5 Best Hot Tubs Under $4000 (Reviews in 2020)

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In this challenging economic moment, each expense has its explanation and many people dream of adding a great spa to their home.Best-Hot-Tubs-Under-$4000

Some people may think that having a hot tub is a sign of life in luxury, but others feel that they cannot spend the day without spending time in their Jacuzzi. Today you can find a model that sells below $ 4000.

However, buying the best hot tubs under 4000 that perfectly meets all your needs is a challenge. But I’m always here to help.

I have brought together some of the top models on the market, reviewed them and come up with the list below. By going through it, you will be able to know what models to choose and how to pick.

The 5 Best Hot Tubs Under $4000 For 2020

Brand & NameJetElectrical Plug and PlayPeople CapacityPrice
Lifesmart Spa Tub13 Jets110 volt4 PersonCheck Price
Hudson Bay Spa14 Jets110 volt4 PersonCheck Price
Essential Hot Tubs SS12521040014 Jets110 volt4 PeopleCheck Price
Essential Hot Tubs SS234067740367 Jets240 volt6 PeopleCheck Price
Hudson Bay Hot Tub14 Jets110 volt3 PersonCheck Price

1. Lifesmart Spa TubLifesmart Spa Tub – Affordable for All Budget Best Hot Tubs Under $4000 – Affordable for All Budget

If you need a hot tub that will cost you under 4000 that can accommodate four people and with hydro jets, you got to check out this Lifesmart Simplicity Hot Tub. The hot tub comes with a durable rock-solid shell.

The model uses Eco-Smart technology which is a highly efficient energy management system, allowing the unit to reduce the running cost exceptionally.

The system has a simple design as it comes with a 110-volt plug and plays system, thus eliminating the need for high-cost installation.

The Lifesmart do require less energy to deliver better performance, thanks to a full-foam insulation system and the thick energy-saving cover. The two will save your money on running the spa.


  • Simplicity rock-solid plug and play spa
  • Full foam energy-saving insulation
  • Eco thermoplastic construction
  • Deluxe Balboa digital control
  • Four-person capacity
  • Waterfall feature


  • Difficult to put on or remove the side panels
  • Doesn’t come with any foot jets for the lounger

2. Hudson Bay Spas – Cheap with All Features

With 4-person capacity, 14 stainless steel jets, the Hudson Bay Spas hot tub well performing hot tub under 4000. You can say this is the best electrical hot tub ever. Hudson Bay Spas – Cheap with All Features Best Hot Tubs Under $4000

The model comes with a durable, slip-resistant, indestructible Lucite Acrylic shell that is fitted with multi-layer fiberglass reinforcement thus ensuring that you have a model that will last you years.

Furthermore, this white shell comes with Mocha cabinets. Another great thing to note about this model is that it’s a high performance, low energy consumption model that’s is available in a customer friendly price.

The unit features a standard high-quality spray foam insulation which helps a lot in preventing heat loss. Lastly, this Hudson Bay Spas Hot Tub is plumbed with anti-fungicide tubing to ensure that your unit is free fungi all the time.


  • Colorful Underwater LED Light
  • Slip Resistant Lucite Acrylic
  • Long GFCI Electrical Cord
  • Digital Balboa Controls
  • Built-in Waterfall


  • Require electrician’s installation
  • Struggles to maintain the temperature

3. Essential Hot Tubs SS125210400 – Best for Home Use

Newport Essential Hot Tubs spa is an outdoor hot tub that comes with 14 hydrotherapy jets. The jets are placed in a way that they provide maximum relaxation for up to four people. Essential Hot Tubs SS125210400 – Best Hot Tubs Under $4000

It also features a lightweight and portable design allowing you to have your bath anywhere you want. Additionally, this unit is a plug and play a 120-volt system that you don’t need any electrical connections.

All you need is place it on a leveled, reliable and stable surface, fill it with clean water, plug in the 8ft GFCI cord in your outdoor outlet, and you will be good to go. The digital controls and the LED multi-color underwater lighting will allow you to sit back and enjoy while the 1.5 horsepower, 2-speed pump ensures the jets keep running.

The unit also has durable 1Kw/4Kw Balboa stainless steel heater which continually heats the water while the full foam insulated cover maintains the heat.


  • Heavy-duty insulated cover with locking clips
  • Require no electrical connections or wiring
  • 1kW/4kW Balboa stainless Steel heater
  • Offer complete relaxation
  • Hydrotherapy jets
  • Seats up to 4 People
  • A GFCI cord


  • Short electrical cord
  • Few unmatched cavities

4. Essential Hot Tubs SS2340677403 – All Modern Technology

Syracuse hot tub is yet another well designed hot tub from Essential Hot Tubs. It comes with ergonomic seating for up to six people. The sitting positions feature Captain’s chair and a full body lodger to ensure each user can enjoy a warm bath their way. Essential Hot Tubs SS2340677403 – Best Hot Tubs Under 4000

The model feature a heavy-duty indestructible Acrylic shell that houses the unit’s 51 stainless two-tone jets and 16 stainless steel jets. Furthermore, the zone controlled seating will ensure that you get optimum comfort from the heat to toe.

The rollover jets and the shoulder jets allows you to set the best scene to enjoy your relaxing bath. The model also comes with a powerful and efficient 1Kw/4Kw Balboa heater made of stainless steel.

Lastly, get the best pain and stress relieving massage with some music thanks to the Bluetooth enabled sound system playing through the two speakers housed in the acrylic shell. There is also a subwoofer which is fitted inside the faux wood exterior cabinet.


  • Three 240-volt high-performance pumps
  • Powerful, efficient 4Kw Balboa heater
  • Insulated heavy-duty tapered cover
  • Full body hydrotherapy experience
  • LED Lighted Waterfall


  • Requires Electrical Connection
  • Comparatively not handy

5. Hudson Bay Hot Tub – Best Electrical Spa Tub

If you’re looking for a way to start a backyard hot tub paradise that will cost you less than $4000 then Hudson Bay 3 person hot tub is an ideal choice for you. Hudson Bay Hot Tub – Best Electrical Spa Tub Best Hot Tubs Under $4000

It comes packed with all high-end features and sold at an economical price. The model comes with beautiful stainless steel hydro jets, 14 in number, to ensure that you get the best relaxation massage.

Additionally, the model comes with seven-color LED mood light which transforms the hot tub experience into a luxurious relaxation experience.

The Hudson Bay Spas also has no-maintenance synthetic-free cabinetry, pressure treated base, and an ABS bottom, and all are ensuring it gets the best durability.


  • Durable, Slip Resistant Lucite Acrylic White Shell
  • Multi-Layer Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • High-Performance Energy Rite Pump
  • Digital Balboa Controls
  • Long GFCI Cord
  • Mocha Cabinets


  • Short electrical cord
  • The base isn’t that stable

Best Hot Tubs Under 4000 Dollars Buying Guide | (FAQs)

Yes, now you know the best hot tubs under 4000 available today, but when you try to find the right model, you have to take into account many things. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying your hot tub.


It is essential to determine if you are merely buying the bathroom to relax or if you want to have fun with the family in the hot tub. If you’re going to rest in the bathtub, a seat for one person may be adequate. However, if you plan to spend time with the family at the spa, you must have one that can hold at least four people at a time. Also, be sure to consider the space you have for this tub.

Comfort level

When you buy a spa, you want to have one that is pleasant and comfortable. Some baths are designed to adapt to the shape of a body. If you plan to spend some time in the tub, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable. If possible, be sure to try the container before you buy it and make sure you feel comfortable and have enough space.


Examine the swiveling seats, cooling seats, water capacity, and even insulation. Consider all the features of the bathroom and compare them with the other bathrooms you plan to ensure you pick the one that suits you best.


The guarantees are essential when buying a spa. A warranty can save you a lot of money over the life of your bathtub. Without a sufficient guarantee, you may have to pay unnecessary and sudden expenses. That is terrible news if you want to save money in the next few years.


Most likely, you want to consider the price of the spa very carefully. Although you want to benefit from an exceptional offer, you also want to have a quality spa. If you are not sure of a price, consider comparing several locations to make sure you get the best possible price.

How often should my hot tub water be changed?

Hot tub water can go for about three months without changing. However, to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness/clearness of the water, you need to treat it with chemicals. Additionally, you should also clean the cap and the filters regularly.

Should I use chlorine in my hot tub?

Chlorine is a disinfectant which is used in granular form. The granules are dissolved in the hot tub water to increase chlorine levels rapidly. Remember not to overdose your hot tub.

Globo Pool Overview:

Knowing all this and what you need for your spa experience, you can take home the best spa! Therefore, keep these simple tips in mind when searching for the perfect hot, and you’ll surely find the one that best suits your individual needs.

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