Top 12 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters (Updated for 2020)

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Spa covers are a necessity these days to protect the tub and to insulate it from the elements of weather. The only problem is that lifting them and putting them back in their place is not an easy task. Make Your Bath More Enjoyable with These Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters

They are often bulky and require additional assistance to raise them. A hot tub cover lifter can solve this problem. A hot tub cover lifter has a mechanism with the help of which, you can easily lift the spa covers. You will not need the assistance of any other individual.

You can single-handedly lift the spa cover. Moreover, when you look at the various spa cover lift options, most of them are compatible with a wide variety of tubs. The compatibility ascertains that you can easily find the one which will fulfill your requirements.

Top 12 Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters for 2020

If you’re confused about the hot tub cover lifters which you should choose, we will today help you out. We will list some of the best options available.

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Item NameBrandPrice
Blue Wave Spa Cover LiftBlue WaveCheck Price
Cover Valet CV400 Spa Cover LifterCover ValetCheck Price
Cover Valet 250 Spa Cover LiftCover ValetCheck Price
The Hydraulic Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover LifterHydraulic CoverCheck Price
CoverMate Spa Cover LiftCover MateCheck Price
Smart Spa Cover and Spa Cover LifterSmart SpaCheck Price
Blue Wave NP5041Blue WaveCheck Price
Smart Spa Cover Classic Hot Tub Cover LifterSmart SpaCheck Price
Cover Valet CRX Spa Cover LifterCover ValetCheck Price
Cover Valet CRX Spa Cover LifterCover ValetCheck Price
Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover LiftCover ValetCheck Price
Lovatic SpaEase 200LovaticCheck Price

1. Blue Wave Spa Cover Lift – Fits most square & rectangular spas

The first cover lift on our list consists of powder-coated steel. It can endure any weather without any problem. It allows you to lift the spa cover easily. It can fit most of the rectangular as well as square tubs.Blue-Wave-Spa-Cover-Lift-Fits-most-square-&-rectangular-spas

The width of the hot tub cover lifter is 8 feet. You can lift even the heavy spa covers with this lift quite easily. The best thing about this cover lift is that it is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. The resistance allows you to use it for a more extended period.

The design is such that the effort required to lift the spa cover is minimal. It allows you to remove the spa cover single-handedly. Thus, when you’re searching for a cover lift, this is the one which you should consider.


  • Made from powder-coated steel
  • Rust resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 8 feet wide
  • Suitable for rectangular and square spa tubs
  • Minimizes effort required to lift the cover


  • Installation is not that easy

2. Cover Valet CV400 Spa Cover Lifter – Fits spa covers up to 8 ft

The Cover Valet CV400 hot tub cover lifter is uniquely designed to give you that unique look and makes it convenient when using it. It boasts to be the world’s best premium lifter system. The model has been designed to fit on any backyard hot tub environment.Cover-Valet-CV400-Spa-Cover-Lifter-Fits-spa-covers-up-to-8-ft

It comes with double gas springs which will assist in effortlessly lowering and lifting the hot tub cover. The unit also features a useful locking safety feature which holds the hot tub cover open until you close it. The stainless steel hardware that comes with a durable powder coat finish gives the cover ability to serve you for years without rusting.

The Cover Valet CV400 hot tub cover lifter also comes with two heavy-duty zinc can be easily attached to your hot tub or a deck near the hot tub. Use the pneumatic piston to open up the hot tub cover comfortably. The model is available for hot tubs with or without wood rims and installs easily.

The cover valet has been made to serve you for years and for that reason it’s covered with a 5-year warranty, making it among the top best hot tub cover lifters you can buy today.


  • Requires 4″-6″ clearance only
  • Mounts to edge of hot tub cabinet or directly to a deck
  • Fits hot tub covers up to 8ft
  • Gas shock assisted; one person cover removal
  • Comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Cannot work when placed in a vertical position
  • Higher on the price side

3. Cover Valet 250 Spa Cover Lift– Dual gas springs assist

The next cover lift on our list incorporates dual gas springs. The stainless steel hardware can handle indoor and outdoor conditions easily. Stainless steel also means that you will not have to worry about corrosion or rust.Cover-Valet-250-Spa-Cover-Lift--Dual-gas-springs-assist

With the help of the locking mechanism, you can be sure that the cover can remain in its place as per your requirement. It can easily cater to tubs of 7.5 feet in size. It is highly versatile.

Stainless steel provides high durability. The dual gas spring design ensures that you will not have to put in a lot of effort to lift the covers. The ease of lifting is what makes it such a good option when looking for spa cover lifts.


  • Dual Springs
  • Compatible with 7.5 feet tubs
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Lockable
  • Effortless operation


  • Additional support might be needed

4. The Hydraulic Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover Lifter – Best Spa Cover Lift

The cover guy is a well-experienced company in this industry. With over 30 years of experience and over 4,000 satisfied customers, they have proven to produce the best product, and today they present this Cover Guy Hydraulic Cover Lifter.The-Hydraulic-Cover-Guy-Hot-Tub-Cover-Lifter-Best-Spa-Cover-Lift

It is one of the top best hot tub cover lifters with a robust yet compact structural design. With this model, you can open your cover with only one hand making your hot tub enjoyable and more comfortable experience. The model comes with powder coated aircraft grade aluminum tubing which is strong enough to prevent torquing and twisting virtually.

The Cover Guy Hydraulic Cover Lifter compact design featured allows the unit to need less clearance and to fit appropriately snuggly. The Cover Guy Hydraulic Cover Lifter installation is a breeze as it comes with an easy-to-read and clear installation manual. Also, the company has a customer service hotline for those who need extra help.

The model fits any cover of up to 96in x 96in and comfortably handles it. For a reassurance that the cover lifter is made of superior materials, the Cover Guy Company covers it with a one-year mfg warranty.


  • Hydraulic shock mount lift
  • Powder-coated aircraft-grade aluminum tubing
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant gas springs
  • Strong and Compact
  • Fits up to 96×96 Inch
  • One-year mfg warranty


  • Velcro doesn’t hold
  • Directions are somehow confusing

5. CoverMate Spa Cover Lift – Foam Grips for Comfortable Handling

The next cover lift on our list is designed specifically for straight-sided spas. The spas with which it is compatible can be anywhere between 6 feet and 8 feet wide. The material used is powder-coated aluminum.CoverMate-Spa-Cover-Lift-Foam-Grips-for-Comfortable-Handling

It can handle different elements of weather without corroding or rusting. The side clearance provided is of 5 inches. It provides you with the rear clearance of 18 inches. The brackets are constructed using noncorrosive materials which ensure that you can use it for outdoor spas quite easily.

With the help of foam grips, you will be able to lift the cover without any problem at all. The grips make it highly durable and a good option when looking for spa cover lifts.


  • Noncorrosive brackets
  • Built for straight-sided spas
  • Compatible with spas which are 6 feet to 8 feet wide
  • Foam grip provided to lift the cover easily


  • Packaging can be improved

6. Smart Spa Cover and Spa Cover Lifter – Easy to Install & Use

The Cover Max hot tub cover lifter is a well-made and robust lifter with a bottom mount. The model comes with a durable black powder-coated steel construction.Smart-Spa-Cover-and-Spa-Cover-Lifter-Easy-to-Install-&-Use

The design allows it to resist corrosion and rust yet become one of the strongest cover lifters you can buy today. The padded foam corner grips featured on this unit reduces wear and tear of your hot tub cover along the edges. The easy to open with foot assist mechanism eliminates the need for using hydraulic chains/shocks.

With an easy-to-fix design with directions makes the installation of this cover lifter a breeze. Also, the installation manual (included) has simple to follow steps to direct you on how to install it. The model mounts directly to a skirt or at the bottom of your hot tub.

The installation brackets are however sold differently. The unit has a low profile design which maximizes the view. The cover lifter requires 12 inches clearance only.


  • Powder-Coated Steel Construction
  • Self-Storing Cover Stand
  • Padded Foam Corner Grips
  • 12″ of Clearance on the back of the hot tub
  • Fits up to 96″ Square or Rectangle Hot Tubs


  • Installation brackets sold separately

7. Blue Wave NP5041 – Fits Square, Rectangular, Octagon, Oval & Round Spas

If you’re looking for a versatile cover lift, you can consider this option. It is compatible with the oval, round, rectangular, square tubs and spas. You will not have to worry about the shape of your spa tub while buying it.Blue-Wave-NP5041-Fits-Square,-Rectangular,-Octagon,-Oval-&-Round-Spas

When you look at the material, it uses powder-coated metal. The advantage of powder-coated metal is that not only it increases the durability, but hot tub cover lifter is also corrosion-resistant. It means that you will not have to worry about replacing it pretty soon.

The tubing used is heavy-duty in nature. It just needs a side clearance of 5 inches and requires a rear height clearance of 21 to 23 inches. Additionally, heavy-duty springs are provided to remove the cover and to install it whenever needed.

It is adjustable according to the width as well as the height of your spa. As a result, it is perfect for any spa tub. If you’re looking for a versatile cover lift, you can consider this option.


  • Versatile
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Powder-coated metal used
  • Easy to adjust the height and width of the lift
  • Springs incorporated to reduce the effort required


  • Lift is not lockable

8. Smart Spa Cover Classic Hot Tub Cover Lifter – Reduces Wear & Tear on Cover

The Smart Spa CoverClassic lifter is a unique, classy black one size hot tub lifter that comes with a powder-coated aluminum tubing. The design makes it rust and corrosion resistance while presenting a lightweight unit.Smart-Spa-Cover-Classic-Hot-Tub-Cover-Lifter-Reduces-Wear-&-Tear-on-Cover

One other thing to notice on this model is the required clearance. The hot tub cover lifter requires on 18 inches of clearance at the back of the spa allowing it to be installed in any backyard or hot tub deck. The installation and use of this Smart CoverClassic lifter is a breeze.

Once you’ve installed the unit, you don’t have to worry about storing the cover since the Smart CoverClassic lifter will save it for you. It lifts, folds back and stores the cover. The model fits in any square or rectangle hot tubs of up to 96 inches.

The hot tub cover lifter also comes with a low profile design which allows it to blend smoothly. Use the Smart CoverClassic lifter to reduce wear and tear on your hot tub cover and in turn making it last longer.


  • Powder-coated aluminum tubing
  • Clearance required: 18 inches on the back and 3 inches on the sides
  • Side or deck mount
  • Fits in any square or rectangle hot tubs of up to 96 inches
  • Product Weight: 12 lbs.


  • Does not work with in-ground or sunken hot tubs/spas

9. Cover Valet CRX Spa Cover Lifter – Requires Only 18″ of clearance

The next option is a versatile lift. It can work with spas of different shapes and sizes. Irrespective of whether your spa tub is round, square, rectangular or of any other form, you can use this lift without any problem.Cover-Valet-CRX-Spa-Cover-Lifter-Requires-Only-18″-of-clearance

The rear clearance required is 18 inches. With the help of gas shock assists, you can be sure that the effort needed to lift and lower the cover is minimal. It means that you will need no extra assistance to do so.

The hot tub cover lifter design is such that it does not put additional pressure on the center seam of lift. The lack of central pressure enhances the durability of the cover lift and the tub.

The instruction manual allows you to install it easily. The essential hardware comes along with the spa lift. A single user can operate it. Thus, if you want a cover lift which minimizes effort, you can consider this option.


  • Rear clearance of 18 inches
  • Works with any tub
  • Does not put pressure on the cover
  • Gas shock assists incorporated into the design
  • Hardware included


  • Instructions are not that detailed

10. Cover Valet CRX Spa Cover Lifter – Works with All Spa/Hot Tub Shapes

The Cover Valet Hot Tub Cover Lifter from Cover Caddy is one of the best hot tub cover lifters that defines versatility and effortless hot tub cover removal. It comes with a unique design which allows easy installation on an array of hot tub shapes and sizes including octagonal, round and hot tubs with cut corners or large radius.Cover-Valet-CRX-Spa-Cover-Lifter-Works-with-All-SpaHot-Tub-Shapes

The under-mount base plate allows a complete installation within minutes. The unit comes with powerful gas springs which are made to make lowering and lifting of the hot tub cover super more comfortable.

The hot tub cover lifter comes with strong, durable, powerful gas springs which makes it easy to open or close it. The unit doesn’t require you to attach the hot tub cover with anything. Lift or lower your hot tub cover easily with the help of this powerful cover lifter.

The model height can be adjusted from 30 inches to 40 inches depending on the size of your hot tub cover. The lift comes with XL spacers for the hot tub covers with 4 inches, and 6 inches tapers. Use this cover lifter with no worries as it comes with a 5-year MFG warranty.


  • Powder-coated aluminum tubing
  • Gas spring assisted
  • Under-mount base plate
  • Comes with XL spacers for covers with 4’’ and 6’’ tapers
  • Complete installation within minutes
  • 5-Year MFG warranty


  • A little higher on pricing

11. Cover Valet NP509 – Included 6” – 4” tapers

The under-mount design of this cover lift works with most of the spas. It consists of gas springs which allow you to lift it effortlessly. The cover can be placed by the sidewalls of the spa tub when you raise it.Cover-Valet-NP509-Spa-Cover-Lift–Included-6”-4”-tapers

There will be no hindrance in the usage of the spa. With the help of powder-coated aluminum construction, you can easily use this cover lift for an extended period. It can handle the elements of the weather without any problem at all.

When the cover is in place, you can quickly lower or raise its position according to your requirement. The lift offers you complete control when the cover is in the upright position.

The installation of the cover lift is pretty easy. XL spacers are included to install it easily. The spacers ensure that you can install it on a variety of different tubs without any problem at all. When you’re looking for a spa cover lift which can be easily installed and can be used precisely as per your requirement, you can consider this option.


  • Possible to place the cover on the side of the tub
  • Powder-coated aluminum construction
  • Can be installed within minutes
  • Effortless cover removal
  • Easy to change the position of the cover when on side


  • Quality of the hardware can be improved

12. Lovatic SpaEase 200 – Hydraulic Hot Tub Coverlift

One way to ensure that your hot cover last for long is by going for the best hot tub cover lifters like the SpaEase 200 cover lift. It’s a hydraulic hot tub cover lifter which uses aluminum where it’s required and uses steel where it’s needed.Lovatic-SpaEase-200-Hydraulic-Hot-Tub-Coverlift

The dual pistons employed on this model use the exclusive RPT technology (reverse pneumatic technology). This technology aids in raising the hot tub cover and when closed applies gentle pressure keeping the hot tub cover sealed, thus helping in minimizing heat loss.

The cover lifter fits any square or rectangular hot tubs of up to 96 inches and those with a corner radius of up to 10 inches. Its compact design requires 10 inches to 12 inches clearance behind your hot tub and a 6 inches clearance on the hot tub sides.

The lifter installation is a simple process. However, it requires you to drill and fasten it on the hot tub cabinet. It needs mounting brackets (Not included) for the cabinet screwing.


  • Hydraulic hot tub cover lifter
  • Made using steel or aluminum (where needed)
  • Uses reverse pneumatic technology (RPT)
  • 10 inches to 12 inches clearance behind the hot tub
  • Fits any square or rectangular hot tubs of up to 96 inches


  • Installation Brackets not included
  • Installation on hot tubs under 80” requires the steel lifter arm to be cut

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