10 Best Pool Pumps Reviews (Updated For 2020)

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Best Pool Pumps ReviewsA swimming pool that doesn’t have a filter can turn into a dirty mess very quickly. Without a proper pool filter pump, bacteria and dirt will use your swimming pool as their habitat.

That will result in making your swimming pool a breeding environment for diseases which is a risk to you and your family. That’s is something you’ve to avoid. So, why do you need a pool pump? By buying and installing the best pool pump, you will be able to get rid of all the dirt and insects for your pool. Let’s see what say Australian energy department.

Additionally, this device will help with better distribution of pool chemicals thus combating the bacteria effectively. However, buying a pool pump isn’t as easy as you may think.

Top 10 Best Pool Pumps [Updated in 2020]

Today, the market is full of different types of brands, sizes, and models of varying performance and prices. Those factors will make it a challenge for you when picking the best. But there is no need to start panicking.

I’ve dedicated my time to research the best pool pump available today to make the selection as smooth as possible. I have reviewed different products, gone through customer review and personally tested some models.

The result of my hard work is the review below. It contains the top ten best pool pumps available in the market today, a buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions. Use it to get that one model that matches all your pools requirements perfectly. I hope when you’ll be reading the conclusion you’ll have found a perfect pump for your pool.

Brand & NameVoltHPPrice
Hayward - SP1580X15120-v1.1 HpCheck Price
Hayward - SP15932S115v1.5 HPCheck Price
XtremepowerUS - 4500GPH115v1 HpCheck Price
Pentair - 011018220v3 HpCheck Price
Hayward - SP3400VSP--Check Price
Hayward - SP2610X15115v1.5 HPCheck Price
Harris - H1572730115v1.5Check Price
Hayward - SP2302VSP230v1.5 HpCheck Price
In The Swim Hayward - SP1580120v1 HpCheck Price
Intex - Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump110v-Check Price

1. Hayward SP2610X15 – Affordable and Best Pool Pump

The Hayward SP2610X15 super pool pump has impressed many in a lot of ways, especially with its performance. It has simplified pool maintenance by a considerable margin, and many users love it. But how?Hayward SP2610X15 – Affordable and Best Pool Pump

It comes as a super pool pump that is efficient, dependable and practically maintenance-free. The Hayward designed it to be used with a variety of in-ground pools and spas. When you buy this pump expect years of trouble-free service and state-of-the-art performance.

It comes with a durable construction since its housing is made of high-quality material which is corrosion-resistant. Additionally, the pump is self-priming and can lift to 10-ft above the water level.

The 1.5 HP heavy-duty motor provides high performance by generating more power while staying cool. It’s also quieter than other pool pumps. Similar to the Hayward pump I reviewed above the pump comes with a transparent cover allowing you to check the pump screen easily.

Use the flip lever and the well-designed swing-aside knobs to remove the cover when cleaning easily. It is easy to install the pump, thanks to the transparent and easy-to-read instruction manual that comes with it.


  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Self-priming with a suction lift to 10′ above water level
  • High-class swing-away hand knobs
  • See-through strainer cover
  • The 110-cubic inch debris basket


  • No ON/OFF switch
  • Comes with a single speed setting

2. Hayward SP15932S – PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Pool Pump

Ensure that you have a super clean above-ground pool, by using the Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix pool pump. It is a dual-speed pump that features a heavy-duty motor of 1.5 horsepower.Hayward SP15932S – PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Pool Pump

It comes with a great feature that allows it to change its discharge orientation for vertical to horizontal or vice versa. Although it’s sold as a dual speed pump, it can switch from two-speed setting to one-speed setting and back. The low-speed settings are suitable for energy-efficient but not compelling.

Another great feature that attracted my attention is the automatic thermal overload protection feature. This feature protects the pump from overheating. If there is an anomaly, either by device overheating or debris getting stuck, the pump automatically shuts down until the standard setting is restored.

Because Hayward wants to ensure you get a pool clean from all type of debris, they’ve included an industrial sided basket strainer which collects both large and small leaves. The huge strainer size also ensures that you don’t keep cleaning t all the time. The transparent design employed on the basket strainer allows you to peer in and see whether it needs cleaning.


  • Run by 1.5 Horsepower heavy-duty, high-performance motor
  • Industrial sized strainer basket
  • Automatic thermal overload safety feature
  • Vertical to horizontal discharge orientation conversion feature
  • Comes with a 6-feet attached cord
  • Ideal for both above ground and inground pools


  • No ON-OFF switch
  • It’s a little noisy

3. XtremepowerUS 4500GPH – 19″ Sand Filter w/ 1HP Pool Pump

The XtremepowerUS Sand Filter is a powerful above-ground swimming pool filter pump that is powered by a 1 HP heavy-duty motor. The motor provides it with a high flow rate of 4500 GPH. The pump comes with everything you will need to have it fully assembled, except the connecting hose.XtremepowerUS 4500GPH – 19″ Sand Filter w 1HP Pool Pump

The XtremepowerUS sand filter is designed to handle filtration needs of many above-ground pools. It is made to operate with six different speed settings for convenient and efficient use while increasing energy efficiency.

The model is made of durable, heat-resistant and weatherproof materials ensuring that it provides long-term services. The XtremepowerUS filter pump comes as an efficient, simple to install and operate a system which will keep your pool water super clear and sparkling.

The pump’s core is a one-piece blow-molded tank which sits on a universal base. It also comes with a top mount, six-position multiport valve. Additionally, this system features a high capacity sand bed to ensure it catches more debris while extending the filter cycles.


  • Powered by a 115V 60HZ 8.8AMP 1HP motor
  • Top mount, six-position multiport valve
  • Self-priming 1-HP 4500GPH pump
  • Operate with 6-different speed setting
  • A total sand capacity of 175-pounds
  • Maximum suction of 34.5 feet


  • The installation instructions aren’t clear
  • A bit noisy

4. Pentair 011018 – Variable Speed High-Performance Pool Pump Review

The Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo is a high-performance pump that comes with a 3 HP, 120V, 1 Phase motor which is energy star certified. It comes with a built-in timer which has 8-variable speed settings.Pentair 011018 – Variable Speed High-Performance Pool Pump Review

This variable setting makes the pump to be extremely energy efficient and gives you a fully automated pool pump experience which will save you both time and money.

If your pool is near the house, the last thing you need is a noisy pool pump. Fortunately, this Pentair Intelliflo 011018 is a very quiet model. It is nicely constructed, and it is fan-cooled, allowing it to run smoothly and not be prone to overheating. At full speed, it only produces around 45 decibels meaning it’s four times quieter than those noisier pumps on the market.

The Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo pump is an ideal model for intermittent service. The use of this pump enables pool water to be circulated for more extended periods minimizing the occurrence of algae. It can also be operated for longer intervals thus saving you more on the electric bill.


  • Run by a 3 HP, 230 Volt, 1 Phase, and Energy Star Certified Motor
  • Built-in timer with eight programmable speed settings
  • Dramatically quieter operation
  • Energy savings up to 90-percent vs. traditional pumps
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Built-in diagnostics


  • A bit high on price
  • Professional installation required

5. Hayward SP3400VSP – Ecostar Variable-Speed Pool Pump Review

The SP3400VSP Ecostar is yet another well-performing pool pump from Hayward that I have featured in this list. It is powered by a permanent magnet motor with a fully enclosed cooling fan.Hayward SP3400VSP – Ecostar Variable-Speed Pool Pump Review

The pool pump also uses superior hydraulic technology and has a variable speed operation thus making it energy efficient. The digital control board on this SP3400VSP Ecostar can be rotated up to four different directions.

The Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar has a 24-hour fully programmable clock, where you can enter the eight custom speed setting and functions. The XL strainer bucket on this model has a transparent cover, which makes it easy for the owner to see whether it needs cleaning.

At its 100% motor output, the model has a capacity of 166 GPM and a resistance of 10 feet. The Hayward EcoStar sleek design is the first feature of which grabbed my attention. It features a plastic structure which covers the inner parts.

This structure is tough and resistant to weather elements and can withstand accidental hits and bumps. Because of its durability and sturdiness, it provides excellent protection to the finer internal pump’s components. This Safety Vacuum Release System SVRS preventing prevent suction entrapment.


  • Sturdy and reliable energy efficiency motor
  • Fully enclosed fan cooled TEFC motor
  • Auto-priming capability
  • Extra leaf-holding capacity basket
  • No-rib basket design for easy debris removal


  • Challenging DIY installation
  • Considerable limitations to the 1-year warranty

6. Hayward SP1580X15 – Most Popular Pool Pump

One thing that attracted me to review this product is its powerful 1.5 HP motor. The Hayward PowerFlo LX comes as a high-performance pump which has been designed for the rigors of on-ground and above-ground pools.Hayward SP1580X15 – Most Popular Pool Pump

You will love the fact that it combines durable, corrosion resistant construction with advanced features. The pool pump comes with a transparent cover made of high strength PermaGlass XL material which allows you to see when its basket needs cleaning.

The XL debris basket reduces the pool maintenance by extending the cleaning intervals thus providing a dependable performance with quiet operation. The Hayward SP1580X15 comes with solid construction with a loader extender. That is to ensure there is a free-flowing operation for the heavy debris loads.

Also, it features a 100% drip-proof, heat resistant dual-sized seal which extends the motor life. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the pump and motor need to be protected from freezing.


  • Auto-restart thermal overload protection
  • Self-lubricating motor bearings and shaft seals
  • Corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic housing
  • Integral drain plug for easy maintenance
  • 60-cycle 0.5 HP 115-volts 20-amp single-phase motor
  • 6-foot 120-volt power cord


  • Filter and heater not included
  • No ON/OFF switch
  • Only one speed

7. Harris H1572730 – ProForce 1.5 HP Above-Ground Pool Pump Review

You might ask yourself why I included this product in my review. However, you will be surprised to see that you can get a great, well-performing pool pump form a less known brand, and at a relatively low price.Harris H1572730 – ProForce 1.5 HP Above-Ground Pool Pump Review

The Harris H1572730 ProForce is a high-quality pool pump with excellent performance and energy-efficient. It comes with the unique construction quality and professional design which brings the controls within a quick reach.

The coupling of the 1.5 HP motor and the XL easy-to-clean strainer basket, the Harris H1572730 ProForce will ensure that you don’t invest too much of your time and effort. The strainer basket comes with a transparent lid to allow you to access if it’s full of debris or not quickly and easily.

You will also love to hear that it features quiet and smooth operation. Furthermore, it uses advanced technology to minimize energy consumption while considerably improving efficiency. Feature Advanced engineering for high efficiency and minimal noise.

The Harris used durable, high-quality stainless steel and reinforced thermoplastic materials to construct various parts and components of this model, ensuring a long durability.

The elements are rust and corrosion resistant thus they won’t wear and tear soon when exposed to water and corrosion agents. The installation of this model is a breeze, thanks to its lightweight construction and the compact physical dimensions.


  • Made with heavy-duty, corrosion-proof construction
  • 1.5-inch internal threading and 2.5-inch external thread
  • Comes with a standard three-prong plug
  • Stainless steel 1.5 HP motor shaft
  • Meets CSA and ETL Requirements


  • Do not have an ON/OFF switch
  • Doesn’t come with self-priming capabilities

8. Hayward SP2302VSP – Best Inground Pool Pump

If you’ve read this review, up to this point you’ll agree that there is no doubt that, Hayward is one of the best pool pumps manufacturer. The Hayward SP2302VSP Max-Flo VS is yet another excellent pool pump from the Hayward pool pump manufacturing company.Hayward SP2302VSP – Best Inground Pool Pump

The pump is compliant with industry regulations including APSP 15 and Title 20 making it eligible for local utility rebates. It uses a 230V, single-phase, energy star certified, permanent magnet and an enclosed fan cooled motor. The cooling fan prevents it from overheating while increasing energy efficiency.

It is quite easy to program this pump since it comes with a built-in timer. The timer comes with a range of speed settings, making the pump programming quite easy while keeping you away from coming back to it. The no-rib, XL strainer basket improves the efficiency of this pump at getting rid of debris from your pool.


  • Standalone quiet operation
  • Fully enclosed fan cooled (TPEFC) design
  • Built‐in programmable time‐clock
  • No-rib, extra-large basket design
  • See-through strainer basket cover
  • A 2‐way rotatable user interface


  • No on-off switch
  • Wears out easily

9. In The Swim Hayward SP1580 – Pool Pump Cord Replacement

The Hayward SP1580 Power-Flo comes as a 2-item bundle which consists of a Hayward PowerFlo LX Economy pool pump and a replacement lid O-ring from In The Swim. The coupling of the two provides maximum power and excellent performance at an economical price.In The Swim Hayward SP1580 – Pool Pump Cord Replacement

It’s specifically designed for above ground pools. One thing you’ll like about this pool pump is the quiet operation. Additionally, you will love to hear that it has been made from durable, corrosion-resistant components which withstand weather elements.

The model also comes with a heat-resistant, drip-free, double-sized seal which extends the motor’s lifespan while high-performance impeller provides a constant flow-rate. Heat-resistant, drip-proof double-sized seal.

The transparent strainer basket cover allows you to view how dirty/full the filter is quickly, and when you need to clean it, the quick-to-open mechanism makes the cleaning a breeze. It is designed to use 1.5-inch diameter pool plumbing and comes with a six feet long 120V power cord.


  • 1 HP High-performance pump motor
  • High-performance impeller
  • Features tough, corrosion-proof construction
  • Feature a quiet operation
  • Clear strainer cover design


  • No ON/OFF switch
  • Only one speed

10. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump – Above Ground

If you’re looking for a way to keep your above-ground pool water soft, clean and refreshing, then you got to have the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Pump. It is a 14-inch device that uses 110-120 voltage.Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump – for Above Ground Pools with GFCI

It also comes with an inbuilt GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). By using the all-natural sand, the system can provide excellent water filtration. The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter 6-function valve control will allow you to filter, backwash and rinse, drain, recirculate, and close pump.

Another thing I loved about this model and which I think you adore too, is the pump flow rate. It generates a 2,800 gallons per hour flow rate which is ideal for an above-ground pool of 16 feet and above.

The pump comes with a 24-hour timer which will ensure that you have a hassle-free experience while maintaining a clean pool. Its strainer basket gives an easy-cleaning while prolonging the sand life.

Furthermore, this pump requires virtually no maintenance. However, you will need to replace the filtration sand after 5-years.


  • Specially designed for above ground pools
  • A 24-hour timer having a 2 to 12-hour preset cycles
  • Built-in GFCI with integrated safety shut-off
  • Comes with two 1.5 inch connector hoses
  • Meets all UL/CSA standards
  • Pump Flow Rate: 2,800 Gallons per Hour (10.5 m3/hr.)


  • Only compatible with custom adapters
  • Can be a bit loud at times

Best Pool Pump [Buying Guide]


Although I’ve given the top ten best pool pumps available today, you need to consider some factors to ensure you get the best out of the ten. The elements break down the process into logical categories. If you read through the buyer’s guide below, you have an easy time selecting a model that perfectly fits the needs of your pool. Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the best pool pump today:


Best Pool Pump for Inground and Above Ground Pools 2Power and capacity are the most important things that determine the best and the worst pool pump. Horsepower supplied by the pump motor commonly measures it. The greater the power, the higher the volume of water the pump will circulate. Most pool pumps come with a strength of between 0.75 HP and 2.5 HP.

Be cautious when selecting the pump power. Though it entirely depends on you, the pump performance is at stake if you go for the wrong horsepower. A too big pump can damage your pool, and if you go for a too-small pump, it can be ineffective. Consider your pump’s horsepower that fit your pool size and your filtration system.


When it comes to pool pump capacity, a good rule of thumb to use is this; the more significant and dipper the pool is, the more powerful it should be to circulate the water successfully. It’s typically measured within gallons per hour or liters per minute. Remember to identify your pool’s volume before buying the pool pump to pick the right one.

Best Pool Pump for Inground and Above Ground PoolsIf it’s not indicated or you’re unsure I suggest that you calculate it. It is vital that you get it right. Estimating the capacity of your pool, you need to determine the surface area and multiply with its depth. If the pool is a regular pool, then increase its length and its width. For the irregular shaped pool, you have to call for extra help.

Getting the pool depth is easy to determine especially if the pool floor is leveled. If the pool floor isn’t leveled, then add the maximum, the minimum and divide by two, to get an average pool depth. You can now get your pool volume when you multiply this average depth with the pool’s surface area. Remember to convert this volume from meter cubic to liters by multiplying it with 1,000. Ensure that you select a pool pump that matches your pool volume.


If you’re looking for an excellent and advanced pool pump, you need to shop for a pool pump that is made of corrosion-resistant components. That will ensure that the pump gives you a quality service and for a long time. The body design should be thick, and its walls need to be protective.

Most of the quality walls are made of durable plastic materials like the Noryl plastic which is used in the car industry. I suggest you read the product features to ensure that the materials used on your desired pump are of quality and long-lasting.


Pool pump efficiency is measured with its energy consumption. The operation efficiency and energy efficiency are all affected by how the pump motor works. The speed setting will tell you how efficient the pump is.

I would recommend you to go for a variable speed pump, but they are a little expensive. These types of pool pumps are more energy-efficient as they can adjust their speed for a variety of tasks. Others come with an automatic controller that switch the pump speed setting between the functions.

The variable speed pumps can use higher speed when hefty vacuuming your pool. Also, it can adjust to a lower rate for the regular filtration cycles. When it comes to the fixed speed pumps, they work at the same speed setting regardless of the job. And because of that, they use more energy compared to the variable speed pump.

Flow Rate and Turnover

Best Pool Pump for Inground and Above Ground Pools 5When determining the flow rate and the turnover, you need to divide the pool volume by the turn over in minutes before you find the perfect flow rate for the pool. When doing this, bear in mind that the turnover rate shows the minimum time it takes the water inside your pool to cycle the pump filter. Typically, it takes around 6-12 hours.

When you get the turnover rate, it will be easy for you to calculate the necessary flow rate for your pool. For example, if your pool volume is 60,000 liters, and its turnover is 420 minutes (7 hours), you need a pump with a turnover of 140 liters per minute. And because that isn’t much, a pool pump with .75 horsepower is ideal for the job.


The resistance is the friction loss which is created when the water passes through the pool water circulation system. And because you now know the flow rate, it is easy to calculate the water-resistance in your pool.

For you to figure out this factor, you need to add the sum of the resistance rate of all the pool water circulation equipment’s friction loss.

That means you need to add all the friction loss from the filters, heater, pipes, and the pool cleaners. Additionally, the size, types, and lengths of this equipment will also add some friction value. The higher the resistance factor, the stronger the pump should be.


Pump voltage will tell you how and where the pump needs to be connected. Some pool pumps are hard-wired to the electricity while others require an outline to be plugged into. The pool system style will also play a role in this. You need to determine the pump power input, which is either 110 volts or 220 volts. This information is provided on the product description.

You will notice that most above-ground pools require 110 volts. You need a pump that can be connected to your home socket rather than calling an electrician to change or put a new outlet just for the pump.


If you’ve installed a pool near your house, the last thing you need is disturbing noises from the pool pump. Also, you need to ensure that you don’t create a disturbing noisy environment for your neighbors. You can do this by going for a pool pump with quiet operation. That way you will ensure you and your neighbors has a quiet and peaceful environment.

Housing Mount

When it comes to housing mount, they are two types to consider: the side mount and the top mount. In case your pool filter intake is above the ground, or you got a sand filter, I would prefer you go for a top mount design. On the other hand, if the pool intake filter is at the on or in the ground, or you’ve got a cartridge/DE filter, consider going for a side mount.

Price and Brand

Asking yourself how much does the best pool cost? I will give you an answer by telling you their prices range from $30 to $24,500. The price highly depends on the quality, size, features, and brand of the pump. The choices are limited with the limitation on warranty. But do not worry as the review above has considered this factor.

Selecting a model with relation to price will depend on your budget. If you have a big budget, then you can go for a well-brand and a pump with more features. But if your budget is limited, try to check out the well-priced pump with more features.

When you go shopping it’s also good to go for well-known brands. It’s easy to follow up with their warranty and return policy. Some of these brands include Hayward, Pentair, and Intex.

Frequently Asked Questions on (Pool Pumps)

The following are some of the questions you might be asking yourself when you go shopping for the best pool pump. I will answer them so that I can make this process as simple as possible.

Is self-priming a crucial feature to consider?

Best Pool Pump for Inground and Above Ground Pools 4Absolutely yes. It’s one of the critical capabilities to look for, particularly if you’re searching for an in-ground pool pump. It mainly comes in because the pump sits above the water level. As a result, there is a need for a considerable amount of effort to ensure that water gets to the pump.

What I can tell you is, if the pump runs without water, it can run improperly, and there’s the risk of getting damaged. The self-priming capability will allow the pump to draw some water from the water level automatically through vacuuming.

How can I estimate the pool pump operating cost?

You can use three factors to determine the pump operation cost. These factors are motor horsepower, flow rate, and lastly, number of hours you’ll be running the pool pump.

Horsepower: The greater the power, the higher the operating costs.
Flow rate: Measured in gallons per minute and the higher the flow rate of a particular horsepower, the less the operating cost.
Hours you’ll be running the pump: This will highly depend on you and how often you will be pumping your pool. The more the hours, the higher the operating cost.

For you to have a reduced operating cost, I suggest you go for a model with the highest flow rate for the horsepower required.

How does the number of speed affect the performance of a pool pump?

When a pool pump feature two, or more speed settings, which means it can perform different pool tasks at different speeds. Go for a pump speed that allows the comprehensive functionality and at the highest level of energy efficiency.

For those pump model that comes with a programmable timer, the pump speed can be regulated automatically to ensure that the pump uses the smallest amount of energy possible while operating effectively. As a result, the variable speed model is much costlier, but the operating cost is lower compared to the single speed model of the same flow rate and horsepower.

Is a transparent strainer cover a pump valuable feature?

A transparent strainer cover is a handy feature to have on your pool pump. A pump that comes with a clear debris basket cover will ease the work of checking when the basket needs cleaning — no need to open the lid every time you want to check the debris accumulated.

All you need is a peer in and judge the situation. Even though the transparent cover is such a convenient feature, you have to check the basket contents on a regular basis. I suggest once a week or once in two weeks — the more the cleaning frequency, the better the pump performance.

What are the safety features do I look for?

Best Pool Pump for Inground and Above Ground Pools 3One crucial feature to consider is the thermal overload protection. Overheating due to overload can cause a lot of problems to your pump and pool. The models that have the overload protection shuts off automatically when the device overheats thus protecting the motor from damage.

If your budget allows you, I suggest you consider a model that comes with a complete diagnostic system. That will provide protection not only from overheating but also from voltage changes and frost. You can also consider advanced models. They come with an onboard programmable computer with the settings, which are password-protected for that maximum safety and security.

Does the pump brand name matter?

Pump features and capabilities are the most vital factors to base your selection on. However, you should also consider the pump brand as well. Traditionally, the leading brands are said to be producing high-quality products. They offer models with advanced features for the smoothest operation and the highest energy efficiency. However, this doesn’t mean the less known brands do not produce well-designed products, some do.

The difference comes in with the warranty and the customer support service they offer. Top brands will give you and longer and comprehensive guarantee which is also easy to follow up. Also, the top brands have a quick and improved customer support service.

Is a pump timer a valuable accessory?

A pump timer will simplify the pumping process. I recommend you go for a model that comes with a timer. If you’re impressed with a model that does not have a timer, then I suggest you buy a timer and connect it to the pump. The timer will allow you to program the pump operations. If you are running it for filtration cycles, a timer will eliminate a great deal of effort you can use to be around the pump to operate it. Also, the timer will help in saving energy and reducing your utility bill.

Is DIY pool pump installation possible?

Theoretically, it’s possible. By using the installation instruction on the device manual and other additional guides carefully, you will be able to have it installed. But, to have it done right, you need to have some technical skills and knowledge.

That will ensure that you do not make an error which might lead to operation malfunction. Additionally, an installation error can lead to avoiding warranty. For you to avoid these risks and be sure that the device will work properly from day one, I suggest you consider professional installation.

Does low speed allow for high energy efficiency?

That is usually, the case. At low speed, the pool pump uses energy to run. However, you need to keep in mind that when the pump is running at a lower rate, it might not be that powerful — no need of sticking to low pump speed if your pool needs serious cleaning.

For that reason it is good you pick a pump speed based on the performance efficiency and energy efficiency. The best model for this is a pump with valuable speed settings.

How do I know the right size pump for my pool?

While pool filters can be over-sized but pool pumps need to fit perfectly into your swimming pool. As I said before, if you go for the right pool pump, it can filter through your whole pool in 8 hours which is the goal. You have to determine the specific numbers, and there are simple calculations and cross-checking you can do to find the right pump for your lovely pool. They include:

Getting the desired flow rate in gallons per liter: This is the number of gallons per minute the pump needs to circulate through your entire pool in 8 hours.

Resistance: Although I had discussed this earlier, this is important if you get it right. That the average length in feet it takes for your skimmer to reach the pump. If you’ve got one skimmer, then that is its resistance. However, if you’ve got more than one, then you need to find their average length.


Searching for the best pool pump has been made easy. I have gathered almost everything you need to have a perfect fit pump in one review. It is vital that you go through it wholly. You also have to consider your budget and stick to it. Budgeting will prevent you from overspending.

Also, I suggest you study your pool well to ensure that when you head to the market, you’ll have clarity on what your pool needs. With the above information, you will be able to go through the various options and select the best model that will meet your pool requirements. Good luck!

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