10 Best Pool Fences Reviews [Updated for 2020]

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Do you want to keep safe your pool from children and pets? Well, Pool fences make sure the best risk-free option for the home pool or open pool. We all don’t want any accidents in the pool right? This why I suggest if things go wrong, you must use the fence in a safe way.

A home pool gives us an ideal way to cool our bodies and relax. However, an open home pool is a risk to the children and pets. That is why it is a good idea to have a good pool fence. Pool fences are available in many brands, materials, types, finishes, sizes, shapes, and tones. That means you will need to understand what kind of fence you need to buy before you head to the shop.

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Understand well why you need the wall. Having done that it is time now to know which pool fence will suit you best. The features of the pool will help you get to know the best one. For that reason, I have prepared this review to give you the best pool fence to consider when buying. They have their uniqueness, and you can use them to decide which one you will buy. So, let’s get to it!

When you have many options to choose anything it really confusing for all of us. So these 10 best pool fences will remove your hesitation quickly I hope.

Some people are baffled and have many questions in their minds. So I tried to answer your question on the best pool fences.

The 10 Best Pool Fences for 2020

Tell me something about pool fence installations and guides, and it requires some necessary tools and accessories to install the wall on the poolside. You need to know all the facts before buying this. Make sure you read the product descriptions and instructions carefully where is written “Require tools included” to you do not need any extra accessories.

Here, I have made a user-friendly list in keeping mind user advantages as well as which wall makes the pool more attractive to the young, children and seniors too. See this comparison table to make a decision which is better for your swimming pool. 
Item NameBrandAccessoriesPrice
72-Foot DIYLife SaverYesCheck Price
Above Ground Pool FenceGLI PoolYesCheck Price
Pool Fence DIYLife SaverYesCheck Price
Pool Fence Visiguard 4' Tall 12'Sentry SafetyYesCheck Price
Water Warden Pool Safety FenceWater WardenNoCheck Price
EZ-Guard 4' 12' LongSentry SafetyYesCheck Price
GLI 30-0410-BLK 4′ x 10′GLIYesCheck Price
Sentry Safety Pool FenceSentry SafetyYesCheck Price
Giantex 4'X12' in-GroundGiantexYesCheck Price
Premium Guard Above GroundSentry SafetyYesCheck Price

1. GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit – 8 Fence Sections

GLI Above Ground fence by GLI Pool Products is a vinyl pool enclosure that has been designed to connect to the installed supports of your pool. Ideal for raised swimming pools, the fence features eight 64.5″ W x 1.5″ D x 24″ H finishing sections. However, you can add it gradually as needed. All you need to configure GLI on the Ground Pool Fence Base Kit gives you the instructions, poles, fence elements and equipment you will need.GLI-Above-Ground-Pool-Fence-Base-Kit-with-8-Fence-Sections-Review

Although this is implicit for above ground pools, it helps secure your pool to prevent children from entering unattended. One last thing, you can, without stretching too much, add the fence to another if your group becomes a deck. Each section is manufactured in an extremely elegant black layer to protect against components and maintain a basic stylistic attitude. This system is easily customizable to force fences of 5 feet if you need additional protection.

This kit contains everything you need to configure the wall. That provides you with fence parts, poles, instructions, and all the necessary materials. This fence is reserved for raised pools, but it is attractive and protects the pool beautifully. You can connect this fence to any existing wall if your above ground pool is built on a deck. This fence section measures 64.5 inches wide by 24 inches high and 1.5 inches high and accompanies the instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation.

GLI fence is a pool fence solution superior to many of the market’s wooden fences or pool systems that were once so common. Once installed, this fence will work correctly to prevent young people and pets from increasing unrestricted access to the pool, although nothing can supplant adequate parental supervision. The lattice panels are protected on all four sides by a strong lining against tears and wear, while the extreme steel anchors fix everything to the patio of your garden or pool. Final note: when you buy the fence it only comes with kit A so you will need to purchase kit B and kit C for extra fencing sections as required.


  • Strong and durable vinyl construction
  • Solid 24-inch fencing
  • Super-strong mounting brackets with rounded edges
  • UV protected
  • Accompanies only Kit A with eight fencing sections
  • Fence section measurements: 64.5in W x 1.5in D x 24in H
  • Covered by 5-Year Warranty
  • All fencing installation posts, instruction, and hardware included


  • Kit B and C sold separately
  • Fence pieces are not pre-cut
  • Takes time to install it

2. Life Saver 72-Foot DIY Pool Fence –  Closing Gate & Drill Guide Bundle

If you are looking for an easy-to-install and removable Do-It-Yourself pool fence, which is also safe and stylish, then you need to check out this DIY fence section kit by Life Saver Pool Fence. Life Saver DIY Pool fence is among the best poolside barriers with a Self-Closing Gate of 72-foot length.Life-Saver-72-Foot-DIY-Pool-Fence-with-a-Self-Closing-Gate-and-a-Drill-Guide-Bundle-Review

This kit package comes as a pack of six 12-foot fencing sections (72-feet total), poles which are already assembled and attached, deck sleeves and caps, safety latch, drill guide, self-closing gate kit, and template. It also features an auto-closing gate with an integrated magnetic locking system offering protection from kids and pets from getting to the pol.

Its aluminum poles are powder-coated to give the mesh fence the necessary durability and also give it a good look. Also, the weather-resistant fencing posts keep the fence mesh from wearing off. To completely install the wall, you must permanently mark the holes with the given template and drill 5/8 “x 14” holes with a suitable masonry drill bit.

These holes and the polymer covers provided will form the basis of your new fence. At this point, follow the instructions in the configuration manual. The drill guide provided is meant to consistently and accurately guide when drilling the posts hole. Once installed, attach the gate which gives a two-foot walk through space.

The entrance is also made with industrial-strength mesh, super-strong double truss uprights and aluminum powder coated stock giving a good durability factor. At a competitive price, this removable mesh modular pool fence is an easy-to-use method to protect families and pets from drowning. Its finely woven material offers a pleasant view that does not force you to figure. Do you need more than 12 feet of the fence?

Get another kit! A self-closing door 2 feet wide and a similar height of 4 feet is accessible separately from this kit. In addition to a limited lifetime warranty, the manufacturer offers exceptional customer service for any questions or need for replacement parts, all day and every day.


  • Fence: Industrial-strength mesh fence
  • Poles: 5 assembled/attached poles with a 1/2-inch stainless steel pin
  • Gate: Aluminum, powder-coated square stock
  • Ultra-reliable magnetic gate latch
  • Self-closing gate hinges
  • Fence length: 72 ft. long – 12-foot fence sections
  • A self-closing, self-latching gate
  • Polyvinyl basket weave
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 customer support


  • The hook rust after weeks
  • Hard to install even with the right tools

3. Pool Fence DIY – Black Self-Closing Gate & Drill Guide Bundle

It is yet another excellent pool fence made by Life Saver Pool Fence. The wall makes it look like there is no other superior alternative to protect your friends and family from unsupervised access to a pool than having it installed. That’s what this DIY fencing kit provides. Accompany a separate section about 12 feet long, about 4 feet high, supported by five built-in aluminum poles.Pool-Fence-DIY-with-a-Black-Self-Closing-Gate-and-a-Drill-Guide-Bundle-Review

Pool Fence DIY is a handy all-in-one kit that includes an entirely controlled access 4 feet tall and 36 “wide magnetic gate. It is an aluminum-made fence with industrial lattice and dust-coated frames to make sure they look stylish and do not melt or corrode or rust. The entrance features a self-locking pivot and an ultra-reliable magnetic latch to ensure it locks after you leave the pool.

The knit material of this current kit is rated to support up to 270 pounds per square inch, which provides that you can discard pets and children effortlessly. The PVC-coated material is extraordinary for the outdoors because it resists tears and cuts. UV inhibitors keep the mesh flexible and free from wear and tear. Besides, it accompanies a security lock making it a decent alternative pool fence that lasts for a long time.

It comes with a drill guide to ease the drilling process and ensure that you have kept the guesswork away. The good thing about the door of this current kit is its adaptability. Depending on the configuration of your pool and fence, you can change the given entry so that it opens to one side or the right.

A small detail, but an imperative to ensure the proximity of your pool is something less challenging to install and will not interfere with your landscaping. This kit is very similar to our different options: it is simple, it is a removable DIY solution, easy to configure and which requires little effort to install it. Simply drill these anchor holes for the steel rods in the fence.


  • Industrial-strength mesh fence
  • Poles: 5 assembled/attached poles with a 1/2-inch stainless steel pin
  • Self-closing gate hinges
  • 2-foot walk-through opening
  • Recommend 4′ Tall X 36″ Wide
  • Aluminum, powder-coated square Gate stock
  • Ultra-reliable magnetic gate latch
  • A self-closing, self-latching gate
  • Polyvinyl basket weave


  • Difficult to install the gate
  • Questionable posts durability

4. Child Barrier Pool Safety Mesh – 4′ Tall 12′ Long Fence (Black)

This pool fence is made of very transparent mesh made of fiberglass as its holes are large enough to maximize the visibility without affecting its durability and sturdiness. It allows you to look into the protected area as well as the beauty of your backyard easily as obstructs your vision very little.Sentry-Safety-Pool-Fence-Visiguard-Review

It has been designed in a three-layered structure to ensure its safety from rust. Its top layer withstands the effect of harshest elements as it is coated aluminum powder and its middle layer makes it lightweight and durable as it includes PVC piping. Its last layer includes rod made of stainless steel to allow to remove the fence for storage without any damage when anchored into the ground.

Moreover, this fence can be modified as per your requirements due to its compact design and lightweight. You can store it safely, when not in use, in the plastic sleeve caps provided with it. Step-by-step instructions are provided with this fence to install its every section easily without need many tools and heavy machinery.

It can be installed easily with the help of a rotary hammer drill to drill a hole of 5/8 inch size. The package also includes one hook and eye, pre-assembled sections 4’ x 12’ with poles after every 3’ and 5 sleeves with five caps along with a limited warranty for a lifetime.

It can be installed easily in the first attempt due to easy-to-understand instructions provided with it. You can ensure the safety of your kids and pets after installing this fence around your pool.


  • Offers dependable safety
  • Least obstruction to vision makes it almost transparent.
  • No assembly required as it comes pre-assembled
  • Easy to install with a rotary hammer drill


  • Its upper trim cracked due to the sun and aging within a few days

5. Water Warden Pool Safety Fence – 4 feet x 12 feet safety fence

This attractive and innovative safety fence ensures the security of your pool area. All types of tragedies frequently occurring in the summer season can be avoided by installing this fence correctly. It will protect your pets and children with the help of its extreme woven mesh.Water-Warden-Pool-Safety-Fence-Review

Its mesh is woven in climb resistant design to keep children as well as adults away from the pool as their toe and fingers cannot hold it. You can install it yourself if you have a drill to make 5/6 inch holes in the deck. The entire hardware including screws accompanying this fence is made of stainless steel to keep them corrosion and rust-free.

This fence can be easily removed and reinstalled single-handedly within few minutes. When it is not in use, you can roll it up to store it easily. You can cover the postholes with the plastic cover provided with this fence to keep them safe for the next use. The sizes of this pre-assembled pool fence include 4 ’ x 12’ and 5’ x 12’ to help you in adjusting it according to the size of your pool.

You can also opt for a spring-loaded hinged gate with latch lock to close the entry of your kids to the pool without any additional cost. Its package includes all the hardware required for its installation including instructions, measuring templates and installation video to install it easily with the help of a rotary hammer drill. The warranty backs this black colored fence for 5 years.


  • Includes reinforced heavy-duty posts for durability
  • Sleeves made of polymer for installing it and protecting the deck efficiently
  • UL has certified the safety of this removable Mesh Pool Fencing
  • It can be used for fencing only as no gate and drill guide are provided with it
  • This black colored fence comes with complete hardware, instructions, and free installation video to ensure easy installation.
  • It can be removed and reinstalled by a single person easily in a few minutes
  • Requires drilling for making holes of 5/8” size for installing it yourself or through professional service


  • Mesh and posts faded and dry rotted badly even after one summer season
  • It is not easy to adjust the length of the fence between each pole

6. DIY Sentry Safety Pool Fence EZ-Guard – 4′ 12′ Long Removable Child Barrier

This DIY fence for the safety of your pool is available in pre-assembled sections of 4’ x 12’ size with poles after every 3’. Its length can be easily adjusted as per the size of your pool. It can be removed by a single person when required. Its durable construction makes it different from other pool fences. The three-layer structure of its poles makes them rustproof.DIY-Sentry-Safety-Pool-Fence-EZ-Guard-Review

Its top layer is coated with powder aluminum to make it rustproof, its middle layer includes PVC and the last layer includes rod made of solid stainless steel to install it into the ground. Its stainless steel increases the durability if the fence and makes it easy to remove it without any damage. So the combination of all the three layers makes this fence most robust and most durable to ensure the safety of kids.

An installation template is provided with each section of this fence to install it easily with the help of a rotary hammer drill to make holes of 5/8” size. The package if this fence also includes 5 sleeves with caps, I eye and hook and limited warranty for a lifetime. While measuring the size of your pool, you should leave 2-3 feet full path for walking around the lake. It will help you in getting the fence of the exact size required by you by dividing the total length by 12 as this fence is available in 12 feet long sections.

This pool fence is particularly designed to install it around the pool yourself for the safety of your kids. It includes sections of 4’ x 12’ sizes with 5 poles already attached for installing it accurately with the help of installation templates provided with each section. This kit also includes deck caps, deck sleeves, and a hook with the eye for accurate and fast installation. Its three-layered poles include a stainless steel rod, a PVC insert, and an aluminum top layer with the powder-coated finish.


  • A limited warranty backs it for a lifetime
  • You need a rotary hammer drill of at least ½” size to drill holes for DIY installation
  • It can be removed and re-installed easily within a few minutes


  • The instructions to install this fence are lacking
  • Not easy to install as the screws with eye-hooks are made for installation on wood

7. GLI 30-0410-BLK 4′ x 10′ IG – Safety Removable Fence 30-0410-BLK

The best thing about this pool fence is that it has a height of 4 feet. Thus, you are able to be sure that you will be able to isolate the pool area from children and pets quite easily. Also, it consists of a mesh type structure which ensures that without obstructing the visibility, the fence is created. The fence is sold in lengths of 10 feet. These parts are preassembled. You can shorten them in order to fit your requirements.GLI-Safety-Removable-Fence-Review

The design of the wall is such that it is climate resistant. It ensures that you are able to secure the pool area quite easily. All the hardware which you will need in order to install the fence is included. Moreover, the measuring template and the detailed instructions are included along with the fence as well. This ensures that you do not have to worry about the installation of this fence as well.

In case, you want to remove the fence at a later date that is easily possible as well. You can pull out the poles and cover up the holes. Once you are able to do that, there will be no sign that there was a fence at that location before. This ensures that you can remove the wall whenever you want. Thus, if you’re looking for a versatile and easy to use wall, this is the one which you should go with.


  • It is climate resistant
  • It comes in lengths of 10 feet
  • It is 4 feet in height
  • All the hardware is included along with the fence
  • The installation instructions are included with the fence
  • It is elegant in design
  • It is removable
  • It does not obstruct visibility due to the mesh design


  • The quality of the metal connectors used to attach different sections should be improved

8. Sentry Safety Pool Fence – 4′ Tall 12′ Long Removable Child Barrier

The next fence on our list is again a mesh type fence. It comes in 4 different colors. This means that you will be able to choose the color according to your preference easily. Also, it is 4 feet tall. It comes in 12 feet long sections. There are five rustproof poles which are included in the design. The length of a single panel is 3 feet. Thus, when you’re looking to ultimately secure the pool area from children as well as pets, this is a pretty good option.Sentry-Safety-Pool-Fence-Review

When you look at the construction of the poles, they are made from stainless steel. This is one of the main adorable advantages of this fence. Also, they are powder coated which ensures that you do not have to worry about the rust. The entire hardware which you will need for the installation like deck caps, hook, and eye, deck sleeves are included along with the fence.

Also, you will get a complete guide along with the template to install the wall. Pole to pole measurements is also mentioned in the instructions which ensure that even if you’re installing the fence for the 1st time, you will be able to do it quite easily.

You can remove the fence when not required which ensures that you are able to use the wall as per your requirement easily. It is transparent in design due to the mesh structure which means that visibility is not obstructed at all. So, if you’re on the search for the best pool fence, you can consider this option.


  • It comes along with the detailed instructions
  • All the hardware required to install is included
  • It incorporates mesh type design
  • It is 4 feet tall
  • It comes in sections of 12 feet
  • It comes in 4 different colors
  • It is rust resistant


  • The installation is a bit cumbersome

9. Giantex 4’X12′ In-Ground Pool Fence – Safety Mesh Fence Section, Black

With the height of 4 feet and the length of 12 feet, you can be sure that you will be able to secure even the larger pools with the help of this pool fence quite easily. When you look at the construction of this pool fence, you will realize that it consists of an aluminum foot tube. It not only provides proper stability and durability to the pool fence but also makes it pretty lightweight.Giantex-Ground-Swimming-Pool-Fence-Review

With the mesh type structure, you can be sure that you will be able to see through the wall without any problem at all. As each section is of 12 feet, it helps you in covering a larger area. However, if you want to shorten the division, that is a possibility as well. You can connect multiple parts as well to secure a larger area. The fence comes along with all the hardware which you will need to install it and also detailed instructions.

It means that it will not take you a significant amount of time to fix the fence. The climate resistant design ensures that you will be able to secure the area entirely when you use this fence. The mesh structure ensures that the pets also cannot pass through this fence. As a result, complete securing of the area is provided with the help of this fence.

Owing to the aluminum foot tube, you can be sure that not only will it be stable, but also it can last for a more extended period. Also, you can either buy a single section or even four sections of this pool fence as per your requirement. You can remove the fence at a later date when you’re not using it. This provides you with complete control over the way in which you use the fence.


  • It is 4 feet in height
  • A single section is 12 feet in length
  • It does not obstruct visibility
  • It comes along with the detailed instructions and hardware required to install
  • It consists of an aluminum foot tube to provide much-needed stability


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

10. Premium Guard Pool Above Ground Safety Fence – KIT C – 2 Spans

When you’re on the lookout for a fence for the circular pool, the one which we will discuss now is one of the best options. It consists of Pole-based design which ensures that pets, as well as kids, remain away from the pool area. It is perfect for circular pools and is easy to install as well.Premium-Guard-Above-Ground-Swimming-Pool-Safety-Fence-Review

Either buy a single kit, or you can even purchase multiple kits depending on the radius of your pool. It is easy to clean. You need to wash it off in order to remove the dust as well as contaminants. The pole-based design provides it with much higher rigidity as compared to the standard fence. The fence is made from PVC resin. This is one of the pretty main advantages of this fence. It can handle the elements of weather quite easily. Also, a single span is 8 feet in length. It ensures that you can cover the larger pools easily with the help of this fence.

The detailed installation instructions are included along with the fence. If you are looking for a wall for the above the ground pool, this one is merely the best option. Additionally, you can connect the different kits without any problem at all. Most of the hardware which you will need for the installation of this pool fence is included along with it. You will not have to buy hardware separately for this pool fence. With the help of PVC construction and compatibility with the above the ground pool, you can be sure that you will be able to secure the pool quite quickly. Due to its unique attributes, it is one of the best pool fences which you can buy.


  • It is suitable for above the ground pools
  • It can fence bigger swimming pools quite easily
  • It is made from PVC resin
  • It requires very little maintenance
  • It is easy to install


  • The quality of the fixtures can be improved

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