5 Best Pool Pumps for Above Ground Pool in 2020

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Best Pool Pumps for Above Ground PoolMany people underestimate the importance of the pool pump. It can help you circulate water through a heating system or a filtration system. It will allow you to get the desired pool ambiance.

However, many consumers are not aware that they need to choose the pool pump according to the type of swimming pool which they have. I have the above ground pool. That is why; I specifically chose the best pool pump for above ground pool. If you have the same pool, it is essential to find out the best pool pumps for above ground pools.

Instead of going through numerous options trying to find the perfect one for you, it is a good idea to go through my list below. The purpose of this list is to share only the best pool pump for above ground pool. I will also share a detailed buying guide below to help you out.

Top 5 Best Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools For 2020

1. Waterway Plastics Above Ground Pool Pump

Waterway Plastics PH1150 6 Above Ground Pool PumpThe power rating of this pump is 1.5 HP. It has a large 6-inch strainer trap which means that it will filter out the pollutants easily. On the top, there is a clear lid that helps you in knowing when the strainer trap needs cleaning. With the help of 1.5-inch connections, you can be sure that the flow rate is also on the higher side.

It comes along with the 115 feet power cord, which means that connecting it to the electrical socket is quite easy. It is light in weight, so installation is not a problem. With the help of self-aligning union discharge, using it consistently is not a problem.

The high flow-rate further enhances the functionality of the pump. The main USP of this pump is strainer trap with the clear lid which helps you in maintaining the pump. The high flow rate, along with the above features makes this pump one of the best pool pump for above ground pools.


  • The power rating is 1.5 HP
  • Comes along with the strainer trap
  • High flow rate
  • Easy to install
  • Self-aligning discharge mechanism


  • The packaging needs improvement

2. Hayward SP1580X15 Above-Ground Pool Pump

Hayward SP1580X15 – Most Popular Pool PumpWith the power rating of 1.5 HP, this pool pump is more powerful than your average one. It is suitable for above ground pools, which mean that using it is a cinch.

With the help of transparent strainer cover design, it is easy for you to monitor the condition of the strainer trap. It is highly durable and corrosion proof. The heat-resistant design means that you can use it consistently.

It is drip proof as well due to the double-sized seal on offer. 1.5-inch plumbing fixture compatibility so that you can connect it to the swimming pool easily. All these features combined make it the right choice.


  • 1.5 HP power rating
  • Clear strainer cover
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low noise output
  • Compatible with 1.5-inch plumbing fixtures


  • Limited after sales support

3. Harris H1572730 ProForce Above Ground Pool Pump

Harris H1572730 – ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump ReviewThe power rating of this above ground pool pump is 1.5 HP. With the help of the reinforced thermoplastic body, durability is not a problem. It is much longer-lasting than other pool pumps.

Moreover, the shaft uses durable stainless steel. The reinforced frame also means that the noise output is on the lower side, and the efficiency is on the higher side. With the compatibility of 1.5-inch plumbing systems, you need not worry about changing any fixtures.

It comes with 3 feet cord, which is easy to connect to the electrical socket. The strainer trap is also easy to clean, so, maintaining this pump is not a problem at the heavy duty construction makes this pump stand out.


  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Reinforced thermoplastic body
  • Comes along with 3 feet cord
  • Easy to maintain


  • No on/off switch

4. Intex 28633EG Krystal Pump

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground PoolsThe above ground pool pump which I am speaking about now can handle 2500 gallons per hour. It is one of the highest flow rates on this list. With the help of the clear cartridge filter, removing the contaminants is not a problem at all.

It is a double insulated pump and has high durability. With the help of the air release valve, it becomes easy for you to remove any air. There is a sediment flush available as well. That is why cleaning is quite easy.

With the help of an auto timer, you can easily schedule the operation of the pump as well, which is a great option to have. The heavy-duty construction and the timer function make it one of the best pool pumps for above ground pools.


  • The timer function on offer
  • Sediment flush valve
  • Incorporates an air release valve
  • Flow rate is 2500 gallons per hour


  • Customer support is not satisfactory

5. Yescom 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump

Yescom Above Ground Swimming Pool Spa Water PumpWith a 1.5 HP power rating, this pool pump is a good option for private pools. The noise is lower, which means that you can use it consistently. With the help of a strainer basket that has a high capacity, filtering the pool is not a problem at all.

The flow rate of the pump is 4980 gallons per hour. The dimensions of the pool pump are 22” x 7.5” x 10”. It has a maximum operating temperature of 104°F. With the power cord of 63 inches, you can connect it to the electrical socket easily. There is a manual on offer.

The maintenance is on the lower side, so, using it in the long term is not a problem at all. The high flow rate, along with adequate power rating makes it the right choice.


  • The flow rate is 4980 gallons per hour
  • Maximum operating temperature is104°F
  • The power cord is 63 inches
  • 1.5 HP power rating


  • Installation is not that easy

Buying Guide:

These are the five best pool pumps for above ground pools. I will now progress to the buying guide to help you make your buying decision.

• Power rating:

You have to always look at the power rating of the pool pump before purchasing it. Ideally, you’re looking for 1 HP of power or more.

• Construction quality:

You have to look at the materials used in the construction. Ideally, they should be able to handle the vibration and wear and tear.

• Compatibility:

You have to look at the compatibility with the plumbing and electrical fixtures. It should be compatible with the standard plumbing fixtures. The cord should be long so that it can reach the electrical socket easily.

• Additional features:

It is better to choose the pool pump, which has the largest strainer capacity. When that is the case, it is easy for you to filter out all the pollutants.

Once you consider these four factors, it is easy to choose the best pool pump above ground pools. I will answer some of the FAQs now which you might have.


Who makes the best above ground pool?

The brands like Waterway Plastics, In the Swim, and Intex are well-known when it comes to above ground pool pumps.

What is the best pump for an above ground pool?

The Waterway Plastics Above Ground Pool Pump is the best pool pump as it is easy to install and has a power rating of 1.5 HP and a large strainer trap.

Globo Pool Overview:

So, if you’re searching for the best pool pump for above ground pools, these are the five options which you should consider. I have chosen these five options with great care to include only the best pool pumps available. From this list, you will face no problems at all in finding the best pool pump.

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