Top 11 Best Kiddie Pools In 2020 Reviewed

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Best kiddie Pools ReviewsKids love summer swimming the same way the parents do. When summer arrives, the temperatures hike, and this is a perfect time to give your kids a good swimming experience. You can decide to take them to the beach or have an inflated kiddie pool in your backyard.

The best kiddie pool comes with some benefits. By having one in your yard, you will be saving the time you will take and use taking them to the beach. So, what is the best kiddie pool to buy and have installed in your backyard?

Here I have prepared an in-depth review of the top best kiddie pools available in the market today. Check it out and get to know that one model which will bring the summer swimming fun home to your kids.

The Best Kiddie Pools for 2020

Product NameSixesBrandPrice
Intex Summer Sunset58 x 13"IntexCheck Price
Intel 57453EP Water Play Center-IntexCheck Price
Intex Ages 2+ kid pool62 x 62 x 48"IntexCheck Price
Intex Inflatable Baby Pool44 x 36 x 28"IntexCheck Price
Intex Inflatable Play Center117 x 76 x 53"IntexCheck Price
Sunba Youth Beach Baby Pool Tent47 x 31 x 27"SunbaCheck Price
Bestway 5654794 x 59 x 23"BestwayCheck Price
Bestway H2OGO-BestwaCheck Price
Intex Inflatable Stars Pool48 X 10"IntexCheck Price
Intex Swim Center103 x 63 x 18"IntexCheck Price
Step2 Play and Shade Pool40" (101.6 cm)Step2Check Price

1. Intex Summer Sunset – Best for Glow Kiddie Pool

The Intex Kiddie pool comes first in my list due to its exceptional features. It is made with durable hard materials. The pool walls feature three colorful rings on its wall which attracts the kid’s attention. It is also wholly inflatable and comes with a cushioned bottom keeping the kids comfortable while playing. Intex-Summer-Sunset-Best-for-Glow-Kiddie-Pool

The pool is 58 inches in diameter and has a wall height of 12 inches giving it a perfect size for kids aged six years plus. The pool can hold up to 79 gallons of water allowing the kids to have exceptional splashing fun. The size of this kiddie pools will enable it to hold a couple of kids simultaneously since it has a conventional pool design.

Also, as a parent, you will love the kiddie pool since you can comfortably immerse your legs in the water while you watch your kids play. The kids will also enjoy the glow produced on the small kiddie pool from the summer sunset.


  • Multicolored durable vinyl Construction
  • Summer Sunset Glow Design
  • Dimensions: 58in diameter x 13in Height
  • Inflatable bottom for comfort
  • Water capacity: 79 gal


  • Takes time to inflate and deflate
  • Doesn’t come with a drain plug

2. Intel 57453EP Water Play Center – Inflatable Kids Rainbow Ring

If you’re looking for the kiddie pools that will give your kids a little more water action, meet the INTEX 57453EP kids ring water play center. It comes as a bright inflatable play center which keeps the kids busy for hours.Intel-57453EP-Water-Play-Center-Inflatable-Kids-Rainbow-Ring

The kiddie pool features a water slide, ring toss game, wading pool, and comes with a ball roller games which has a complete set of the balls and rings.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with a water sprayer that can be attached to a garden hose for an added wet fun. The unit is wide enough since it measures 15.98″ x 15.98″ x 5.51″ allowing to hold up to 77 gallons of water. It’s easy to set it up, and it’s recommended for 3-7 years, old kids.

Play Center comes with an Inflatable Water Slide, Ring Toss Game, Wading Pool and Water Sprayer. Drain connects to the main floor and wading pool.


  • It measures 15.98″ x 15.98″ x 5.51″
  • Landing mat for safety and extra padding
  • Holds up to 65 gallons (246 L) of water
  • Best kid-friendly


  • No pump included
  • Slightly bulky for storage
  • Takes time to inflate and deflate

3. Intex Ages 2+ kid pool – for Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

The Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Kiddie Pools yet another outstanding model from the Intex company. The pool features a sun canopy which covers the whole pool providing your kid(s) with shade when playing in the pool.Intex-Ages-2+-kid-pool-for-Sun-Shade-Inflatable-Pool reviewed by Globo Pool

It comes with motifs attached to its sides to appeal to the kids. The pool sidewall is made in a way that they bring comfort and convenience to your kid(s). Intex has used heavy duty ten gauge vinyl making it one of the most durable kiddie pools available today.

The spacious play center comes with a built-in sprayer which you can plug it onto any standard garden hose for extra splashing fun. The whole unit measures 62″ x 62″ x 48″, and it’s recommended for children aged two years and above.


  • Made of heavy duty ten gauge vinyl
  • Comes with repair patch
  • 74-gallon capacity
  • Drain plug included
  • Comes with a Sunshade
  • 62 inches x 62 inches x 48 inches


  • The shade may need reinforcing
  • Pumping takes time

4. Intex Inflatable Baby Pool – The Best Kiddie Pool

If you’re looking for the best kiddie pools for young toddlers, with ages from 1 to 3, you can opt for this option. The dimensions are 44” x 36” x 28.5”. It is based on the Smiley giraffe theme. That is why; the toddlers will well like it.Intex-Inflatable-Baby-Pool-The-Best-Kiddie-Pool

It includes two inflatable rings as well. It also has noisemakers with the help of which, you can keep the children entertained. The water capacity is of 14 gallons.

Also, kiddie pools include a repair patch which ensures that in case of any puncture, you will be able to repair it by yourself without any problem at all. Once deflated, it can be folded, which makes it easier for you to move around. All of these fantastic features combined make it a good option when you’re looking for a pool for toddlers.


  • It is based on the Smiley giraffe theme
  • The pool consists of noisemakers and inflatable rings
  • It is perfect for children between 1 year and three years of age
  • The capacity of the pool is 14 gallons
  • It can be quickly deflated and folded when not in use


  • The seam quality can be better

5. Intex Inflatable Play Center – Best pool and Water Play Center for Kids

With the dimensions of 117” x 76” x 53”, you can be sure that this kiddie pools will have plenty of space for your kids to move around. The water capacity is of 77 gallons. Additionally, it consists of a water slide along with the landing pool.Intex-Inflatable-Play-Center-Best-pool-and-Water-Play-Center-for-Kids

It also consists of a water spray, and it came with four inflatable rings. Thus, there is plenty of stuff to do for your kids as well. It will help you keep the kids entertained, during the summer. With the help of roulette game and dodgeball game, you can keep your kids entertained without any problem at all.

It is pretty easy to inflate which is an added advantage. The pool is also pretty sturdy which ensures that you will not face any problem when it comes to stability. All in all, it is a pretty good option when you’re looking for the best kiddie pool.


  • The pool has a capacity of 77 gallons
  • The pool consists of a water slide
  • It consists of a water spray
  • It consists of 4 inflatable rings
  • It consists of 6 plastic play balls


  • The stitch quality can be improved

6. Sunba Youth Beach Baby Pool Tent – Best UV protection Sun Shelters

If you love the beach, then your child shouldn’t limit you from having fun on the beach. With the Sunba Youth Baby Beach Tent, you can comfortably enjoy the beach sunlight without being worried about your kid getting sunburned.Sunba-Youth-Beach-Baby-Pool-Tent-Best-UV-protection-Sun-Shelters

The tent comes with a 50+ UPF silver fabric which not only makes it waterproof but also provides an excellent UV protection thus preventing the harmful sun rays from reaching your baby. The sunshade is detachable thus you can remove it when you want your baby to enjoy some morning sunlight.

The bottom of this baby beach tent is a mini pool which allows your baby to play in the water and giving you extra time to enjoy yourself. It comes with automatic pop up design and can be comfortably folded and carried in a bag.

The model can also be used as an indoor play tent for babies. It accompanies one carry bag, four ground pegs, two side pockets, and a zipper window.


  • 50+ UPF silver coated fabric
  • Designed for three years old baby
  • Has a mini pool at the bottom
  • Has an open zipper window design
  • Automatic pop up
  • Dimension: 31.5 x 47.5 x 27.5 inches


  • Difficult to fold
  • Not good in the wind

7. Bestway 56547 – Rectangular Splash Frame Kids Swimming Pool

If you’re in a search for the swimming kiddie pools for kids, then you can stop now since the Bestway Rectangular kids swimming pool will meet all your needs. It comes in a small construction designed to give the kids fun and a place to cool off.Bestway-56547-Rectangular-Splash-Frame-Kids-Swimming-Pool

With its 94 x 59 x 23 inches size, it is easy to have the pool installed and dissembled. Use Bestway’s easy and quick to set up steel poles, T connectors and C clips to have it fully assembled. It also comes with sidewalls support featuring heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-PLY installed.

At 90% full capacity it can hold 476 gallons of water and comes with a control drain valve to comfortably drain the water during clean-up. The pool’s splash frame has a shallow depth making the pool ideal for kids starting to paddle.


  • Polyester 3-ply sidewalls and heavy-duty PVC
  • Flow control drain valve for easy draining
  • Water capacity (90%) full: 476 gallons
  • Rust-resistant metal frame
  • Dimensions: 94″ 59″ x 23″


  • Does not come with a filter

8. Bestway H2OGO – Splash-in-Shade Play Pool

Spending those hot days in the Bestway H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade play pool can be very appealing. The kiddie pools come with a round shaped design made with a strong and galvanized steel-frames which are rust resistant.Bestway-H2OGO!-Splash-in-Shade-Play-Pool

The sides are made with polyester and heavy-duty PVC for an added safety. The pool measures 11 inches by 7 inches by 36 inches when fully assembled and weighs 29.5 pounds when packed.

Bestway H2OGO Play Pool dimensions and construction materials used makes it huge enough to accommodate you and your kids including those aged 3-years and above.

It features a hard plastic shade which protects you and your kids from harsh sun rays. The water sprayer that is fitted on the pool top keeps it super cool giving you and your family hours of entertainment.


  • Has a water sprayer on top of the shade
  • Strong and galvanized steel frames
  • Polyester and heavy duty PVC Pool Liner
  • UV resistant shade
  • DVD Instruction


  • Can only accommodate a small family
  • Shallow –no much fun for the middle-aged kids

9. Intex Inflatable Stars Pool – Kiddie 2 Ring Circles Swimming Pool Review

Intex has been known to produce the Best Kiddie Pools, and yet again they boast the inflatable stars kiddie 2-ring circles pool. It is made using high-quality Vinyl and can be inflated in no time.Intex-Inflatable-Stars-Pool-Kiddie-2-Ring-Circles-Swimming-Pool-Review

It comes in a variety of assorted styles and colors making it one of the swimming pools for kids with or without supervision. Give your kids that perfect way to beat the summer heat by giving them this 48 X 10 inches and 1.35lbs pool.

Once the kids have played and they are tired and satisfied with the day’s fun, you can deflate the pool, dry it and have it stores in a safe place. It nicely folds up to compact size which allows you to can it anywhere you go.

Although the pool does not have most of the features present inexpensive models, it is a beautiful and necessary kids pool that is durable and easy to use.


  • Constructed from durable vinyl
  • Two rings inflatable pool
  • Available in Assorted Colors
  • 48 X 10 inches and 1.35lbs pool


  • Requires soft surface only
  • Produces chemical smell when sun heated

10. Intex Swim Center – Paradise Inflatable Pool and Water Fun

With the Intex swim center paradise kiddie pool, you can give your kids an endless summer fun. It comes with dimensions of 103″ X 63″ X 18″ providing enough swimming room. It is shallow depth makes it ideal for kids aged 3-years and above.Intex-Swim-Center-Paradise-Inflatable-Pool-and-Water-Fun

It features two air chambers with double air flow valves for quick inflation. The Intex paradise kiddie pool depth is 12 inches and has a capacity of 151 gallons.

The pool set up requires a flat ground for a better experience. It comes with a free flow exhaust valve which comes in handy when regulating the amount of water in the pool. That is crucial for the safety of your kids.

The colorful exterior and design give it a beautiful look making it one of the best kiddie pools. The drain plugs in this pool are fitted in a strategic position to make it simple for you to drain away the dirty pool water.


  • Two air chambers with a free-flow exhaust valve and double valve intake
  • Comes with a shelf box and a repair patch
  • Pool dimensions: 103″ x 63″ x 18″
  • Water Capacity: 151 gallons
  • Recommended for kids aged 3-years and above


  • Can be difficult to drain
  • Prone to punctures

11. Step2 Play and Shade Pool – Best Kid-Friendly Pool

The Step2 play and shade kiddie pool is one of the swimming pools for kids featuring a hard plastic material instead of inflatable materials. So you don’t need to worry about the pool getting a puncture. The pool is sturdy and durable and no chances of any kid breaking it by sitting on its sides.Step2-Play-and-Shade-Pool-Best-Kid-Friendly-Pool

The pool comes with three funnel cups and a spinning water wheel to encourage playtime activities. It comes with a molded-in design at the pool bottom providing traction for little kid’s feet.

Give your kids hours of fun with this step2 deluxe swimming kiddie pools that come with two inbuilt seats which promote socialization among the kids and friends. It is designed to hold a 40-inch (101.6 cm) umbrella to protect your kids for harsh sun rays. The grooved floor and seats provide a useful safety feature. Minimal adult assembly required.


  • Comes with two in-fitted seats
  • Outlined to hold a 40inches umbrella
  • Includes three funnel cups and a spinning water wheel
  • Molded-in designs at the bottom
  • Minimal assembly required


  • Difficult to transport
  • Direct sunlight may cause cracking

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