7 Best Pool Pump Motors (Reviewed) For 2020

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Best Pool Pump MotorsAt a time we might want to upgrade an existing pool pump by replacing the low-performance motor in them. Also, you might have a faulty pump that needs a pump motor replacement. Right?

Well, a pool pump motor does feature several elements that make them superior and also expose them to damage. While pool motor is the engine of a pool pump, it dictates what a pool pump can do and what it cannot do.

That means if you want to replace or upgrade a pool pump motor, then you need to ensure you buy the best. For it to be possible, you do need to know the best models to choose from and also some of the features to look at while making your decision.

In this article, I’m glad to present you with the top 5 best pool pump motors available and a short buying guide to help you with your purchase. Here is the list of the top 5 best pool pump motors that are worth your investment and which are available in today’s market.

Best Pool Pump Motors (Replacement Parts 2020)

1. Century UST1102 Up-Rated Replacement Motor

Century UST1102 Replacement MotorMy first best pool motor is a replacement motor From Century- formally A.O Smith. The UST1102 motor replacement pump is a high-quality, super-efficient, and tested pump motor.

Its corrosion-resistant outer shell ensures this pump motor lasts for years. It operates on both 115-volt and 230-volt system providing a more straightforward DIY connection. It also features a round flange design with easy wiring access for simple and straightforward installation.

On top of that, it’s compatible with Hayward Max-Flow, Super and Super II pumps, Pentair Pinnacle pumps, and also Jacuzzi Magnum pumps.


  • Corrosion-resistant outer shell
  • Durable round flange design
  • Super-efficient performance
  • High-quality Construction
  • Easy wiring access


  • None

2. Hayward SPX1607Z1M all-around Maxrate Motor Replacement

Hayward SPX1607Z1M Motor ReplacementThe Hayward SPX1607Z1M is yet another high-performance replacement motor which is ideal for select Hayward pump. It’s a heavy-duty motor designed to allow faster, quieter, and cooler operation with all pool needs.

It features swing-away hand knobs, which makes it easier to remove the pump’s strainer cover and faster basket cleaning. Additionally, this all-around circulation pump motor is designed to be a better replacement with higher efficiency and dependability.

It’s proven to set a standard for excellence and value. As the best all-around circulation pump, it features four bolts only for you to access the impeller, thus providing faster service.


  • Efficient, proven, and dependable Performance
  • Reliable, Quieter, cooler operation
  • Excellence and value standard
  • All-around circulation pump
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Faster service


  • Low capacity

3. Century USQ1152 Pool Motor

Century USQ1152 Flange Pool MotorThe Century USQ1152 is yet another well-designed pump motor ideal for your pump motor replacement. On top of that, it features a capacitor start/capacitor run system meaning it’s a wide range of single-phase applications ideal for starting hard loads.

It’s a 1.5 horsepower unit with a 1.1 services factor and 48Y frame. It’s quite a heavy-duty model. Additionally, the mechanism allows this pump motor to have a lower starting-torque, which results in a lower starting current.

It also requires low running current, meaning it is more energy-efficient compared to the capacitor-start motors. Its ODP enclosures make this pump motor idea for use indoors and clean atmospheres.


  • Easy-to-use voltage change dial
  • Thermal overload protector
  • High-quality ball bearings
  • Patented seal design
  • Stainless steel shaft


  • Expensive

4. Hayward SPX1610Z1M – Maxrate Motor Replacement

Hayward SPX1610Z1M Maxrate Motor ReplacementNext up is the Hayward Maxrate Motor replacement which is ideal for several models. As a powerful 1.5 horsepower pump motor, this model is widely compatible with Hayward pumps.

It’s compatible with Hayward Max-Flo pumps – sp1800x series, Hayward NorthStar Pumps – Sp4000 Series, and it also fits the Hayward Super II pumps – Sp3000X Series.

Even though it’s widely compatible, you will need to ensure this pump motor fits by entering your pump’s model number. As a sturdy and durable model, this pump motor does come with a stainless steel shaft which is heavy-duty and also super resistant to rust and wear.

On top of that, the pump is fitted with a patented seal design which protects its bearing from leaking pump seal. Everything on this model is there to give it high efficiency, durability, and performance.


  • Thermal overload protector
  • Patented seal design
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Easy Wrench access
  • High service factor


  • None

5. A.O. Smith SQ1152 – Pool Motor

A O Smith SQ1152 Square Flange Pool MotorLastly, I have the A.O. Smith SQ1152 single speed pool pump motor. It’s quite similar to Century SQ1152, but it’s a more robust model compatible with lots of models. It comes with a threaded stainless steel shaft with a tremendous thermal effect and durability.

Besides that, the model does feature a sealed ball bearing which keeps everything in place. I was also impressed to see that it the A.O Smith pump motor also feature an Energy Star rating.

That means it has been tested and approved to be a full energy efficient single-speed motor. It also has a high service factor of around 1.47 and a 48Y frame. On top of that, it does come with an ODP enclosure which ensures it stays cold and safe for indoor use.


  • Superior and reliable performance
  • Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run
  • Durable ODP Enclosure
  • High Service Factor
  • Stainless steel shaft


  • Pricey

6. Hayward SPX3020AA – Pump Housing and Strainer

Hayward SPX3020AA Pump Housing and StrainerThe Hayward SPX3020AA Super II Pump Housing and Strainer is a durable, reliable housing and strainer which offers high-performance capabilities. It’s also a heavy-duty and high-quality housing made from durable, UV-resistant PVC materials ideal for outdoor use.

It’s an ideal upgrade for a medium head pump and it’s compatible with most Hayward Super II pool pump SP3000 series and the sp3000x series models. For new construction or the aftermarket pump housing and filter replacement, this upgrade part is ideal for lowering the cost of operation.

It does come with full-flow hydraulic designed to allow higher water flow. Additionally, it has a 155-cubic inch basket which extends the time between cleaning. On top of that, this model comes with a universal bracket mounting base ideal for providing stable and stress-free support.

It also gives it with the versatility to be used for any installation requirement by fitting in both the 48- and 56-frame motors. The drain plugs on this model are 2-inches by 2-inches, meaning they are well fitted for improved flow.


  • Universal bracket mounting base
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • High outdoor performance
  • Large, precise drain plugs
  • Huge strainer basket
  • Wide compatibility


  • Doesn’t come with the strainer cover
    Seal Plate Replacement sold separately

7. Puri Tech Replacement Motor Kit

Puri Tech Replacement Motor KIt for Hayward Super PumpThe Puri Tech Replacement motor kit is a set of high-quality and high –performance pump motor parts designed to fit the Hayward Super Pump SP2607X10 or the AO Smith UST1102. The pump motor on this set feature a heavy-duty enclosure which protects the internal components while also allowing it to resist weather elements. The easy-wiring design allows fast installation.

Additionally, the pump motor features a durable stainless steel shaft that comes with pre-made threads. The threading makes it easy to connect it to the pump housing. The best part is, this set does come with all the motor installation parts except the impeller replacement.

The collection also does come with a Go-Kit-3 which includes a housing gasket, a diffuser O-ring, a lid gasket, a PS-201 motor seal and a 6-gram silicone packet. They’re all for easy installation and improved pump performance.


  • Easy installation required
  • Heavy-duty pump motor
  • High-quality equipment
  • Full set Go-Kit-3
  • Threaded Shaft


  • Low motor service factor
  • Do not come with an impeller replacement

Best pump motors Buying Guide

Buying a pump motor isn’t the same as purchasing a pool pump. A pump motor is a part of a pool pump motor, and you do need to make sure that the model you buy fits and improves the performance of your pool pump. But to do that, you do need to understand some considerations. They include:


One thing that you should never forget checking is the compatibility of the pump motor with your existing pool pump. You need to verify that it fits the model of your pool pump. To do that, you need to use the pump’s model number found on a sticker on the old motor enclosure.

Also, consider the impeller used on your pool pump. If you need to upgrade your single speed to a variable speed motor, then you will need to change the impeller too. That also applies if you want to improve the unit from low HP to a high HP pool pump motor.


For you to have a better performance with your pool pump, you have to make sure you buy a replacement or upgrade motor of high-performance. But how will you test this? You will have to check on some factors like the type of capacitors on it and safety features.

A motor capacitor is an energy storing device ideal for motor starting or running. A motor can have either start capacitor, a run capacitor, and even both. The type of capacitor the model uses will tell you how energy efficient the model will be as well as the ability to handle hard functions.

Mostly an upgraded motor should feature a capacitor start/capacitor run system. Models with this type of system perform better with improved energy efficiency and heavy-duty handling.

Motor Enclosure

In general, there five types of enclosures, namely Open Drip-Proof (ODP), Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled (TEFC), Totally Enclosed, Nonvented (TENV), Washdown (WDN) and lastly Explosion-Proof (XPRF).

The ODP enclosed motors feature an open enclosure, and they are more suited for indoor and clean atmosphere use. They have a ventilator opening which prevents liquids and reliable from entering while also letting the heated moisture out.

The TEFC enclosed motors do feature an external fan that circulates the cold outside air to the engine to cool it down. They are well suited for heavy-duty operation requiring long operating hours.

The TENV motors don’t have any air openings. However, this motor’s construction is not liquid or airtight, allowing air to move in and out freely.

The WDN enclosures, on the other hand, are designed to work correctly in all environments and requires regular cleaning and sanitization – more maintenance.

The XPRF motors are entirely enclosed. The design allows it to withstand any internal explosion of gas or even vapor. The motor frame doesn’t rupture or burst. They are, however, ideal for use with safe operation in those hazardous environments.


Durability is another thing you need to consider while deciding on the motor to buy. Check on the materials used in making the shaft and the enclosure. The construction elements should be high-quality, rust, and corrosion-resistant. That way, they have the chance to last for long, thus preventing you from replacing it soon.

Motor Service Factor

Motor Service Factor, the SF, is the multiplier percentage that a pump motor can handle in a short period when operating within the average voltage and frequency. It’s a fudge factor which offers extra horsepower when needed.

While operating a motor at its limit exposes it to overheating, a service factor allows a pump motor to run below its maximum. That will enable it to offer continuous performance with a cooler winding temperature at a given load leading to extended life and improved reliability. So, the higher the service factor, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to lubricate my pump motor?

Yes, but not the whole motor. The part that needs lubrication is the pump motor bearings. They do rotate in contact, and for them to last long and also not rust, you need to lubricate them often.

Why does my motor shutoff after long hours of operation?

Your pump motor might be featuring a thermal overload feature which cuts of the current if there is overheating. After long hours of operation, the motor winding temperature might increase triggering the safety feature.


While a different pump motor is fitting a different model, you must pick a model that is made for your pool. Ideally, every pump motor brand will advise you to enter your pump’s model number to see if it’s compatible.

Never forget to check as it might not fit properly or be forced to replace it soon than expected. With all the information I’ve provided you with, nothing should stop you now from getting a suitable replacement or upgrade your pool pump motor. Good Luck!

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