Top 5 Best Pool Backwash Hoses For 2020 (Reviews)

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Best Pool Backwash HosesPool backwashing helps in the removal of dirt from the pool filter bed. The filter bed should not have too much accumulation of dirt which can hinder the flow of water to the pool.

You need backwashing regularly to free the filter bed of dirt accumulation. The best pool backwashing hose comes in handy when cleaning the area. The pool backwash hoses come in durable materials that can lay flat and roll-up. You can have a long hose but roll it up and store it in a small space.

It is indispensable always to keep the swimming pool clean. I’m going to reveal to you the best pool backwash hoses shortly to help you get the best products for your pool maintenance.

Top 5 Best Pool Backwash Hose Reviews 2020

1. GORILLA Backwash Hose

GORILLA Backwash HoseIt is among my best pool backwash hose which has made my work very easy. The choice of materials makes it very reliable. It is chemical and water-resistant, making it very useful in outdoor use. A hose clamp is provided, which makes it very easy to use.

It took me a few minutes to connect to the water supply and start the cleaning services. The use of commercial-grade PVC makes it stronger than other hoses available in the market.

I was careful to check out the construction of the hose before buying. The use of reinforced commercial grade PVC makes it very reliable. Stainless steel clamp makes it easy when in use. It is a hose I highly recommend due to its excellent design. Value for money is guaranteed due to the grand design of the backwash hose.


  • Strong backwash hose
  • Commercial grade PVC
  • Stainless steel clamp
  • Heavy-duty materials


  • Standard size filter outlets only

2. HydroMaxx 2″ Diameter Backwash Hose

HydroMaxx 2 incs Diameter Backwash HoseIt is a heavy-duty backwash hose which I have been using. It is highly durable to guarantee great results. Each time I use the hose, it makes my work easy. It is among my top recommendations due to its agricultural grade construction.

With the pressure of up to 4 bars, it is a highly reliable hose which I highly recommend. I have been applying the hose for long, and it still serves me well. Value for money is guaranteed due to the grand design of the hose.

The use of tensile strength polyester fiber makes the hose very reliable. I can lay it flat for secure storage. The fact that it lays flat makes it among my top picks. It is a regular hose I can recommend to anybody looking to realize the best results.


  • Lays flat for storage
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Polyester fiber
  • 4 bar pressure capacity


  • Only 2-inch diameter

2. Blue Devil-Foot Backwash Hose

Blue Devil Foot Backwash HoseI had to check on the design of the backwash hose before listing it among my best pool backwash hose. It is a highly reliable hose I have been using, and it has never let me down. It is unlike several brands in the market which are prone to bursting. The hose clamp provided makes it easy to connect it to the filters.

I was careful to check on the versatility. The versatile hose allows me to apply it in different pool washing exercises. The use of high quality reinforced vinyl materials makes it among my highly durable backwash hoses.

A hose clamp is included to allow for a quick connection. I can’t regret buying the hose. For the time I have been using it, it has served me very well. It is among the few backwash hoses which I highly recommend due to its excellent design. With up to 75 feet long, it serves me very well, considering my backyard is small.


  • Versatile design
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Comes with clamp


  • Only 75 feet long

4. Blue Torrent BS 41076 Backwash Hose

Blue Torrent BS 41076 Backwash HoseIt is among my best pool backwash hose which has made me very proud. The hose is carefully designed to guarantee me the best performance when working on different cleaning services.

It easily fits into the filter outlet. I love cleaning the swimming pool, and the hose plays a significant role. I had to compare different backwash hoses before buying the hose. It is a highly reliable backwash hose I highly recommend. Commercial grade design makes it highly reliable.

Web reinforced makes it very durable. I love products that can last long, and the hose has proved to be highly effective. The weather registrant design makes the hose among my best choices. Even after leaving it outdoors, it still serves me well.


  • Commercial grade
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Versatile
  • Web reinforced


  • Only 1.5″ Diameter

5. ANTOBLE Discharge Blue Backwash Hose

ANTOBLE Discharge Blue Backwash HoseI was after a hose which can offer me the best results in the backwashing field. The hose is among my best backwash hoses due to several factors. For example, it comes with a hose clamp, which asks it easy to get started.

I take the least time to connect it to the filter for effective discharging of the wastewater. It easily rolls up for secure storage. There is no stress whatsoever when it comes to storage.

The careful selection of materials makes the hose among my top picks. It is carefully designed to guarantee me the best results as I clean the pool. The use of high-quality PVC materials makes it corrosion and abrasion-resistant. I highly recommend the backwash hose.


  • Clamp included
  • Rolls up
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Only 27 feet long

Best Pool Backwash Hose Buying Guide

There are several factors to check out before buying a backwash hose. Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration:


The best pool backwash hose should be highly resistant. Check to ensure the backwash hose is resistant to corrosion or abrasion. It is also necessary to check on the quality of the maters used in making the hose.

Length of the backwash hose

Try to go for a backwash hose which is long enough to allow you to empty the dirty water. The hoses come in different lengths. You should check out the range before buying it.

Materials used to make the backwash hose

You can have a backwash hose made out of PVC or vinyl. Always compare the materials and go for one which is made out of the most durable materials. It will serve you for long to realize value for money.

Best Pool Backwash Hose FAQs

What are the uses of backwash hoses?

The pool backwash hose is used to empty water from the filter area. It is used during cleaning of the pool. You need to invest in the best backwash hose for the best results.

How many times should you use a backwash hose?

You need to use the hose at least twice each week to keep the pol clean. Buy a durable backwash hose to realize the best results in your pool cleaning.

Which length of backwash hose should I buy?

The length of the backwash hose depends on the location of the pool, and where you intend to empty the water. Take measurements before you proceed to buy the backwash hose.

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