6 Best Pool Leaf Canisters Reviews [Updated For 2020]

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Best Pool Leaf Canisters Reviews CopyA durable pool leaf canister will make it easy to collect the leaves from your pool surface. Before buying a pool leaf canister, you need to check on its durability before you can proceed to purchase.

The best pool leaf canister should be made out of highly durable materials that collect all the leaves from the surface. Check on the size of your pool vacuum so that you can buy a canister which can fit well on the pool vacuum.

You need to ensure the canisters are well-fitting on the vacuum cleaner to avoid incidences where the leaves will be collected, and you end up losing them. There are several designs of the canisters, but here I’m going to reveal to you the best products in the market.

Top 6 Best Pool Leaf Canister [In 2020Reviewed]

1. Hayward W560 PoolVac Canister

Hayward W560 PoolVac Leaf CanisterThe pool canister works well for navigator pools. It is ruggedly built to last long. I bought mine a year ago when I was updating my pool accessories. It is still serving well. Careful selection of materials makes the canister very durable. It is extra-large to trap leaves on the surface of the pool.

It is very useful in trapping the leaves before they can reach the filter system. The design aims at prolonging the life of the filters. I was after a canister, which can offer protection to the filters, and the unit has proved to be highly effective.

Water flow to the pump is not interrupted due to the well thought out design of the canister. Easy to open lid provides easy and quick access to the basket. Lexan see-through construction allows for easy monitoring of the basket. I can quickly note when the canister is full.


  • Rugged built
  • Extra-large basket
  • Easy to open the lid
  • See-through construction


  • For navigator standard only

2. Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister

Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf CanisterThe leaf canister works very well in trapping leaves and other debris before they hit the filter system. I was after a unit that can work well for an automatic pool when I came across the canister. It works very well in assuring me the best performance. The large-capacity cyclonic canister works well in trapping leaves and other debris.

It protects the skimmer from blockage by trapping the leaves. My pool is located between trees, which shade leaves. The canister stands out in removing the leaves. It is among the few canisters which I highly recommend due to its great performance. It is compatible with all zodiac cleaners.

The canister makes it easy to realize the best performance when cleaning different surfaces. It took me a few minutes to connect it. The pool vacuum cleaner canister has been built to make things easy. It stands out from the rest due to its excellent construction.


  • Works with automatic vacuums
  • Large capacity
  • Never lose suction
  • Slip fitting


  • Require regular changes

3. Pentair R211084K Clear Leaf Trap

Pentair R211084K Clear Leaf TrapThe leaf trap comes with a handle to make it easy for replacement. The issue of too many leaves on my pool has been solved after buying the canister. The leave canister works well for both pools and spas.

I prefer an automatic pool cleaner due to its excellent performance. The introduction of the canister has made things easy. My automatic pool is straightforward to clean. It only takes a few minutes to connect it and start the cleaning process.

It easily fits on the Pentair vacuum cleaner. I had to check on the general design of the canister before buying. It comes with a handle which makes things easy for me. I had to check on the general construction of the pool before buying. The pool cleaner canister fits easily during fitting, which makes me prefer it over others in the market.


  • Clear leaf trap
  • For automatic pool cleaner
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable


  • Not versatile

4. U.S. Pool Supply Pool Leaf Canister

U S Pool Supply Professional Pool Leaf CanisterIt is a professional inline poo leaf canister, which I have been using. The large mesh bag provided makes it easy to catch leaves on the surface of the pool. It makes the process of trapping leaves and debris from my pool very easy. The push-open design makes the process of emptying leaves and other debris from the canister very easy.

I had to start by attaching the canister to the automatic pool cleaner. It is a simple process that I was able to accomplish within a few minutes. The leaf canister makes it easy to attach to the suction manual.

Since I started using the leaf canister, it has contributed significantly towards reducing the maintenance required for the pumps and filters. It is a tool I highly recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results when cleaning the pool.


  • Traps leaves and debris
  • Push open lid
  • Clear body
  • Versatile


  • Only one year warranty

5. Kokido Leaf Canister

Kokido Leaf CanisterIt is a leaf canister that works very well for automatic suction swimming pool cleaners. The plastic construction makes it flexible to capture different types of debris. It makes my work easy. I can catch different types of debris as I clean the swimming pool.

The canister is designed in such a way it traps the debris before they reach the pool pump. I was after a way of protecting my pool pump when a friend recommended for me to buy the pool canister. It has never let me down. It is constructed to assure me the best results each time I start the swimming pool vacuuming process.

The leaf canister is highly sturdy. It is recommended to use high powered pumps. The use of a watertight locking system makes it easy to achieve the best performance when working with the pool canister. It is necessary to protect the swimming pool. The canister has been designed to offer the required protection to the swimming pool. It is among my best pool leaf canister, which I highly recommend to homeowners.


  • Flexible construction
  • Protects the pump and filter
  • Easy to connect
  • Versatile


  • Not for high powered pumps

6. Pentair R211084 186A Clear Leaf Trap

Pentair R211084K Clear Leaf TrapThe clear leaf trap is among my top recommendations. It is built to guarantee me the best cleaning process. My main aim of buying the leaf canister was to improve the performance of my swimming pool cleaner.

The canister is carefully designed to guarantee the best performance. It is upon few swimming pool canisters which have been built to assure me the best performance. It works well for automatic swimming pool cleaners and vacuum heads.

Snap open, and close lid design makes it easy to realize the best performance when vacuuming. The general design of the leaf canister aims at making my work easy. The process of cleaning my swimming pool has been simplified since I bought the leave canister.


  • Versatile
  • Snap open leaf trap
  • Comes with handle
  • Easy to use


  • Small size

Best Pool Leaf Canister (Buying Guide)

It is essential to locate the best pool leaf canister for your swimming pool cleaner. Some canisters work well for automatic pools, while others are built to help you achieve the best cleaning from your manual vacuum cleaners for the pool. I had to check on several factors. Here are some of the factors to check out:

Effective in trapping leaves and debris

You need a vacuum canister, which can catch the leaves and debris effectively. Take time to check on the size of the leaf canter before buying. The best leave canister to purchase should be highly effective in removing the debris. It is upon you to compare the different leaf canisters available in the market before you can proceed to order.

Large capacity

Is your swimming pool big? For big swimming pools, you need to have a leaf canister which can collect all the debris from your swimming pool. Compare the sizes of the leave canister before you invest in a large one that can collect all the leaves from the surface. You avoid frequent emptying after buying the right size of the canister.

Best pool leaf canister FAQs

Which is the best pool leaf canister?

You need to check on several factors. For example, you will have to take into consideration your swimming pool cleaner brand and the size of the canister. Here I have listed some of the best leave canisters according to what other people say. The best leaf canister should serve users well. You will get more information about the quality of the leave canister after you check on the reviews which people offer.

Can all leaf canisters work for Hayward vacuum?

No, you need to check on the leaf canisters which are built to work for the given brand of canisters. Others are versatile, but they may not offer the perfect fit. A canister that is built for a given brand will provide the ideal fit, which will contribute towards improving your pool vacuuming process.

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