6 Best Pool Gate Locks in 2020 with Buying Guide

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Best-Pool-Gate-Lock reviewed by Globo PoolOwning swimming bring you a lot of responsibilities and need to meet the local rules and regulations relating to safety. Installing a pool fence with a gate and a lock is one of these regulations and responsibilities which you need to comply to.

The best pool gate locks will also help in preventing kids and family pet from falling into the pool. For the swimming pool gate to be entirely adequate, it needs an efficient lock, placed high for the kids not to fumble around it and open it.

Finding the best pool gate locks can bring lots of confusion, and I believe that is why you’re here. And because I don’t want to disappoint you, I have prepared a list of top models available today, and a buyer’s guide that will shorten the process and help you find the best model.

Quick Answer: The Best Pool Gate Locks of 2020

1. MagnaLatch Alert ML3AVPKA – Pet & Child Safety

MagnaLatch Alert ML3AVPKA Best Pool Gate LockThe D&D Technologies presents to you the MagnaLatch ML3AVPKA, a child and pet alarmed safety gate lock and latch. The lock comes with audible and visual alarms, upward pull and magnet and it’s key-lockable.

The alerting dual electronic system uses bright, flashing LED lights and an audible alarm which is set off when the pool gate is opened or left unlatched. The MagnaLatch ML3AVPKA’s shorter vertical pull feature is there to offer protection on pet security and act as a general purpose gate around the garden and home.

The gate locks, hinges, latches, and accessories are made using durable, rust-free, high-quality, high-tech engineering polymers and very strong stainless steel componentry.


  • Use Lithium Metal battery required (included)
  • Technology tested to two million cycles
  • Stainless steel componentry
  • Child-resistant lift knob
  • Six-Pin Security Lock
  • Guaranteed To Last


  • For residential use only

2. MagnaLatch Series 3 – Key-Lockable with Alarm

MagnaLatch Series 3This is yet another well-performing pool gate lock from D&D Technologies. The MagnaLatch ML3TPKA comes as a pool and child safety gate lock with a latch. It features a top pull, magnetic locking system and it’s key-lockable.

The gate lock comes with both audible and visual alarms to keep you alert. The Visuals use bright, flashing LED lights together with an alarming sound to alert you when the gate has been opened or unlatched.

The lifting knob used on this model is designed to be child resistant and ergonomic. The gate lock gate/post movement tolerant and performs well everywhere including in extreme climates.


  • Innovative vertical & horizontal adjustment
  • Superior extreme climates performance
  • Ergonomic and child resistant lift knob
  • Gate/post movement tolerance
  • Magnetic latching technology
  • ADA compliant


  • Ideal Square Post gate only
  • Poor customer service

3. MagnaLatch ML3TPKA – Pool Child Safety Gate Latch

MagnaLatch ML3TPKAThe ML3TPKA MagnaLatch Series 3 comes as a magnetic pool and child safety gate latch sold as a pair. It’s quite hard to keep an eye on your pool and kids all the time, but with the MagnaLatch Series 3, you will be able to keep your children and pets safe around the pool and wherever safety is required.

The lock has been to more than two million cycles, and it’s 50 percent stronger than it was before, so install with confidence that you have a safety lock. Additionally, this MagnaLatch Series 3 was manufactured and continuously tested under ISO9001 to ascertain; it provides the best quality and performance.


  • Permanent magnet sealed
  • Ergonomic, safer lift knob
  • Rekeyable Security Lock
  • Visible Lock Indicator
  • Alignment indicators
  • T-track innovation


  • Shims not included

4. MagnaLatch MLSPS2L – Side Pull, Key-Lockable

MagnaLatch MLSPS2LThe MagnaLatch MLSPS2L from D&D Technologies has been named by many to be the world’s safest gate latch. The MagnaLatch is ideal for general purpose and swimming pools.

The system doesn’t disengage from pulling or shaking. The lock is also designed to handle all environmental elements and cannot rust or corrode thus improving on durability.

Furthermore, MagnaLatch MLSPS2L features vertical and horizontal adjustments of up to 10mm. Installing the latch is quite simple thus allowing for comfortable/fine tuning of the latch alignment.

All the latch’s accessories, the lock, and hinges are made to last long. The model has passed through rigorous safety testing programs to make sure it’s of the highest quality, and that’s why they protect with a lifetime warranty.


  • Industrial-strength polymer and stainless steel components
  • Lithium Metal battery required (included)
  • Non-sticking Magnetic triggering
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable latching action
  • Sleek design


  • Too many pieces

5. Tru-Close Heavy Duty – Adjustable for Swimming Pools

Tru-Close Heavy DutyThe TruClose TCHD1AS3BT is a heavy duty self-closing pool and child safety gate hinge that is made by the D&D Technologies. The self-closing mechanism helps a lot in case you forget to lock the gate.

The unit also comes with dual adjustability which makes it easy to change the closing speed and accommodate different gate weights. The legs on this TruClose gate hinge allows easy and quick aligning of the flap on the fence and the gate.

And because of the extra fixing points on these legs, there is an added strength to the installation. The hinge goes through rigorous testing programs to make sure the product provides the highest quality. Additionally, this gate hinge is ideal for retrofitting an existing gate.


  • Self-closing, adjustable hinge
  • Impact resistant and waterproof
  • Dedicated to design and safety
  • Metal and resin construction
  • Two gate hinges per pack


  • For residential use

6. Nationwide Trident 20 – for Vinyl, Wood, or Metal Gates

Nationwide Trident 20Trident TRIDENT-20-BK-KA is one of the best pool gate locks that is made from high-quality, durable polymer keeping the latch from rusting and corroding. The model also comes with a sophisticated, modern design to ensure it delivers superior functionality.

The gate latch can work on wood metal, or vinyl and meets all the international pool codes. The gate latch also features a top pull design allowing it to ensure the best safety and keep kids from reaching the gate latch and opening it.

This trident latch has been passed through 1 million cycles to ensure it safe and effective. The gate latch also accompanies everything you need for the installation, including all fasteners, instructions and the pool gate latch.


  • Durable nylon polymer construction
  • Superior magnetic technology
  • Meets all pool safety codes
  • No jamming or sticking
  • UV Resistant


  • Water-resistance could be better
  • Takes time to install

What to Look for in the Best Pool Gate Lock?

Buying the best pool gate requires that you get the right model that will provide you with the best safety for your kids and pets. That is why you need to invest in a model that you can rely on, last for long, give the best performance and a model that will fit on your gate.

Locking mechanism

A gate locking mechanism is vital to keep the kids or vibration from opening the gate. Also, go for the pool gate lock model that comes with a self-closing mechanism to make sure the gate closes itself when you forget to. A top pull locking design will prevent kids from opening the gate. Additionally, a magnetic locking system is an excellent feature at allowing self-closing system.

Alerting system

Will the gate lock alert you when left unclosed or opened? The best pool gate lock should have a way to warn you when the gate is opened or when it’s left open. Additionally, audible and visual alerting alarms would be exceptional.


If you want your pool gate to last long, the best way to ensure that it is making sure that it is getting a model that is made from durable and quality material, additionally, the lock materials should be waterproof since the gate lock will be exposed to moisture and rains/snow. Rust and corrosion proof will also improve its durability.


A pool gate is a delicate unit that can disappoint you any time. That is why you need a warranty cover to make sure it doesn’t have manufacturing faults.


When you’re buying anything, checking the pricing will make sure you get a model that falls under your budget. Also, price evaluation will ensure that you buy a gate lock that is great in its performance and mind your pocket.


With the above top best pool gate locks above and the buyer’s guide that follow, you will get a model that will give a peace of mind keeping your kids and pets away from your pool.

Use the buying guide to make sure the model you pick is the perfect model you needed. Evaluate the pricing, your budget, product quality, and lastly, its performance to ensure your pool is adequately secured.

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