11 Best Infrared Saunas (Updated In 2020)

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best Infrared sauna presented by Globo PoolWhen you’re looking for an Infrared sauna, the options are so many that you can get confused. You have to look at your needs and after that select the Infrared Sauna.

You need to also take into account the number of people who will be using the sauna simultaneously. When you go for the larger sauna options, not only they will cost more but will also require more space. The numbers of heating panels decide the temperature which it can attain.

The more the number of heating panels, the faster will be the generation of heat. Let’s explore the real user experiences of the sauna.

With so many different things to look at, it can be confusing to choose the right Infrared sauna. You need to also keep in mind that Infrared saunas are also useful for applications like weight loss and detox.

The 11 Best Infrared Saunas in 2020

Many sauna options also claimed that they could help you improve your blood circulation as well as metabolic activity. The benefits are plenty. Hence, they are becoming popular.

1. JNH Lifestyles Joyous Canadian Hemlock Wood (2 Person)

The construction of the sauna will decide its durability. The sauna uses 100% Canadian Hemlock wood in the frame. It does not consist of any plywood or any other chemicals. Grove construction enhances the durability of the Infrared Sauna.JNH Lifestyles Joyous – Canadian Hemlock Wood Far Infrared Sauna ( 2 Person )

The wood is FSC certified. When you look at the materials used, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most durable Infrared spas which you can buy. The dual wall construction of the sauna means that the level of insulation is on the higher side.

Whenever you want, you can break it down into smaller parts, and you can transport it to another location without any problem at all. The assembly does not require any specific tools. You can buckle the panels together which come along with it, and you’re good to go.

The digital control panel helps to set the temperature and duration. The LED lighting means that not only the illumination level is on the higher side, but the energy consumption is on the lower. As a result, you can use this sauna without having to worry about electricity consumption. Moreover, with the help of long-lasting LED lighting, there is no need to replace the lights again and again.

The 3.5 MM aux jack ensures that you can easily connect your devices with the Infrared spa. It also consists of 2 premium speakers and a volume rocker to help you customize the music options. When you look at the safety glass, you will realize that it is pretty thick and it can handle high temperatures without any problem at all.

It provides proper visibility from the sauna. At the same point in time, the glass chosen is such that it also adds to the insulation. Thus, when you look at every feature of this Infrared sauna, you will realize that it is specifically chosen to maximize the efficiency of the sauna.


  • Built using hemlock Wood
  • Easy to assemble
  • A digital control panel on offer
  • Aux input
  • Dual wall construction
  • LED lighting
  • Transparent glass


  • Max temperature is 140°F

2. JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB Far Infrared Sauna

The sauna option which we are speaking about now again consists of a double layer of 100% Canadian Lockwood. It does not consist of plywood or any chemically treated material. When it comes to construction quality, it is second to none.JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB Best Far Infrared Sauna Review

The tongue and groove construction means that you can install it easily. You can assemble it in no time. The wood which is present in the sauna is FSC certified. As a result, there is nothing to worry about the quality of the sauna. When you look at the heaters, it consists of 8 carbon fiber far infrared heaters.

The heaters are present on the side, back as well as calf areas. The dual wall construction ensures that proper heat insulation is on offer. As a result, the pressure on the entire structure is on the lower side. The front side is heavy on tempered glass, while the other three predominantly consist of wood.

With the help of durable LED lighting, you get proper illumination. The LED lights ensure that the amount of electricity consumed is 50% lower. As a result, it is easy to reduce your electricity bills even when you’re using it on a regular basis. The control panel along with the display allows you to tweak the settings as per your requirement easily. You can verify the chosen settings on the screen.

For your entertainment, there is a 3.5 MM aux input on offer. You can connect your devices to this aux input, and you will be able to play your songs. You can easily vary the volume. There are a couple of premium speakers on offer. You can be sure that the sauna will help you enjoy your music while you’re in the spa. Thus, when it comes to features and constructions, you can be sure that it is one of the best options.


  • Eight infrared sensors
  • Digital display Control Panel
  • LED lights
  • Heavy-duty dual wall construction
  • Aux input
  • Easy to assemble
  • Consist of hemlock wood


  • The glass is on the thinner side

3. Radiant Saunas – Reasonably Priced (2 Person)

The sauna which we are speaking about now can comfortably accommodate a couple of people. It consists of 6 carbon heaters. The positioning of the carbon heaters is such that you get uniform steam from all directions.Radiant Saunas – Reasonably Priced and Good Quality ( 2 Person)

The Canadian hemlock construction means that it will last for an extended period with minimal wear and tear. The glass door is of 8 MM tempered glass. The tempered glass provides it with extra strength. Assembling the sauna is not a problem at all. The buckle connectors facilitate quick assembly.

An additional feature of this sauna is that it consists of a bronze-tinted glass door. It allows you to gain some extra privacy. The sauna is easy to install with the help of buckle connectors. If you’re not a person who prefers an entirely transparent door, this one certainly has an edge.

The control panel is such that even if you’re using an infrared sauna for the first time, you can easily set the controls as per your requirement. The control panel helps to set the temperature at a maximum of 141°F. You can control the lighting as well. You have access to not just LED lights in the sauna but also Infrared color therapy lights. You can easily select the options as per your requirement.

In this sauna, you will find that there are quite a few extra features like Infrared restorative heat, oxygen ionizer, and chemotherapy lighting. The oxygen ionizer means that you will always get fresh and oxygen-rich air in the sauna. It will help you rejuvenate your body.

All of these features make it much more efficient and easy to use. It also consists of a built-in sound system which allows you to play the music which you prefer. There is also aux input on offer which means that you can connect your devices to the infrared sauna without any problem at all.

It also incorporates a CD player. If you like to listen to the radio, it consists of a radio receiver as well. As a result, any entertainment options which you might be looking for is on offer in this Infrared sauna. Thus, the unique features along with quality construction make it a good choice when you’re looking for an infrared sauna.


  • Oxygen ionizer
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Infrared color light therapy
  • Multiple carbon heaters
  • Easy to assemble
  • Consist of Canadian hemlock wood
  • Offers integrated music system along with aux input


  • Does not reach 141°F

4. JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1

Most of the infrared saunas on this list use Canadian hemlock wood for construction. The option which we are talking about now does the same. It uses double-layer wooden construction. It consists of 7 Infrared carbon heaters which allow you to get proper heat from all directions.JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 – Best Infrared Sauna in Terms of Features

It is easy to assemble, and the wood is FSC certified. The best thing about the infrared sauna is that it is entirely wood constructed. There is no use of plywood or any other chemically treated substance. Owing to this very reason, not only the quality is better, but also the experience which you get inside the sauna is up to the mark. Similar to the other sauna options, it also uses the tongue and groove construction. The tongue and groove construction means that you will not need a lot of tools to assemble the sauna.

The control panel helps to set the temperature and duration of the sauna. It is self-explanatory and has a large display. It allows you to set precise settings with the help of the digital display. When you look at the lighting options, it consists of LED lights which can last for a longer time. The LED lights are much more energy-efficient as compared to the alternatives. They do not produce the same amount of heat. Thus, you can use them within the sauna without any problem.

The infrared sauna which we are speaking about now consists of 2 premium speakers which also offer Bluetooth connectivity. You can control the speakers with the help of remote control. You can connect your device with the speakers without any problem with Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, it is the complete package that allows you to not only undertake sauna treatments but also stay entertained.


  • Offers proper connectivity
  • Consist of 2 premium speakers
  • LED lighting
  • Consists of multiple carbon infrared heaters
  • Hemlock wood construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Digital Control Panel


  • Assembling is time-consuming

5. Dynamic Saunas 6106-01 Smartest Sauna (1-2 Person)

The infrared sauna which we are highlighting now consists of 6 low EMF infrared carbon heating panels. The heating panels ensure that the amount of heat on offer is much higher as compared to others which offer smaller heaters.Dynamic Saunas amz-dyn-6106-01 - The Smartest Sauna (1-2 Person)

When you consider the uniformity of this Infrared sauna, it is much higher as compared to the others on this list. The Canadian hemlock wood construction means that you do not have to worry about the durability of this sauna at all. It can easily fit-in two people which is an added advantage.

The assembly will take you up to 1 hour. The instructions for assembling the sauna come along with it. The door and front panels consist of tempered glass. The glass table ensures proper durability as well as sturdiness.

With the control panel, you can set the temperature up to 140°F. With the help of touch controls, you can easily choose the settings which you want. You can verify the settings on the LED display. The sauna offers normal LED lighting which you can control through the control panel. Additionally, it also consists of a chrome therapy lighting system. Chroma therapy lights help you to generate the right frequencies to keep your body in perfect harmony and to improve its health.

The sauna also offers an MP3 aux connection to connect your devices and play the music as per your requirement. It is perfect for indoor usage and occupies little space which allows you to install it in any corner of your home. Thus, it is a pretty versatile option when looking for an indoor sauna.


  • Chromotherapy lights
  • Consists of 6 low EMF carbon heating panels
  • Natural Canadian hemlock wood construction
  • Consist of MP3 aux connection
  • Can accommodate up to 2 people
  • Easy to assemble


  • The packaging is not up to the mark

6. JNH Lifestyles MG401HB Infrared Sauna (4 Person)

When you’re looking for a larger sauna that can accommodate up to 4 people, you can consider this option. The construction quality is the same as the others. It also uses Canadian hemlock wood for construction. It is double layered which ensures that proper insulation is always on offer.JNH Lifestyles MG401HB - Affordable Far Infrared Sauna (4 Person)

With the help of tongue and groove construction, you can assemble it without a high number of tools. The assembling takes a short time. When it comes to construction quality, you will have no complaints at all from this sauna. The main advantage of this infrared sauna is to provide uniform heat for up to 4 people; it consists of 9 carbon fiber infrared heaters.

The position of the heaters is such that they are present in the back, side, calf area. The design of the sauna is such that the surface area is on the higher side. With more surface area, the dissipation of heat into the sauna is also higher. The large surface area increases the efficiency of the sauna you can be sure that the heat intensity on offer is more than enough for four people

The control panel will help to adjust the temperature and length of the sauna session precisely. It is self-explanatory. The control panel is highly responsive which means that you will be able to choose the settings quite quickly and easily. With LED lighting, you get proper illumination. You will have no issues at all when you look at the illumination levels in this infrared sauna.

Similar to the other options on this list, it also consists of 2 premium speakers. The main advantage of the two speakers is that you can connect them with aux input. You can play the music from your smartphone directly without having to transfer them to the sauna system. With the help of volume control, you can play the music exactly as per your requirement. All in all, when you’re looking for a larger sauna option, you can consider this one.


  • Can accommodate four people
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aux input on offer
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Consists of 9 infrared heaters
  • High illumination


  • Finishing is not good

7. Dynamic Venice Sauna Most Recommended

The sauna which we are speaking about now is perfect for two people. The dimensions of the interior are 43” x 37” x 70”. With the Canadian hemlock wood construction, durability is not an issue at all. When you look at the wooden planks, they are at least 6 mm in the interior.Dynamic Venice Sauna – Most Recommended

The strength which is on offer by the wooden planks is unparalleled. Moreover, the front side uses tempered glass. The side windows use tempered glass. When it comes to construction, you will find no negative point at all in this sauna. The design is such that you can assemble it yourself.

There is no need to hire a handyman. There are six traffic Infrared heating panels in this sauna. The unique feature of these Infrared heating panels is that they generate low EMF. The strategic placement of the Infrared heating panels ensures that you can get proper heating from all directions.

Two of these heating panels are on the rear wall. One of these panels is on the sidewall. One of these panels is on the bench, and one of them is on the floorboard. The dispersal of these heating panels ensures that you get proper heat from all directions. The sauna does not require any special wiring assembly.

As a result, you can install it on a carpet without any problem at all. It will allow you to fit it in any room like a garage, walk-in closet, and basement.

With the control panel, you can choose the time of the operation and the temperature. The touch control panel allows you to set the heat up to 140°F. You can precisely set the temperature as per your requirement. The LED lighting used in the interiors will allow you to set the illumination levels according to your needs. You can control the lights with the help of remote control as well.

With the help of an MP3 aux connection, you can play your favorite songs on the two dynamic speakers. The sauna weighs 400 lbs. You can install it anywhere in the home without any problem. The combined features make it a pretty good choice when looking for a small and compact sauna.


  • Can attain temperatures up to 140°F
  • Touch control panel
  • Consist of 2 dynamic speakers
  • Canadian hemlock wood construction
  • Thick wooden planks
  • Easy to install in a short time


  • The remote control is offered only for the lights

8. LifeSmart Alicante

The sauna which we are speaking about now can comfortably accommodate up to 2 people. It consists of 4 bioceramic heaters. Out of those 4, three are on the rear wall, and one is under the bench. With the help of proper heater placement, you can be sure that there is uniform heat inside the sauna.LifeSmart Alicante – for Budget Conscious Users Infrared Sauna

It also consists of a foot heater which is a unique feature. The foot heater ensures that you can get an experience that is akin to a foot massage. It will help you relax your body from head to toe. Most of the other Infrared saunas on our list lag in this feature. The material used for constructing the sauna is similar as compared to the others. It consists of Canadian hemlock wood.

The planks in the interior are thicker as compared to the outer ones. Nevertheless, proper insulation is on offer. With the help of tempered glass used on the side and in the front, you can be sure that it is not only transparent but very sturdy. The full-length windows on the side make it easier for you to see all around.

The digital touchscreen control panel of the sauna allows you to control the various lights without any problem. The best thing about this infrared sauna is that it consists of reading light. If you fancy reading while undergoing your sauna treatment, this is the option which you should purchase.

The bright interior lights mean that you will be able to control the illumination precisely as per your requirement. With the help of the control panel, adjusting the illumination levels of LED lights is simple. The weight of the infrared sauna is comparatively lesser at 200 lbs.

As a result, you can install it in a wide variety of places. You can even put the sauna on the carpet which means that you won’t have to tamper with the rug in any room to install it.

The feature of this sauna is that it offers you a temperature range beyond 140°F. Most of the others on options on this list have a temperature limitation of 140°F. You can easily set the heat as per your requirement. If you’re a person who prefers high heat rather than just 140°, this infrared sauna is a good option.

With MP3 aux input, you can be sure that you can listen to your favorite music while undergoing sauna treatment. All the essential features which you might need in an infrared sauna are available in this one.


  • Can generate more heat as compared to other options
  • Weighs comparatively lesser
  • Thicker walls
  • Consist of 4 heaters
  • Incorporates reading lights
  • Uses tempered glass


  • Does not provide with detailed instructions

9. JNH Lifestyles ENSI – Limited Edition (1 Person)

If you like to opt for some sauna treatments on a solo basis, you can consider this option. It accommodates just a single person. With Canadian hemlock wooden construction, you will have no problem at all.JNH Lifestyles ENSI – Limited Edition (1 Person)

The dual wooden layer offers proper insulation. The assembly is smooth which means that you will not need to buy any extra tools to assemble the sauna. It does not consist of any plywood. It consists of FSC certified wood. When you consider these factors, there is no doubt that the construction quality of the sauna is up to the mark.

Additionally, it consists of 6 carbon infrared heaters that provide adequate heat. The safety glass used at the sides and the front is such that it can handle high temperatures without any problem at all.

With the help of a proper control panel, you can set the temperature, duration of the sauna. It also allows you to control the LED lights inside the sauna. The LED lights last for a long time. There is no need to replace them anytime soon. In case, you want to transport it to another location; you can do so quite easily.

The sauna has two premium speakers. You can control the volume of the speakers with the help of the remote control. You will not have to use the digital control panel again and again to control the music volume. Moreover, you can play music on these two speakers with the help of Bluetooth.

Thus, you can sit comfortably inside the sauna without having to move again and again to play your favorite songs. It offers you a relaxing experience which is one of the main advantages of this infrared sauna.


  • Remote control on offer
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Six carbon heaters
  • Durable construction
  • Digital control panel included
  • Suitable for a single person


  • Assembling it is time-consuming due to limited instructions

10. Empava 6 Carbon Fiber Heaters Sauna

The next sauna option on our list is one of the very few that can accommodate up to 3 people. Thus, if you routinely have a guest around who likes sauna, you can accompany them. Another advantage of this sauna is that it consists of low EMF InfraWave far heaters.Empava – 6 Carbon Fiber Heaters Sauna Room (2-3 Person)

The heaters are built using carbon fiber heating panels. The location of the heaters is also such that you will be able to get uniform heat all over the sauna. The Canadian solid hemlock wood construction ensures that you will have no complaints at all when it comes to the construction quality of this sauna.

The buckle construction makes it easy to assemble. You can even construct it without any prior sauna assembling experience. The roof vents are adjustable as per your requirement. The glass is scratch-resistant and made from tempered glass. One of the additional advantages of this sauna is that the wavelengths on offer are between 5 microns to 12 microns. The wavelengths in this range benefit the human body the most

The LED control panel allows you to choose the temperature which you want. The maximum temperature which it can reach is 141°F. The eight heaters ensure that the sauna reaches the set temperature quickly. If you’re looking to save time while undergoing sauna treatments, this one is the perfect option.

The ideal temperature which you should set the sauna is 124°F. You can, of course, set it at a higher or lower temperature depending on your prior experiences but the company recommends it to be around 124°F. It consists of a reading light that allows you to read books or magazines when you’re in the sauna. The illumination levels of the reading light are on the higher side.

The option which we are discussing now has one of the most versatile music speakers. You can connect speakers through Bluetooth or the aux input. It also supports radio. The studio sound system produces excellent sound quality which can keep you entertained.

With the help of low EMF heaters, you can be sure that the sauna is safe to use. The additional feature is the ETL Certified components that are present in the sauna.

The high-quality parts ensure that the maintenance is always on the lower side. The specific wavelength means that the benefits which you will gain from this sauna are plenty. It helps you increase your metabolic activity, improve blood circulation and also sleep better.

Overall, you can lead a healthier life when you use this sauna frequently. When you consider these features and couple it with the fact that it can accommodate three people, it is a pretty good option to select.


  • Can accommodate up to 3 people
  • Offers Bluetooth and aux connectivity
  • Offers radio
  • Has a temperature range of up to 141°F
  • Consist of 8 low EMF carbon fiber heating panels
  • Durable construction


  • Limited instructions for assembling

11. Radiant Saunas BSA1323 Carbon Sauna (6 Person)

The sauna which we are speaking about now consists of Canadian Red Cedar. The advantage of this type of wood is that it is highly durable and can resist wear and tear. Moreover, the sauna can fit up to 6 people, which ensure that there is plenty of space inside.Radiant Saunas BSA1323 - Cedar Carbon Infrared Sauna (6 Person)

The rich and luxurious red tone means that you can install it in your bedroom or any other room without having to worry about the decor. The stunning design along with bronze-tinted glass ensures that you can view outside the sauna whenever required.

The infrared sauna consists of 10 Carbon Heaters. The location of the 10 Carbon heaters is such that they cover your entire body. It will allow you to ease body pain and soothe your muscles. It is also suitable for burning calories as well as removing toxins from your body.

It significantly increases sweat production which ensures that you can eliminate the toxins from your body. The LED control panel allows you to set the temperature precisely as per your requirement. With the help of roof vents, you can control the ventilation without any problem.

The LED control panel allows you to set the temperature up to 141°F. As a result, you can have an authentic spa experience without any problem. It will enable you to control the chromotherapy lights which reduce anxiety. You can gain numerous benefits from this one.

The sauna also consists of an oxygen ionizer. The ionizer maintains the air quality inside the sauna. It allows you to improve your blood circulation when using the sauna on a regular basis. The low EMF Carbon Infrared heaters mean that you don’t need to worry about the EMF radiation as well.

If you want to relax while indulging in some sauna therapy, there is an aux input on offer. It allows you to play the music which you want. A CD player and radio are also on offer. There are proper backrests and towel hooks. If you prefer reading in the sauna, there is a magazine rack incorporated into the design.

The advantage of this sauna is that it provides almost all the features which you might ask from a professional sauna.


  • Low EMF 10 Carbon Heaters
  • Consist of oxygen ionizer
  • Can attain the temperature up to 141°F
  • LED control panel
  • Highly durable
  • Consists of adjustable roof vents
  • Offers CD player/radio/aux input


  • Assembling is not that easy

Best Infrared Saunas [Buying Details]

Having read the above review on the best-infrared sauna, you will agree with me that it might be harder to pick one from the list. Each product has its uniqueness. That makes it hard to know which product will fit you best and that’s why you need to have some other factors to ease the process. Below you will find the top factors to consider while selecting and the most common frequently asked question to use when choosing the perfect infrared sauna.

Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna:

Benefits of Using an Infrared SaunaThe main purpose of using an infrared sauna is to cleanse the body. It is increasingly recognized that cleaning your body is very important for a healthy lifestyle. When you sweat, the infrared sauna will remove impurities and toxins from your body.

That will undoubtedly promote good health because the germs and toxins in your body could affect your health. Your immune system is what helps you to block disease and infections. That is where infrared saunas can help strengthen the immune system.

That will help you better withstand the symptoms of flu and colds. If your skin is healthy, it will have a healthy glow. By using an infrared sauna, you will generate a healthy flow of nutrients in your skin. If you want your body to stay clean and healthy, the infrared sauna would be an excellent choice for you.

Read the following factors as they will make you’re searching process a breeze. Each element explains why an excellent or best-infrared sauna needs to be perfect in that area. By reading this, the next thing will be ticking the product that meets all your needs. They include:

Capacity and Dimensions

Many numbers of people who will be using the sauna will determine the size of your sauna. Many infrared saunas in the market today can fit up to three people at a go. You can also come across saunas that are made for fewer or even for a single person.

A smaller sauna will take less of your space and will cost less. If you’re searching for a bigger sauna, then you will be able to find one. However, bigger infrared sauna takes a more significant area and will cost you more cash.

Another factor that goes along with capacity is the Sauna dimension. The dimension of an infrared sauna will tell you if it will fit in your home. Even though some saunas is rated for the same number, their dimensions may differ. It is essential to figure out how much space you have in your home.

That will tell you well the size of infrared sauna dimensions to properly fit in the available space. I suggest you get somebody to assist you to measure the area where you will be keeping or mounting your sauna to get the exact size required.

Type of Heaters

Most of the infrared saunas use carbon and ceramic heaters, but you can also come across some that use Mica. The carbon heaters give a bit high performance, and their efficiency is high. On the other hand, the ceramic heaters aren’t that powerful like carbon heaters, and they are a bit cheaper compared. Mica is the cheapest, and its performance is a bit low, not comparable with the other two.

I recommend you go for a carbon heater, but of course, if you can afford. If not, settle with ceramic heater, as it will do fine for an affordable model.

Heating Surface Area

A smaller surface area heats up faster than a larger surface area. If you go for a sauna with small plates, then the sauna will heat up very quickly. The sauna with bigger plates will take more time to heat but will provide more even heat inside the sauna. The big surface area gives a better sauna effect, but regarding time and cost, I’d recommend something between so that you can get the best balance between efficiency and cost.

Build Materials

Better materials will give you better performance and will cost you more money. Good sauna materials will be better at retaining and containing heat. It’s not a must to spend a lot on the best sauna materials, but you need not skimp on building materials. Wood is commonly used to construct sauna frames and accessories. You can also come across the sauna structure that has been built using wood.

Softwood like basswood, cedar, and hemlock are commonly used. If you need hypoallergenic, the best option is basswood. Cedar sauna is nonaromatic due to the treatment and build. If you’re interested in environmental sustainability, check the manufacturer’s certification from the environmental organization. Ensure that you read what the certification means.

Heater Covers

The heater requires covers to eliminate the risk of getting burned. They become so hot in that in case your skin comes in contact with them then you can be severely burnt. The best-infrared sauna will accompany a cover. However, if not, I suggest you think of getting one. When picking the best infrared sauna, try hard to pick one that comes with a heater cover. This way, you’ll have dealt with the burn risk and use of extra money.

Control panels

Best Infrared Sauna ReviewsMany of the infrared saunas come with a control panel on the outside of the unit. The control panel gives you to set the heat and time, turn on the lights, etc. But that isn’t all you should look for. It is good that the control to be inside the unit so that you don’t leave to make the changes. Some come with a remote control which makes it convenient in case the controls are on the outside.

Ensure you check beyond the control location. Not all sauna controls are designed equal. Go for easy-to-use digital controls which you can use to set the temperature, read the actual temperature, set time, and read the remaining time. It’s vital also for the sauna controls to feature switches for internal and external lights and even the color light therapy.


The electromagnetic field (EMF) is considered to be lethal at higher levels. Almost all electrics emit EMFs. When their standards are too high, their exposure can cause a radiation risk. It’s therefore vital that an infrared you pick has the lowest EMF. When searching, read the information on how the maker conducted the EMF testing, including the testing company used and how far from the EMF source did they hold the tester. I recommend that you check out all this information and you choose the sauna with the lowest EMF.

Heater Emissivity

Heat emissivity shows the amount of “true” infrared the heater emits. It also shows how much of it will be able to penetrate the body tissues. If the sauna heater is not efficient and emissive, then it’s as far as infrared healing is concerned. Lack of this information on the product description doesn’t mean it is low quality. If you find no information about the heat emissivity, I suggest you call the company customer service. Make sure up you understand the value of the infrared heat emitted by the sauna before you buy it.


Safety should always be a pivotal point to consider when buying the best-infrared sauna. One way of ensuring protection is looking for certified and reputable companies with a good history. You can trust the infrared sauna companies that are ISO certified or CE certified.

Additionally, you have to check if the product is approved for home use. You will also find other certification companies. So, if you see a company saying to be certified by a particular company, make sure you check it out.

Also, go through the customer reviews to understand more about the reputation of a company. If a company has been in the sauna manufacturing industry for long, you should be able to find lots of reviews. If they have ever gone wrong with a sauna in the past, there will be some negative reviews that will tell you of any potential buyers of any hazards.

Design and Layout

Most of the corner sauna units look great. However, some have a smaller foot room, and they are awkward for more than three people to use. The floor space and heaters are the features you need to consider carefully. My opinion strongly recommends having the sauna heaters and other elements besides the legs, behind the legs, beside the sauna upper torso, and in front of the body.

The higher the infrared surrounding, the more the heating penetrates. The design also minimizes the time needed to achieve the optimal persona benefits. I suggest you consider the best setup before you decide to take the sauna.

Installation and electrical requirements

Getting a personal sauna does not end with the purchase. The real work begins at the time of installation. Depending on whether you want your sauna unit to be installed indoors, outdoors, in the bathroom or your basement; choose from a wide selection of pre-cut, modular or manufactured sauna kits. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the voltage and wiring requirements of the control unit and for safety reasons; Make sure that the product you are buying contains all electrical cables in a fire-resistant conduit.

Any added functionality

After checking the basic features and specifications, note the additional functions that the manufacturer or distributor offers. That can be in cash or kind. You can expect an attractive refund or extended warranty or free maintenance service for a year or more. Conduct a market study to control the current complement available for infrared saunas.

Entertainment options

Best Infrared Sauna ReviewsIt takes more than a minute for the best sauna experience. If you’re not planning to meditate or read, what will you do with this free time? Get some entertainment by having a high-quality radio or a music player at the time of purchase.

Having a way to entertain yourself can give you a more enjoyable and luxurious sauna session without getting bored. Playing some relaxing videos and music can help you pass the time and even deepen your senses of calm and well-being. Some infrared sauna comes with TVs and music players so you can watch your favorite programs while sweating and losing weight.

Price and Budget

Many people assume they can go shopping blindly. Any shopping requires you to have a planned budget. This way you will have an idea of picking a product that won’t make you overspend. When budgeting you will need to give an estimate and not an exact cost.

Having prepared the budget and having considered all the above, select the product that is under your budget. And because buying infrared saunas for the home is an expensive affair, before continuing with this significant investment, you need to check the price or the cost of the particular sauna and see if it fits your budget or not.


The warranty gives a better way of enjoying Sauna without worrying to break down. Most infrared saunas come with a warranty, and you need to ensure that you check the warranty before picking the sauna to buy. The longer the sauna warranty, the better. It’s also crucial that you read the fine print before you commit.

Check to see what’s covered. Some warranties are cover everything while others offer limited coverage. An extended warranty that covers some and unnecessary parts of a sauna may be useless. I recommend that you check the best balance between price and coverage.

Infrared Saunas (FAQs)

What is Infrared?

Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation that has a longer wavelength than that of visible light and shorter than that on radio waves. The IR radiation penetrates the human body and heats the interior through a process known as conversion. Infrared light, as it is radiated by the sun, typically lies between the microwave and visible sectors of the electromagnetic spectrum.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is a heat sauna that uses heaters to heat the sauna users. The heaters emit far-infrared radiation heat that is safe to the human body. Unlike the traditional Finnish saunas, an infrared sauna does not utilize steam (which was used to heat the surrounding air and the nearby user) but instead use the far-infrared radiation to warm the sauna occupant directly. The heaters produce radiant heat that is equal to the radiation generated by the sun, only that it’s free of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Are Infrared saunas safe to use?

When you use an infrared sauna, the heat penetrates your skin thus giving you a pleasant natural warmth. The infrared heat therapy is entirely healthy for all types of human skin. You can safely relax in an infrared sauna without worrying about your skin getting burnt. It has been proved to be saved to all living things, and today it’s being used to warn newborn infants in hospitals.

How hot will the sauna get?

The infrared sauna operating temperature is mainly affected by room temperature. The room temperature will determine where the minimum setting should start. For instance, if the room temperature is over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the operating temperature needs to be between 122 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Typically, the ideal temperature for an infrared sauna should be between 110°F to 130°F. Note: The temperature isn’t that important, getting the far-infrared heat is the vital part.

How long will it take to heat an infrared sauna?

The infrared sauna size will play a big part in determining how fast it will take to reach a certain temperature. Typically, the average pre-heating time is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. A 3-person sauna unit will take longer to heat up compared to a solo sauna.

What is the difference between Traditional Saunas and Infrared Saunas?

Infrared heat is a gentle heat that will make you feel good once it heats your skin. The sauna experience is similar to that of lying in the sun on a warm day. The feeling you feel when the sun radiates the core of your body is what you get from an infrared sauna.

Unlike for traditional sauna that used heated rock or steam to operate at the excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, infrared sauna has the advantage of being efficient, more effective and comfortable at an operating temperature of 100°-150° Fahrenheit.

The traditional sauna heats the air while the infrared sauna heats the body directly. The conventional sauna heating mechanism can make the experience intolerably hot and troublesome to breathe, rather than inducing relaxation and detoxification.

And because of the Infrared direct body heating mechanism, it’s seven times more efficient and effective than the traditional sauna when used to detoxify the body. By increasing the body’s core temperature, an infrared sauna produces sweat that composes 20% toxins compared to only 3% of toxins from a traditional sauna.

What’s the difference between Far Infrared and near Infrared?

When searching for the best-infrared sauna, you will come across two majorly used terms, near-infrared and far-infrared. The big difference between infrared and far infrared has to do with the light spectrum. When your body feels the heat of the sun, it’s feeling a lot of near-infrared light.

Half of the light spectrum emitted by the sun is inside the near-infrared range. When absorbed into the skin, the body uses it to make vitamin D. That is why near infrared saunas are better for the skin and also to the overall health and wellness. The light-heat raises the body’s core temperature, thus improving circulation and even giving relief from pain.

On the other hand, far infrared is similar to near-infrared. However, the wavelengths of the two differ a lot. Far infrared is widely used to calm the body and remove stress. The light heating effect can also be used to kick-start your metabolism, detoxify your body, help you lose weight, and improve your immune system. The two has benefits, and whichever you decide to use, it will benefit your body health.

What’s the difference between Carbon Fiber and Ceramic Infrared Saunas?

These are two commonly used heating systems that you will come across when searching for an infrared sauna. When choosing you will realize that they both have vast and real benefits. Also, you will notice that there are no visible, subtle differences between them.

Carbon fiber sauna distributes heat more evenly and provides better heat coverage. The plates in this kind of sauna have a lower temperature. Their infrared light penetrates the deeper into the skin and uses less energy.

On the other hand, ceramic infrared costs less, but they aren’t that bad compared to carbon fiber. Carbon fiber infrared sauna is slightly better when it comes to feature, but its cost is more. So, the big difference comes in with the performance and price.

What should I do when preparing for a sauna session?

Leave the sauna temperature at the default setting of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and turn your sauna on 60 minutes before you get ready. Enter the sauna with 30 minutes remaining, and you will have a perfect heating session.

If you’re short in time, jump in 15 minutes, as the sauna will already be at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is highly recommended that you drink an electrolyte replacement water or even a sports drink before and after a sauna session. Let’s see the health benefits of the sauna.

How should I clean my Sauna inner side?

Do not use any chemical cleaners inside your infrared or any other type of sauna. That will avoid any toxic from off-gassing. Use a damp cloth to wipe your sweat or use lay a towel down over the bench before using it to soak up your sweat during the session.

Is it safe for me to use an infrared sauna while I’m under medication prescription?

If you’re taking some medication, I recommend you seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist for any possible changes in the drugs when you’re exposed to infrared waves or when your body temperature is elevated. Barbiturates, beta-blockers, and diuretics may interfere with the body’s natural heat loss mechanism.

Additionally, Anticholinergics like amitryptiline can inhibit sweating and may predispose your body to heat rash or a minimal extent, heart stroke. Lastly, some over the counter medications like antihistamines can also cause your body to more prone to heatstroke. So, you need to talk with your physician/ pharmacist if you’re under any prescription.

Can the kids and the elderly use an infrared sauna?

Kid’s core body temperature rises much faster than adults. That is because of a high metabolic rate per body mass, inability to regulate body temperature by sweating, and reduced circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands. If you are using the Sauna with a kid(s), operate it at a lower temperature and no more than 15 minutes per session.

On the other side, the ability to maintain core body temperature reduces with age. That is primarily because of circulatory conditions and minimal sweat gland function. The body has to be able to activate its natural cooling procedures to maintain the core body temperature. When using the sauna with the elderly, I recommend you operate at a lower temperature and ensure that a session does not go for more than 15 minutes.

Globo Pool Overview:

One of the best ways to have a personal relaxation time is by jumping in an infrared sauna and enjoying the body heating advantages. It will be great if you have the unit in your home.

That is why I have prepared the information above to help you search for the best-infrared sauna available today. With this information, you can find that one model that will perfectly fit in your home, provide you with the best-infrared heating and also last for long.

Use it wisely and later you will enjoy. Use the frequently asked questions to understand the terms and ways of using an infrared sauna. Happy Relaxing with many health benefits

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