6 Best Playsets for Small Backyards in 2020 [Reviewed]

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Best Playsets for Small Backyards ReviewedWith the advancement of technology, children are more attracted to television programs, Internet, computers, computer games, etc. However, all that is not healthy for them. You need to encourage your kids to participate in more outdoor activities to be more active and positive.

One way to do so has an excellent outdoor playset. An outdoor playset will also allow young children to gain self-confidence, physical strength, and social skills.

Many adults still keep happy memories of their childhood when playing in outdoor games. The best playsets for small backyards with playground equipment such as slides, swings, climbs, and decks can provide fun for children for a long time. Having said all that, it’s time I give you a guide to finding the best playset for use in your small backyard. Let’s jump right in!

Top 6 Best Playsets for Small Backyards in 2020

Is it worth investing in a high-quality playset for a small backyard? In my opinion, it is a good investment since kids need to have fun, breath the fresh air, and have some physical-healthy activities. Here is a list of the best playsets for small backyards available in 2019.

1. Swing-N-Slide Outing Play and SwingSets

Swing N Slide Outing Play and SwingSetsMy first best playset for small backyards is the Swing-N-Slide Outing Play and SwingSets. It’s a highly rated model that which has been a favorite to many families.

It comes with a wave slide, rock climbing wall, sandbox, two swings, a ring/trapeze bar, a climbing port, and a covered play fort. The playset has everything your kids need for a happy outdoor fun and is recommended for kids aged between 3-11 years.

Its construction is heavy-duty with a 4×4 wood framing and a 4×6 swing beam allowing it to hold more up to 800 pounds. The best part is, the playset uses a cedar, which is well known to resists rot, insect and decay damage naturally.


  • Soft rubber grippy plastic coating
  • Multiple playset configurations
  • UV protected swing chains
  • Heavy-duty wood framing
  • Sturdy swing beam


  • Quite heavy
  • Require assembling which can be tricky

2. Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Cedar Wood Set

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing SetBackyard Discovery Skyfort II cedar wood swing set is the next in the list. It’s one of the most popular backyard playset kits that features a raised clubhouse, a covered entryway, bay windows, and lower play-deck.

Apart from that, it does also feature a swing glider, a sandbox, two belt swings, a slide belt, and monkey bars. When it comes to its build, it uses strong wood framing, which is treated to handle warmth and also stay durable.

It’s packed with all kind of fun tool your kids’ needs for an exceptional outdoor play. On top of that, every corner on this set is well curved to ensure the wrong thing is super safe for the kids.


  • Resists mold and decay naturally
  • Meet or exceed ASTM Standards
  • UV resistant plastic components
  • High strength steel brackets
  • High-quality material
  • Weather Resistant


  • Hard-to-follow instructions

3. Lifetime A-Frame Adventure Playset

Lifetime A Frame Adventure PlaysetIf you need a playset for the small backyard which gives your kids the best outdoor fun, then Lifetime A-frame Adventure playset is an ideal choice. It’s a perfect way to give your kids their craving fun and also involve them in healthy physical activities.

Everything on this playset is centered at ensuring your kids the best outdoor fun while also keeping them fit and safe. It does come with a sturdy 3-D climbing wall, a propeller swing, a cargo net, a frame swing bar, a clubhouse with a safe roof, activity chalkboard and a wavy slide.

Apart from being robust, the playset is also extremely durable. It retains strength and color for a long time thanks to its UV-resistant materials. Additionally, this model is low maintenance, with no staining or painting needed.


  • Passes Safety Standards
  • No Lead-Based Material
  • All-Weather Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Soft Rubber Grips
  • Free-Standing


  • Quite expensive

4. Backyard Discovery Oakmont – All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Wood Playset Swing SetHere is another wonderfully made playset from Backyard Discovery. The Oakmont playset/swing set is a smaller all-cedar wood playset featuring an upper fort with a colorful, heavy-duty canopy cover. It also has a lower fort fitted with a slide, trapeze swing and two-belt swing for the best outdoor fun package.

The playset also features a playhouse featuring a built-in bench, a wooden kid’s clubhouse, and a snack stand. The two belt swings are firmly fitted to ensure they are super safe and speedy.

A standard robust ladder is also equipped to this playset for easy and secure climbing to the playhouse. I love its natural cedar look and finish as it adds a unique touch of appeal to the backyard.


  • Natural resistance to mold and decay
  • Exclusive Safe-T-Fuse Hardware
  • High strength steel brackets
  • Powder-coated metal parts
  • Meets ASTM Standards
  • Weather Resistant


  • No rock climbing wall
  • Hard-to-follow Instructions

5. Backyard Discovery Tucson – All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Wood Playset Swing SetHere I have another unique, study and fun-full playset from Backyard Discovery, The Tucson cedar wood playset. It’s among the most popular sets in the market and a favorite to many families for its sturdy construction and lots of features.

It comes with a special play-deck that is fitted with a colorful, UV-resistant cover, two-belt swings, a slide, a sandbox, and a trapeze swing. The play-deck features a roomy upper deck with shade and the relaxing lower paly area that features the sandbox, a built-in bench, and a snack stand.

The playset is an all-in-one swing set ideal for fun and healthy physical activities for your kids. The edges and the corners are well protected to ensure it is super safe for the children and meets all the safety requirements.


  • Resists mold and decay naturally
  • Meet or exceed ASTM Standards
  • High strength steel brackets
  • Powder-coated metal parts
  • All-Weather Resistant
  • Low Maintenance


  • Difficult Assembly
  • The ladder can be slippery

6. KidKraft F24950 McKinley Cedar Wood Swing Set

KidKraft McKinley Cedar Wood Swing SetThe list ends with a unique playset from Kidraft, The McKinley Cedar Wood Playset. With this unit, you get to turn your small backyard into a significant source of fun for your kids. With it accommodating up to nine children at once, it does pack a maximum wow-power in a small space.

It also features a high-rail deep wave slide that provides the best bumpy rides. Additionally, this model features an innovative rock wall ladder which goads young mountaineers to the clubhouse.

There is also two sturdy belt swings and a perfect gymnastic acrobatic bar which is ideal for keeping the keeps in excellent physical health. The premium swing components and the high-quality cedar lumber will ensure your kids love their free time in this playset.


  • Premium swing beam and brackets
  • Sturdy, pre-assembled panels
  • Heavy-duty swing hangers
  • Increased swing spacing
  • Easy Assembly
  • Safety Zone


  • Longer installation time

Best Playsets for Small Backyards: Buying Guide

While deciding which playset is ideal for your small backyard, you should make sure you buy the perfect unit. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best playsets for small yards for your family:

Playset construction

For the best structural integrity and the durability, you need to consider the building materials used in its construction. Playsets are available in plastic, wood, metal and recycled materials. Each of these elements has its characteristics, advantages, and benefits related to its durability, cushioning, and ease of use.

Whichever you pick, you need to ensure it is high-quality and durable enough to pay for itself. Additionally, since it’s an outdoor unit, you have to ensure it is weather-proofed and UV-protected. Natural oils applied on wood and made from redwood and cedar prevent the wood from cracking for years.

Playset size and shape

Most outdoor playsets come not pre-assembled due to their large size and shape. Before buying, make sure that your available space can accommodate your desired playset by measuring both this space and the new outdoor game. Remember that, apart from the actual measurement of the playset, you have to provide sufficient surface measurement to cover the free space around the playset.

Playset accessories

Before you buy the playset, you need to ensure it comes with the necessary practical accessories. To make the playset more fun and adventurous, look for games with a variety of swings, climbs, and other exciting accessories.

In general, sleds and swings are always included in regular sets. Today, some new games offer even more accessories, such as rope ladders, suspension bars, sandboxes, and play swings. Some expensive also have climbing walls.

Playset assembly

Assembling the playset is an essential part of ensuring it’s safe for the kids. If you have skills in playset assembling, you can buy any model that fits your needs. But if you do not have the handy skills for the job, then find a unit that you can assemble quickly or find an expert for the job.

Safety features

With playsets, safety needs to be your priority. At times you will need to leave the kids having fun in the outdoor. Even if you warn them of not using the playset while you’re away, they will most probably use it. For you to make sure they are safe, you need to check the safety features fitted on the unit.

Safety features like non-slip treads, rounded corners, recessed hardware, rubber-coated chains, durable rotating swivels, and guide rails need to be on the playset. Also, you can look for a playset designed to protect the kids’ sensitive skin and hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can an adult use a playset safely?

That depends on the weight limit of the playset. Some playset comes with swing sets that can support the weight of an adult, but you have to check on the specs before use.

How can I anchor the playset?

Mostly, since playsets come with a considerable base, you might not have to anchor it. However, if it’s unstable or you want to feel more secure, you can use metal stakes or bolts to secure it to the ground.


Best playsets for small backyards offer many opportunities for you to build family relationships and create precious memories with your kids.

A creative playset also helps your children develop physically and mentally while also allowing them to do the exercise they need during the hottest times of the year. With all the above info, you should now be able to settle on a good playset for your small backyard. Good Luck!

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