Top 6 Best Hot Tub Bases (Reviews) in 2020

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Best Hot Tub Base ReviewsOne of the most significant delays that bring unexpected added costs during the installation of a hot tub is the base. Since the spa base determines how stable and well weight distribution is for your hot tub, it brings a lot of considerations to the table.

Many people prefer the concrete pads or a wooden deck for the base. In both cases, you need to hold on until the weather cooperates, the ground to be fully dry, and the contractor to schedule his time to come and construct it. That can delay the installation by weeks and cost you a lot when done.

But why go through all the hassle? Did you know with flat ground and an excellent hot tub base/pad you’re good to go? With the best hot tub base pad, the process is faster, cheaper, and effective that the concrete or wood. And to give you the most comfortable time buying one, here is a guide I prepared for you to facilitate the search.

Top Picks: The 6 Best Hot Tub Bases in 2020

Not knowing the best models available ideal for purchase can lengthen your search. And since I want to shorten it as possible, here is a list of top best hot tub bases you can buy in 2019.

1. Confer SP3248 8ft by 8ft Handi Hot Tub Base Pad

Confer SP3248 Spa Hot Tub Deck Foundation Base PadThe first model in this list is the Confer Handi Spa Hot tub base pad. It comes as a high-quality plastic deck foundation pad ideal for most spa placement. It is also ideal for use on a concrete base to avoid the hot tub from touching the base concrete.

Apart from being easy to assemble and install, this unit is also lightweight to handle during the installation. Its assembly requires you to lock the pieces together using the built-in connector and ‘you’re ready to go.

Its underside is formed with built-in pockets allowing it to handle around 300lbs per square feet. What else is there to love? ‘It’s made from long-lasting weatherproof and high-density polyethylene material which makes it heavy-duty and durable.


  • Durable, lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Straightforward installation and assembly
  • High-strength built-in pickets
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Built-in connectors


  • None

2. Confer Plastics Handi Protector Pad

Confer Plastics Spa Installation and Protector PadMy next best hot tub base pad is yet another Confer Plastics product ideal for keeping your hot tub stable and safe. ‘It’s one of the cheapest yet durable hot tub base pads to give you the best and a firm base for your precious unit.

It comes in pieces measuring 32 x 48 x 2 inches allowing you to have adjustable and the right measure of your spa without needing to cut. One thing that makes many consumers love this item is, it’s durable and lightweight.

These properties are provided by using long-lasting, high-density, and waterproof polyethylene material in its construction. Above that, its underside is profoundly sturdy and also features built-in strength pockets. The base pad also comes with built-in connectors that lock the pieces together to create one solid unit.


  • High-density polyethylene
  • Built-in strength pockets
  • Durable, weatherproof
  • Built-in connectors
  • Very versatile


  • None

3. Confer SP3248 Handi Deck Foundation Base Pad

Confer SP3248 Handi Spa Hot Tub Deck FoundationConfer is a reliable brand, and here is yet another product from their long list of highly durable models. The new Confer SP3248 Handi Spa Pad which comes in a 3-pack unit is a base pad ideal for use on your hot tub.

‘It’s designed to give you a better and firm base to your substantial spa. Another thing that you get by using this base pad, you get high versatility to use it on either wood or concrete bases.

The construction of this Confer base pad model is unquestionable. ‘It’s made from heavy-duty, high-strength polyethylene material which makes it quite durable and also waterproof.

The content also makes it easy to clean; all you need is to use a garden hose to clean the dirt away. And you know what, if you bought extra pieces, you can join them and use the pad as pool filter, plastic shed and trash can base.


  • High-quality polyethylene materials
  • Unbeatable reliability and durability
  • 3-Pack foundation base pad
  • High-strength construction
  • High-versatility


  • None

4. QCA Spas SP3248 32 by 48 Handi Hot Tub Pad

QCA Spas SP3248 Handi Hot Tub PadYour hot tub needs a firm base for safety and protection from pathogens and termites and ‘that’s what you get from the QCA Spas Handi Hot Tub Pad. It comes as a durable, lightweight, and sturdy unit, sold at an affordable price.

The model will give your spa the ideal, stable, and secure platform to install on it. And the best part is, you can quickly join multiple pads to accommodate various hot tub sizes.

Above all, its construction is durable and high quality. The base pad is made from high-quality plastic materials to give it the ideal strength to support the hot ‘tub’s weight. The connectors on each piece ensure easy installation and assembly.


  • Easy assembly and installation
  • High-strength and heavy-duty
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to clean


  • None

5. OLDZON SP3248 Handi Hot Tub Base Pad

oldzon SP3248 Handi Spa Hot TubThe next model in the list is the OLDZON Handi Spa Hot Tub pad which is a sizeable deck-foundation resin base pad. One thing I love about this model is the fact that it has a heavy-duty resin construction.

That gives it the ideal strength needed to support a huge hot tub. With this base pad, you get a better way to give your hot tub a stable and firm installation base. On top of being high-quality, ‘it’s also durable and waterproof. It will prevent moisture from the ground from reaching your spa and also prevents ants from getting to your unit.

Its piece-design allows you to join some together to create a base enough for any spa size. The smooth upper surface makes it easy to clean when dirty using a hose. ‘It’s easy to install as the pad has built-in connectors which lock together for high-strength structure with less shifting.


  • Durable, lightweight and study
  • Well-crafted built-in connectors
  • Wide versatility
  • A bonus E-book
  • Easy to clean


  • None

6. OLDZON SP3248 3 Pack Handi Spa Hot Tub Base Pad

oldzon SP3248 Spa Hot Tub Foundation Base PadLastly, we have the OLDZON SP3248, which is sold as a 3-pack. As I mentioned above, everything on this model is heavy-duty and high quality. From its construction to its structure, ‘it’s designed to offer the best stability and firmness for your hot tub.

The construction uses high-quality, waterproof resin which makes it durable at the same time giving it the perfect strength. The top surface is smooth yet non-slip and quite easy to clean. Its bottom has strength pockets which offer high-strength design.

The fact that ‘it’s sold as a pack reduces your shipping cost and also the overall pricing. Additionally, you get a better way to buy multiple items at once.


  • Top-quality, high-strength structure
  • Durable, waterproof construction
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Built-in Connectors
  • Interlocking pieces


  • None

Buying Guide

One way to ensure you enjoy the benefits of getting a hot tub base is buying the right model. Purchasing the right model, on the other hand, calls for you to follow the ideal buying guide. Here is a list of features to consider to make sure you buy the best hot tub base.

Construction strength

Hot tubs are quite heavy when empty. You can imagine how heavy they become when you add water and some bathers. Hot tub pro installers always advice on having a stable hard base for the installation. But since you do not want to go through the expensive and dirty way, you might want to get a hot tub base pad with a high-strength construction.

That way, it will support all the weight inserted on it and not break. Ensure the materials used in its construction are top-quality and high-strength. Additionally, you can check to see if it comes with ”strength” pockets underneath.


Apart from having high-strength construction, you might also want to make sure it stays stable for an extended period. It needs to pay for itself and also reduce the time you have to move your hot tub to install another base. A good hot tub base needs to be waterproof and also UV-protected. It ‘shouldn’t be affected by water or UV-rays. That way ‘you’re sure it will last long.

Installation and assembly

If you do not want to have a hard time assembling and installing the hot tub base, then you have to be keen on this. Ensure that, if it comes in small pieces that you need to connect, then there should be connectors that lock in easily. Additionally, while considering that, check if it needs reinforcement to the concrete or wood where it will be installed on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size gravel for hot tub base?

For a gravel base, you need to place 4 inches medium-grade construction gravels on top a landscape cloth, rake it to make the top relatively smooth and level.

How to build a hot tub base?

The process is long, but I can summarize it for you:

One you need to choose what type of base you need. There mainly four types, namely wood, concrete, gravel, and base pad. The base pad comes ready for use; all you need is flat level ground. However, for the other three, you will need to do some handy work. Mostly, you will find people hiring contractors for the job since it requires skills and hard work.

Step 1: All the three methods require you to measure the base of your hot tub.

Step 2: mark the ground where you want to construct the base

Step 3: For the concrete and gravel bases, you need to dig the area around 6 inches deep and get rid of the dirt.
For the wood, you will need to make framing of that size and give it some allowance for spillage

Step 4: For the gravel, lay a landscape clothing, put in the medium-sized construction gravel and level it.
For the concrete type, you need to make a mixture of gravel and cement and pour it inside, level it, and allow it to dry.
For the wood, you have to look for hard plywood and lay on top to make a leveled base.

How to install a hot tub base?

For the ready-made hot tub base, you need a well prepared, clean flat and leveled hard surface. Connect the pieces, and you are good to go. Make sure you measure the hot tub dimensions well and give some allowance for spillage.

Can I use the base pads on the corners of the hot tub and leave the center open?

No! The hot tub base needs to be complete for your unit to get the ideal support. It also needs to be flat to prevent wobbling.

What is the benefit of having a hot tub base?

Hot tubs require a solid, flat and leveled base to allow even distribution of weight or else it can break or bend. Once it loses shape or break, ‘it’s quite hard or even impossible to repair.


There you have it –everything you need to get an excellent hot tub base for your precious spa unit. Everything I have provided in this best hot tub base guide will facilitate your search. The info will also make it easy for you to find the ideal model for your needs. So, use it wisely. Remember durable, study, and yet the lightweight model is the best. Good luck!

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