Best Pool Pumps For Inground Pools (Reviews) in 2020

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Best Pool Pumps For Inground PoolPool cleanliness and maintenance is very crucial. It’s for the safety of everyone that would love to enjoy swimming. Thus acquiring vital pool supplies is always the critical thing you have to do from the time of your swimming pool construction. One of these essential items is a pool pump.

A pool pump works excellent in maintaining the pool water cleanliness. The device circulates pool water through the filters for it to be cleaned off the dirt and debris. And with this in mind, it’s vital that you buy the best pool pump for inground pools.

I believe you already know how hard it can be to find the right model, and that’s why you’re reading this article. I know many people face the challenging of finding the right model for their swimming pool and that is why I prepared this guide.

The guide contains top best pool pumps for inground pools available and some of the things to consider while making your selection. Use this information to shorten your search and make sure you buy the perfect model.

7 Best Pool Pumps For Inground Pools In 2020

Brand & NameHorsepowerVoltPrice
Hayward SP2610X151.5 HP115/230VCheck Price
Pentair 3400393/4 HP115/230VCheck Price
Harris H15727481.5 HP115/230VCheck Price
Pentair 3420011/2 HP115/208-230VCheck Price
Pentair 3400381 HP115/230VCheck Price
Hayward SP2307X103/4 HP115/208-230VCheck Price
Pentair Sta-Rite N1-2A2 HP115/230VCheck Price

1. Hayward SP2610X15 – Single/Dual Speed Pump

Hayward-SP2610X15The Hayward Super pump is a large-capacity, technologically advanced pool pumps that fuse a cost-efficient design with a durable construction giving it a standard setting for excellent and values.

The model comes with a fully balanced, efficient Noryl impeller which allows it to produce a higher flow rate and at a lower horsepower than other big pool pumps.

The rigid construction employed on this model features a load extender ribbing to assure there is a free-flowing operation for the heavy debris loads.

Additionally, all the components in this pool pump are molded of rust and corrosion-resistant PermaGlass XL to assure extra durability and extended life.

With this Super pool pump, you will enjoy a proven performance with super quiet, efficient and dependable operations.


  • Heat-resistant, commercial-size ceramic seal
  • Efficient, quiet and dependable operation
  • High-performance, heavy-duty motor
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • Easier strainer cover removal
  • Oversized debris basket


  • No on-off switch
  • Doesn’t come with a filtering system

2. Pentair 340039 – High-Performance

Pentair 340039The Pentair SuperFlo pool pump comes as a single-speed pump that features a high-performance delivered by a 1.5 horsepower motor.

The SuperFlow pump is designed with thick walled body parts, highly engineered hydraulics, and heavy-duty 56 square flange motor.

Additionally, this SuperFlow pump is a super quiet, comfortable to maintain, and energy-efficient, and that’s why its features as one of the best pool pump for inground pools.

It’s designed using innovative materials which helps it to withstand the most demanding conditions and installations.


  • Heavy-duty, commercial-grade motor
  • Superior internal flow design
  • Highly engineered hydraulics
  • Thick-walled body parts
  • Quiet operation
  • See-through lid
  • Self-priming


  • Hard to replace during upgrades
  • Cases of unfastened screws

3. Harris H1572748 – Only for Inground Pools

Harris H1572748 If you’re among those searching for best pool pumps for inground pools, then your search might end with Harris ProForce inground pool pump.

The pool pump offers outstanding results and performance that you can only find from high-end brands and all thanks to the advanced engineering.

The pool pump motor is made from stainless steel and its shaft from a reinforced thermoplastic body to ensure it’s able to withstand the heat generated. The motor shaft also features graphite and carborundum mechanical seals and components for assurance of extended life.


  • Graphite and Carborundum mechanical seals
  • High efficiency and minimal noise
  • Meets or exceeds all CSA and ETL
  • Reinforced thermoplastic body
  • Easy-to-clean filter basket
  • Advanced engineering


  • Prone to overheating
  • No On/Off switch

4. Pentair 342001 – Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair-342001In need for the best pool pumps for inground pools that come with variable speed? IF so then here is a pool pump that can give you what you are looking for.

The SuperFlow VS form Pentair a 115-volt/230-volt system that uses a 1.5 horsepower single phase motor to provide high-performance and super-quiet operation.

It also comes with an easy-to-read graphical display and an inbuilt timer for an easy install and use. The unit also features an easy-to-access wiring compartment which makes the connection super-fast and straightforward.

The three programmable speed settings and an override speed setting allow the pump to meet your specific pool needs.


  • Three operating speed settings
  • A simple, intuitive user interface
  • 24-hour memory retention
  • Ultra-quiet TEFC motor
  • Real-Time Clock


  • Heavy
  • Expensive to buy

5. Pentair 340038 – SuperFlo Quiet operation

Pentair 340038This yet another high-performing pool pump for inground pools from Pentair. The SuperFlow 340038 features a single speed setting and uses an efficient, super quite 1.0 horsepower, single-phase motor to move more water with efficiency and low operating cost.

It is also designed from innovative materials which stand up those most demanding conditions and installations. The model also comes with thick walled body parts, well-designed hydraulics, and a heavy-duty square flange motor.

The silent running capability and the small footprint allows it to mount into a compact equipment pad. It is UL/ NSF/CUL certified and is covered with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Innovative hydraulic engineering
  • Superior internal flow design
  • Oversized strainer basket
  • Thick-walled body parts
  • See-through cover lid
  • Quick, easy start-up
  • 1-year warranty


  • Quite heavy
  • Prone to overheating

6. Hayward SP2307X10 – Best Pool Pump

Hayward SP2307X10The Hayward has proved to a lot of people of producing high-quality pool products, and they have done it again with the MaxFlo XL pool pump.

It’s among the best pool pumps for inground pools and thanks to its standard efficient and super quiet operations. It also features advanced hydraulics which contributes to an incredible performance.

For a perfect seamless retrofit installation, the pool pump aligns with the entire Max-Flo line. Its self-suction can lift to eight feet above the water level.

And the strainer cover employed here seals with less than 0.25 turn. Servicing this model is super easy with four bolts to remove.


  • Quick and easy installation and servicing
  • Efficient single-speed medium pump
  • Seamless retrofit installations
  • Advanced hydraulics
  • Seamlessly retrofits


  • Not that user-friendly
  • Cases of unfastened bolts

7. Pentair Sta-Rite N1-2A – SuperMax Standard Efficient Pump

Pentair Sta-Rite N1-2AThe Pentair Star-Rite SuperMax is a high-performance, efficient single speed pump that has been used by many pool owners and proven its worth.

The ease of installation and its reliability has made this to be among the best pool pumps for inground pools. The model comes with a commercial-grade, square flange motor to ensure it provides top performance.

With 2.5 horsepower, the pool pump motor is made from stainless steel and its shaft from a reinforced thermoplastic body to ensure it’s able to withstand the heat generated.


  • Superior performance and quiet operation Excellent drop-in replacement
  • Excellent hydraulic design
  • Certified by UL and NSF
  • Easy-to-install


  • No on-off switch
  • No skimming

Best Pool Pumps For Inground Pools: Buyers Guide

Getting the best pool pumps for inground pools can be a challenging task. Many people buy and realize later that they have purchased the wrong model, or the model isn’t compelling for their pool or even the model isn’t of quality. For you to make sure you avoid these things, you need to consider the following factors.

Size of Your Pool

For you to get the right pool pump for your in-ground pool, you need to ensure that the model you about to pick will be great for your pool size.

I recommend you always go for a model that works great and delivers the best performance. Get a model which will be powerful enough to handle your pool demands. A variable speed pump can be a great way to gamble here.


Power will determine how well and fast the pool pump will work. An excellent and powerful in-ground pool will move more water efficiently and a short time. You have to make sure you check the power rating before making your decision.

Usually stated in horsepower, the more powerful the pump motor is the best it will handle your pool’s needs and with a lot of ease.


Some models require more maintenance as compared to others. Too much support means you will be using your effort and time somewhere else other than enjoying yourself in your pool.

It is for that reason you have to consider buying a model which can work great and require less maintenance. And the best way to know this is by reading customer reviews before purchase.


It is crucial that you purchase a model that falls within your budget. However, don’t just pick a model, but go for a model that delivers high-performance and you can still afford it. Check what the product offers and its pricing to make your selection.

Ease of Use

Setting up the pool pump should be quite easy. The best pool pumps for inground pools need to come with an exclusive guide to help you with the setup.

Depending on the pool pump model you want to pick, you should be up and running in a brief time. Additionally, the controls on the pump should be user-friendly and easy-to-read.

Energy Efficient

Best pool pumps for in-ground pools must be energy efficient thus minimizing the cost of running. It is vital that you buy a model which works great and can deliver the right performance and be energy efficient.


All the product in this review at top brands and top-performing product, so you can feel free to pick one there. Use the guide to make sure the model you choose is the right one for your swimming pool using the buying guide above. Now you can head out there and buy that one model you feel will satisfy all your needs.

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