13 Best Hot Tubs Under $10000 (Reviewed For 2020)

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Best Hot Tubs Under 10000 dollars ReviewedThe best hot tub presents a perfect way to unwind after a long busy day, and it’s also ideal for massages and hydrotherapy. The unit allows access to unparalleled relaxation, convenience, and comfort. With the best hot tub, you can enjoy a beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable experience with your loved ones. And the best part is, today, you can find an affordable model under $10000. Isn’t that great?

Most people thought acquiring a hot tub would cost them all their fortune, but NO. With a price ranging from $3000 – $10,000, you can buy a fantastic, high-quality unit to turn your backyard into a small tropical oasis. The big question is, how do you find the best hot tub under 10000, and which is ideal for your needs? I’ve answered the issue with this article, so read it thought to the end.

The 13 Best Hot Tubs Under $10000 in 2020

The current hot tub and spa market has thousands of models under 10000, most of which are low quality and less performing. I have sat down and done thorough research to provide you with top-performing, durable, and high-quality models available. They include:

1. Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse Lounger Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 67 Jets Syracuse LoungerEssential Hot Tub, a 67-jet Syracuse lounger my first product on the list. It’s a combination of luxury, style, and affordability. One thing its users love most is the ergonomic seating for up to six people. The spa seating also features Captain’s chairs and full-body lounger, allowing everyone to enjoy Syracuse their way.

The best part is, there are 51-stainless two-tone jets and sixteen stainless steel jets well-places in zone controlled seating. The arrangement and placement of the spa jets ensure you get optimum comfort from the head to toe. The unit’s affordability doesn’t affect its quality. It comes with a heavy-duty Acrylic shell that stays in shape for a very long time.


  • No maintenance faux wood exterior cabinet
  • Insulated heavy-duty tapered cover
  • Bluetooth capable sound system
  • Full body hydrotherapy
  • Customized experience
  • Digital backlit display


  • Curbside delivery service required

2. Essential Hot Tubs Polara Sterling Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Polara Sterling Silver ShellThe next model here is another affordable Essential Hot Tubs model, the 50-jet Polara Sterling Hot tub. It’s also packed with luxury and comfort with its 50 adjustable stainless jets offering you the much-needed support and massage. It also comes with a roll-over shoulder where there some neck jets are fitted to give you premium comfort. That’s not all, and the unit does also come with ergonomic seating for six people and a full-body lounger.

The design allows the users to customize their spa experience the way they need it. The model also uses an energy-efficient motor that delivers high and low speeds enabling you to set a relaxing tone. Durability and build quality are high-notch; from wood-look cabinet, stainless steel heater, and heavy-insulated cover.


  • True all-season durable Balboa heater
  • Ergonomic full-body lounger seating
  • Long-lasting stainless steel jets
  • Heavy-duty insulated cover
  • Low maintenance cabinet
  • Energy-efficient motor


  • Curbside delivery service needed

3. Hudson Bay Spa XP34 Spa

Hudson Bay Spa – Best Outdoor SpaHot TubHudson Bay Spa XP34 outdoor spa is the next model in the list. It comes as a 6-person outdoor unit ideal for starting your backyard paradise. It also comes packed with high-end features and at an economical price in mind. One thing I love most about this beautiful outdoor hot tub is the use of therapeutic jets variety designed to touch all areas of your body and give you the comfort you desire.

On top of that, at an affordable price, it’s also fitted with beautiful 7-color LED mood lighting, which offers the lighting therapy you need for better relaxation. It’s also important I mention that this model comes with zero-maintenance synthetic cabinetry with a pressure treated base frame. There is also an ABS bottom, all these working together for unbeatable durability.


  • High performance, Energy rite pump
  • Maximum therapy turbo seats
  • Underwater mood LED light
  • Low energy consumption
  • Digital Balboa controls
  • Perimeter LED lights


  • Delivered curbside

4. Essential Hot Tubs Solara Solstice Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 50 Jets Solara Limited Edition Winter SolsticeEssential Hot Tubs is a considerate brand that wants you to enjoy a hot tub at an affordable price. That’s why the next model is theirs, Solara Winter Solstice Hot Tub. Additionally, it’s a limited edition designed to give the best outdoor hot tub relaxation experience. It features a modern acrylic design fitted with 50 2-tone jets for high-class therapeutic expertise.

Its luxurious side features an LED waterfall and controls fitted to give you relaxing custom illumination. It’s a 6-person model that comes with two Captain’s style chairs and a full-length lounger featuring mounted pillow headrest. Every detail on this model delivers a look and feel that works for every customer.


  • Balboa all-season heavy-duty heater
  • Insulated heavy-duty tapered cover
  • Captain’s chairs and full lounger
  • Led controls and accent lighting
  • Durable stainless steel jets
  • Made in the USA


  • Limited Time Offer
  • Electrical connection required

5. Essential Hot Tubs Calypso Sterling Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 100 Jets Calypso Sterling Silver ShellHere are another top-performing and top-quality Essential Hot Tubs model worth your money. As an economical, robust hot tub model, the Calypso 100 provides its users with the ultimate spa experience. It also offers a variety of seat styles to choose from and jumbo 100 adjustable therapeutic jets. It’s a collection of everything you get on those expensive models.

And you know what, it does also come with adjustable air-flow, jet-pressure, and direction for customizing the experience. On top of that, the sap does feature some additional sensory options like the integrated Bluetooth stereo or a complete LED package. Its heavy-duty synthetic exterior, cabinet lighting, matching steps, and an ozone generator.


  • LED controls and LED perimeter accents
  • Bluetooth stereo with subwoofer
  • High-performance water pumps
  • Stainless-steel two-tone jets
  • Full Seating Lounger


  • Curbside delivery
  • Electrical service required

6. American Spas AM-756BP Hot Tub

American Spas AM 756BP 6 Person Hot Tub Summer SapphireAnother best hot tub under 10000 is the high-quality American Spas Hot Tub. It’s a 6-person unit using different types of jets, offering lots of health benefits. The SQR jets employed here are well-positioned in several configurations to provide hydrotherapy massages pinpointing specific body areas. On top of that, it uses the most reliable motors with less moving parts; built to last for a lifetime.

It uses a durable, energy-efficient Titanium heater that delivers the best heating and has the best defense against mineral and chemical abuse. It also comes with a HydroClear Ozonator with a Mazzie injector mixing chambers, which does a great job at killing microorganisms. Besides that, the cabinet wall comes with premium insulation, completely recyclable, and with less waste.


  • Premium Hydro-Shield insulation
  • Whisper Hot Titanium Heater
  • Reverse-flow cooling system
  • Eliminator Power Pump
  • HydroClear Ozonator


  • Might take you some time to set up

7. Essential Hot Tubs Regent Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 80 Jets Regent Hot TubIf you need an affordable hot tub with low to zero maintenance, this next Essential Hot Tubs Regent Hot tub is ideal for you. With this model, you can take elegance and affordability to the next level. It comes with luxury amenities like Cup holders, LED water cascades, and cabinet lighting, all at an affordable price.

The digital backlit display control unit is ideal for setting the LED lighting mood with a press of a button. On top of that, its 60 stainless 2-zone jets and 20 stainless steel jets powered by three top-performance pumps giving quality zone controlled seating. It also uses a powerful all-season Balboa stainless steel heater for reliable hot tub heating.


  • Heavy-duty tapered insulated cover
  • 4kW Balboa stainless Steel heater
  • Powerful adjustable jets
  • The elegant acrylic spa shell
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • Quite heavy
  • Curbside delivery service

8. American Spas Hot Tub Harmony AM-885LG Lounger Hot Tub

American Spas Hot Tub AM 885LG Harmony 6 Person 85 Jets LoungerThe next model in the list is the American Spas Harmony lounger hot tub. It’s a sizeable 6-person unit that will allow you to invite your friends and family over to enjoy a soothing spa experience. Its contoured-seating for six people delivers ultimate upper and lower body massage using the 85 therapy jets.

The luxuriously designed contoured seating and the molded armrests offer the highest hydrotherapy quality and relaxation experience. I also learned that there is a cascading waterfall that comes with a convenient control valve. And you know what, there are back-lit LED lights which transform the spa into a tropical oasis, it’s a hot tub to enjoy.


  • Perfect massage and directional controls
  • Luxuriously contoured seating design
  • Multi-color LED Spa Light
  • Premium Cabinet Panels
  • Precise Pressure Flow
  • On/Off Flow Control


  • None

9. American Spas AM-756LP Lounger Spa

American Spas AM 756LP 6 Person Hot TubHere is another outer performing American Spas model ideal for your investment. The AM-756LP comes as a 6-person hot tub designed to give you the chance to transform your backyard into a small tropical oasis. The reason it out-performs other models is the fact that it comes with two exclusive switchless jet pumps.

The jet pump system provides dependable performance and an exclusive twin-turbo wet end featuring Viton Pump seal. On top of that, the AM-756LP Spa does also come with 56 stainless steel therapy/massage jets providing high-class hydrotherapy experience. The best of all, it does come with HydroClear Ozonator, which does a great job of purifying the water using the active ozone bubbles.


  • Exclusive Switchless Jet Pumps
  • Individual On/Off flow control
  • Elite twin-turbo wet end
  • Stainless steel therapy jets
  • Easy access reusable filters
  • Hydrotherapy experience
  • Reliable performance


  • Quite heavy
  • Delivered curbside

10. American Spas AM-885LG Harmony Spa

American Spas Hot Tub AM 885LG Harmony 6 Person 85 Jets Lounger with Free CoverAmerican Spas want you to enjoy a top-class spa experience with an affordable unit under 10000. With their AM-885LG Harmony 6-Person, you have the chance to enjoy the exceptional luxury spa experience. One thing that allows it to deliver the required spa massage and therapeutic experience is the 85 powerful jets. These stainless steel Halo and Rain jets are well placed to ensure your full body receives an equal measure of relaxation and comfort.

On top of that, there is a beautiful LED waterfall handrail which ensures you get an incredible soothing night time hot tub experience. I was also impressed to see it comes with a HydroClear Ozonator technology and an exclusive Bio-Clean Filter, all designed to ensure smooth and straightforward spa maintenance.


  • Exquisite Interior Perimeter Lighting
  • Powerful HD56 Power Frame Pumps
  • Easy and simple spa maintenance
  • Exclusive Bio-Clean Filter
  • Freedom Sound System
  • Hydroclear Ozonator
  • Total body comfort


  • Heavy to carry

11. LifeSmart 28-Jet Hot Tub

Generic Hot Tub with 28 Hydrotherapy Jets Including 2 Calf JetsIf you’ve not found a satisfying model yet, here is a highly-reliable and affordable hot tub, the S LS350 Plus. It’s an ideal unit for a family and a group of friends up to 5 people. The model is equipped with 28 powerful hydrotherapy jets well-positioned to cover your body with pulsating spray.

In addition to that, the spa is energy efficient and comes with full-foam insulation to make it ideal for use in those cold climates. The heavy-duty construction employed here to ensure it delivers and performs as needed. Its digital topside center panel allows you to control the temperature, jets, and the lighting while you remain seated.


  • The ASTM-approved locking spa cover
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Perfect air and water mix
  • Adjustable waterfall
  • Full foam insulation
  • Comfort dials


  • Not a plug and play model

12. QCA Spas Rio Grande Lounger Spa

QCA Spas Rio Grande 6 Person Lounger SpaQCA Spas Rio Grande is another highly robust and affordable spa you can buy for your home relaxation spot. With this unit, you get to enrich your backyard with luxury, tranquility, and relaxation. It boasts an Economy-Boost heat recovery system, which is ideal for saving valuable natural resources and your money.

Besides that, the unit is designed with unique multi-color LED Lights allowing you to control the spa mood or even create an engaging cycle. The heavy-duty shell uses highly-durable Lucite acrylic with a beautiful synthetic wood cabinet exterior. It’s a model that brings you an excellent outdoor relaxing spa spot for you, your family, and friends.


  • Luxury, relaxation, and tranquility
  • The Econo-boost heat recovery system
  • Elegant synthetic wood cabinet
  • Heavy-duty Lucite acrylic shell
  • Unique multi-color LED light
  • ETL/CETL approved


  • No cover
  • Not UL listed

13. AquaRest AR-200 Premium Spa

AquaRest AR 200 Premium 4 Person Spa 14 JetsLastly, we have the AquaRest Premium Spa. It’s a 4-person hot tub with premium quality but an affordable price. As one of the best hot tubs under 10000, this unit comes as a deluxe package with an improved jet performance for a high-class relaxation experience. It also features reduced heat recovery time and maintains the heat levels more efficiently.

Another great thing about this unit is, it does use a stainless steel electric heater, which is quite energy efficient and also provides quicker temperature changes. What’s more, it does come with an Ozonator, which reduces contaminants in your spa, thus making the water clean and safe. Its two HPR 2-speed pumps offer increased water volume, which flows through the hot tub.


  • Durable and robust electric heater
  • Long-lasting shell construction
  • Unbeatable spa experience
  • Premium Jet performance
  • Advanced seat design


  • Installation takes time

Best Hot Tub under 10000 Buying Guide

Most people suffer a lot, trying to compare the different models to buy. And since I have given you a long list of top-performing, durable, and high-quality models, you must know what to look for while choosing the best. The following considerations will facilitate your search for the best hot tub under 10000 ideal for your needs.

Available Space

Hot tubs are massive units that take a lot of space. The space available in your home will determine the size of the hot tub to buy. If you need an outdoor spa, then you have to make sure that you’ve got a spacious backyard or porch to accommodate it. That also applies to the indoor baths, and you have to ensure that your indoor space is ideal for the hot tub you’re about to buy. With indoor space, you also have to consider proper ventilation for perfect aeration and to avoid suffocation.

Style and look

As you’re making your selection, do not forget to look at the hot tub style and exterior look. You need something that complements your home décor, especially if you’re buying an outdoor model.

Number of People

I don’t think you’re buying a hot tub to enjoy alone. Hot tub enjoyment needs to be shared, and you need somebody to talk to, maybe. However, you might be living solo, or you might want a single-user experience. If so, then you might want to get a single or 2-person hot tub.

The small spa is relatively small, and it’s ideal for private dipping or a private bath with your loved one. But if you’re planning to host your family and friends, then you might want to buy a bigger unit that can accommodate them. For a socializing model, you need something like 5-6-person hot tub.

Build quality

A hot tub is an expensive investment, and that’s why you need to be extra careful at what you’re buying. You need to ensure you buy a durable model that lasts for years and pays for itself. It also needs to be energy efficient and low on operation costs. That’s why I suggest you check on the materials used in the different parts of the hot tub, like the shell, cabinet, jets, and heaters.

The construction needs to be highly durable, robust, and sturdy. Also, pay attention to the hot tub insulation, as it’s responsible for the heat retention capabilities. Get a fully insulated hot tub model, especially if you leave in low-temperature areas.

Therapy options

Most of the time, we find ourselves extremely tired. Dipping your body inside a hot tub isn’t enough to take away the pressure on the muscles and joints. You need a hot tub with hydrotherapeutic features, like therapy jets. Some other hot tubs combine water and air to offer better and a variety of massages, from the deep tissue to light caress. And if you need a full body massage, then you need a hot tub that features lounge seats, legs, and feet jets.


Lastly, we have the various features that come with different hot tubs for bettering the spa experience. It all depends on customer preferences and budget. The more the features are, the higher the pricing. Some of the hot tub in my list comes with features like Ozonators, insulation cover, Speakers, LED lighting, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it wrong to leave my hot tub empty?

If you left your hot tub empty but with water in the plumbing and jet system, then that is bad. The water in these areas can grow bacteria, molds, and mildew and lead to the formation of the biofilm, which is quite challenging to remove. Additionally, without proper drying, the gaskets and seals can get dry and start to leak. So, do not leave your hot tub empty without appropriate cleaning and drying.

During winter, should I leave my hot tub empty or with water?

During winter is the perfect time to use the hot tub. However, many people find this time the best for vacation, thus leaving their hot tubs unused. During this time, you need to empty it, clean it, and dry all the water from it. Why? If you leave water inside the hot tub and it freezes, it can cause a series of damages from cracking and blockage from the solid ice.


If you’ve ever tested the feeling of a hot tub, then you know what you are getting by buying the best hot tub under 10000. If you haven’t, then all I can tell is, it’s incredible. It’s a must you make sure the model you’re buying meets your needs. Returning a hot tub can cost you a fortune, so get it right. All the Best!

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