5 Best Hot Tubs for Tall Person (Updated For 2020)

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It is good to go home and take a bath in a hot tub with a relaxing bubble warm bath after a long day of work. To fully immerse yourself in your hot tub is undoubtedly an experience everyone expects.


It’s a luxury you do not want to miss. However, most people have no idea of the best hot tub for tall person they should buy. Product appearances can sometimes be deceptive; the same thing applies to the purchase of a hot tub.

Today, there are hundreds of Jacuzzis for sale on the market that come in different shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. But the big question is “what will fit your needs perfectly?”

Below I have brought together top best hot tub for tall person and a buyer’s guide to help you find the right model. So, go through it and hopefully at the end you will discover a model that suits you best.

Top 5 Best Hot Tub for Tall Person in 2020

Brand & NameJetPerson CapacityPrice
Lifesmart Rock Solid 4 Person Simplicity Spa13 Jets4 PersonCheck Price
Home and Garden Spas14 Jets4 PersonCheck Price
LifeSmart 400DX Hot Tub19 Jets5 PersonCheck Price
Essential Hot Tubs SS23467740367 Jets 5-6 PeopleCheck Price
Essential Hot Tubs SS30481700380 Jets6-7 PeopleCheck Price

1. Lifesmart Spa – Best Hot Tub for Tall Person

Lifesmart rock-solid simplicity is a plug and plays four-person hot tub that comes with a highly durable Rock-solid shell which gives it the best durability.Lifesmart Spa Tub – Best Hot Tub for Tall Person

The hot tub also comes with 13 adjustable stainless steel jets which allow it to provide you with that enormous soothing and pain relieving massage. The model features a 110-volt plug and play system which eliminates the high cost of hot tub installation.

Additionally, this unit uses inbuilt Eco-Smart Technology which is a highly efficient energy management system to ensure that it reduces the amount of energy used, reduce the running cost while providing optimal performance.

You will also love to hear that this unit comes with four deep bucket seats which feature fully rotating back jets. The jets work together with waterfall and top-side valves to provide you with a mix of water and air for a perfect massage.


  • Eco thermoplastic construction material
  • Rock-solid simplicity plug and play spa
  • Foam energy-saving insulation
  • Deluxe Balboa digital control
  • Waterfall feature


  • Difficult to put on or remove the side panels
  • Doesn’t have any foot jets for the lounger

2. Home and Garden Spas – Comfortable for Taller Person

If you’re you searching for the best hot tub for tall people with stainless steel which can accommodate more than two people, then you need to consider the Hudson Bay Spa. The hot tub is equipped with high-end features to make sure you get the best results.Home and Garden Spas – Best Hot Tub for Tall Person

The 14 therapeutic jets on this unit are made of stainless steel which makes them durable. Furthermore, these jets are designed to touch the whole body with comfort in mind.

With this model, you will be able to start a little paradise in your back yard. The unit comes with seven color-LED mood lighting which will give you a luxurious feel while you enjoy your warm bath.

The hot tub also comes with maintenance cabinetry and a well-designed pressure base frame that feature an ABS bottom to ensure your unit is durable for years.


  • Multi-Layer Fiberglass Reinforcement
  • Durable, Slip Resistant Lucite Acrylic
  • Anti-Fungicide Tubing Plumbing
  • Long GFCI Electrical Cord
  • Digital Balboa Controls


  • Struggles to maintain the temperature
  • Jets aren’t solid

3. LifeSmart 400DX – With All Modern Features

Lifesmart is a well-known brand when it comes to a hot tub and bathtub industry. Today they present the LifeSmart 400DX hot tub which is good enough to accommodate even the tall people.LifeSmart 400DX - Best Hot Tub for Tall Person

The model is a 5-person hot tub with an indestructible Arctic rock-solid shells with slip-free surface and 19 stainless steel jets. Another critical feature in this model is the stylish mahogany skirt which doesn’t require any maintenance.

It uses a plug n play connection, and as such it eliminates the need for complicated and expensive installation. You will also love to hear that this model comes with an Eco-Smart technology that features an efficient energy management system to make sure that your unit operates with less operating cost while giving you optimal results.

Furthermore, this LifeSmart 400DX hot tub comes with a complete foam insulation system that is backed up by a thick energy saving cover to ensure there is maximum heat insulation. Lastly, two option-ozone systems help in reducing the need to use harsh chemicals.


  • Adjustable Waterfall
  • 5-6 person capacity
  • Super Energy Saving
  • Locking Spa cover
  • Plug and Play


  • Overheats

4. Essential Hot Tubs SS234677403 – Outdoor Hot Tub

The Decorum outdoor hot tub large well-designed two person spa that comes with a cool-down seat. The model has a full-body lodger which allows it to work correctly for the tall people.Essential Hot Tubs SS234677403 - Best Hot Tub for Tall Person

The model has a custom-modeled waterfall with a multicolor programmable LED lights to give you a luxurious feel as you enjoy your relaxation. The three pumps and the designer jets on this model will provide you with that super relaxation feel and experience.

Additionally, the model comes with 51 2-tone stainless steel adjustable hydro jets and 16 stainless air jets to make sure you get the best hydrotherapy to your back, shoulder, neck, legs, and seats. Take your precious time to relax and enjoy the massage while using the Bluetooth enabled system with two speakers and a subwoofer in its acrylic shell to entertain yourself.

It also comes with a cabinet with a wood look which requires no maintenance. The unit’s components are easy to access by removing the stainless steel cabinet fasteners threaded to the shell.


  • Programmable multicolor LED waterfall
  • Stainless steel air jets
  • Underwater LED light
  • Two Captain’s chairs
  • Full-body lounger
  • Spa steps


  • A bit pricey
  • Pump turns off after around 15 minutes

5. Essential Hot Tubs SS304817003 – Seats for 6-7 People

Are you looking for the best hot tub for tall person that can give you a great massage and new luxury levels? If so then you got to try the Sanctity outdoor cabinet hot tub from Essentials Hot Tubs.Essential Hot Tubs SS304817003 - Best Hot Tub for Tall Person

It’s among the biggest spas available since it comes with six to seven seats, four of which are captain’s chairs that have headrests and shoulder/neck, back, seat and foot jets for the best heat to toe hydrotherapy.

This model is equipped with 60 stylish designers 2-tone adjustable stainless steel with hydro effect and 20 stainless steel air jets. All the jets on this Sanctity Cabinet Hot Tub are powered by three energy efficient pumps to ensure you get the best and strong hydro massage while melting away muscle tension and stress.

The manufacturer doesn’t leave entertainment behind as this unit is fitted with a Bluetooth enabled system with an inbuilt sound system. The system also comes with a subwoofer and two speakers embedded in the acrylic spa shell.


  • Stainless steel threaded cabinet fasteners
  • Elegant programmable LED cabinet lighting
  • Energy-efficiency stainless steel heater
  • Heavy-duty insulated spa cover
  • LED water cascade
  • LED Cup holders


  • Its floor is a bit slippery
  • Require electrician’s installation

Best Hot Tub For Tall Person Buying Guide | FAQs

To choose the best hot tub for tall person model, you need to keep a lot of things in mind –your budget, the space available in your home, how many people will use it frequently and, of course, cleaning and maintenance. Use the following points to make sure that the model you pick is the perfect and right choice.


Size is one of the main determinants of the type of model you get. If you only use the hot tub for one or two people, all you need is a single small unit. You’ll still have plenty of space to relax after a long day, but the tub will not take up more space than necessary.

And if you plan to have a lot of people, then you should consider a larger model. Furthermore, if you’re a tall person, you will need to make sure that the unit will accommodate you appropriately. Check the dimensions to make sure that you will be able to enjoy a complete bath.

Available space

The space available in your home will determine the size of the tub and the type of hot tub you should buy. If you adore the outdoors and have a large deck or large porch, you can consider sitting in an outdoor hot tub or spa.

Outdoor baths are usually made of durable and resistant materials that can withstand natural elements and changing weather conditions. It is available in different sizes, perfect for couples and large groups. The size of your hot tub will depend on the size of your open space.

Cleaning and maintenance

These questions will answer the nature of the hot tub that you should buy. Different Jacuzzis for tall people are made with different materials; some are made of wood, ceramic, acrylic, molded plastic, etc. If you want the bins to be comfortable to maintain and clean, you can use plastic or ceramic shell.

On the other hand, wooden shells are suitable; those who want a traditional heat bath are combined with simple and effective cleaning.


The price of the hot tub for sale is still part of the problem. Because we all know that the more features the hot tub has and the more complex the hot tub design, the more costly it will be. So, before going to buy a hot tub, you must determine your budget, and you must stick to it.

If you want a cheaper hot tub with useful features, you can choose used tanks for sale, but be sure to inspect them indoors and out thoroughly. You do not want to throw away your hard earned money at some point that is not worth it.

What is Spa Boy in a hot tub?

Spa boy is a type of advanced automated water care system that comes with complete smartphone functionality. The Spa boy allows the Arctic hot tub owners to enjoy a 24/7 monitoring of the hot tub’s internal water conditions. The system features instant alerts which communicate on pH levels, water jets malfunctions, temperature setting and more.

How often should you change the water in your hot tub?

It is advisable that you completely drain your hot tub every eight weeks. If you do not use the hot tub often, you can remove the water after 12 weeks.

Globo Pool Overview:

Taking the time to think and consider things may seem uninteresting and tedious, but it will surely bring rewarding results. And by combining the review above and the buyer’s guide, you will reduce the thinking and give yourself time to pick the best hot tub for tall person. What are you waiting for? Pick that model you believe will provide you with the best result.

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