Best Pool Alarms in 2020 – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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Best Pool Alarms Presented By Globo PoolSwimming pools are one of the best rejuvenation options within the confines of your home. However, if not managed properly they can be risky as well. There is always a risk of drowning, especially for kids.

That is why it is important to incorporate proper security systems in your swimming pool. One such measure which you can opt for is to install the pool alarms. With the help of pool alarms, you will be notified instantly whenever the kids enter the pool.

Hence, you will be cautious and monitor the kids when they go to the swimming pool. There are many different options available when it comes to choosing the pool alarms. We will today share with you the best pool alarms which are available.

Top 10 Best Pool Alarm Reviews in 2019

Item NameHigh outputBrandPrice
GE Personal Security Best Pool Alarm120 DBGECheck Price
Guardline Wireless Driveway500 FtGuardlineCheck Price
iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor-iSmartAlarmCheck Price
Techko S187D110-120 dBTechkoCheck Price
Poolguard PGRM 285 FTPoolguardCheck Price
NA4212 Poolwatch100 ftPoolwatchCheck Price
PoolGuard GAPT85 DBPoolGuardCheck Price
PoolEye Above-Ground Pool Alarm24 ftPoolEyeCheck Price
Techko S189A110-115 dBTechkoCheck Price
Poolguard DAPT-285 DBPoolguardCheck Price

1. GE Personal Security Window/Door – Best Pool Alarms Security

This pool alarm comes in a pack of two. It has three different adjustable settings. You can turn it off completely, or you can put it on the chime setting, or you can use the alarm which is incorporated.GE Personal Security WindowDoor – Best Pool Alarms Security

The pool alarm is 120 dB loud. The loud alarm ensures that it is tough to ignore this pool alarm. The installation is pretty simple. You will not have to opt for any additional wiring. The mounting hardware required comes along with the package itself.

Thus, making sure that you can use it right away easily. With the help of the battery check button, you can quickly know about the remaining life of the batteries. It works on 4 LR44 batteries, ensuring that you can change them in time and keep the alarm operational at all times.

Thus, you can install it in any nook and cranny of the pool area without any problem at all. The ease of use and loud alarm makes it one of the best pool alarms which you can buy.


  • Loud Alarm
  • Three Operational Modes
  • Easy to install
  • Includes Hardware
  • No additional wiring needed
  • Battery operated
  • Easy to check battery life


  • No volume control

2. Guardline Wireless Driveway – Best DIY Security Alert System- Stay Safe

The next alarm on our list is again a wireless alarm. It is good enough for not just swimming pools but any entry and exit points also. Thus, it is pretty versatile. It currently includes one sensor and one receiver.

However, you can scale it up to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers. Thus, if you have a large pool area, it is one of the best options for you. When you look at the chimGuardline Wireless Driveway – Best DIY Security Alert System- Stay Safees incorporated, there are 30 different options to select. You can even choose a specific chime for a particular sensor.

This feature can provide you with an indication regarding the area in which there is a problem. With the help of PVC housing, it can last for a long time without any problem at all. With the range of 500 feet, you can be sure that you will be able to install it in the swimming pool area.

The alarm has been tested in the real world with simulations of various obstacles and works pretty well. It works on AA batteries. It comes in a group of 4 AA batteries which can easily last for up to one year. It can not just detect humans but large animals and cars as well. Enormous battery life ensures that you won’t have to change the batteries again and again.

You can easily adjust the volume on the receiver side. It will allow you to customize the alarm precisely as per your need. The volume-adjustable feature and 30 different chimes to choose from, makes it one of the best pool alarms which you can purchase.


  • Compatible with additional sensors
  • 30 chime options
  • Battery operated
  • Large range
  • Wireless operation
  • Easy to install
  • PVC assembly


  • Not easy to change the batteries

3. iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor – Best DIY Security Alert System- Stay Safe

The alarm which we are speaking about consists of a contact Sensor. Thus, in case, you want to automate it with some other gadget or device that is indeed possible. It comes with the pack of 2 sensors which ensures that you can cover a larger area without any problem at all.iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor – Best DIY Security Alert System- Stay Safe

You will be able to get notifications instantly. It is entirely wireless and can be moved from one place to another as per your requirement. The sensor is highly accurate which ensures that you will be able to monitor the pool area without any problem at all.

In case, you’re looking for sensors for building up a DIY security system; this is the one which you select for your pool. It is compatible with Alexa as well as IFTTT. Thus, when you’re looking for a pool alarm with precise sensors, you should consider this option.


  • Compatible with various software
  • Accurate sensors
  • Instant notification facility
  • Versatile
  • Consists of 2 sensors
  • Suitable for DIY security systems


  • Not easy to setup

4. Techko S187D – Water and Weather Resistant

If you’re looking for an alarm which precisely targets the swimming pools, you should not ignore this option. When you are actively moving over to the pool area, you can press the bypass button.Techko S187D – Water and Weather Resistant

It can work with sliding doors as well as screen doors. The receiver has six different alarm tone options. The output alarm is of 120 dB. It consists of additional sensors in-case; you want to replace the primary ones.

The versatility of the alarm ensures that you can use it for the different types of swimming pools without any problem at all. When you’re on the lookout for Best pool alarms, you should consider this option.

It is targeted towards the swimming pool and therefore can handle water and any weather without any problem at all. Additionally, there is also an always-on alarm mode which allows you to monitor the swimming pool area consistently. All these features make it highly versatile and simple to use.


  • Consists of extra sensors
  • Incorporates bypass button
  • Loud sound output
  • Always turn-on mode
  • Weather resistant and water resistant
  • Suitable for sliding doors and screen doors


  • Not easy to install

5. Poolguard PGRM 2 – Inground Pool Pool Alarm Review

The next option on our list is more than an alarm. It is a pool guard. The output is 85 dB at a distance of 10 feet. Thus, ignoring the alert is not possible.Poolguard PGRM 2 – Inground Pool Pool Alarm Review

It detects physical obstructions which trigger the alarm system. It comes along with a remote receiver. You can easily keep the remote receiver in your home.

It is battery powered. It can detect any intrusion including that of a small child of one year old. This feature ensures that you always get proper alerts whenever someone enters the pool area. Thus, if you’re looking for an enhanced security option, you should certainly consider this pool guard.


  • Better security
  • Adequate sound output
  • Detects even small children
  • Easy to install
  • Battery operated


  • No bypass feature

6. NA4212 Poolwatch – Pool Alarm System by Blue Wave

This innovative product from Blue Wave happens to be one of the best pool alarms on the market at present. It is an outstanding 24 x 7 alarm which is available at an extremely affordable price as compared to the other similar products from the market.

On top of this, it likewise conforms to ASTM F2208. This fantastic pool alarm is going to work with both in-ground as well as above-ground swimming pools to provide the customers with an effective and yet hassle-free solution for safeguarding their pools.

This alarm is also known for its simple installation procedure onto pool rail or deck. Apart from this, the manufacturer even provides a lucrative one-year limited warranty so that you can use it without any risk at all.

This product also comes with 9v battery backup feature (although the batteries are not included). It can also boast of having an outstanding 110 V AC powered receiver. As many as 6 D size batteries will be required for the sensor as well (although these are not included).


  • Innovative electronic sensor for detecting unwanted entry into the pool
  • Remote receiver sounds upon activating the pool alarm
  • The alarm can detect any object weighing more than 18 pounds
  • 9 V battery powered receiver
  • The user manual is available for operation and installation


  • The alarm sometimes goes off all of a sudden.
  • Does not always conform to NYS specifications

7. PoolGuard GAPT – Pool Gate Outdoor Alarm Review

It is possible to use this astounding pool alarm on virtually any gate, outside the screen or door giving access to your swimming pool.PoolGuard GAPT – Pool Gate Outdoor Alarm Review

This device is going to sound in only 7 seconds in case the gate is opened by any child or even if he or her close the gate. The alarm is on constantly and will automatically reset under any condition. It will not allow any person to leave your gate open accidentally for the kids to enter without any knowledge of the danger.

Moreover, it comes with an innovative adult pass-through feature which will permit any adult individual to open the gate without even sounding the alarm. The alarm likewise offers a low battery indicator which is going to alert you once the battery is becoming low.

It will use only one 9 V battery (not included with the product) while the battery life is around one year. The alarm likewise comes with a sensor magnet which is designed for the gates.


  • Appropriate for outdoor usage
  • Lucrative 1-year warranty
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Powered by batteries


  • Might not be heard indoors
  • Can be a bit hard to install
  • Sometimes goes off during the middle of the night

8. PoolEye Above-Ground Pool Alarm – Top Rated Outdoor Weather Resistant

We are aware of the fact that pool alarms are meant for protecting the swimming pool. This particular product from PoolEye will do just that and will help to safeguard your pool with the aid of an innovative PoolEye subsurface wave recognition alarm for the above ground pools.PoolEye Above-Ground Pool Alarm – Top Rated Outdoor Weather Resistant

This alarm is going to meet or even exceed the local and state barrier alarm specifications. The PoolEye Company recognizes well the need for a well-performing pool alarm. That’s why they came up with the PoolEye Above-Ground Pool Alarm. The device is designed to secure your pool.

The thing I loved about this alarm is that it comes as an adjustable model. You will like it for the fact that it is easy to set up, flexible to adjust and works smoothly for years. And to prevent loud noises, the device emits loud audible alarm sound at the control panel.

Additionally, the PoolEye pool alarm uses a patented underwater wave detector to alert you when kids and animals are weighing more than 15lbs fall into your pool. It requires you to screw it on the poolside, and the work is an easy DIY process.

The process will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. The model uses AA batteries which are included, and because they are commonly used with pool gadgets, it will be easy for you to replace them.


  • Extremely simple to install and operate
  • Produces a loud alarm
  • Innovative underwater wave detector
  • Optimum pool size of 24 feet
  • The assembly time requires approximately 10 minutes
  • Needs 4 – AA batteries (which are not included)


  • Can go off at the slightest movement
  • Not many instructions are provided

9. Techko S189A – Ultra Slim Pool Alarm Review

The is one of the best pool alarms out there which has been designed for sounding loud notifications once a gate or door is opened. The gates and doors are secured by the presence of magnetic contact sensors which have been installed on them.Techko S189A – Ultra Slim Pool Alarm Review

Once they are set up, they will enable the adult people to pass through the projected door or gate by merely pressing an innovative bypass button. After the bottom has been pressed, the individual will have only 8 seconds to pass through the gate or door and then shut it.

This alarm is a simple solution for notifying you whenever your kids are going to enter and also leave the swimming pool. This astounding alarm system has been powered by as many as 3 AAA batteries which have been included along with the product.


  • Alarm protection is always on
  • Innovative magnetic sensor entry alarm
  • Effective 110-115DB alarm
  • Automatic adult pass-through reset button
  • Weather as well as water resistant


  • Several of the units might not function properly
  • The construction is not that solid
  • The quality is not up to the mark

10. Poolguard DAPT-2 – Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm

This particular pool alarm is going to sound within only 7 seconds once the gate is opened by a child and it will continue to produce the sound until an adult person resets it.Poolguard DAPT-2 – Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm

This alarm will sound in only 7 seconds even though a child does go through the door and closes the door behind him. It will operate continuously and can be reset automatically under any condition whatsoever.

Moreover, the product comes with an innovative adult pass-through feature which will enable any adult individual to pass through the door without even sounding the alarm. You also purchase any optional screen door kit for the product they should allow you to receive air through the screen door without even saying the alarm.

This alarm is going to use only one 9 V battery (which is not included with the product), while the battery life is around one year. The alarm likewise offers a cutting-edge low battery indicator which will notify you once the battery becomes low. This product happens to be the only door alarm which has been UL listed under UL 2017.


  • Manufactured in the US
  • Offers a lucrative one year warranty
  • Battery powered
  • UL listed under UL 2017
  • 85DB Horn at 10 ft


  • Not worth its cost
  • Appears to have too many false alarms
  • The instructions seem to be rather complicated

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