6 Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors To (Buy In 2020)

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Best Hot Tubs For OutdoorsImagine the feeling you can get if you came home tired from a long day at work and you dipped yourself in a hot tub in your backyard? The sentiment is exceptional. You will be able to relax, release stress and also deal with neck and back pains that might be caused by long hours of sitting.

You can also hold a come together for your friends and family right from your backyard if you’ve got a big hot tub. So, where and how do you find the best hot tubs for outdoors?

With different types and options, finding the best hot tub for outdoor use isn’t a smooth process. But with this article, the process is much more fluid as you will get to know the top models available and the factors to consider while buying.

So, read it through, and before you get to the conclusion, I believe you will have found a model that is worth your investment.

 The 6 Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors of 2020

1. Hudson Bay Spas 14-Jet – 4-Person Spa

Hudson Bay Spas 14-Jet – 4-Person SpaI start my list of the best hot tubs for outdoors with the impressive, classic Hudson Bay Spas 4-Person Spa. It’s the best selling in this list and best rated as well.

From the design to the performance, this Hudson Bay Spas unit is a unit you will want in your backyard. It’s packed with high-end features and comes at an economical price. As an outdoor unit, the spa comes with beautiful stainless steel therapeutic jets that are designed to touch all areas of your body with comfort in mind.

There are seven colors LED mood lighting that brings a new luxurious feel to the spa. Not only that, the model comes with maintenance-free synthetic cabinetry and an ABS bottom to ensuring durability for years to come.


  • High-Density Spray Foam Insulation
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • High-Performance Pump
  • Digital Balboa Controls
  • Built-in Waterfall


  • Require professional installation

2. Essential Hot Tubs Arbor – 20-Jet Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs Arbor – 20-Jet Hot TubMy second place goes to the Essential Hot Tubs Arbor Hot Tub which is a uniquely designed unit that will transform your backyard into a home oasis. The spa brings luxury to your home in a durable, low maintenance unit with a robust, impact resistance exterior.

With its digital backlit control, the hot tub will not only bring you a relaxation bath but also a new look to your home outdoor. As an outdoor unit, the spa comes with a rotationally molded spa granite resin with a fully insulated interior allowing it to retain optimal heat.

Heat generation relies on the durable well-performing all-season stainless steel heater, which is quite impressive. It also comes with a heavy-duty, insulated cover that is fitted with locking clips allowing it to comfortably close your spa as it sits out in your back yard.


  • All-season rust-free Balboa heater
  • Durable stainless Steel jets
  • Plug & play connection
  • Contour style seating
  • Made in the USA


  • Cover quality is questionable

3. LifeSmart 600DX – 65-Jet 7-Person Rock Solid Spa

LifeSmart 600DX 65-Jet 7-Person Rock Solid Spa ReviewNext up is the LifeSmart 600DX Rock Solid Spa designed for comfort and better outdoor hot tub experience. The best part and which I love most about this considerable spa is the fact that it uses ECO Smart Technology and the built-in energy efficient management system.

With the two systems, the unit can perform well outdoor while also keeping your bills low. It has been built with a state of the art shell with a rotational molding which gives it the virtually indestructible design. As an outdoor performing unit, the unit features full foam insulation and thick tampered locking cover.

The two work hard at ensuring the heat is retained inside the spa. Quite impressively, this unit is what you need for an outdoor bath.


  • Luxurious LED Color Lighting System
  • Ozone Water Treatment System
  • Reliable Full Foam Insulation
  • Effective Therapy Jets
  • Locking Spa cover
  • Waterfall Jet


  • Curbside delivered
  • Circuit Breaker Required

4. Essential Hot Tubs – Syracuse Lounger Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs - Full-Body Lounger (5 to 6 People)My next model in this list of the top best hot tubs for outdoors is the Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse Lounger that is a rotationally molded hot tub that combines style, luxury, and affordability in one unit.

It’s a unit that comes with everything you need to have a beautiful outdoor warm bath experience. Form the jets, seats, sound system, lighting, and the acrylic shell; this unit is an outdoor magic hot tub spa.

It’s designed to bring you another level of relaxation with a completely customizes experience. The Bluetooth enabled sound system and the subwoofer housed inside the cabinet, giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite playlist as you enjoy the moment of your time.


  • Bluetooth capable entertainment system
  • Captain’s chairs and Lounger
  • Heavy-duty insulated cover
  • Effective two-tone jets
  • Made in the USA


  • Electrical connection required

5. American Spas AM-628TS – 28-Jet 2-Person Triangle Spa

American Spas AM-628TS – 28-Jet 2-Person Triangle SpaWith the industry growing so fast, American Spas are also increasing with it. With this next best hot tub for outdoors, it’s apparent that they aim to give the customers relaxation and enjoyment.

The American Spas AM-628TS Spa is what I’m talking about. It comes as a two-person unit with 28 hydrotherapy jets designed to give the best full body massage.

Additionally, the spa comes with a protective and decorative trim lock between the cabinet panels and the spa shell and with that this hot tub feels great, looks magnificent, and it will by far complement your home outdoor aesthetic. As a plug and play spa, there is no need for the high cost of wiring, plug it into your power socket.


  • Hydrotherapy experience
  • Multi-Color Spa Light
  • Plug-In-Play system
  • Heavy-duty Cover
  • Reusable filters


  • Quite heavy
  • Curbside delivered

6. Home and Garden Spas HG51T – Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors

Home and Garden Spas HG51T – Best Hot Tubs For OutdoorsHere is another well-performing hot tub, ideal for outdoor use. The Home and Garden Spas HG51T comes as a unit that will give the chance to change your backyard into a small paradise.

The spa comes with high-end features that offer the ability to outperform other outdoor hot tubs out there. It comes with therapeutic jets powerful that are well placed to provide you with the best and full body massage that will take away the back pain and stress.

With the seven colors LED mood lighting, the spa transforms your home outdoor into a very new look with a luxurious feel. I’d also like to mention that the hot tub is built with durability in mind and that’s why it features no-maintenance synthetic cabinetry, ABS bottom, and pressure treated frame.


  • Seven color underwater LED light
  • High-performance rite pump
  • Stainless Jets and Ozone
  • Digital Balboa controls
  • LED lit fountains


  • Curbside delivered
  • Hardwired connection required

Best Hot Tubs For Outdoors Buyer’s Guide

When you put your money on something, the first thing you expect is the excellent performance that with make you feel your investment worth. When making your choice of the best hot tub for outdoors, there some considerations that you need to keep in mind. These considerations are:

Jets and Massage

Jets quantity doesn’t always equal quality: the balancing between jets and airflow to the pump power is crucial. If you’re looking for massage hot tub, don’t stop at the back jets. Look for legs, hands, feet and neck jets also. I recommend you also pick adjustable jets to have a fully personalized massage experience.

Quality Materials

You will be using the hot tub outdoors, and your hot tub will be exposed to lots of elements that can cause damage to it. You need to pick a model that is built for reliability and durability, engineered using best quality materials to ensure it lasts for long. The cabinetry needs to be durable, heavy-duty, UV-resistant and able to withstand weather elements while also staying beautiful.

Water Management

Water hygiene should be your priority as a hot tub owner. Selecting a hot tub with fabulous filtration will reduce the maintenances. Go through the more sophisticated systems that feature multiple levels of filtration which reduce the time required to keep the water clean and fresh considerably. I recommend you go for a hot tub that utilizes technology to simplify water care.

Portable or In-Ground

The portable hot tubs for outdoors are well-known for their versatility when it comes to placement; you can have on your deck, on the surface or even on your patio. The in-ground types are flexible regarding size and shape and blend well with the home landscape. Most of these tubs offer bench seating and require heating as used. With this, you need to weigh your option cons and the space you have. Will you have enough space for an above or in-ground? Pick the model that suits you best.


Since you are searching for the best hot tubs for outdoors, it’s clear you need a cover. A hot tub cover is a crucial step in caring for your container and the water in it. It keeps the water clean by keeping the debris off and also helps in maintaining heat and not forgetting the aspect of safety to children and pet when the hot tub is not in use. Make sure the cover is specially made for your hot tub and tightly fits around it.

Entertainment and Convenience

Many best hot tubs for outdoors have options available for entertainment. Some come with sound systems that are built-in to the cabinetry allowing you to play your favorite playlists while enjoying the warm bath. There also those that come with waterfall feature which I would say is quite appealing and entertaining.

You will also see some that come with a colored led light which not only brings the luxury feel to your backyard but also provides dimed lighting for new light therapy and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should your hot tub be drained?

Depending on the type and usage of your hot tub sanitizing system, a hot tub with well-maintained water, treated with no-chlorine chock, needs to be drained and refilled every 2-4 months. That helps is cleaning the excessive dissolved solids which might make it challenging to maintain the effectiveness of the sanitizer and the water balance.

When should you replace your hot tub filters?

Filters work effectively for one year depending on the hot tub usage. After that their efficiency starts to drop and to tap foreign materials becomes hard due to the deteriorating of the media. With proper rotation method, the filters should be replaced after every two years.


If you know the feeling you get when you dip your body in a hot tub or when you take a hot shower, then you will want to buy the best outdoor hot tub. And to make sure you get the best experience then you need to buy a hot tub that meets all your needs. With the above best hot tub for outdoors and the buyer’s guide, buying your ideal model should now be easy and straightforward.

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