6 Best Inground Pool Solar Blankets (Reviewed) in 2020

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Best Inground Pool Solar BlanketAs a pool owner, maintaining your swimming pool properly, hassle-free and without extra maintenance costs brings the most excellent satisfaction. The central part of keeping the pool is to see it pristine, tip-top, and clean, and if done with low maintenance costs, it can be a great feel.

A good inground pool solar blanket provides all these with ease and grace. Best Inground Pool Solar Blankets are an easy, straightforward and energy-efficient way to raise your swimming pool temperature and also save money of chemicals by reducing evaporation.

Also, you will get an effective way to extend your swimming season and prevent leaves and dirt from entering your pool. My article today will give you a list of top best inground pool solar blankets available. It will also help you buy the right model for your needs.

Top 6 Best Inground Pool Solar Blanket for 2020

As you might have noticed, the solar pool blanket and cover market are overflowing with different models from different manufacturers. Here are the top best inground pool solar blankets you can buy in 2019.

1. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Blue 24 Foot Heating Blanket Best Round Solar CoverMy first best inground pool solar blanket is the highly-rated and durable Sun2Solar 1200 Series Solar Cover. It’s a vast attractive heating blanket designed to work with both in-ground and above ground pools.

The Sun2Solar 1200 is made of a film with thousands of tiny bubbles intended to work together to collect and retain heat on chilly days and also during the night.

Its blue color brings out an appealing look. Besides that, this model helps in reducing evaporation by 95%, which I would say is quite efficient, allowing you to save on chemicals, fill the swimming pool less and get to enjoy more. It’s quite easy to put it on and take off, giving you an easy time.

Additionally, this blanket comes with 2 – 4-inch overlap allowing you to trim it to fit your pool, and trimming does not affect the warranty.


  • Pre-cut and designed to fit
  • Durable construction
  • Air bubble design
  • Generous sizing
  • Easy to use


  • Material harden over time

2. Sun2Solar 1600 Series Rectangle Blue Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover – Heating Blanket for Swimming PoolsHere I have another well-performing Sun2Solar Solar Blanket that you can trust to keep your pool warm and safe from debris. The Sun2Solar 1600 Series is a heating blanket designed to keep your swimming pool heated, extend your swimming pool as well as reduce the maintenance costs.

It features a design that reduces evaporation exponentially and helps you save on chemical usage. It’s ideal for use on the in-ground and above ground, and it can be trimmed to fit your pool correctly.

Additionally, this blanket is made from highly durable PVC film fitted with lots of tiny bubbles. They are designed to work together, collect and retain heat both during the chilly days and might.

Additionally, the bubbles allow the sunlight to reach deep in the pool for consistent, natural heating. The down-facing bubble placement allows maximum heat-trapping. The best part is, it can also help at keeping leaves and other debris out of your swimming, thus keeping it clean.


  • Blue and clear color options
  • Diamond-shaped air pockets
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect custom fit
  • Easy to cut design


  • No UV protection

3. Blue Wave NS520 Rectangle Solar Blanket

Blue Wave NS486 Solar BlanketBlue Wave Solar Blanket is my next model. It’s a highly durable 14-mil Magni-clear solar blanket designed to warm rectangular in-ground pools. As an innovative blanket, it features air bubbles designed to create an insulating layer to protect your swimming pool from the chilly winds and the night-time cooling.

The cover also reduces evaporation exponentially, allowing you to save a lot of chemicals. That’s not all; all the tiny cells on this blanket are designed to trap heat and keep your pool water warm even during the cloudy days and cold nights.

Its bright plastic design allows more sunlight allowing the warmth to reach deeper into the pool for consistent, natural heating. What’s more, this model is UV-protected and chemical resistant. Thus it’s a model you can trust to endure years of direct sunlight.


  • Maximized sunlight streaming
  • Durable and wind-resistant
  • Long-lasting solar coverage
  • Ultra-clear design
  • Heavier design
  • UV protection


  • Heavier; difficult to lift

4. In The Swim Round Pool Solar Blanket

In The Swim 8 Mil Best Pool Solar Round Blanket Cover ReviewThe next model is another highly durable blanket ideal for extending your swimming pool season as well as reducing the overall maintenance cost. The In The Swim 12-Mil round swimming solar pool blanket is a must-have accessory for any pool owner that wants to save time, energy, and money maintaining their round swimming pool.

The In The Swim Round Swimming Pool Solar Blanket is made from high-quality UV-stabilized resin equipped with thousands of tiny bubbles designed to transfer solar heat into the swimming pool.

As a fantastic energy saving blanket, this model transfer heat from the sun into the pool water while also prevent heat from escaping, which in return helps in reducing chemical loss through evaporation. It’s the right way of saving money on the costly pool chemicals and rebalancing.


  • Rapid water temperature Increase
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Thick and heavy duty
  • Wind-resistant


  • No clear color option
  • Hard to put it on; heavier

5. Thermo-Tex 2831632 Solar Pool Cover

Thermo Tex 2831224According to customers, Thermo-Tex products are reliable and durable, and their 2831632 Solar Pool Cover is no different. It features a durable bubble construction featuring high-quality, UV-stabilized polymers designed to resist degradation caused by sun rays and pool chemicals.

It also features a lightweight design which makes it quite easy to put it on and take off. The blanket is designed to extend your swimming pool season by collecting and trapping heat inside your swimming pool. The heat trapped keeps the water warm during the day and night.

Additionally, this blanket secures the pool from kids and pets while also keeping the debris, thus keeping your pool secure and cleaning. The blue color designed provides a good non-fading look which transforms the pool surface.


  • Patented Thermo-Tex technology
  • Prolongs chemicals effectiveness
  • Enhances heat retention
  • High thermal absorption
  • Natural heating
  • UV resistant


  • Fairly thin
  • Slow support

6. Thermo-Tex 2831836 Solar Pool Cover

Thermo Tex 2831836 Solar Swimming Pool CoverNext up is another well-designed and high-performance model from Thermo-Tex. The 2831836 Solar Swimming Pool Cover is designed to extend your swimming season as well as lowering the operation costs.

By using this blanket on your pool, you will be reducing the amount of chemical and water that evaporates during the day as well as reducing the maintenance cost used by heating the pool.

Furthermore, its sturdy construction allows it to collects the debris finding their way to your pool. Thus keeping it clean and extending your pool filtration life. The blanket is made from high-quality UV-resistant polymers which resist degradation caused by sun rays and pool chemical. Its lightweight design makes it super easy to put it on and take off the pool.


  • Patented Thermo-Tex technology
  • Prolongs chemicals effectiveness
  • Reduced thermal absorption
  • Treated to be UV resistant
  • Maximized heat retention
  • Natural heating


  • Poor customer service

Best Inground Pool Solar Blanket: Buying Guide

For you to settle on a solar pool blanket that fulfills your expectation, you have to have a list of considerations to guide you on the right model. Here are some of the factors to keep at your fingertips while making your selection.

Pool Size

Pool Solar Blankets work by magnifying the sunlight and heat while also preventing evaporation. They trap and retain heat over time, while also covering the pool water surface. So, it all depends on how much of your pool it covers. You need to buy a pool blanket which covers the whole pool without leaving spaces to allow heat loss or leaves to enter your pool. Even though bubble covers get trimmed to fit the pool, it is better you get the right size.

Pool Type

For both salt and chlorine pools, solar bubble blankets and solar rings are quite effective and safe. Since solar blanket enhances the amount and intensity of sunlight heating the pool, bubble blankets are super safe no matter the type of pool you have. Some of the liquid covers specify to be used on chlorine or saltwater pools only. The liquid blanket is a unique formula of molecules which form on the pool water surface and break when you swim.

Pool Shape

In my reviews, I have recommended the best blankets for rectangle, circular, and oval shapes. Solar bubble blankets are meant to be trimmed and thus can be used on all types of pool shapes. Also, some manufacturers sell solar pool blankets shaped for a particular pool. On top of this, you can also send a custom pool measurement to a specific maker to customize the blanket for you. The best recommendation I can give you is to buy a solar pool cover with the shape of your pool if it’s available. If not, then buy a solar bubble blanket and trim it properly.

Material and Thickness

Most people forget to check on the thickness of the solar blanket while buying. Solar covers are relatively thin to allow sun rays to pass through easily. They are either 6mil, 8mil or 14mil, thick enough to be durable and lightweight sufficient to permit sufficient sunlight into the pool. A thicker blanket is more substantial with a low possibility of being blown away by the wind. However, it can be more challenging to put on and off the pool.


The in-ground pool solar blanket sits over the pool for most of the times, meaning it will be visible for most of the times you’re not swimming. I suggest you buy a model that features the design and color you love. You will see the blanket every day, and during the winter months, all you will see on your pool is the solar blanket. Get a solar pool coverage with a beautiful bright color great for the summer. I do love the bright blue color during the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Should I leave my solar Blanket on?

Yes! The Solar blankets need to stay on when the pool is not in use. By keeping it on, you will be retaining the pool temperature. It can also trap more heat from the sunlight and make the water warmer while also collect debris and bugs that might be falling into the swimming pool.

Can I run a pool pump with my solar blanket on?

Yes! Running the pool pump with the solar blanket is safe, and there is no hazard. It’ll work normal, circulating the water while the solar pool blanket keeps the water clean and warm.

Can I run a pool filter with my solar blanket on?

Yes. It is entirely safe to run the pool filter with the solar cover on. It doesn’t affect anything on the filtration system; the blanket lays on the water surface and interferes with nothing else.


Inground pool solar blanket makes a considerable difference in overall pool maintenance. For you to ensure you benefit too, you need to make sure you buy the right and the best model. All the models reviewed above are proven to be efficient and active. So if still, you’re having some problems, pick a model for your pool size and shape and proceed to purchase. Hopefully, you will get served with satisfactory performance. Good Luck!

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