Top 5 Best Mortar for Shower Pans [Reviewed] in 2020

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best mortar for shower panAre you seeking for the best mortar for shower pan available in the market today? Are you bored and tired of seeing those old-styled bathroom tiles and need some new alternatives?

Do you want to improve your bathroom look and experience? If so, then this article on the best mortar for shower pans is meant for you. I have gathered top best models, reviewed them and did the review below.

I have also prepared a simple buyer’s guide with which will help you make the right decision. Read it through, and in the end, you will be left with a simile for getting a model that meets all your requirements.

The 5 Best Mortar for Shower Pans For 2020

Brand & NameColorsMultiple SizesPrice
Tile Redi USA P3642C Mortar3YesCheck Price
Kohler K-1976-0 Mortar2YesCheck Price
KOHLER 9394-0 Mortar2YesCheck Price
Swanstone SS-3248-0185NoCheck Price
Tile Redi 3772C-PVC Shower Mortar1NoCheck Price

1. Tile Redi USA P3642C – Best Base Shower Pan

The Tile Redi USA P3642C is a high-quality base shower pan of size 42 inches W x 36 inches D with a polished chrome surface. In a single word you can say, this item is completely the number one item for as Best Mortar for Shower Pan.Tile Redi USA P3642C – Best Mortar for Shower Pan

The model is designed as a single fully-integrated unit ready to be installed with a single step and requiring no preparation, and all have to do is set it directly to the pool surface.

The Shower pan also has an innovative design that brings together design and function to produce a model that will give your pool a quality installation and a designer look. You will love to hear that this model is 100% Waterproof and Leak-proof thus providing you with long-term peace of mind.

The shower pan comes in a variety of standard models with different sizes, drain grate/plate options and drain locations. You can choose from a single curb, double curb, triple curb, or even a drain free entrance.


  • Integrated splash walls, curb, and PVC drain
  • Leak-proof pre-pitched shower pan
  • Round stainless drain plate
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ready-to-tile
  • UL listed


  • Expensive
  • Rough opening

2. Kohler K-1976-0 – Shower Receptor with Integral Seat

The Kohler K-1976-0 Tresham is a well-designed 60-Inch by 32-Inch shower receptor that features an integral seat and a right-hand drain.Kohler K-1976-0 - Best Mortar for Shower Pan

The Tresham Suite edgy, neo-traditional design employed on this model is inspired by an elegant simplicity of the Shaker-style furniture. And to accommodate your grooming accouterments.

The Kohler Tresham is accented by a stylish trim that recalls architectural molding and frames. Additionally, the unit employs a crisp that brings a heightened sense of elegance to a long-lasting aesthetic, durable Kohler Acrylic.

It comes as a single unit ready to install and with integrated curb, splash walls, and a PVC drain. The anti-slip floor will prevent you from sliding when showering.


  • Three-Sided Integral Flange
  • Integral Undercut Seat
  • Elegant basin trim
  • Right-Hand Drain
  • Low Threshold


  • Difficult to install
  • Mortar required for installation

3. KOHLER 9394-0 – Best Archer Shower Base

Kohler 9394-0 Archer shower base pan is a 48inch by 48inch by 3.94inch unit that creates an elegant universal look that suits a collection of bathroom styles.KOHLER 9394-0 - Best Mortar for Shower Pan

The base is also designed for alcove installations and comes with a closed design which adds a unique design while also enhancing comfort in your shower.

Kohler achieves the traditional aesthetic archer suite by blending some subtle design elements that are only got from craftsman furniture-foot chamfering procedures and jewelry’s intricate facets.

The combining beveled edges and the curved bases create a long-lasting appeal that is compatible with an array of design motifs.


  • Covered drain with a removable cover
  • Alcove installation single threshold
  • Durable acrylic construction
  • Low-threshold design
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Center Drain


  • Require professional installation
  • The design might not work on everyone

4. Swanstone SS-3248-018 – Best Mortar for Shower Pan

Swanstone SS-3248-050 is a high-performance solid shower base that measures 48 inches by 5.5 inches and designed to give you a long-lasting shower beauty.Swanstone SS-3248-018 - Best Mortar for Shower Pan

The shower base is compression molded and not cast, which makes it five times stronger than the other solid shower pans. The solid surface material on this shower pan consists of a combination of polymer fillers, resins and reinforcement to ensure it sticks firmly to the shower floor.

Swanstone SS-3248-050 isn’t susceptible to crazing or cracking and is super easy to clean and maintain as it cannot mold or mildew.

The shower pan is also heating, impact resistant and impervious to regular household materials like acetone, colored beverages, and cosmetics. Its color and texture are entirely consistent and has no surface coating that can be subjected to crack or chip.


  • Removable chrome drain cover
  • Center, molded-in drain
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Integral tile flange
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wear-resistant


  • Floor looks dated
  • Difficult to clean

5. Tile Redi 3772C-PVC – Single Curb Shower Pan with Drain

The Tile Redi 3772C is a durable, strong PVC made single-curb base shower pan that comes with an inbuilt center PVC drain. It measures 37-inch in depth by 72-inches width, and it’s a single-piece, pre-pitched unit.Tile Redi 3772C-PVC - Best Mortar for Shower Pan

The shower pan also has an integrated curb and well-designed splash walls. It comes as a ready-to-tile, leakproof and easy-to-install unit.

Additionally, the model can be set directly on your shower floor without the need for additional waterproofing. The pan is also UL listed and complies with all the national and local plumbing codes.

This model comes with a Redi Poxy epoxy for a comfortable tile setting, and the round adjustable polished chrome drain plate gives it a better shower draining.


  • One-piece, single Curb pre-pitched shower pan
  • Integrated splash walls, curb, and PVC drain
  • Adjustable polished-chrome drain plate
  • Ready-to-tile and easy to install
  • Leak-proof


  • Pricey
  • Required some skills to install

Best Mortar for Shower Pans [Buying Instruction]

With the mortar for shower pan products I’ve reviewed above, you will agree with me when I see closing your eyes and picking any model might not be the best way to go about it. You need to check to consider some factors that will help you make a better decision.


Mortars for a shower pan come in various sizes, and you need to check what measurement that will fit in your bathroom shower. You need to ensure that the model that will give enough bathing area while also leave you with enough space to do your other chores with ease.


Among the things that push people to get a shower pan is the new elegant look that it brings to the shower. It is therefore essential to choose the best mortar for shower pan model that matches your bathroom style while also bring something appealing. I also suggest that you pick a shape that will complement all your bathroom accessories.

Stain and scratch-resistant

Stains and scratches can lead to a filthy bathroom, and that’s why you ought to go with a model that is made from stain and scratch free materials. You need a model that you will feel safe with when something heavy falls on it. An easy to clean and stain-resistant mortar for shower pan will go well with this busy life.


A shower pan should always have one water outlet, the drain and that’s why you need to ensure your model of choice is waterproof. With an impervious shower pan surface, you will ensure that no water accumulates on your bath and your bathroom won’t get any watermarks.


One way of ensuring your safety when bathing is by using mortar for shower pant that comes with a slip-free surface. That way you will bath without worrying about slipping due to the detergent water.

Also, the unit should meet the necessary safety standards. It should adhere to the Canadian and American national standards, to make sure it’s efficient and safe for you.

Strength and Durability

Your mortar for shower pan strength and durability should also be a priority. And since you cannot know a product’s durability by the look of the eyes, you have to check the materials used to make it. So go for models that are made from highly durable and super strong crack-free materials like acrylic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe for me to wash my shower pan with detergents?

Yes, of course! Detergent can’t do any harm to your shower pan but if it’s made from PVC material you need to check if the soap you’re about to use is safe for PVC use.

How long will my shower pan last?

That depends on the materials used in making it. Some models can last a lifetime while others can last for many years, mostly more than ten years which is good.


I’m hoping reading after reading the above review, and you understand well the things you need to check before making your best purchase decision. In the review, I have given you the top best mortar for shower pan models available and their features.

So, I hope that I was of great help to you and expect that you’ll be able to make the right decision when you head to the market.

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