Top 5 Best Pentair Pool Lights (Reviewed) in 2020

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Pool fun shouldn’t stop after the sunset. The luxury of a perfect evening swim is one of the best things which you can enjoy and fit your pool with the perfect LED pool lights will give you all that.Best-Pentair-Pool-Lights

Whether you need to raise the safety level in your pool, having late pool parties, or even make your pool look more beautiful, getting the best Pentair pool lights can work great for you.

And because I believe you are here looking for the best model, be assured you aren’t alone. Finding the best quality Pentair pool lights is a tough task as there are many kinds and models with different features and specs.

Thankfully, I’m here to help. I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide and reviewed the top best Pentair pool lights available to help you the best pool light.

Top 5 Best Pentair Pool Lights in 2020

1. Pentair IntelliBrite 640122 – for Inground Pools

Pentair IntelliBrite 640122 - for Inground PoolsIf you require a pool spa that will transform the look and the experience to another level, then the Pentair IntelliBrite is an ideal choice for you. The new Pentair IntelliBrite 5G color spa light is an underwater LED pool lights that will provide the most energy-efficient pool lighting ever.

Pentair brings together a combination of individual colored LEDs and mix and match them so that the lights can provide you with a vibrant spectrum of colors.

Additionally, the model power the colored LEDs in a sequenced manner to illuminate and cycle through the colors at varying speeds and different sequences for each color.

The IntelliBrite also features a custom reflector and unique lens design making it the brightest spa light available. The pool light is also compatible with an automatic controller, use it to allow the lights to rotate automatically.


  • Transfers programming and control central system
  • Intellitouch control systems compatible
  • Automates pool equipment
  • Intellibrite 5g technology
  • Superior reflector design
  • Energy-efficient lighting


  • Did not fit entirely in my cans
  • Require professional installation

2. Pentair IntelliBrite 640121 – 5G Underwater Pool Light

This spa light is very similar to the previous model — the light use Pentair IntelliBrite 5G technology for perfect underwater lighting. The pool light comes with a 50 feet long cord and uses a 120-volt electrical system.Pentair IntelliBrite 640121 - 5G Underwater Pool Light

The IntelliBrite pool light is an 18-watt system that provides the brightest color spa lighting and in the most energy=efficient lighting ever. The lights use a combination of individual colored LEDs, mixed and matched to achieve the best vibrant spectrum of colors.

Additionally, this model comes with a custom reflector and a unique lens design which allows it to provide you with the brightest, colored and efficient underwater pool lighting.

Another feature that makes this Pentair light great is the fact that it can work with a Pentair’s IntelliBrite Automated Controller which allows the pool light colors to rotate automatically. Enjoy a fabulous and luxurious pool lighting with the Pentair 640121 IntelliBrite LED Light.


  • EasyTouch and IntelliTouch Control Systems compatible
  • Compatible with first generation IntelliBrite lights
  • Uniform light intensity and color
  • 7 Preprogrammed “color shows.”
  • Five predetermined fixed colors
  • Superior design


  • Short electric cable
  • Do not fit entirely in my cans

3. Pentair IntelliBrite 601301 – Colorful Underwater LED Pool Light

Pentair IntelliBrite 601301 - Colorful Underwater LED Pool LightGive your pool the purest and whites illumination with the Pentair IntelliBrite 601301 LED light. The IntelliBrite 5G White LED utilizes only 45 – 70 watts to provide you with the brightest LED swimming pool light on the market.

The LED technology used by Pentair on this light to offer more extended durability, and up to 86 percent less energy. Its high-quality lens geometry and the high-class reflector design combine to produce a full beam and more even light distribution without an internal filament.

Additionally, the pool lens rotatable to 180 degrees thus providing a full beam pattern or fine beam pattern. It is also compatible with all the Pentair plastic niches and stainless steel.

The illumination produces by this energy efficient LED pool lights has been praised by many. With the IntelliBrite 5G white LED you will give yourself an aquatics delight lighting.


  • Uniform illumination light beam distribution
  • Superior light intensity and distribution
  • Unmatched energy efficiency
  • Exceptional light LED power
  • Preferred lens geometry
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Custom reflector


  • Requires to be installed by a Pentair affiliate

4. Pentair IntelliBrite 601304 – Best Underwater Pool Light

Pentair IntelliBrite 601304 - Best Underwater Pool LightThe Pentair 601304 IntelliBrite is 5G white LED pool light that’s designed to work great underwater. The light comes with a unique design that assures you get the purest and whitest illumination.

The lights feature an equivalent light output of 500-watt incandescent pool light, which allows enhancing the beauty of your pool water, water theme parks or even municipal pools.

The fact that this Pentair uses LED bulbs, it makes it one of the best energy saving pool lights with the best and powerful illumination while consuming less electrical consumption.

When you install the IntelliBrite 5G white Pentair lights, you will enjoy your pool at any time of the day and with a perfect illumination.


  • Minimal electrical consumption
  • Incandescent Light IntelliBrite
  • Exclusive reflector design
  • 180 degrees rotated a lens
  • Superior lens geometry
  • Powerful illumination
  • LED technology


  • Light is dependent on being cool
  • Require to be installed by Pentair professional

5. Pentair IntelliBrite 601103 – Best Pentair Pool Lights

Pentair IntelliBrite 601103 - Best Pentair Pool LightsHow good great would it be getting the best pool light illumination from an LED light that is energy efficient? That is what the Pentair IntelliBrite 5G will give you.

It utilizes up to 86 percent less energy than any other comparable incandescent lights. The light also features a high-quality lens geometry and an exclusive reflector design which combine to create a broad beam and a more even light distribution.

The pool lens can be easily rotated with 180 degrees to offer the full pattern or fine beam pattern. The lights are also compatible with all the Pentair plastic niches and stainless steel.


  • IntelliBrite 5g LED Technology
  • Exclusive reflector design
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Superior lens geometry


  • Short power cord
  • Require professional installation

What to Look for in a Best Pentair Pool Light?

With all the above choices, finding the right Pentair pool light can be quite hard. You need to consider some factors to make sure the model you pick works excellent on your pool and give you the best results. And to help you know what Pentair you need, here are some tips and factors to remember when making your purchase decision.


Brightness is the first thing you need to consider, at last, isn’t that what you need the lights to give? The illumination produced should be able to illuminate your whole pool. Look at the pool light technical specifications. If your pool is large, then you need a powerful and bright light, and at times you will need more than one Pentair light.


Mostly, pool lights are used for decorative purposed, and the colored LED will play a vital role. If you need decorative lights, then you need to pick those with several solid colors. Some Pentair lights come with as much as 15 colors which can improve the ambiance of your pool. If you need for security purposes, then there is no need for going with the decorative lights.


Installation should be as easy as possible, and it shouldn’t give you a headache to have the lights function. Ensure that the model you pick can be easily be installed but if you’re having problems doing so you will need to hire someone to do you the work, and it might cause you some bucks.


Warranty is something important as it will give you peace of mind. Pentair offers a good, and that is why you have to make sure you buy from Pentair itself or a legit seller. Make sure you don’t invalidate the warranty before the period is over.


As you might have noticed all the product in this review are high-quality models with excellent performance. Believing you have read this article entirely.

I hope I’ve shortened the search for you and help you find the best Pentair pool lights. Buy a model that will extend your swimming time, decorate it, or even provide some more security lights for your pool.

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