5 Best Pentair Variable Speed Pumps (Reviews of 2020)

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Best Pentair Variable Speed PumpsPentair Pool pumps have been proven by many of being a big deal in the swimming pool industry. Today, Pentair is among the best reputable leading company which produce lots of high-quality products.

They have built lots of pumps including variable speed pumps. VS pool pumps are known for being super energy efficient as they run at speed required by a particular pool or function.

Today finding the best Pentair pool pump is easier said than done. The company (Pentair) has produced lots of products which even though have similarities, and there are unique features that differentiate functionality.

I believe you already know this and that’s why you’re reading this article. And because I am here to help, I have prepared this comprehensive review and buying guide to shortening the process. Read it through to make sure you pick the right model.

The 5 Best Pentair Variable Speed Pumps for 2020

1. Pentair 011018 – IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair 011018 – IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool PumpThe Pentair IntelliFlo 011018 is one of the best Pentair variable speed pumps that deliver high-performance using its 3-horsepower, 230-volt, single phase motor.

The pump is proven to be super energy, and that is why it’s Energy Star Certified. The pool pump utilizes optimum pump speeds custom settings for a specific task like filtering, cleaning, heating, waterfalls and water jets.

The model also gradually moves the water thus helping in reducing the occurrence of algae which forms when the water is briskly pumped and allowed to rest for long intervals. It also works excellent with automatic chemical dispensers and salt chlorinators.


  • Dramatically quieter operation
  • Eight programmable speed settings
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Built-in timer


  • Professional installation required
  • Reprogramming is challenging

2. Pentair IntelliFlo 011057 VS Plus SVRS – for Inground Pool Pump

Pentair IntelliFlo 011057 VS Plus SVRS – for Inground Pool PumpIf you’re among those looking for the best Pentair variable speed pump that will reduce the energy costs, then you need to give the Pentair IntelliFlo VS.

The IntelliFlo SVRS pump combines variable drive technology with an onboard drive intelligence to ensure that it operates at its maximum while also reducing the energy costs.

The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS unit comes with a built-in safety vacuum release which is used to detect drain blockage and shuts the pump automatically.

Along the variable speed control are digital controls and exclusive HMI software which allow easy and custom programming of pool’s optimal speeds to be used for specific tasks like heating, cleaning, spa jets, filtering, and waterfall among others.


  • The onboard computer and intelligent software
  • Safety vacuum release switch
  • EPA Energy Star certified
  • Lower operational costs
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Quiet operation


  • A bit expensive
  • Requires professional installation

3. Pentair SuperFlo 342001 VS -Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair SuperFlo 342001 VS -Best Variable Speed Pool PumpThe Pentair SuperFlow 342001 VS is yet another well-performing variable speed pump that is branded of being an energy star for being among the best energy efficient model.

It uses a 1.5-horsepower, single phase motor. The speed control allows it to move water more efficiently and at low speed thus reducing the energy costs dramatically.

The system does not need any expensive rewiring as it automatically recognizes and adapts to homestead 115 or 230-volt system. It has been designed to work well with new and standard pool pump replacement.

The ultra-quiet TEFC motor used by this model barely makes a whisper and eliminates the unpleasant, high-pitched noise.


  • Three operating speed settings
  • A simple, intuitive user interface
  • Variable speed technology
  • 24-hour memory retention
  • Simple installation
  • Real-Time Clock


  • Requires professional installation
  • Energy efficiency not impressive

4. Pentair IntelliFlo 011017 VS+SVRS – High-Performance Pool Pump

Pentair IntelliFlo 011017 VS+SVRS – High Performance Pool PumpPentair IntelliFlow high-performance pool pump is a VS and SVRS pool pump that comes with a vacuum release system and a 3-horsepower, 230-volt, single phase motor.

The system also features an onboard computer system and intelligent software that work together to automatically calculate and program the minimum water flow required for your pool optimizing performance and reducing energy use.

The unit speed setting is increased or reduced using a simple push of an up/down arrow button. The built-in diagnostics will protect the pump from most premature failure causes like overheating, voltage irregularities and overheating.

The vacuum release system employed on this model is there to detect drain blockage automatically and shut off the pump.


  • Safety vacuum release system
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • Onboard digital intelligence
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Four variable speeds


  • Requires professional installation
  • A bit loud at times

5. Pentair 023005 – Variable Speed Pool Pump

Pentair 023005 – Variable Speed Pool PumpLastly, here is the Pentair IntelliFloXF pool pump. It’s a variable speed pump that combines superior the Pentair new generation XF pumps interior geometry with the superior energy saving tech.

The combination creates the most energy efficient, powerful, quiet, economical and reliable pump ever. Additionally, this Pentair pool pump comes with a TEFC design which helps in keeping the motor shielded from the elements for extended life.

It also accompanies all the union connectors you might need to have the pump operational.


  • Highly engineered hydraulics
  • Superior internal geometry
  • UL/CUL/NSF certified
  • Easy to install
  • TEFC design


  • The display isn’t waterproof
  • Requires professional installation

Best Pentair Variable Speed Pump Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best Pentair variable speed pool pump is a big decision as it can be a substantial investment that you hope to last for a considerable amount of time. Here are some tips and factors you need to keep in mind to ensure that the model you pick is the right one for your pool.

Pool size

Pump level of performance required to circulate and filter pool water comfortably without overburdened it will be hugely dictated by the size of your pool. Small and medium-sized swimming pools require the use of a pump with a motor power of between 1-horsepower and two horsepower for the best performance.

For the larger swimming pools, you will need to select a model that is higher than that to push that large volume of water practically.

Energy Efficiency

The idea behind the variable speed technology is to lower the energy costs yet providing optimal water pumping. The best Pentair variable speed pump can save up 90 percent energy compared to the traditional single speed pump. So, get a model with more than three variable speed setting if you want to get the best energy-efficient model.


One thing that every pool pump buyer want is investing in a model that will last for years. Yes, most of the Pentair Variable speed pumps come with a solid design, but not all are weatherproof.

Some will need you to cover them up to make them waterproof. If you need a model that will provide you with long lasting water pumping, then you have to pick a model that comes with a rust and weather resistant build.

Safety Functions

A pool pump is a device that uses electricity as its power source meaning it has some electrical system that can be faulty. And to prevent the pump from voltage irregularities, overheating and other common causes of failure, the model needs to have some protection. Safety vacuum release system and built-in diagnostics are some of the safety features you need to check.


How easy it to install the Pentair pump? Does it come with the necessary fittings? Do you need a professional installer? You have to get answers to these questions before picking your choice.

Pentair requires that the installation is done by their affiliate installers not to tamper with the warranty. However, if a model that you choose doesn’t expect this, then you need to make sure the installation is breezy.


Having the best Pentair variable speed pool pump can be a great deal. You will enjoy it when you find a model that suits your needs and the pool’s needs. However, excellent service comes with the need for proper maintenance. So, protect your investment by providing the Pentair model you select with classy preservation.

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