10 Best Pool Covers for Updated 2020

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Swimming pools offer a chance to cool our bodies and relax after a long tiring day at work. When you go swimming you cool down your body, relax the muscles while relieving all your stress.Best-Pool-Covers-for-Inground-and-Above-Ground-Pools Presented by Globo Pool

Imagine you got into your pool ready for a swim and you find dead birds, dirt or debris inside it. That will kill the mood of swimming. For you to avoid this, I would recommend that you use the best pool covers. They will keep your pool clean, and some will also maintain the pool temperature for that warm swim. You may want to check my survey on Best Above Ground Pools.

So, where and how do you find the best pool cover today? The best way is to search online. However, this will require you to do intense research to ensure you pick the best and only the best pool cover.

The 10 Best Pool Covers in 2020

It’s a long process, but I’ve shortened it and made it easy for you. I went through the top best pool cover models and their features, and I came with the list below. I suggest you go through it and get to know the best pool covers available today and pick one that suits your pool cover needs best.

Brand & Item NameSize Up ToShapePrice
Intex - Easy Set and Frame Pools16 ftRoundCheck Price
Sun2Solar - Rectangle Solar Cover16 x 40 FtRectangleCheck Price
Blue Wave - Round Safty Cover18 ftRoundCheck Price
GLI Pool - Rectangle Safety Pool Cover16 x 32 ftRectangleCheck Price
In The Swim - Pool Winter Cover24 ft RoundCheck Price
Pool-Mate - 351632RPM16 x 32 ftRectangleCheck Price
Blue Wave - NS110 8-mil18 ftRoundCheck Price
Water Warden - Pool Safety Cover20 x 40RectangleCheck Price
Blue Wave - Rectangular Safety Cover25-ft x 45-ftRectangularCheck Price
Loop-Loc - Rectangle Safety Pool Cover20 x 40 ftRectangleCheck Price

1. Intex Easy Set and Frame Pools – for 16ft Diameter Review

If you’re a pool enthusiast like me, you will agree that Intex is a well-known brand in producing and manufacturing the highest quality products. They have proven that by developing the Intex Solar cover.Intex Easy Set and Frame Pools – for 16ft Diameter Review

The Intex used tough PVC plastic material to make this cover. It collects the solar energy which then heats your pool while preventing excessive heat loss. When reviewing the product one crucial feature, I adored is the air bubbles. They transfer heat to all parts of the pool.

The cover also reduces evaporation by 95% while retaining the high water temperature. A cover is a perfect tool for eliminating the need for a water heater to warm the pool. As a pool owner, you will be happy to hear that it comes with drain holes which prevent a lot of water accumulating on the top of your cover.

When you order the product, it comes with a reusable carrying bag, which you can use it for safe storage. One last thing I loved about the cover, it’s lightweight and foldable for easy storage.


  • Made using study PVC plastic material
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy storage
  • Reduces the pool evaporation by 95%
  • Comes with lots of air bubbles that circulate heat
  • Packed in a reusable carrying bag


  • Too thin cover
  • Does not fit small-sized pool

2. Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover – Heating Blanket for Swimming Pools

The Sun2Solar cover is a 16ft by 40ft rectangular shaped clear solar cover. It fits round above-ground pool that has a Sun2Solar cover reel effortless while ensuring your pool stay heated.Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover – Heating Blanket for Swimming Pools

The cover is made from a durable, strong resin material which makes it perfect in keeping unwanted dirt and debris from your pool water. When you install the cover on your pool, you will be getting a pool blanket that’s made of thousand-tiny bubbles.

These bubbles work together in collecting heat in your pool during the chilly days and retaining it during the night. The clarity allows the UV rays to penetrate deep into your pool to raise the water temperatures.

You will also acknowledge the fact that this cover will prevent up to 95% of the pool water evaporation. For a maximum heat redistribution and retention, I recommend that you place the pool cover with its bubbles facing down.


  • Clear, rectangle solar blanket
  • Prevents water evaporation rate by 95%
  • Made of durable 12-gauge resin material
  • Comes with a 2-year limited cover against manufacture’s defect
  • Available in Blue color too


  • Bulky and difficult to store

3. Blue Wave Round Safty Cover –  Above-Ground Pool Winter Pool Safty Cover Review

A warm and clean pool is all of us need when we go swimming. Right? And to ensure that you get a perfectly clean pool with warm water, the Blue Wave company have come up with the Bronze round above ground pool cover.Blue Wave Round Safty Cover – Above-Ground Pool Winter Pool Safty Cover Review

The cover is constructed from rough yet strong polythene scrim with a coating, allowing it to withstand those harsh winters. Also, the cover is UV protected thus lasting long under the sun. It features a black interior which works well in preventing algae growth.

Also, the heat-sealed seams provide it with the strength needed to make sure no debris gets inside your pool. What’s more, the cover features a 4ft overlap which ensures that you get the right fit for your round above ground pool.

It comes with a heavy-duty coated cable with tighteners that are anchored using metal grommets. They are spaced 30 inches apart to ensure your cover is held tightly to the swimming pool.


  • Round 18-ft Above-Ground Winter Cover
  • Rugged with a polyethylene scrim and coating
  • Comes in a stylish dark navy blue and a black underside
  • Backed By an 8-Year Warranty
  • Heavy duty winch tightener and cable included


  • A poor customer support team
  • Doesn’t work on all pool shapes

4. GLI Pool Rectangle Safety Pool Cover – Heating Blanket for Pools

After a good swim, leaving the pool with total safety is a way to give yourself peace of mind. The 16ft by 32ft rectangular safety pool cover from GLI pool products will make it possible. It comes in a forest green color which will add that stylish look to your pool.GLI Pool Rectangle Safety Pool Cover – Heating Blanket for Pools

The cover is made of 2ply polypropylene mesh fabric material which gives it properties to resist mildew, rot, UV rays, and chemical damage. The mesh design allows water drainage yet keeping leaves and large debris out while making it easy and quick to clean during spring.

The GLI pool rectangular safety cover comes complete with strong brass screw-type anchors used on concrete decks, installation tools, stainless steel springs, and a reusable storage bag. The cover comes with a break strength of 4000lbs and is ASTM rated.


  • Made of polypropylene mesh fabric
  • Patented mesh material blend
  • Tamper-proof design
  • 12-Year Limited Warranty
  • Brass anchors and stainless steel springs Included


  • Sags in the middle
  • No step section

5. In The Swim Pool Winter Cover – Keeps Debris & Water Out

Make sure your pool stays clean and free of ice and debris materials with the use of In The Swim round winter pool cover. The cover brings a great way of keeping your adored pool in a perfect condition during the cold season, especially the winter monthsIn The Swim Pool Winter Cover – Keeps Debris & Water Out.

It’s made of high-grade triple-laminated polyethylene sheeting woven. The woven comes with a thick, high-density polyethylene stitching ensuring superior durability and tensile strength. Furthermore, the material is treated to provide resistance to UV rays.

Its solidity will ensure that no debris or water will get into your pool. The lightweight design is a plus making it easy to install and store. For that firm and secure fit, the cover accompanies Steel cable and winch. The model comes with an 8-Year limited warranty allowing you to use it with a peace of mind.


  • Lightweight, solid round pool cover
  • Triple-laminated polyethylene sheeting woven-made cover
  • Features a high-quality polyethylene stitching
  • Comes with a Steel cable and winch
  • 1 Year full guarantee


  • Only applicable to round pools

6. Pool Mate 351632RPM – Winter Pool Cover for In-Ground Swimming Pools

As a pool owner, enjoying your winter without worrying about your in-ground pool has been made possible by Pool-Mate 351632RPM Winter Pool Cover. It’s a heavy-duty blue winter pool cover made to fit in-ground pools.Pool Mate 351632RPM – Winter Pool Cover for In-Ground Swimming Pools

It is available in a variety of sizes to fit most in-ground pools. Use it to protect your pool during those harsh winter conditions. The pool cover is made from heavy-duty polyethylene material which is coated to make it UV resistant while preventing UV rays from entering the pool.

That will inhibit algae growth. The solidity of this cover helps in blocking dirt and debris from entering your clean pool. The cover comes with a 5ft overlap for a custom fit. The cover also comes with heat seal seams for better performance.

The design used in developing this cover allows it to float on water for easy installation. It accompanies water tube loops that are used with water tubes but are sold separately.


  • Heavy duty polyethylene-made Winter Cover
  • Heat sealed for better performance
  • 5-foot overlap for easy installation
  • Float comfortably on the water
  • 10-Year warranty


  • Somewhat heavy and cumbersome
  • Materials could be more durable

7. Blue Wave NS110 8-mil – Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools

The Blue Wave NS110 pool cover is an above-ground pool solar blanket that comes with insulting thermal cells. These cells are used to trap heat and retain warmth during the cold, cloudy days.Blue Wave NS110 8-mil – Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools

It uses passive heating to raise the pool temperatures by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, thus allowing you to enjoy a swim in warm water all summer long. I would love to tell you that this product is made from UV protected polymer which gives it the strength to deter deterioration from chemicals and UV rays.

The material is also designed to prevent water and chemical evaporation for up to 95%. For optimized heat retention, the solar blanket comes with an opaque, blue color allowing maximum sunlight to reach the water.

Apart from that its super strength and tight fill keeps all the debris, leaves, dirt and rain from entering your pool. The product comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty to ensure you get the best durability and performance.


  • Made using High-quality pleated polyester material
  • Extruded PVC center cores
  • Reinforced antimicrobial end caps
  • Molded in threads, no loose inserts
  • Break-resistant bands
  • UV protected


  • Pricey
  • Heavy and cumbersome

8. Water Warden Pool Safety Cover – with All Hardware & Installation Tools

An in-ground pool is associated with a lot of risks when not in use. The young ones and pets might get inside the swimming pool, and it becomes a tragedy. Prevent this by use of the Water Warden Pool Safety Cover.Water Warden Pool Safety Cover – with All Hardware & Installation Tools

The cover will not only make your pool safe for kids and pets but also guard it against harsh winter in a single easy step. It comes with a 2ply strap webbing and a lightweight mesh that allows rain to seep through while filtering out twigs, leaves and other debris.

The triple stitching and the double strapping featured on this model gives it a second layer of protection and increases durability. The cover virtually blocks the UV light from entering your pool thus eliminating algae formation in your pool.

On the safety side, the cover is UL classified by ASTM standards. Heavy duty kits accompany the cover. The kit components are made of finely crafted materials like stainless steel, heavy aluminum, and solid brass. The D-ring springs that come with cover are meant to eliminate the need for buckles.


  • Lightweight design for easy use
  • Uses well-made D-ring springs
  • Great at blocking out debris
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Comes with all installation hardware
  • Anchors sit flush to the pool deck


  • Runs a little small
  • Allows dust and pollen into the pool
  • Require new anchors to be drilled on your pool

9. Blue Wave Rectangular Safety Cover – Best Pool Cover

The blue wave rectangular in-ground pool cover is a safety cover designed to protect your kids, pets and your pool. It’s a durable yet strong safety cover that can support a ton of weight yet lightweight to comfortably put it on, take it off and store it.Blue Wave Rectangular Safety Cover – Best Pool Cover

The Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Safety Cover is made of study 2ply mesh which is rated to withstand up to 4000lbs force. The model also features double-seamed stitching for an added durability and longevity.

The brass concrete anchors that come with the cover secures it to the pool deck allowing it to sit flush and nice. The mesh design employed on this cover might seem like a disadvantage to you.

However, the design prevents virtually anything from entering your pool except rain and sunlight. By allowing sunlight inside the pool, the cover will be restricting the growth of algae and mildew.


  • Heavy-duty 2ply mesh-made safety cover
  • Recessed design
  • Multi-seamed stitching
  • Brass anchoring system
  • Instruction manual and storage bag included
  • Backed by an 18-Year Warranty


  • Minimal material overlap
  • Poor customer service

10. Loop-Loc Rectangle Safety Pool Cover – All Hardware for Cement Installation Included

If you’re searching for the best safety in-ground cover that is super-strong and utilizes only the highest quality materials, then Loop Loc Safety Cover is your ideal choice.Loop-Loc Rectangle Safety Pool Cover – All Hardware for Cement Installation Included

It’s a premium option for those who’re searching for safety cover that stays tight while making your pool look beautiful and keeping it clean. The cover comes with a mesh design allowing it to virtually block all sunlight but still allowing rain and melting snow to drain through quickly.

The model features a double perimeter webbing and comes with a double-thick strap. The combination of the two gives it an exceptionally high break proof strength. The cover’s large x-tracking on Loop Lock straps are sewn manually for maximum durability and precise placement.

The product does not only meet but exceed the ASTM rating thus showing unmatched dedication and commitment to the safety of your kids and pets. The super mesh design uses 41 by 20 threads per inch which give it a 35gpm water flow rate and a 95% shade rating. It comes with 2ft overlap and has a burst rate of 650 psi.


  • Super mesh rectangle safety cover
  • Exceeds ASTM Standards
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • UL certified
  • Cement installation hardware included


  • Quite expensive
  • Designed only for 20 x 40-foot rectangular pools

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