7 Best Hot Tub Handrails (Reviews) You Want Buy in 2020

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Best Hot Tub HandrailsThe best hot tub handrail is crucial in assuring safety when in the hot tub. You need to move from one side to the other as you enjoy the hot tub experience. In some cases, the hot tub may be slippery, which makes it necessary to have a place where you can support yourself.

The use of the right hot tub plays a significant role in improving your comfort as you enjoy the hot tub experience. There are several designs of hot tubs in the market which make it necessary to research around and locate the best.

I was after the best hot tub handrail when I came across several products. It is a confusing experience. You can rely on my product recommendations to make the right buying decision.

Top 7 Best Hot Tub Handrail Reviews For 2020

1. Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail

Guardian Hot Tub Handrail Spa Side Safety RailIt is among the most durable hot tub handrail. I was after a hot tub handrail which can assure me the highest safety when I came across the product. It is carefully designed to guarantee the highest safety standards. Slide under the mounting base makes it easy to install the handrail.

There is no drilling of the hot tub required before the installation can be completed. The strong steel construction makes it highly durable. I have been using mine for long, and it is still in good shape.

Double baked-on powder coat makes the surface very reliable. Gray finish makes it stand out. I can count on it to offer me extended services. The rail swivels to four different positions. I can as well lock it in place for safety reasons.


  • Slide under the base mount
  • Strong steel construction
  • Double baked-on powder
  • Swivels to four positions


  • Not perfect for towel holding

2. Carefree Stuff Side Swiveling Handrail

Carefree Stuff Spa Escort Side Swiveling Handrail and Towel BarSeveral features have been incorporated which make the product among the best hot tub handrail. With swiveling handrail and the towel bar, I feel very comfortable each time I’m using the handrail.

It is perfectly shaped to hold the towel in place. I need the sheet nearby when I’m in the hot tub. The careful design of the handrail makes it easy to reach for the towel. Safety entry to the hot tub is guaranteed due to the great design of the handrail. I feel very comfortable each time I’m using the spa. The towel bar is conveniently located to make the whole spa experience enjoyable.

I’m sure of a towel nearby. There is no worry about the towel getting wet. The towel bar is strategically located for the best experience. The handrail is powder-coated to make it rust-resistant. I have been using mine for long, and it has never developed rust.


  • Shaped to hold a towel
  • Proves safe entry
  • Powder-coated construction
  • Easy to install


  • Not for recessed hot tubs

3. Fibropool Easy Mount Hand Rail

Fibropool Hand Rail with Base PlateIt is the best hot tub handrail which comes with an easy to install design. The base plate provided makes the whole process of mounting the bar very easy. It took me a few minutes to get it installed in my home.

The stainless steel construction makes it highly durable. The manufacturers of the handrail took time to ensure it is highly durable. I did not struggle to mount the handrail. The mouth base fits well on the concentrate after which I screw it into place.

I have been using mine for about two years now, and it is still intact. The careful choice of materials makes it among the best products which are designed to guarantee the best performance. It is a highly durable product I highly recommend.


  • Easy to mount
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Highly durable
  • Stylish handrail


  • No swiveling

4. Leisure Concepts SmartRail Spa Safety Rail

SmartRail Spa Safety RailIt is among the best hot tub handrails I have been using. I was after a product that can make the whole experience when in the hot tub enjoyable. The bar is carefully designed to assure me the best epergne each time I enter the hot tub.

It is among the few products which are known to offer the best performance. It works well for recessed spas and hot tubs. Each time I enter the hot tub, it is very safe. The handrail comes in a design that enhances the safety of people entering the hot tub.

Rotating bracket mounts directly on the spa cabinet or the nearby deck. The textured black finish makes the handrail stand out in its way. It is rust-free, which makes it highly durable. Value for money is guaranteed due to the excellent construction of the hot tub.


  • Works for recessed hot tubs
  • Safe entry
  • Rotating bracket mount
  • Textures black finish


  • Mounts on the deck

5. Marine Fiberglass Direct Aluminum Handrail

Marine Fiberglass Direct Safety Grab Bar for MarineIt is a highly reliable handrail I have been using in my hot tub. It is carefully designed to guarantee the best performance. With the use of high-quality aluminum finish, it is a durable handrail which works very well.

Anchor pads fit perfectly on the deck, making it a great addition to my home. The handrail is a versatile construction that can work for hot tubs, boats, pools, floors, and even docks.

The careful selection of materials makes it ideal for both freshwater and saltwater. Its high-quality construction makes the product among the best you can get in the market which is carefully designed to guarantee you the best results. I have been using the product, and I can highly recommend it.


  • Aluminum handrail
  • Anchor pads for easy fitting
  • Works both in fresh and saltwater
  • High-quality handrail


  • Not polished

6. CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail with Base

CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail with BaseThe CoverMate Handrail is a sturdy hot tub side handrail featuring a stable base. It’s made from robust and powder-coated metal, making it durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. The Handrail will give you an easy way to get in and out of your hot tub.

And you know what, this best Handrail does rotate 360 degrees to offer assisted entry and exit to your hot tub. It’s designed to fit hot tub up to 40-inches in height and uses your tub weight for ultimate stability.

Its unique under-spa base eliminates the need for attachment to your hot tub. On top of that, it comes with a locking feature that allows it to be fixed in one position for increased safety.


  • Powder Coated Metal Construction
  • Sturdy Curved Design
  • Zero-Spa Attachment
  • Safe Under-Spa Base
  • 360-degree Rotation
  • Locking Feature


  • Wobbles if not placed properly

7. SpaEase SM-36 Side Mount Hot Tub Safety Rail

SpaEase SM 36 Side Mount Hot Tub Safety RailSpaEase SM-36 is another best hot tub handrail you can trust to give you the much-needed support. It comes as a side mount tub safety rail. It’s built to last as it’s made of 0.25 thick hard shell composites that are not affected by hot tub chemicals.

On top of that, the composites are reinforced internally by 40-galvanized steel providing extra rigidity and strength. Another thing, this safety rail does come with a reinforcing core that is completely encapsulated.

The covering ensures it doesn’t come into contact with air or water, making it rust and corrosion safe. Besides that, its hard-shell is non-conductive and meets the applicable codes and doesn’t require bonding/grounding. It’s a rail that will give you a sense of safety from slipping or falling because of the wet or slippery hot tub conditions.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Ideal entry and exit assistance
  • Simple and Easy Mounting
  • Locking safety feature
  • Swings 360 degrees


  • High on price

Best Hot Tub Handrail Buying Guide

There are several factors you need to take into consideration before buying a bar. Here are some of the factors you need to check out:

Rustproof construction

You need to check on the quality of materials used and ensure they are waterproof. Near your hot tub, the handrail will come into contact with water which can initiate corrosion. Ensure the product can withstand corrosion before buying.

Easy to mount

Check on the general design of the hot tub handrail and ensure it is easy to install. There are some hot tub handrails that have base plates to allow you easy installation. You can pick on them.

Price consideration

The handrails are available at different prices. You may like to save money. You can compare the different products available in the market from where you can decide on the best. Always ensure you stick to your budget when buying the handrails.

Best Hot Tub Handrail (FAQs)

Which are the best materials for making hot tub handrails?

You need materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Ensure the materials will not be corroded due to rust and contact with water. The surface should be coated to avoid corrosion. For a polished finish, you can go for powder coated stainless steel.

Is it easy to install hot tub handrails?

It is easy. You only have to follow the instructions provided, and you will easily install the handrails. Most of them come with all the instructions you need to install. You only need simple tools, and you will get the bar installed correctly.

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