5 Best Inground Pool Slides (Updated For 2020)

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Give yourself a splash this summer by improving your inground pool with a super-fun pool slide. The best inground pool slides provide an easy way to take the thrill of a water park directly to your garden so you can make the most of your pool throughout the season.Best Inground Pool Slides

With water jets and turns, the pool slides are fun for the whole family. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you can easily find the best inground pool slides that will provide you with the exact type of sliding thrill you are looking for.

And to ensure you get the right model I have provided you with the review below and a buyer’s guide which will help you out. So read it through, and before you even read the conclusion, you will have found a model that will fit all your needs.

Top 5 Best Inground Pool Slides in 2020

Brand & NameColorsSizesStylePrice
Inter-Fab WRS-CLB-SS411-Foot longLeft/RightCheck Price
S.R. Smith 670-209-58123212 feet, 8 inchesLeft/Right CurveCheck Price
S.R. Smith 610-209-58134 9 feet, 3 inchesLeft/Right CurveCheck Price
S.R. Smith 698-209-5812436 feet, 10 inchesLeft/Right CurveCheck Price
Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB39-Feet longRight TurnCheck Price

1. Inter-Fab WRS-CLB-SS – Best Water Pool Slide

The Inter-Fab wild ride WRS-CLB-SS is among the best-selling inground pool slide in America. It comes in four color choices, allowing you to color coordinate with your home, deck or pool.Inter-Fab WRS-CLB-SS - Best Water Pool Slide

The fact that it’s fast, safe and fun will make you kids feel wow even with their first wild ride. The water supply to this model can be connected to a standard pool return system or be supplied by a garden hose.

Additionally, this Wild Ride pool slide supports up to 250 pounds. It’s designed with the highest performance and safety standards. It has made using long-lasting, impact resistant acrylic and sturdy stainless steel which allows it to provide you with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

For a safe and comfortable climbing for all ages, the unit features entirely surrounded stairs and spaced grip around handrails.


  • Fully enclosed grip-around handrails and stairs
  • High-flow Flume water delivery system
  • Highest safety and performance Design
  • Available in the right or left curve
  • Long deep flume runway


  • Missing hardware
  • Require additional garden hose adapter kit

2. S.R. Smith 670-209-58123 – Typhoon Curve Pool Slide

If you are searching for the best inground pool slide that will give Water Park thrills in your backyard, then S.R. Smith Typhoon your ideal choice. It provides a high-volume water delivery system for a perfect fun riding for everyone. S.R. Smith 670-209-58123 - Typhoon Curve Pool Slide

The unit comes in sandstone and gray granite stylish colors to universally complement your backyard décor. The left and right curve on this model allows it to accommodate multiple decks.

Furthermore, the S.R. Smith Typhoon pool slide comes with a deep flume, enclosed ladder, and molded-in handrails for the best safety.

The sturdy roto-molded designs give it the best strength, longevity, and durability. The model comes with less metal exposed thus making it a perfect model for both chlorine and salt pools.


  • Sturdy enclosed ladder and molded-in handrails
  • Elegant roto-molded design
  • Deep and wide flume
  • Thrill-ride pool slide
  • Salt pool friendly
  • 3-year warranty


  • Ideal for kids only

3. S.R. Smith 610-209-5813 – Rogue2 Pool Slide

The Rogue2 Pool Slide is yet another well-performing inground pool slide from S.R. Smith. It comes with a retro look and a modern, roto-molded flume which makes it a new standard for any backyard fun.S.R. Smith 610-209-5813 – Rogue2 Pool Slide

The color versatility allows it to complement any new décor design. The left and right curve make it possible to accommodate multiple home deck spaces.

Moreover, this inground pool slide comes with easy-to-grip handrails and a deep flume for the best safety. The sturdy roto-molded design allows it to have the best strength, longevity, and durability.

It can accommodate up to 250 pounds and complies with consumer product safety commission’s standard for pool slides safety.


  • High volume water delivery system
  • Elegant roto-molded flume design
  • Surface or in-deck mounted
  • Meets CPSC standard
  • 3-year warranty


  • The ladder is wobbly
  • Difficult to install

4. S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 – Cyclone Curve Pool Slide

For those looking for the best inground pool slide that makes a huge splash and the little ones can use, then the S.R. Smith Cyclone is an excellent choice for them.S.R. Smith 698-209-58124 - Cyclone Curve Pool Slide

The slide comes with great features of the S.R. Smith Turbo Twister. It’s also equipped with safety features like the molded-in handrails and an enclosed ladder. The little exposed metals on these units make it ideal for use in salt and chlorine pools.

Furthermore, the water delivery system on this pool slide connects through a regular garden hose. The unit is also strong enough to accommodate kids and adults up to 175 pounds. The model is available in Taupe, gray and sandstone designer colors which allow it to be used with any backyard décor.

Lastly, the model meets all the consumer product safety commission’s standard for pool slides safety thus enabling you to enjoy with confidence.


  • Ideal for limited deck space
  • Elegant roto-molded design
  • Fully CPSC compliant
  • Salt pool friendly
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not recommended for adults

5. Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB – Best Inground Pool Slide

Get a fast, fun and safe pool sliding by installing this Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB inground pool slide in your backyard. The unit will give you a big ride and a significant value.Inter-Fab CITY2-CRB - Best Inground Pool Slide

It’s also easy to install the unit and comes with all the instructions you need during installation. For the best water sliding fun, the unit’s water supply is compatible with the pools return system or the regular garden hose.

The four color selection on this model allows you to coordinate with your house or deck. Moreover, this CITY2-CRB pool slide is designed to provide the highest performance and safety while also allowing up to 225 pounds.

It comes in light or left curve which feature a runaway with deep sides and an acrylic finish of the highest quality. Its construction features a durable, impact resistant acrylic and aluminum which allows it to provide you with years of the best, trouble-free enjoyment.


  • Sturdy aluminum grip-around handrails and ladder
  • High-flow Flume water delivery system
  • Highest safety and performance
  • Long deep sided runway
  • Easy to install


  • Assembly is a bit annoying
  • An inefficient Water flow system

What to Look for in a Best Inground Pool Slide?

The above review displays a clear picture that buying the best inground pool slides isn’t as simple as many thought. Each product has its features to offer and thus being different from the other. So for you to get the right model for your pool, you need to consider this buying guide:

Pool type

Is your swimming pool an inground or above ground model? Pool slide differs a lot in size and design when it comes to pool type. While in this case, we are talking of inground pool slides, you need to ensure that the model you pick is the right one for your pool. If you are searching for an above ground pool, the design and size will be entirely different.


Pool slides are made using four common materials, namely vinyl, polyethylene, steel, and acrylic. Vinyl made pool slide is the least durable and the cheapest but also the easiest to clean, flexible and lightweight.

You can even have it folded and stored while not in use. Acrylic material, on the other hand, is one of the most durable. Although UV rays can damage it, it is still the most recommended choice.

The steel materials are said to be the best and durable but aren’t recommended for home use. Lastly, polyethylene features the qualities of plastic, but they are highly resistant to chemicals. When deciding on the material to go with, you need to pick concerning your budget and durability.

Weight Capacity

I suggest you make your weight decision depending on who will be using the pool slide. Keep in mind the slide maximum weight capacity, not forgetting the staircase too, to ensure that the slider reaches the slide top safely.


Almost everyone needs a large/tall slide but all that is limited to the available space in the backyard. A large and tall slide will allow you to enjoy more splash and speed, and they can accommodate more weight. However, they are only recommended for adults and older kids. So, if you need a slide that you little kids and preschooler can enjoy, a medium sized slide is the best.


Today, pool slides come in a variety of colors, so you don’t need to stick to the blue colored slide. Currently, you can pick a model that matches your décor. However, I recommend you go for natural hues and softer colors as they do not get hot during a sunny day.

Water Supply

Although you can still enjoy the fun of sliding without water, your wetness can cause frictions thus reducing your speed. I, therefore, recommend that you add a water supply to the pool slide wherever you can. That can be an additional expense, but it’ll double your sliding fun and speed.

If you do not spend your money, you can hook up a garden hose on top of your slide. I recommend you go with a model that can hook up a water supply if you need the process to be easy.

Waterslide Safety

Sliding needs to be clean fun, and that is why you need to make sure the unit you’re about to buy is safe. It must come with CPSC approved regulations, as that means they have undergone the necessary safety tests and they’re safe for use.

Globo Pool Overview:

With the above list of best inground pool slide, you have a lot of options to let you and your kids enjoy a water park-like experience at the comfort of your backyard.

I believe I have given you all the information you need to be able to find a model that will be best suited for your needs. So, use it to seek that one model that will make sure you and your family get the best fun.

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