8 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets (Reviewed) For 2020

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Infrared saunas are well-known for their benefits in weight loss and also general health. For compatibility, there has been the need to have a portable yet effective Infrared sauna. It’s then that the Infrared sauna blankets were produced.Best-Infrared-Sauna-Blankets-Reviewed by Globo Pool

An Infrared sauna blanket is a small size for portability and also reduces energy consumption. The best-infrared sauna blanket will feature an FIR heat technology that comes in handy when it comes to weight loss. When searching for the best Infrared sauna blankets, you’ll realize that the market is overflowing with different types and models.

So, it will be difficult to differentiate the best and the worst. For that reason, I have prepared the top best-infrared sauna blankets review below to guide you and make the selection as smooth as possible.

The 8 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets 2019

Brand & Product NameTimeTemp AdjustablePrice
Gizmo Supply - Heat Sauna Blanket30 mins77 to 185° FCheck Price
Eastmagic - Sauna Slimming Blanket60 mins77 To 167° FCheck Price
FoodKing - Sauna Blanket15-20 mins75 to 167° FCheck Price
Summer - Waves Pool15 to 60 mins86 to 176° FCheck Price
Nova - Digital Swing Heat0 - 60 mins40 to 85° FCheck Price
BestEquip - Infrared Blanket15 - 60 mins80 - 160°FCheck Price
SteamSun - Blanket Far Infrared40 to 60 mins80 to 160° FCheck Price
Gizmo Supply - FIR Heat Sauna Blanket15 to 60 mins40 to 85° FCheck Price

1. Gizmo Supply Sauna Blanket – FIR Heat Sauna Blanket

If you’re have been searching for the best-infrared sauna blanket that features an FIR, search no more. The Gizmo Supply Heat Sauna Blanket is a three-zone blanket that comes with digital Far-Infrared technology to ensure that you get the best weight loss and fat cells purification.Gizmo-Supply-Sauna-Blanket-Digital-FIR-Heat-Sauna-Blanket-Review

The sauna blanket is waterproof and has been made of soft materials that feature flexible tensile capabilities that will support your different sleeping positions. The heating wire on this model is designed to withstand any bends or stretches.

The Gizmo Supply Heat Sauna Blanket outside is made of heavy-duty, and top-grade PU materials and the interior is made of waterproof PVC and comes with Velcro to keep the heat inside. These materials are also bad conductors of the head thus they help in retaining the blanket heating.

The three FIR zones are independent zones that can be selected individually. The upper body, waist section, and the lower body. The independence of these three zones allows the temperatures to be correctly regulated according to the fat content of that section.

The Gizmo Supply Heat Sauna Blanket temperatures are adjustable from 30-85 degrees Celsius. The blanket is quite convenient and easy-to-use. Due to its portability, you can use it in the comfort of your home or office. Storing the infrared sauna blanket is also super easy since it’s foldable and very compact. It’s 5.5ft in length and 2.7ft wide and takes less than 5 minutes of your time to set up.


  • Waterproof PVC made the interior
  • Top-grade PU made exterior
  • Three independent heating zones
  • 30-85 degrees Celsius adjustable temperatures
  • Size: 5.5ft length by 2.7ft wide


  • Don’t use it after a meal
  • Do not have a memory function

2. Eastmagic Infrared Sauna – Slimming Blanket

The Eastmagic Slimming Blanket is a durable well-designed weight loss detox spa blanket. These infrared sauna blankets are made of durable, safe materials like waterproof PVC in its interior and PU materials on its exterior. The soft water materials used in making this blanket comes with flexible tensile capabilities to support all your sleeping positions.Eastmagic-FIR-Far-Infrared-SaunaSlimming-Blanket-Weight-Lose-Spa

Also, the Eastmagic Slimming Blanket heating wire comes with similar properties which allow it to withstand any bends and stretches. The blanket will promote blood circulation by activating dormant cells and eliminating heavy ions using FIR heat technology.

The technology also helps in strengthening a muscle by allowing the skin to absorb nutrients on and under it. In general, the blanket will help improve insomnia, constipation, arthritis and endocrine Dyscrasia. The Eastmagic Slimming Blanket comes with two independent infrared heating therapy; Upper body and the lower body. Its temperatures can be adjusted from 77 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can manually control the zone temperatures individually up to a 60-minute timer. If you need a longer time, then you will have to reset and set it again anything up to 60min. The blanket also runs on a safe voltage, and it’s budget-friendly.


  • Waterproof PVC interior
  • Heavy-duty PU made exterior
  • FIR heat technology
  • 77 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit Temp adjustability
  • Up to 60 min Zone temp timer


  • Only two independent zones

3. FoodKing F-8104 – FIR Sauna Blanket

One way of ensuring you have an effective weight loss is by using the best sauna blanket – The Foodking Sauna Blanket. It comes with an FIR technology and features three independent heating zone which are the upper body, waist section, and the lower body.FoodKing-F-8104-3-Zone-FIR-Sauna-Blanket-Review

The zones come with heat function control to allow you to adjust the temperatures from 80 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit independently. It is made of high quality thick yet soft materials.

These infrared sauna blankets are known to be a healthy detox slimming blanket since the FIR technology produces a better heat source for deep tissue penetration. It is made of heavy-duty PU material which is safe with heat to protect the user. The blanket control device allows you to customize the temperature and time set for each of the three independent heat zones.

It comes with a timer that can be placed anywhere between 5 to 95 minutes. In case you need a longer duration then you’ll have to reset the timer and set it again. The FoodKing weight loss Spa blanket will help improve insomnia, constipation, arthritis and endocrine Dyscrasia.

Its foldable design and soft materials make it easy when parking. Due to its portability, you can use it in the comfort of your home or office. It comes with an instruction manual and also covered by a 1-year warranty.


  • Heavy-duty PU made exterior
  • Waterproof PVC interior
  • FIR heat technology
  • 80 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit Temp adjustability
  • 5 to 95 min Zone temp timer


  • Doesn’t have a memory function
  • Heavier than other models

4. H Hukoer Heat Blanket – Professional Therapy

The HUKOER sauna blanket is a professional body shaper, weight loss, detox therapy, and anti-aging machine. It features far-infrared digital heat technology which makes it even more effective in weight loss and detox therapy. The blanket applies the rays on the skin, and the skin absorbs them.H-Hukoer-Heat-Sauna-Slimming-Blanket-Professional-Detox-Therapy

When the rays penetrate the surface, there is the generation of thermal effects of the subcutaneous tissue. These effects cause capillaries and other blood vessels to dilate and therefore boosting blood circulation while assisting to eliminate body toxins and metabolic waste.

The HUKOER infrared sauna blankets come with a very sensitive safety feature. The feature regulates the temperatures where the circuit has a problem or malfunction. The switch disconnects automatically with 0.01 seconds. If the controlled temperatures go beyond the 185 degrees Fahrenheit abnormal protection, the system will automatically disconnect its line, halt the heating, and sound an alarm for one minute.

The HUKOER sauna blanket exterior is made of oxford cloth which is soft, light and environmentally friendly. You can adjust its temperatures from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can use the 15 min to 60 min timer to time your sessions on this blanket.

It comes with three independent heating zones. The temperatures in this area can also be controlled independently. The sauna blanket is a multi-functional model since it is ideal for not only deeply relaxing treatments but also stress relief and stiff muscle pain reliever.


  • Far-Infrared (FIR) Digital Heat Sauna
  • Automatically disconnect to prevent overheating
  • FIR heat technology
  • Three independent heat zones
  • 86 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit adjustable Temp
  • 15 to 60 min temp timer


  • Pricy
  • Doesn’t come with batteries for the remote control

5. Nova Pro Digital Swing Away – Swing Away Sublimation Heat

This product from Nova Microdermabrasion happens to be the upgraded version. It will be more risk-free as compared to the 4019A as well as 4019B versions. The design is much more practical. Here a new PU fabric layer has been employed which is comfier as well as smooth.Nova-Microdermabrasion-Pro-5-in-1-Digital-Swing-Away-With-All-Require-Accessories

This best infrared sauna blanket can promote proper blood circulation, enhance our metabolic process, burn surplus fat, improve the overall constitution of our system and also improve the immune system. It does all these by means of infrared heating. In this way, it helps us to get rid of any anxiety plus fatigue and likewise eliminates pain too.

Furthermore, it is also possible to minimize fat in our abdomen, leg, and waist thanks to the innovative and separable three temperate zone structure. Amongst other features offered by the blanket, the reliable safeguarding device, the reinforced water-resistant feature, and risk-free voltage-independent control for three temperature zones deserve special mention.

On top of this, the carpet will not require much space in the room, and you can easily carry it as well. It is particularly ideal for any beauty salon or any cosmetic shop having a small floor area. The product will be able to adjust at any temperature between 40 and 85°, and the blanket voltage happens to be 36 V. The dimension of this sauna blanket is 70.8 inches in length by 35.5 inches in width. The packaged weight is 39 pounds.


  • Affordable design and can also be folded conveniently
  • Temperature adjustment is between 40 and 85°C
  • 3.36 V low output
  • Helpful user manual
  • Risk-free for the users
  • Aids in promoting blood circulation and improving metabolism
  • The highly efficient heating system


  • Sometimes it does not heat up properly
  • Can break over time

6. BestEquip Infrared 3 Heating Zone – Slimming and Weight lose Blanket

This sauna blanket helps to maintain proper distribution of heat all through the blanket thanks to innovative control technology, and in this way, it can make the blanket warm within a very short duration of time. It also helps to get rid of undesirable fat from our waist, tummy, lips as well as hip.BestEquip-Infrared-3-Heating-Zone-Best-Infrared-Sauna-Blankets

Apart from this, it likewise aids in extracting waste products like toxic substances, heavy metals, and so on from our body as well. Moreover, this infrared sauna blanket helps to enhance our metabolic process plus the absorption of nutritional elements. It likewise helps to treat neurosis and myalgia.

On top of this, besides balancing our nervous system, it is helpful for sore muscles too. Other essential benefits include the enhancement of the immune system plus the prevention of the development of cancer cells.

The sauna blanket also aids in promoting our productivity by eliminating stress and intense pressure on our lives. Lastly, the astounding product helps to promote slumber too.


  • The blanket comes with three heating zones
  • Temperature range for different heat setting is 80F to 160F
  • Time settings are between 15 to 60 minutes
  • The heating wire of the product will withstand scratches and bends
  • Helps to promote blood circulation
  • Makes our muscles strong by supplying nutrients
  • Eliminates heavy ions and toxic substances


  • Chinese product
  • Might smell quite bad
  • Quality is not that good

7. SteamSun Weight Lose Spa Blanket – Digital Controller Setting

The Blanket 3 Zones Sauna Machine by SteamSun is an innovative digital infrared heating weight loss sauna blanket that comes along with a 3 zone controller. This blanket helps to generate heat along with infrared ray therapy functionality.SteamSun-Weight-Lose-Spa-Blanket-Digital-Controller-Setting

The energy will enter deep inside the epidermis and muscles once it reaches the target temperature and will melt the excess fat effectively to maintain your slim figure while making your skin appear attractive as well. On top of this, the blanket has an innovative heat-treatment functionality.

While the time settings can vary between 15 minutes and 60 minutes, the temperature range is between 80F and 160F. The net weight of this product is 6.9 kg, and its dimension is 48 cm x 12 cm x 120 cm.

There are many benefits of using this infrared sauna blankets, which we have mentioned next. It helps to detoxify our system and can also melt fat quite fast and safe. It also helps to enhance lipolysis by eliminating any unwanted fat in our waist, tummy, arms, hip, and legs.

The blanket likewise helps us to perspire profusely and thus enables the excretion of toxic substances, heavy metals, and other waste products within our system. It also enhances our metabolic process and helps the nutrients to be absorbed quickly.

Furthermore, the awesome Blanket 3 Zones Sauna Machine functions as the physical therapy for neurosis and myalgia. Besides this, it also acts as a perfect solution for balancing our nervous system and has got a beneficial effect on our sore muscles as well.

Lastly, it also enhances our immune system while preventing the development of malignancy. Minimizing inflammation and helping with sleeping disorders are also among of the most significant benefits offered by this blanket from SteamSun.


  • An innovative controller setting of 3 zone heat treatment
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 80 to 160F
  • The time can be set to as many as four options
  • Helps in blood circulation
  • Enhances our metabolic process
  • Treats conditions like multiple sclerosis, fever, and lupus


  • Sometimes arrives in a defective condition
  • Might stop functioning correctly after several months

8. Vogvigo Far Infrared Sauna Blanket – Detox Therapy Machine for Private Spa

Far Infrared rays are absorbed by the human body gradually while encouraging cellular metabolism by having a heating effect on our cells. It helps to enhance the regenerative potential of our system and likewise aids our nervous system to function properly.Vogvigo-Far-Infrared-Sauna-Blanket-Detox-Therapy-Machine-for-Private-Spa

The healing procedures within our system are activated once any tissue within our system is exposed to the Far infrared rays. It has been observed that FIR (Far Infrared) aids in maintaining the overall health of our system and helps to prevent ailments as well.

FIR likewise helps to expand the capillaries by entering deep into our system and also helps in blood circulation. Among the other benefits of this arguably the best infrared sauna blanket is the treatment of lipolysis by getting rid of excess fats in our waist, tummy, arms, legs, and hip.

By promoting perspiration, the product also aids in the excretion of toxic substances, heavy metals, as well as other waste deposits within our system.  It also helps to treat neurosis and myalgia. Lastly, the cutting-edge Far Infrared Sauna Blanket by Vogvigo enhances our immune system while reducing inflammation too.


  • Helps in Far-infrared treatment of our body
  • Aids in treating acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions
  • Removes stress effectively
  • Great for the stiff muscles
  • Can open quite easily
  • PU material on the outside and water-resistant PVS inside
  • Time setting from 15 minutes to 60 minutes


  • Customer support is not that effective

Best Infrared Sauna Blankets (Buyers Guide)

Buying the best infrared sauna blanket is not an easy or straightforward task as there certain factors, features, and specs that you need to pay close attention to as they will help you separate the quality infrared sauna blankets from the less performing. That is why I have prepared this quick, comprehensive guide, use it to find that one model that meets your needs.

Exterior and Interior Material

The first factor you’ve to consider is the materials that are used to make the infrared sauna blanket as they show its durability and quality.

After all, it can be quite disappointing to realize that you invested in a model that fails after a few months or doesn’t give you the result your body requires. I suggest you ensure that the interior of your model of choice is made from strong, waterproof and durable material like PVC.

When you’re using your infrared sauna blanket, you will sweat, and that is why you need a model that is protected from moisture that builds up inside. The sauna blanket is exposed to a lot of damages, and that is why you need to go with a model made from high quality and durable material like the polyurethane.

Far Infrared Technology

The best infrared sauna blankets use some technology, in this case far infrared technology, to administer the best infrared effects. This technology is meant to ensure that the radiation heat penetrates the skin deep and provides the health benefits it’s supposed to give is appropriately administered. Ensure that your model utilizes this technology if you need the best sauna outcome.

Temperature Range

Some people have a low tolerance when it comes to the amount of temperature which their skin can handle while others aren’t that sensitive. That’s why you’ve to pay attention to the blanket’s temperature range before making your purchase decision. I cannot give you advice on this since it all depends on your preference.

Timer Function

Most people get forgetful or inattentive when they are relaxing, thus getting distracted and not paying attention to the environment surrounding them. When you’re sitting inside your infrared sauna blanket, you’ll get relaxed, and you might forget to look at the time or even fall asleep. And you can remember to track how long you have been sitting in your blanket.

Overstaying in your sauna blanket can lead to a series of health issues like dehydration and skin burns. For you to ensure you never get the problem you need to get a model that comes with a useful and safety timer.

The timer will allow you to set your session duration, to make sure even if you fall asleep while using the blanket, it will shut off after your session time has ended.

Heating Zones

The best infrared sauna blankets come with more than one heating zones that deliver results and give you the enjoyable experience. You need to make sure that the model you pick feature at least three heating zones –upper body, middle-section, and lower body, thus making sure your whole body receives the same radiant effects.

Independent Heating Zones

Independent heating zones allow you to control which part of your body that needs more heating. It will let you focus on that one area without affecting the heat on the others.

For instance, if you need to focus on your abdominal fat, you can independently increase the temperature of that midsection zone and not altering the temperature in the upper and lower body.

Memory Function

Infrared sauna blanket memory function helps in remembering the user’s set temperatures and session duration. That way you don’t have to set the time and warmth every time you need to use your sauna blanket.

Globo Pool Overview:

With all the information above, I believe I have shortened your searching process, provide you with a better way to select a perfect model. The best infrared sauna blanket will give lots of health benefits, last longer, and give you the best performance.

As for advice to you, ensure that you offer your sauna blanket the best maintenance for it to serve you at its optimal and long-lasting service.

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