7 Best Pool Pumps Variable Speed (Reviews of 2020)

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Looking for a variable speed pool pump to replace the pump you have now? Is your single speed pump noisy or more energy cost expensive than it should be?Best-Pool-Pump-Variable-Speed-Reviewed-by-Globo-Swim

Does your pump work with your filtration system to provide crystal clear water for swimming? The importance of a variable speed pool pump cannot be underestimated because they are essential to the cleanliness of the pool water.

However, with lots of models and brands of variable speed pool pump available on the market, it isn’t always easy to choose the one that will work best for your pool.

why I have created the best pool pump variable speed review and a buyer’s guide to help you with your pool pump search for the right pump. Read it through, and at the end, you will get the best pool pump variable speed for your swimming pool.

The 7  Best Pool Pumps Variable Speed of 2020

1. Hayward SP2610X152S – Dual-Speed Pool Pump

If you’re among those seeking an efficient, dependable and proven pool pump with variable speeds, the Hayward Super pump is your ideal choice.Hayward SP2610X152S - Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

It uses a 1.5 horsepower and dual-speed, and it is energy efficient. The pump has been designed for in-ground swimming pools and spas of any type and any size.

Its self-priming suction has the power to lift to 8 feet above water level. Additionally, this pump comes with a massive debris basket with a sturdy see-through cover allowing you to see when the basket needs cleaning easily.


  • Heavy Duty high-performance motor
  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Quieter cooler operation
  • Oversized debris basket
  • Easy installation


  • No on/off switch
  • Not that powerful

2. Hayward SP2303VSP – MaxFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

The MaxFlo VS is a well-designed pool pump that brings variable-speed innovation to the high-performance, traditional MaxFlo pool pump family.Hayward SP2303VSP - Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

Hayward has designed this model to be a drop-in upgrade which brings up to 80% energy cost savings over a single speed type of pumps. It comes in both 115-volt and 230-volt versions.

The pump is loved by many for paying for itself faster than any other large, expensive models. It uses a 1.65 horsepower motor to ensure you get the best results.

Another big thing about this Hayward pump is the permanent magnet, fully enclosed fan that provides the pump motor never overheat.


  • A programmable digital control interface
  • Enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor
  • Title 20 and APSP 15 compliant
  • Energy efficient and reliable
  • ENERGY STAR Certified


  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy to handle

3. Hayward SP2603VSP – Best Variable-Speed Pool Pump

If you’re seeking for a way to reduce the energy cost on pool water pumping, then you need to consider the Super pump VS pool pump from Hayward.Hayward SP2603VSP - Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

The pump comes with a permanent magnet, fully enclosed fan cooled motor which facilitates the energy cost-cutting while also improving the pump efficiency. The fan is there to keep the motor cool during operations thus not overheating.

The pump can be installed in any application. Also, this model comes as a stand-alone unit that features Hayward automation and Omni logic and not forgetting the competitive control system by use of relay control.


  • A fully programmable digital control interface
  • TEFC (Totally enclosed fan cooled) motor
  • Easy install and programming
  • Operates independently
  • Universal compatibility
  • Exceptionally Quiet


  • Poor customer service
  • Relatively heavy

4. Pentair 011018 – IntelliFlo Variable Speed

The best way of reducing the cost of pool maintenance is by getting the best and energy star certified pool pump with variable speeds like the IntelliFlo.Pentair 011018 - Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

The IntelliFlo pool pump for Pentair is a high-performance pool pump model that uses a 3-horsepower, 120-volt, single phase pump to give you the best pumping while also minimizing the energy costs.

The motor used here is ultra-efficient and super quiet. The pool pump utilizes a motor speed precise matching to match what your pool needs. The unit also comes with built-in diagnostics which protects the pump thus boosting its durability.


  • Maximum efficiency and savings
  • Eight programmable speed settings
  • Optimum speed and run times
  • Intensely quieter operation
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Built-in timer


  • Takes time to access the speed settings
  • Designed for specific pool types

5. Hayward SP3206VSPVR – TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Want a model that pays for itself than any other more important and more expensive variable speed pump? If yes then the TriStar VS pool pump form Hayward is an ideal choice for you.Hayward SP3206VSPVR - Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

The pump has been praised by many for saving their year on pool-related energy costs drastically. The pump runs in a standalone mode or using Hayward automation system.

Also, this unit has an integrated, digital touchpad control that features a 24-hour programmable clock and eight timer functions making it much more convenient to use.

The 2-inch by 2.5-inch union connections allows easy installation. Lastly, the onboard diagnostics and the automatic protection used by this model prims failures voltage fluctuations and extreme temperatures.


  • Integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS)
  • Superior reliability and performance
  • Meets all ASME/ANSI standards
  • Incredibly efficient and reliable
  • EnduraDrive technology
  • Energy star approved


  • Very noisy
  • Takes time to install it

6. Pentair 342001 – SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

The Pentair SuperFlo VS is Energy Star Certified pool pump that features a revolutionary variable speed control. The speed controls allow the model to match your pools need while also reducing the energy costs.Pentair 342001 - Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

By moving water efficiently and at lower speeds, the model works magic at cutting the running costs. It comes with a 1.5 horsepower pump that uses a single phase 115-volt or 230-volt electrical system.

The unit automatically recognizes while adapting to 115-volt or 230-volt power, so no need for expensive rewiring required. The model also features an easy-to-access wiring compartment which makes the connections fast and straightforward.


  • A simple, intuitive user interface
  • Three operating speed settings
  • Easy to program and operate
  • 24-hour memory retention
  • Override capability
  • Real-Time Clock


  • Expensive to buy
  • No On/Off switch

7. Hayward SP2602VSP – Super Pump VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

The application of variable speed in the new Hayward Super Pump VS was an ultimate way of saving energy while also allowing the pool owner to enjoy clean swimming.Hayward SP2602VSP Best Pool Pump Variable Speed

The Super Pump VS comes with an Energy Star rating thus be sure you will be using an energy saver pump. The unit also comes with a big debris basket that has a see-through cover.

The cover is designed to allow you to see when the basket needs emptying and cleaning. The advanced enclosed fan with a permanent magnet is there to cool the motor for efficient energy saving. Upgrade you single-speed pump with this and save big.


  • Maximum efficiency and savings
  • Optimum speed and run times
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Incredibly efficient and reliable
  • EnduraDrive technology
  • Energy star approved


  • Noisy
  • No on/off switch

What to Look for in a Best Pool Pump Variable Speed?

Taking a few points before buying the best pool pump variable speed will significantly facilitate the selection process, as you will have a much more accurate idea of the pool pumps that will give you the best results.

There are many best pool pumps with variable speed on the market, and not all of them are identical. It’s important to have this checklist because you’ll know what features to look for and what to avoid when buying.

Circulation and filtration quality

Pool pumps must meet the highest standards of quality. After all, these products turn out to be at the heart of a pool circulation system and must, therefore, be robust, reliable and resilient.

They are also products that must fulfill the vital function of water displacement in the pool and must be chosen with the utmost care. At a minimum, a good pump must provide adequate circulation and filtration of the pool water.


Pool pumps should be chosen for their reliability and should provide an affordable form of water circulation. These elements must be robust and able to withstand heavy work.

It’s a good idea to choose thermoplastic pumps that do not corrode or rust and that work in any pool environment.

Types of a pool pump

Variable speed pool pumps can be of 2 types: above ground pool pump and in-ground pool pump. Whatever model you choose, it is essential that they be able to handle very demanding installations. It is worth selecting pool pumps that work silently and have enough energy to circulate the water properly.

An easy-to-use pump is a good option. Also, a pool pump should not require much maintenance and should have enough features to provide a useful service in all circumstances.


Before buying the best pool pump variable speed, you must make sure that you have the correct size relative to the size of your pool. Generally, about one horsepower is enough for pools that are no more than 24 feet in size. Anything above this size would require the use of a 1 1/2 HP pump.

Flow rate

Flow is another critical factor to consider when purchasing pool pumps. The flow rate is the amount of water moved by the central unit during a given period. It is usually measured in liters or gallons per minute.

Discovering the right flow can be complicated. As a good measure, you must first decide how often you want the water to be redistributed. If you own a commercial pool, it’s no surprise that the pool pump operates 24 hours a day.

However, this is not necessary for a group with very few users. A residential pool usually needs a water circulation at least once or twice a day.

Efficiency and sound level

When considering the many models of variable speed pool pumps available, you need to consider factors such as efficiency and noise level associated with the operation. Energy-saving variable speed swimming pool pumps naturally require less electricity to operate, thus offering greener and more economical options.

Besides, turbulence-minimizing pump models provide quieter operation, allowing you to enjoy your pool without the unnecessary intrusion of a noisy pump motor.

Features of the pump

If you are looking for perfect pool pumps, you should look for ones that have been created using advanced technologies that provide efficient energy service and are easy to use. Such pool pumps should also ideally have the best features, such as a high-performance motor, etc.


Selecting the best pool pump variable speed for your pool is merely a matter of knowing your individual preferences as well as the requirements of your particular pool.

When you consider all the factors and considerations above, you can be sure that you will find and buy a pool pump that will provide excellent and reliable water circulation for many seasons.

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