6 Best Hot Tub Covers For Snow (Reviews of 2020)

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Best-Hot-Tub-Cover-For-SnowWith summer nearing the end, having your hot tub protected from snow is a great way to lower your bills and keep it from condensing. With the best hot tub cover, all these could be quite simple. Also, apart from keeping your hot tub and Spa free of snow, it protects it from other elements, insulate, and also keep it safe.

Many do not realize until it’s too late to check the quality, size, and durability of a hot tub cover while buying. With lots of manufacturers trying hard to produce their hot tub covers, it’s quite complicated to find the best. Different models have different features that make them outperform the other.

And to simplify your process, after doing detailed research, I was able to gather top best hot tub covers for snow and prepared this article. Inside it, you will come across top best models to buy and a buying guide to help you select the ideal model.

When making your choices, it would be simple for you if you got a list of top best products to select from. Here is a list of these top best hot tub cover for snow available today.

Top Best Hot Tub Cover For Snow in 2020

1. Classic Accessories – Veranda Hot Tub Cover

Classic-Accessories-Veranda-Square-Hot-Tub-CoverThe high-quality Classic Accessories Veranda Hot Tub Cover is my first best hot tub cover for snow. But why? Apart from being the top-rated product in this list, it is also the customer favorite for its durability, classy and fashionable design, and extensive versatility.

It’s a heavy-duty unit that will keep your hot tub save from the freezing ice. It is made from elegant Gardelle fabric system with a protective water-repellent and a resistant laminated backing and shielding dark splash guard skirt.

On top of that, it has vents which reduce condensation and strong wind lofting, not forgetting the padding handles for easy removal and fitting.


  • Condensation and wind lofting Air Vents
  • Protective dark splash guard skirt
  • Adjustable & Elastic hem cord
  • Resistant laminated backing
  • Protective water-repellent
  • Gardelle Fabric System
  • Elegant fabric top


  • Stains easily
  • Somehow expensive

2. BeyondNice – Hot Tub and Spa Cover

BeyondNice Hot TubSpa Covers – for a Balance Between Cost and InsulationThe second hot tub cover is the BeyondNice, which is a hot tub and a spa cover. It’s a thick cover designed to keep your hot tub and spa winterized during the long winter months. As an ultra-hot cover with 6-inch thickness, it offers maximum insulation with the least heating bills.

It’s a model you can put trust in and feel confident. It comes with marine-grade polyester thread that gives it the required strength and four locking tie-down straps to hold in place during windy days.

Above all, it also has marine-grade vinyl, which is resistant and UV-protective. Its high-strength full skirt offers excellent weather and UV rays protection. It’s compliance with all the ASTM F1346-91(2012) standards.


  • Marine Grade Polyester thread
  • Polyethylene vapor barriers
  • Galvalume metal C-channels
  • Steam stopper heat seals
  • Nylon lifting handles
  • Marine Grade Vinyl


  • A little pricey
  • Tie down straps quality could be better

3. Covermates Hot Tub Cover – Good for Snow

Covermates-Square-Hot-Tub-CoverThe famous Covermates Hot Tub Cover goes next. It’s a classic square soft spa cover that can help you prevent dirt, flowers, tree sap, leaves, rain, snow, and other elements from getting inside your Spa or hot tub.

It comes with a layer of protection created to withstand weather elements. It also made from 12-mil commercial grade vinyl and a polyester lining. Besides that, the hot tub cover fits over the top of the insulated spa cover and hangs down to the Spa’s middle to keep it well insulated and well protected from the snow.

Its bottom is hemmed with a thick elastic band which provides substantial grip around your hot tub to prevent it from getting blown away by wind or sink when snow falls on it.


  • Thick, heavy, foam insulated
  • Commercial grade vinyl
  • Extra thick elastic band
  • Substantial grip
  • Polyester lining


  • Limited insulation
  • Not completely waterproof

4. The Cover Guy – Deluxe Spa & Hot Tub Cover

The-Cover-Guy-Deluxe-Hot-Tub-CoverMy next best hot tub cover for snow is The Cover Guy Superior Hot Tub Cover, which is a custom made replacement with a 5-inch taper. It’s a unique cover designed to help you reduce energy bills, eliminate waterlogging, and also keep snow away from your pool.

Its superior construction makes it super strong, flexible, and also durable. It also has a high-density foam which reinforces the cover to withstand the heavy-loads from snow, animals and even kids. Alongside that, the cover has four lockable tie downs which are strategically placed for complete protection.

As a custom made a cover, The Cover Guy friendly team contacts you to confirm your spa or hot tub’s dimensions and details so that they can customize your replacement to fit perfectly.


  • New generation coating and wrapping
  • Offers unparalleled insulation
  • Highest marine grade vinyl
  • Reinforced folding hinge
  • Zero water absorption
  • R19 insulation value


  • Tricky to install
  • Can loosen in high winds

5. Budge English Garden – Good for Winter

Budge-English-Garden-Square-Hot-Tub-CoverThe Budge English Garden Hot Tub Cover is yet another well-designed hot tub cover which can help you winterize your hot tub. It’s stylish, durable with an elegant rustic woven tan pattern. It’s accentuated by dark grey piping sophisticated enough to provide a complement to your patio décor.

Furthermore, it features a 600 denier polyester durable sufficient to give your hot tub the necessary protection from all the elements. Additionally, this cover protects inside and out.

Its machine-woven polyester and the ultra-sonically welded seams which makes the cover waterproof and super UV-resistant, what’s more, the sewn-in air vents lower condensation while also preventing the build-up of rust, mildew, and mold. The elasticized hem on its bottom keeps it in place in those windy conditions.


  • Heavy-duty machine-woven polyester
  • Ultrasonically welded seams
  • The rustic woven tan pattern
  • High-quality protection
  • Peaceful tranquility
  • Impeccably stylish
  • 100% waterproof


  • Vinyl feels thin
  • Not waterproof

6. The Cover Guy – Standard Hot Tub Cover

The-Cover-Guy-Standard-Hot-Tub-Cover-Custom-MadeThe last model is yet another robust, heavy-duty, waterproof hot tub cover from The Cover Guy. It’s a customer chosen a model for how it works the magic of reducing energy bills, eliminating waterlogging and keeping snow out of your swimming pool.

It features sturdy craftsmanship and design, which allows it to offer superior hot tub protection for years to come. That’s not all, and it’s cleverly designed with R14 insulation value and quality high-density foam.

On top of that, the creator used high-grade vinyl, and together design creates a lightweight, yet heavy-duty to ensure your Hot Tub is protected from all elements, including snow. It’s also reinforced hard to keep the debris, pets and leaves out while also lowering your hot tub running cost low.


  • Strategically placed safety straps
  • Vapor proof barrier
  • Marine-grade vinyl
  • Custom made
  • Heat-sealed


  • Can be tricky to install
  • Lots of snow makes it sag

Best Hot Tub Cover For Snow: Buying Guide

A good hot tub cover for snow needs to be high-quality, durable, high-strength, UV protected, and with a tight fit. And for you to ensure you buy a hot tub cover with all these features, then you need to have some factors to consider. Here they are;

Hot Tub Size and Dimensions

The first thing you need to know is your hot tub exact size and dimensions to ensure that it fits well. Hot tub covers come in lots of shapes and sizes; selecting the right model will need to have the ideal measurements to make it suit your needs.

Material Used

Durability and strength of a hot tub cover come from the materials used in making it. That means you need to make sure your hot tub cover is made from high-durable and super-strong materials which can withstand wear and tear caused by snow and other nature’s elements, including UV rays. It should have the strength to hold the snow’s weight without sinking too.

Ease of Use

If you didn’t know, some hot tub cover is quite heavy and awkward to put on and take them off. Some even need you to use some specialized lifts to help you with the process. You don’t have to go all through these difficulties. There are easy-to-use and perfectly weighted hot tub covers you can buy, those that cannot make you sweat using them and not get blown away by the wind.


It might be that important, but the color is a factor to consider. Dark tones work better with heat absorption. The best hot tub cover offers a variety of custom color choices to the best suit customer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a fitting hot tub cover for my custom hot tub?

As you might have noticed in the above reviews, some hot tub cover brands offer custom-made covers. All you need to do is contact them and give them the hot tub’s dimension, and they will ship you a custom fitting, high-quality cover which fits well.

Are straps on my hot tub cover necessary?

The straps work great at securing a range of hot tub covers against windy and stormy conditions. However, not all hot tub covers come with straps, and some are firmly hemmed.

Is it necessary to use hot tub cover in winter?

Yes, you should use hot tub cover to protect your hot tubs from damage, it may require repair. When you keep the hot tub in the garden or outside, the best way to use hot tub protector.


The best hot tub cover for snow does more than keeping the snow out of your hot tub; it also prevent condensation while also keeping leaves and debris out. With all the above information, getting the best hot tub cover will now be a breeze. Get a model that fits appropriately for tight protection and with no sagging.

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