3) Handle

Most of the time, for easy removal during emptying, some skimmer baskets are fitted with handles. However, you will come across some that do not have the handles. A skimmer handle might seem like a mere piece of hardware to be ignored, but it does come quite in handy while emptying. It makes the lifting much more comfortable, and those that are raised eliminates the need to bend and lift out. It’s a feature that I think you should consider checking out for a while buying.

4) Ease of installation

Lastly, we have the installation difficulty. A pool skimmer basket shouldn’t stress you with installation and removal. That is quite important as, at times, you might be required to empty it more often. So, ensure that you’re buying a pool skimmer basket that you can install and remove easily by yourself.

Note: Some pool skimmer basket float out of the pool skimmer, you need to make sure you buy a unit that fits well. Also, you can buy a weighted pool skimmer basket as the weighs add some gravitational pull keeping the model inside the skimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the main purpose of a pool skimmer basket?

The pool skimmer basket provides a shield that captures big leaves, toys, twigs, dirt, and other debris before reaching the pump filter or the pool pump.

After how long do I need to empty my pool skimmer basket?

I recommend you do a weekly inspection and emptying. Regular emptying will help ensure it does not crack or break from the heavy dirt and debris flow.

However, if you hold any type of pool party, make sure you check and empty it the following day. That is the time when toys, cups, straws, and other items will be collected most.


As you might have noticed from my review, there are several skimmer basket brands, models, sizes, and designs. Without being careful, you might end up buying a low-quality model or a non-compatible unit. Use the guide correctly, and in the end, you can smile knowing you have purchased the best pool skimmer basket for your pool skimmer. Good Luck!

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