Top 10 Best Hot Tubs Reviews (Updated in 2020)

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Are you looking to relax right in the confines of your home? Do you want to get rid of those aching muscles? If yes, hot tubs are the perfect accessory for your home. Today’s hectic lifestyle forces us to work more extended hours under a lot of stress and anxiety.Best Hot tub Reviews

It is evident that individuals would like to unwind once they reach home after a hard day’s work. The hot tub is the perfect solution to it. The only problem is that not every time you can head over to the spa to relax and unwind in the hot tub.

Installing a hot tub right in your home is the perfect solution. It will allow you to relax and unwind as per your convenience. You don’t need to worry about spending at least a couple of hours to head over to the spa. You can relax in your own home whenever you’re free.

Moreover, a hot tub, in the long run, is much more affordable as going to a spa again and again or opting for a spa membership. The only bit of issue is that the initial research can be a daunting task. You might think that buying a hot tub is easy, but once you start researching, you will understand how difficult it is.

Top 10 Best Hot Tubs [Updated in 2020]

You not only have to pick between the different types of hot tubs but also check the capacity of the hot tub. There are features like, number of jets and lighting of the hot tub which you need to take into account. Once you compare the hundreds of different options on these factors, it will be possible for you to choose the hot tub.

There is however an easy solution. We have already the needful for you and have spent more than 50 hours comparing the different brands and hot tub options. After tedious research, we have been able to shortlist the top 10 hot tub options which are indeed among the best.

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Brand & NamePeople CapacityJetsPrice
Intex PureSpa413Check Price
Coleman SaluSpa414Check Price
Bestway SaluSpa530Check Price
Coleman 13804414Check Price
Bestway 54155E765Check Price
Intex Inflatable Hot Tub520Check Price
Intex 28409E667Check Price
M-Spa 029S314Check Price
GoplusOutdoor Spa640Check Price
Bestway AirJet6-Check Price

1. Lifesmart Hot Tub Spa – Best Value of Money

The hot tub on top of our list can accommodate four people. The rock solid sandstone shed ensures that it is highly durable and sturdy. It can handle wear and tear without any problem at all. With the help of plug and play experience, you can be sure that installing it is a breeze.Lifesmart Hot Tub Spa – Best Value of Money

The superior quality of construction means that the maintenance will always be on the lower side. It consists of the eco-thermoplastic material which reduces the carbon footprint of the hot tub. It can hold 195 gallons of water which is enough for four people. The waterfall feature makes it even more aesthetically pleasing. It helps you relax when you are occupying the hot tub.

There are 12 jets available. The 12 therapy jets ensure that you get a soothing experience from all sides. You can have a soothing experience when you’re in the tub.

Moreover, you can be sure that the hot tub will be filled up to the brim pretty soon. There is a comfort dial on the hot tub which allows you to get the perfect mix of air and water. You can tweak it as per your choice and requirements. The lights which come along with it are red and blue. You can alternate between the two colors by changing the lens cap.

With the help of energy-saving cover, you can be sure that you will be able to cover the hot Tub unless and until you want to occupy it. It will allow you to protect the hot Tub and also save a significant amount of energy.

Another feature which will enable you to conserve a considerable amount of energy is the full foam insulation. With the help of full foam insulation, you can use the hot Tub in harsh winter without any problem at all.

In most of the cases, it directly works with the existing plumbing fittings. You have to connect it with the hose, and you are good to go. You can install it indoors or outdoors. It seems like, Lifesmart has taken care of most of the aspects in this hot Tub.


  • Can accommodate four people
  • Digital control panel
  • Waterfall feature
  • Consist of 12 jets
  • Large water capacity
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Energy-saving insulation
  • Comes along with the cover
  • Allows you to adjust water and near combination easily
  • Can change a light colors
  • Durable and sturdy material
  • Plug and play design


  • Maintenance can be a bit on the higher side

2. Home and Garden Spas Hudson Bay Spas – Best for Small Family

The hot tub which we are discussing now can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people. The design is such that it will not seem cramped. It consists of the acrylic material along with the reinforced fiberglass. The advantage of both of these materials is that they are highly durable and at the same point in time, they are not bulky.Home and Garden Spas Hudson Bay Spas – Best for Small Family

The comparatively lightweight design of the hot Tub means that installation will not be that difficult. It is available in a single color. The bottom consists of ABS. The unique thing about ABS is that it does not crack under pressure easily. It provides you with a stable and highly durable base. With ABS construction at the bottom, you can be sure that it will last for years together without any problem.

The hot tub consists of 14 different jets. You can choose the settings of the jet sprays through the Digital Balboa controls to use the jet sprays for various therapeutic procedures as per your requirement. The construction of the jets is done using stainless steel.

Stainless steel does not corrode easily and can last for a long time. Jets are often a high maintenance part of most of the hot tubs. However, with stainless steel construction, you will not face this problem in this tub. The position of the 14 jets is that it will help you cover most of the body area.

With the coverage of most of the body, you can be sure that you will have a relaxing experience. Another unique feature of this tub is lighting. There are LED lights in 7 different colors. You can easily choose the color which you prefer according to your mood. With the help of the digital control panel, you will be able to set the tone which you prefer.

When you look at the insulation in this tub, it is standard thigh density spray foam. The advantage of this insulation is that in spite of being lightweight, it can keep the Tub water at a higher temperature for a long time. You don’t need to worry about releasing hot water into the tub again and again.

This insulation will help you save you a substantial amount of energy in the longer term. Moreover, with the help of a lockable safety cover, you can cover the tub as per your requirement without any problem. Owing to these two features, you can use the hot tub indoors as well as outdoors as per your preference.

The built-in waterfall feature adds to the aesthetics of the hot tub. When you look at the mocha cabinets which come as a part of the hot tub, you can easily store the essentials in the tub cabinets itself. You will not have to worry about creating a separate storage space for the tub accessories.

With the help of anti-fungicide tubing, in the pipes of the t tub op, you can be sure that the water which flows through the tub pipes is hygienic. When you combine all of this with the fact that the hot tub is not only durable but slip resistant, you will have no complaints at all from this hot tub.


  • Energy-saving
  • Consists of Mood lighting
  • Waterfall feature
  • Consists of anti-fungicide pipes
  • Slip-resistant design
  • Can accommodate four people
  • Comprised of 14 jets spa
  • Consist of cabinets
  • ABS base
  • Digital control panel
  • Stainless steel jets


  • Packaging needs improvement

3. American Spas AM-630LM – Best Hot Tub with (Latest Technology)

If you’re looking for a larger hot Tub, you can consider this option as it can accommodate up to 5 people. It is available in 2 different colors. You can pick the one as per the interiors of your bathroom. Both the colors are pretty elegant.American Spas AM-630LM – Best Hot Tub with (Latest Technology)

It consists of 2 different pumps. The energy consumption of the two electric pumps is such that you can save a lot on electricity bills. The heater inside the tub is quiet. It has a heavy duty 5.5 KW titanium heater. The titanium construction ensures that the wear and tear are on the lower side.

With a single button press, you can heat water at the temperature which you prefer. With the help of contoured seating, you can comfortably accommodate five people. There are even armrests to help you sit comfortably.

When you look at the number of jets, there are over 30 massage jets. The placement of the jet sprays is such that it will cover every inch of the body. With the help of strategically placed jets, you can be sure that proper hydrotherapy is made possible. The positioning of the water jets will ensure that the stress in your body significantly reduced.

It will allow you to gain the benefits of perfect spa therapy without any problem. You can even install this hot tub in the outdoors. It is highly durable which allows you to fix it at the place which you prefer without any problem. It consists of stainless steel jets which increase the durability significantly. The LED spotlights add to the ambiance. There are two different color modes to select.

Each light can illuminate in 7 different colors which allows you to choose the color scheme as per your requirement. It has a romantic color scheme as well when you are spending some quiet moments with your partner. You can program the lights as per your requirement. The waterfall feature adds to the ambiance of the hot tub.

The Ozonator in the hot tub ensures proper sanitization of the water. There is no need for any external maintenance. There is an appropriate discharge cell which allows you to reuse the water if required. The need for any tub maintenance is almost negligible. When you look at the filters, reusable filters are on offer. You can clean them and reuse them as per your requirement.

The fiberglass insulation means that the hot tub will maintain the temperature without any problem. The cabinet panels add to the durability of the hot tub. Thus, when you’re looking for a customizable hot tub, you can consider this option.


  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Can accommodate five people
  • Consists of 30 jets
  • Stainless steel jet construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Mood lighting
  • Available in 2 different colors
  • Consists of heavy duty heater
  • Proper hydrotherapy experience
  • LED lights


  • Instructions are limited

4. Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 – Extremely Budget Friendly for every ($ Budget)

The three colors in which this is available are versatile. You can fit these colors into any decor without any problem. The hot tub can seat four people at the max. The sitting space is entirely comfortable when four people occupy it.Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 – Extremely Budget Friendly for every ($ Budget)

You don’t need to take care of wiring. It is easy to install. You need to deal with the plumbing rather than the electrical wiring. The plug and play construction means that you will be able to set it up in a short period. When you look at the water retention capacity, you will realize that it can hold up to 200 gallons of water.

It comes along with a 1.5 HP pump which means that you will be able to fill it quite quickly without any problem at all. The resin construction means that it is highly durable and you don’t have to worry about leakage or any other such issues. You have to place it on a stable surface and go ahead with the installation.

The tub also consists of a stainless steel heater which allows you to heat the water precisely at the temperature you prefer. The resin construction also means that you don’t need to worry about the weight. It is comparatively lightweight.

The digital control panel means that you will be able to choose between the different settings without any issue. The LED multicolored lights are available under water. You can sit back to relax and enjoy the lighting. The lighting adds to the ambiance. There is an 8 feet cord to connect it with the nearest electric socket.

There is no need to extend or use any separate wires. The heavy duty cord can last for a long time without any problem. You can set the output pump at two different speeds which allows you to fill the tub quite quickly. The placement of the 14 hydrotherapy jets is such that it will cover the entire area of your body. You will get a relaxing spa experience right at your home.

With the help of foam insulation, water will not get cold anytime soon. You will not have to heat the water again and again. As a result, the electricity cost is also on the lower side. It comes along with the insulated cover.

The locking clips of the cover ensure that you can place it on the top without any problem. You have to connect it with the electrical socket and connect the pump with the hose, and you are good to go. You need to follow some instructions in the instruction manual.

You can install it by yourself. There is no need to hire any additional handymen. It allows you to save on the installation cost. Thus, when looking for a hot tub which is compact and easy to install, you can consider this option.


  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Consist of 14 hydrotherapy jets
  • Can accommodate four people
  • Plug and play design
  • Stainless steel heaters
  • Comes along with insulation cover
  • 200-gallon water capacity
  • Comes along with a 1.5 HP pump
  • Underwater LED lighting
  • Digital control panel
  • Easy to install on any stable surface
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Does not involve any electrical installations


  • Colors are a bit bland

5. LifeSmart 600DX – Best Hangout with Friends (7 Person)

The capacity of this hot tub is much higher at seven people. The main advantage is that even when seven people occupy it, it does not feel short on space. The versatile color of this tub means that you can install it in any bathroom without any problem at all.LifeSmart 600DX – Best Hangout with Friends (7 Person)

The shell of the hot tub is virtually indestructible. It uses a molded shell in the construction. When you compare it with any acrylic spa, it will last for a much more extended period. The structure of the Hot Tub is such that it does not consist of any barrier. It is entirely open in design which allows all the individuals to occupy it without any problem.

The total number of jet sprays in the tub is much higher at 65. A large number of jet sprays means that your body can get a proper massage without any problem.

Moreover, the functioning of the jet sprays is such that energy consumption is on the lower side. Owing to this reason, even when you’re using it for an extended period, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills. The waterfall feature further adds to the aesthetics of the Hot Tub. You can turn on the LED color lighting system to improve your entire massage experience.

The stainless steel jet construction enhances the durability of the whole Hot tub. It comes along with a digital control which allows you to control every feature of the hot tub. You can interchange the lights to switch to the color which you prefer.

When it comes to insulation, it consists of full foam insulation. The insulation ensures that the water remains heated for an extended period. It also includes the ozone water treatment system.

As a result, the water which flows in the tub will be immaculate. You don’t have to tackle any hygiene issues. There is also a hardcover which insulates the hot tub when you use it. The hardcover helps you protect and maintain the hot tub without a lot of effort. When you look at all of these features, it does not come as a surprise that this tub is undoubtedly among the best.


  • Can accommodate seven people
  • COnsists of LED lights
  • Stainless steel jets
  • Barrier-free design
  • Comprises 65 therapy jets
  • Comes along with a hardcover
  • Energy-saving
  • Rock solid shell
  • Highly durable
  • Digital control panel
  • Foam insulation


  • Filter quality needs improvement

6. Essential Hot Tubs SS1140200400 – Best for quiet & luxury relaxing

With a couple of different color options, it will be easy for you to choose the hot tub which matches the decor of your bathroom. It can accommodate up to 5 people quite comfortably. With the help of contour style sitting, you will face no problems at all while using this hot tub.Essential Hot Tubs SS1140200400 – Best for quiet & luxury relaxing

The molded construction along with carrying at resin construction ensures that it requires low maintenance. Moreover, the exterior is impact resistant. The sturdy construction reduces the need for high-frequency tub maintenance. It makes this hot tub a viable option.

When you look at the overall number of therapy jets, it consists of 20 therapy jets. With the help of the control unit, you can not only set the temperature but also control the therapy jets. It will be possible for you to customize the performance of the hot tub. Moreover, you can choose the right temperature for the stainless steel heater.

The stainless steel heater is not only precise in its operation, but it is highly durable as well. As a result, breakdowns are minimal. The heater can efficiently perform during the harshest of winters without any problem at all.

The hot tub comes along with the insulated cover which means that you can protect it from the temperature outside without any problem. You can fix the cover with the help of the locking clips. It is easy to use. The tub consists of a 1.5 HP pump.

You can vary the speed of the tub pump with the help of the digital control unit. It offers you two different speed options. As a result, you can control the force of the water flowing through the therapy jets. The plug and play connection means that you will not have to make any special electrical arrangements to connect it to the electrical socket.

Thus, when you’re comparing different hot tubs, this one fits the criteria and hence, you can consider this option.


  • Consist of 20 different therapy jets
  • Digital control unit
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • Consist of a stainless steel heater
  • Consists of 1.5 HP pump
  • Molded construction
  • Can accommodate five people
  • The exterior is impact resistant
  • Comes along with the cover
  • Plug and play design


  • The locking mechanism of the cover needs improvement

7. Essential Hot Tubs SS2340677403 – Best Music Lover Spa

The next hot tub on our list can accommodate six people. It consists of a chair and the lounger. Thus, it is a complete set when looking to relax in a hot tub. You can choose from 2 different color options. The ergonomic design ensures that six people can accommodate in the hot tub quite easily.Essential Hot Tubs SS2340677403 – Best Music Lover Spa

The acrylic shell makes it crack resistant and can handle a significant amount of weight. Hot Tub also comes along with the stairs which allow you to climb into the tub quite easily. It is an essential feature which is missing in most of the other hot tubs.

The unique feature of this hot tub is that it consists of two types of therapy jets. The 51 two-tone therapy jets will allow you to set the speed as per your requirement.

Additionally, there are 16 stainless steel jets. You can control them through the digital control panel. The advantage is that you can set the pressure precisely as per your requirement. You don’t require using the therapy jets compulsorily. You can increase and decrease the pressure on the number of therapy jets which you want. An additional feature in this hot Tub is that it consists of 2 speakers that are present in the acrylic shell.

There is also a subwoofer present. You can control the speakers with the help of Bluetooth. Thus, you can play music with your smartphone as well as various other devices. There are a few other features to improve the aesthetics of the Hot Tub. The first one is the underwater LED lights. You can control them with the help of the digital panel. They are perfect to complement the hydrotherapy.

Additionally, there is also a waterfall which you can easily access. The digital backlit display ensures that you can control every feature irrespective of the illumination levels in your bathroom.

When it comes to the spa, it comes along with a heavy duty cover. The cover is thicker as compared to the other spa covers. It will help you protect your hot tub without any problem. With the help of Balboa heater, you can be sure that even in the harsh winter, you will be able to get hot water through the therapy jets. When you’re looking for a Hot Tub with some extra features which make it unique, you can certainly consider this option.


  • Comes along with lounger and the chair
  • Can accommodate six people
  • 67 therapy jets in total
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Heavy duty cover
  • Consist of underwater lights
  • Comes along with speakers
  • Backlit digital display
  • Includes heavy duty heater
  • Acrylic shell is highly durable


  • Manual does not consist of precise instructions

8. Home and Garden Spas – High-Performance Hudson Bay

When you’re looking for a smaller hot Tub, you can opt for this option. It can accommodate up to 3 persons. The universal color ensures that you can easily fit it into your bathroom without any problem. With the help of Mocha cabinets, you can be sure that it is highly durable.Home and Garden Spas – High-Performance Hudson Bay

At that same point in time, the white shell is highly durable. The tub consists of acrylic material with fiberglass reinforcement. With the help of proper support, the strength of the hot tub increases enormously. The multilayer fiberglass reinforcement makes the tub highly durable.

It is one of the very few hot tubs which consists of support. The probability of cracks or wear and tear reduces considerably. When you look at the construction of the bottom, it uses ABS material. The ABS material ensures extra durability. The base and body of the hot tub are sturdy.

When you look at the number of therapy jets, the hot Tub consists of 14 different jets sprays. The advantage is that all the three occupants will get a proper massage and proper hydrotherapy with the placement of the therapy jets. The strategic location of the therapy jets ensures that they cover the entire area.

The hot Tub consists of a digital control panel. The control panel is not just useful for controlling the therapy jets but also the lights inside the Hot Tub. You can select the right temperature as well. The digital control panel allows you to manage all the aspects of the hot tub.

The total number of lights in the hot tub is 7. You can quickly activate mood lighting. The LED mood lighting adds to the aesthetics of the Hot Tub.

The ABS base of the Hot Tub is slip resistant. It just requires a smooth surface. The connection of the tub is simple to do. You will have to first and foremost connect the 10 feet long cord to the electrical socket. You have to join the pipe to the hose. Once you do so, you can easily control the water through the stainless steel jets.

You can set the temperature and the water pressure from the control panel. The setup does not require any special skills. You can do it on your own which allows you to use the hot tub quickly. Therefore, it is a tub which is easy to set up.


  • 7 LED lights
  • Consists of 14 therapy jets
  • Easy to install
  • Slip-resistant base
  • Highly durable
  • Fiberglass reinforcement

Strategic positioning of the therapy jets


  • Needs packaging improvement

9. Great Escape Spas – With All Latest (Technology)

The design of the next hot tub is such that it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. The universal black color means that it is suitable for most of the decors. Moreover, the black color ensures that it becomes the focal point of the bathroom or the area in which you are installing it.Great Escape Spas – With All Latest (Technology)

When you look at the construction, it consists of fiberglass construction. The property of fiberglass is that it is very sturdy. Fiberglass is comparatively lightweight. You get the hot Tub which is not only durable but also lightweight. It will allow you to install the hot Tub quite easily.

The bottom consists of the acrylic surface. The acrylic surface is highly durable and stable. The bottom of the hot tub is sturdy. When you look at the strength of fiberglass as well as acrylic, you can be sure that there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the construction of this hot Tub.

The number of jets in the hot tub is 40. The 40 therapy jets are more than enough for six people. Even when you’re using the hot tub at the maximum capacity, you can quickly get a proper massage. Moreover, the positioning of the therapy jets is such that every part of the body like neck, shoulder, calves, and feet receives adequate attention.

You can relax all the muscles in your body when you’re using this hot Tub. With the help of digital controls, you can set the temperature as well as the use of the therapy jets. The tub also consists of waterproof speakers. The presence of the sub-woofer enhances the quality of sound.

An MP3 input is on offer to connect your devices with the waterproof speakers. You can play your favorite music during hydrotherapy. You need not just wait for the therapy to get over. You can enjoy it by listening to music.

The LED lights in the hot tub illuminate in 9 different colors. You can control the color scheme with the help of the digital control panel. The glow of the lights can be as per your mood.

The slip-resistant acrylic base means that you can use it at full capacity without any problem. It will not move around. The tub comes along with the 6 HP motor which allows you to fill it quite quickly with the help of the therapy jets.

With the help of higher density foam, you can keep the water at the appropriate temperature without having to heat and release the water again and again in the tub. It will help you minimize the electricity costs. Thus, when you’re looking for a versatile hot tub with a high capacity, you can go with this one.


  • Consist of 40 therapy jets
  • Comes along with waterproof speakers
  • Sturdy fiberglass and acrylic construction
  • Easy to use digital control panel
  • Effective foam insulation
  • Strategic placement of therapy jets
  • Consists of LED lighting


  • Installation is not that easy

10. Hudson Bay Spa – Best Outdoor Spa/Hot Tub

The last option on our list is similar to its predecessor. It can house six people quite comfortably. The advantage is that the ergonomic design of the hot tub ensures that six people are at complete ease when they occupy the hot tub.Hudson Bay Spa – Best Outdoor SpaHot Tub

When you’re choosing a hot Tub, it is always important to look at the material of construction. The construction material in this hot Tub is acrylic. Acrylic is not only durable but also can handle the high temperature. Moreover, it can resist wear and tear. There is no need for frequency maintenance.

The control panel on offer will allow you not just to set the temperature but also control the 12 LED underwater lights. You can choose from the different mood lighting options with the help of the control panel.

Moreover, there are two turbo seats in the hot tub. They are more effective seats for hydrotherapy. You can control the jet sprays around these two seats using the control panel. In total, there are 34 therapy jets in the tub. You can easily select the composition of water and air from the control panel.

You have to connect the 10 feet long cord to the electrical socket, and you can operate the hot tub as per your requirement. The unique feature of the underwater mood lighting is that there are quite a few options to select. You need not just repeat the same lighting scheme again and again.

The base of the Hot Tub is pressure treated. The advantage of ABS bottom is that it is entirely slip-resistant. Stability is not an issue. One of the essential parts of the Hot Tub is the insulation. The insulation allows you to keep the water warm for a more extensive period.

It will result in the saving of electricity. The hot tub which we are discussing now consists of spray foam insulation. As a result, you can use this tub outdoors as well as in sub 0 temperatures without any problem at all. The only thing which you have to keep in mind is that the tubing does not have the insulation.

You can also use the insulation cover which comes along with it. You need to buckle it using the four straps to the hot tub. It will allow you to isolate the Hot Tub from the harsh weather outside. Thus, when you’re looking for an outdoor and indoor hot Tub, you can consider this option.


  • Consist of underwater mood lighting
  • Can accommodate six people
  • Digital control panel
  • Consists of 34 therapy jets
  • Contains proper insulation
  • Comes along with accessories like hot Tub cover


  • Instructions are not up to the mark

Best Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide & Buying FAQs

Many might think that because they have the top best hot tubs, the selection process is a breeze. No, there are some factors to consider and things to understand before you make your choice.

These things will ensure you not only get the best and right model but also go home knowing how to care for your hot tub.

Kindly go through the information below, and in the long run, you will be able to narrow down the list of top best hot tubs into a single model that meets all your needs.

Things to Consider While Selecting the Best Hot Tubs

Area or Space Available

Best Hot tubs Reviews by Globo PoolGoing for the hot tub size for your need can make life more straightforward when it comes with setting it up and during installation. A too-big hot tub will not only be tough to install but also use up more energy and can become hard to maintain taking up your precious time and money.

On the other hand, a too-small hot tub might not provide the desired comfort and relaxation. It’s therefore vital that you know the precise size of your hot tub. Use this factor to narrow down the selections and make the assortment quicker and a lot easier.


Figuring out the number of people who will be using your hot tub on a general basis will further help you narrow down your options. Conditional to the size, space and seating available, different hot tubs are available in different capacities concerning the number of people the unit can hold.

Hot tubs sit anywhere between a solo to twelve people. It’s also available in various shapes including rectangular, square, circular, and triangle. When settling on the shape and size of your hot tub, I suggest you consider where to install it, space limitation and how many people you intend to host.

Types of Hot Tubs

Best Hot tubs ReviewsWith technological advancements in the spa industry, various kinds of hot tubs have ban been able to attract the huge, diverse target market. Today, there are three main hot tub types that you can select from, and they range immensely with durability, functionality, and price.

1. The Portable Hot Tub

Portable hot tubs are typically constructed for easy setup and installation. They are self-sufficient, and they can be quickly be moved from one position to another since they come with an easy plug and play setup. Due to them being portable, relatively easy to install and mass-manufactured, the units have become very popular.

They are cheap compared to permanent hot tubs while providing a similar kind of features and benefits. And because of competition, portable hot tubs are found in all sorts of sizes, shapes, jets, colors and other features, so I recommend that you research before picking one.

2. Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable hot tubs are rising in popularity considerably because of their cheap pricing and ease of setup. Recently the inflatable spa concept has become a norm with many opting for this portable, affordable and straightforward solution. Because of being easy to move around and lightweight, Inflatable hot tubs are ideal if you’re searching for a spa unit to carry it with you wherever you go.

They are a perfect solution if you like traveling or want a relaxing hot tub that’s easy to maintain and inexpensive. However, their durability is limited compared to other sorts of hot tubs.

3. Permanent Hot Tub

The permanent hot tubs are the most efficient, effective and durable of all. However, they are expensive and can go out of budget for many homes. They need professional installation, and they are almost equal to having a home swimming pool. They also need heating, chemicals, and filtration systems to keep it clean and healthful.

Once installed you cannot move it, and this is the reason this type of hot tub is less popular. Many love the ease and convenience of a portable hot tub as compared to a permanent one, mostly because of them offering similar features at a reduced cost and with extra comfort.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Installing a hot tub indoor or outdoor may significantly impact the shape, size and material. An indoor hot tub will provide you with protection from weather elements and privacy. However, it might require specific complicated installation steps like plumbing, electricity, base, and ventilation.

Additionally, a large and pre-assembled acrylic hot tub might not fit through certain doors, gates or hallways. Be sure you have all these ready before picking an indoor hot tub.

Outdoor hot tubs, on the other hand, might be easier to ship and install with outdoors providing open ventilation and chance of being near a drainage site. With an outdoor hot tube, you might have an attractive natural view, but you’ll have to sacrifice privacy and convenience. I suggest you decide depending on your preference and interests.

If you want open space, then go for an outdoor hot tub, but if you want privacy when taking a relaxing hot bath, then I suggest you go to an indoor hot tub. Ensure that the size and shape you pick can pass through your hallways and doors.

The Material

If you need a long-lasting hot tub, then you need to ensure that both the interior and exterior of the model you pick are built from durable and high-quality materials. Different hot tubs are made from a variety of materials such as resin, fiberglass, and various plastic grade.

Hot tub components like heating system and hydro jets are constructed from stainless steel in those premium models for an added reliability and durability. If you want a hot tub that will give you years of service, ensure that you pick a unit made from high-grade materials.


Hot tubs are an enjoyable luxury add-on which can go unused if they need a lot of work to use and maintain. Yes, they require lots of work, however, if you plan, their efficiency can be high regarding use and upkeep. The units need electricity and water, so getting the best pump for the hot tub size is vital.

Warming or powering an 8-seated in-ground hot tub, for example, can cost more compared to running an above-ground 2-seater. However, in case you need the larger spa model, you can save a lot depending on the selection before installation.

Numerous hot tub models come with energy-efficient mechanical elements that can save you money and time running them. So, I suggest that you research greener options before purchase as they will spare you at last.


Best Hot tub comfortIf possible, it’s good to try out a hot tub when filled with water and operating. Go for a hot tub that has a shell which seems comfortable and well suited for your height when you’re seated. Is there enough knee-to-knee space?

Also, you can consider a stretched out design that makes you feel a lot of buoyant and weightless. Try each of its seats, check out the molds and curves. How do you think it? Is it comfortable? Is there enough room for arms spread? When the answers to these questions are convincing, then that model will offer the best comfort.


And because hot tubs are expensive investments in most cases, then durability plays a vital role in selecting the right spa. You need to pick a hot tub with a likelihood of lasting long base on the use. You will come across some hot tubs that are made to last but offer fewer features or those that offer many features, but their durability is questionable.

I recommend that when picking the best model try to balance its spa features with sustainability. Check the materials used to make the product. Are they durable and high-quality? If yes, check the highlights. Does it offer the necessary elements? If yes that is a model worth considering.


All hot tubs have their own set of features and benefits. It all depends on customer preference and budget. The more built-in function the model has the more significant the price of this model. Many premium models come with features like stereo systems, Ozonators, LED waterfalls and chromatherapy lighting lights, speakers, insulator cover and many more. If your budget does not limit you, you can go for a model with all the necessary amenities.

Remember, those tubs with added features will require you to hire a professional to install them due to complexity in wiring and plumbing.

Water Pump

Best Hot tubs Reviews Materials A water pump is a vital component in any hot tub or spa. The pump should have enough power to offer enough pressure required by the water jets. However, it can’t be too powerful as they can easily crank up your power bill. Making sure you pick a hot tub that comes with a powerful and energy-efficient pump will lead to greater efficiency and more significant savings. Remember some units do not come with a pump, it’s vital that you check for it or else you will have to use some more bucks from your pocket to buy a pump.

Hydrotherapy Experience

Fully adjustable water jets that are found in the best hot tubs or spas are the source of the relaxation experience. The higher the number of water jets the better, thorough, and vigorous the massage experience. If you’re buying a hot tub for a hydrotherapy experience, I recommend that you go for a model that has as many adjustable hydro jets as you can. By doing so, you will be getting the best model for the best massaging experience that will relieve stress and soothe your muscles.

Filtration and Sanitation

A hot tub filtration system makes it easy to maintain water hygiene and clarity. It’s therefore important to thoroughly research on the type of chemicals that will work for your hot tub. Such information can also be found on the user manual. Also, some hot tubs are equipped with built-in ozonators which will help in sanitizing your tub’s water, but they need cartridges to be changed from time to time, for continued performance.

It is also important to note that some hot tubs come with reusable filters, which needs cleaning in the recommended time for optimal performance of the pump and jets. By not changing the pump filter, you might clog the cleaning system and ending up damaging the external and internal components of your hot tub. I recommend you get a model that you feel will be easier for you to clean or change the filters.


No matter the type of hot tub you decide to buy, proper maintenance and upkeep are necessary to get a long lasting result. Replacing and cleaning out the tub filters and using the right chemical recommended by the manufacturer is vital in keeping your water clean, crystal and fresh all season round. For you to have an easy time in this, you need to go for a model that will be easy to maintain.

Weight Considerations

Mostly, hot tubs are installed outside, directly on the ground or in-ground and require a leveled field. As I mentioned are, a hot tub can also be installed indoors. That type of installation will need you to have a good base for a proper interior setting or platform or deck. For you to be sure that the hot tub is safe, you might want to consider its weight.

A wood patio deck, on the other hand, doesn’t have the necessary strength required to support the weight of your tub and water in it. If you are considering to put the hot tub on top of a wooden platform, I recommend that you talk with a structural engineer to help you determine the kind of support required to handle your hot tub weight safely.

The Brand

Buying from a reputable brand can be quite beneficial for several reasons. A well-renowned brand or manufacturer is likely to provide you with better customer service, technical support with more satisfactory warranty term compared to a newer or a less known brand. Going to a reputable and popular model would also be beneficial when buying spare parts when things go south.

Additionally, if you ever decide to sell your hot tub for whatever reason, a reputable brand can help you get a better resale price.

The Price

Price is a vital factor to consider if you want to get the best hot tub. Going for the best deal would reduce your choices to a minimal list, and that would make the selection super easy.

However, you need to compare the features and prices. If a product has the best features, but it’s cheap, you need to check why it’s sold at a low price. Features and the pricing shouldn’t vary so much.

Warranty and Return Policy

Any substantial investment requires protection. That is why it’s vital that you make sure that a warranty protects your hot tub for its lifetime duration. Before you make a purchase, go through the hot tub warranty and make sure its terms are stated clearly and are quite easy to understand.

Make sure it doesn’t omit any relevant information. A good hot tub warranty has cover equipment, plumbing, shell, and the controls. A reputable brand might offer a warranty period between one to five years on its hardware and plumbing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hot Tubs

Do I need planning permission to install a hot tub?

Planning isn’t a requirement for items that are re-locatable or temporary like hot tubs or swim spas. However, if you reside in an area that has an outstanding beauty or in a listed property or a conversation area, it would be right is you seek advice from your planners before installing your hot tub.

How do I prepare to install a hot tub?

When installing your hot tub or spa, there are some considerations you have to go through. They have a level solid base for the hot tub to sit on, reliable electrical supply, crane to lift the hot tub and a hosepipe to fill the hot tub with water. It is good that you have someone to check out the area where you plan to install the hot tub. The expert will recommend it to you or advice you an alternative place to have it fixed.

How much can it cost me to run a hot tub?

Cost of running a hot tub depends on its size, insulation, heater, and its capacity. Mostly, hot tub running costs will be higher in winter and little in summer. That is huge because of the temperature difference which affects the heating. The prices will also vary depending on your usage. The longer you use the hot tub, the higher the running cost.

How many pumps and jets do I need?

Best Hot tubs ReviewsMany people believe that a hot tub with many pumps and jets are efficient, but that is a misconception. While the concept is right, there is a reduced amount of power available to your hot tub because of the electrical supply from the house to the unit. A powerful energy-efficient pump will work well for a hot tub and reduce the running costs. Don’t check on the number of jets, but instead look for the pump quality and specification.

Should I heat my hot tub when I want it or should I keep it warm?

Try and keep the hot tub warm 24/7 if it is not an inflatable hot tub. That will ensure that it’s always prepared for use. When you keep heating your hot tub, you will be using more energy compared to keeping it warm. The only time I recommend you to turn it off is when you want to use it after a few weeks or months.

And in this case, I suggest that you drain the hot water from your hot tub to prevent the growth of bacteria. You need to winterize to make sure the unit goes into shutdown safely when it is not in use.

How hot should my hot tub be?

Hot tub hotness mainly depends on personal preference, but some levels can burn your skin or cause severe dehydration. Many people keep their hot tub temperatures between 100-102 degree Fahrenheit and the highest temperature many people go is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

For children under five years old, the temperatures shouldn’t be above 95 degrees Fahrenheit and shouldn’t stay in the water for longer than ten minutes at a session. For those with heart problems and the pregnant ladies should consult their doctor before going in the tub.

How long can it take me to fill my hot tub?

A time you will take to fill your hot tub with water will highly depend on the capacity of the hot tub, the size of the hoses you’re using and the pump pressure. If you’re using consistent water pressure, using a standard 3/4 pipe and filling a 300-gallon hot tub, I would expect you to fill it in 1.5 to 2 hours approx. Also, you might find that it’s simpler to call a water tanker service to have it filled in minutes, but as usual it will cost extra money.

How long will it take me to heat my hot tub?

Hot tub heating is affected by a lot of elements. Depending on your hot tub you purchased, it can come with a heater from 2kW to 5kW. The capacity of your hot tub and the season of the year will likewise affect the heating time. For instance, if you have a 1,300-liter hot tub which uses a 2.7kW heater, it can take you around 20 hours to heat it.

They’re designed to remain hot for 24/7, so once heated, the heater will only top up any heat loss. The 2.7 kW heater can heat up to three degrees in every one hour. Meaning for every 1/2 hour that you use the hot tub, it can take around 20 minutes to get it back to temperature. It’s good that you use an insulation cover to increase energy efficiency.

How long do I need to stay in the hot tub?

Best Hot tubs ReviewsSome safety authorities recommend that you stay in a hot tub for not over 20 minutes at any given time. But, that is only a suggestion. If you keep your body hydrated and you maintain the tub hygiene I see no reason of opposing you from enjoying the hot tub to the fullest.

How can I drain a hot tub?

Most hot tub units come with a drain inside their front panel or at the bottom. Use it to attach a pipe/hose to drain it or let the water out to your garden. Also, you can use a submersible pump to drain out the water and in a faster way but remember that would add some reading on the electricity bill.

Globo Pool Overview

By now I think you know that a hot tub is a key to the unparalleled relaxation, comfort, and convenience. Hot tub proves to be a relaxing enjoyable and intimate experience for couples or entertaining and fun time with family and friends.

The availability of ease of use, favorable prices, payment terms, and installation options offered by different brands have made owning a hot tub and maintaining it to be much more comfortable than many thought. Mass manufacturing and technological advancement have made it possible for a hot tub to be attainable for most homeowners.

They come at different sizes, shapes, and prices thus providing the best flexibility when selecting. Use the above information to search for the best model. Meet you hot tub spa need by ensuring you get the best model from this review and through the buyer’s guide above. Good luck!

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