Top 25 Best Hot Tub Accessories (Reviewed) For 2020

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Best Hot Tub AccessoriesA hot tub is a place to relax, enjoy health benefits, and have some fun time with family and friends. What you might not have known is, with hot tub accessories, you get to improve your spa experience exponentially. With the right accessories, you will make it even better.

With even a simple hot tub, you can use the accessories to enhance its spa experience to please you and other users. They make the difference between an average soak and the ultimate best hot tub experience you could ever imagine.

Here’s a list of the most common functional, cooling, and entertainment accessories intended to allow you boost your experience in your hot tub.

Top 25 Best Hot Tub Accessories For Your Hot Tub 2020

1. Confer HS2MR Handi-Step

Confer HS2MR Handi Step for Round or Straight Sided SpaMy first best hot tub accessory is the Confer Handi-Step. It’s a heavy-duty plastic step ideal for round or straight-sided spas. It comes as a completely redesigned step created with versatility and durability in mind.

The one thing that makes it a great accessory is the fact that it’s lightweight, yet robust enough to provide an easy way to the hot tub. Its easy installation requires you to snap four pieces together and get a beautiful step for your hot tub. There is no hardware needed for the assembly.

Additionally, it’s waterproof and UV-resistant. Thus, you do not have to worry about water or UV damage. The best part is, cleaning is quite easy. You can clean it using soap and water.


  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • All plastic construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Cleans easily


  • Not that durable

2. AquaReader Floating Book/Tablet Caddy

AquaReader Floating Book and Tablet Caddy for BathDo you wish to read your favorite novel, magazine, or even use your tablet while relaxing in your spa? My next accessory will make it possible and easy for you. The AquaReader Floating Caddy is a unique floating book or tablet holder designed for use in a hot tub, pool, or bath.

It allows you to soak in luxury, transforming your time into a completely relaxing experience. The best part is, it does come with retainers perfect for securing your material on board. And to ensure you are having the best time, it does also feature ergonomic stress-free onboard hand rests.

Additionally, it’s compact, and lightweight design makes it super portable. You can disassemble it and put it in your suitcase for the next swim/hot bath destination.


  • Ergonomic user experience
  • Secure material on-board
  • Inflatable, floating base
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some assembly required

3. Cover Valet SSURC Spa Side Umbrella

Cover Valet SSURC Spa Umbrella Best Spa Umbrella with All AccessoriesNext is the Cover Valet Spa Side Umbrella. With this umbrella, you will get to enjoy the lovely outdoor bath without worrying about the harsh UV rays or the drizzles. It’s a leading alternative to the traditional gazebos.

As a hot tub umbrella, its versatility allows 360-degree rotation. On top of that, it does have a crank and tilt mechanism which provide trouble-free operation. Another thing you are going to love about this hot tub umbrella is a stylish and elegant look.

The umbrella will compliment your outdoor spa environment while also providing you with the ideal protection for elements. Setting up the umbrella is quite simple and straightforward as it requires no hardware or assembly, only under mounting.


  • Universal Under-mount design
  • Hassle-free crank operation
  • Adjustable angle tilt
  • Spins 360 degrees


  • Tricky to install

4. inSPAration 106X Aromatherapy Liquid

inSPAration Spa and Bath AromatherapyAnother useful hot tub accessory is the inSPAaration Aromatherapy. It’s a solution designed to mask any unwanted chemical odor in your hot tub without coloring, foaming or clouding the water. Additionally, it doesn’t affect the water chemistry.

It’s ideal for use with Bromine, Chlorine and all saltwater spas and pools. It’s also safe for hot tubs, bathtubs spill-over spas, and whirlpool systems. As ultimate aromatherapy, it’s formulated for jetted systems. Above all, it’s water-soluble and is certified and proven to be safe for all hot tub pumps, motors, jets, and even the acrylics.

With this aromatherapy, you will be able to create an ultimate warm tub experience. The best part is, it will also leave your skin soft and moisturized since it contains vitamins e and c and natural aloe Vera extract.


  • Safe for all pumps, filters, acrylics, and jets
  • Leading aromatherapy fragrance
  • Therapeutic Body Experience
  • Water Soluble RX Formula
  • Aromatherapy Experience
  • Masks Chemical Odors


  • Might be intense to some people

5. Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless Floating Thermometer

Ambient Weather WS 14 8 Channel – Wireless Floating Pool and Spa ThermometerFinally, you do not have to surprise your body during the next hot tub bath. With this next accessory, the Ambient Weather Thermometer, you can now read your hot tub or spa temperature from both indoors and outdoors easily.

The WS-14 floating spa and pool thermometer comes as a wireless 8-channel thermometer which floats on the water surface. Its highly sensitive sensor reads display and wireless transmit the water temperature readings to the display console. It’s that straightforward.

The 8-channel selectable switch makes it easy to monitor the water temperatures from eight different spots. I was impressed by the sensor searching mode as it lets you re-sync the sensors without removing or re-inserting the batteries.


  • Leak-free, water-resistant design
  • Reliable wirelessly transmissions
  • Easy-to-read display console
  • 8-channel selectable switch
  • Screw-on lid design
  • Internal gasket


  • Not ideal for use with covers
  • Not suitable with freezing conditions

6. Brookstone Towel Warmer

Brookstone Towel WarmerCan you imagine the comfort you can feel getting out of your hot tub and covering yourself with a warm towel? Yes, it feels incredible. With the Brookstone Towel Warmer, you get a chance to wrap yourself in toasty warmth.

It provides an opportunity to treat yourself to a touch of luxury every time you walk out of your hot tub paradise. The Brookstone Towel Warmer comes as an extra-large towel warmer enough to accommodate up to two oversized towels.

It’s designed to warm and keep your towels at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit within a short time. Its transparent lid allows you to view inside easily. You will be impressed to hear it comes with an auto-shutoff which turns it off while idle.


  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Short warming time
  • Extra-large design
  • Transparent lid


  • Expensive

7. inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy

inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy Gift Pack BagHere is another InSPAration Aromatherapy ideal for masking all chemical smell in your hot tub. It’s ultimate aromatherapy for hot tubs, baths, and spas. They are spa fragrance with unique aromatherapy blends formulated for the hot water enjoyment.

It also creates a very soothing, aromatherapy experience. With over InSPAration having over 30 years’ experience, they design this aromatherapy with RX enhancement, vitamin E and C and natural aloe vera extracts.

All these elements help is keeping your skin soft and moisturized. Above all, it designed never to affect the PH level, foam, or cloud your hot tub water.


  • Strong to some people
  • Bubble
  • Pumps and Filters
  • Water Soluble


  • None

8. LOVATIC SpaEase Hydraulic Coverlift

Lovatic SpaEase 200 – Hydraulic Hot Tub CoverliftNext is the LOVATIC SPAEASE hydraulic hot tub cover lift which uses aluminum where it’s required and steel where it’s needed. It’s a durable, high-strength coverlift designed to fit most hot tubs. It comes with dual pistons which utilize the Reverse Pneumatic Technology (RPT).

The double cylinders help raise the cover, and when it reaches half-way, the RPT takes over and does the rest of the work. The RPT is designed to help in closing the cover, and while closed, the system applies a gentle pressure to keep your lid sealed and secure. The closing minimizes heat loss.

It requires a clearance of 10-inches to 12-inches behind the hot tub and 6-inches on the sides. So, quite a small space is utilized. It fits both square and rectangle hot tub covers of up to 96-inches and a corner radius of up to 10-inches.


  • Reverse Pneumatic Technology
  • Aluminum and steel build
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • Dual pistons


  • Tricky installation
  • Requires cabinet drilling

9. Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li Cleaner

Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li Pool Spa CleanerAt one time you will need to clean your hot tub floor and walls. My next accessory, the Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish Li Cleaner, will help you the job and in a perfect way. The cleaner also brings a way to keep your hot tub water fresh and debris free.

The best part is, its design allows it to clean 33 gallons of water per minute and it’s completely independent of the hot tub filter systems. The reason this cleaner is famous among many pools and hot tub owner is the fact that it’s useful, versatile, lightweight, and quite easy to use.

It also cleans all types of areas with no need for additional pumps or messy hoses. With telescoping pole attached, you can extend your reach and have your hot tub thoroughly clean. Above all that, it doesn’t depend on electricity, and it uses a rechargeable battery with a run time of 45 minutes in a single charge. Quite impressive. Right?


  • Long single charge run time
  • Lightweight, versatile design
  • Powerful cleaning power
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Reusable filter bag
  • Easy to use


  • None

10. Official ‘Perfect Pools’ Spa Bar Inflatable Tray

Perfect Pools Spa Bar Inflatable Hot Tub Side Tray for Drinks and SnacksI would love to have some snacks and drinks while I relax on my hot tub. Wouldn’t you? The next accessory, the Official ‘Perfect Pool’ Side Tray, makes it possible and easy. It’s an inflatable tray for drinks and snacks ideal for pool parties.

With this tray, you no longer need to get out of your hot tub, dry off every time you fancy a meal. Additionally, this 28-inch diameter inflatable caddy does float freely on water and also anchors securely to the hot tub side by using two water weighted chambers.

It’s a simple, elegant, and functional tray ideal for holding your drinks and snack and keeping them within your reach. It features a high-quality inflatable PVC construction UV-protected for durability.


  • Lightweight, versatile design
  • Water weighted chambers
  • Floats for ease of use
  • Easy portability
  • Carry handles


  • Easily punctured

11. Inflatable Drink Floating Holder Set

Float Tycoon Inflatable Drink HolderThe inflatable Drink Crab Cup holder is the next accessory in the list. It comes in a set of three inflatable, floating cups with an elegant pick look. The floaties are designed to give you an easy reach to your favorite drink while enjoying your hot bath.

The fact that it comes in a set allows you to have some good time with friends or family. The floats are made from high-quality inflatable PVC, which is also UV-treated for ideal outdoor performance.

Additionally, the easy-to-inflate nozzle allows for straightforward inflation and deflation. Additionally, for your safety, the floats are designed to emit no gasses or smell while heated by the sun or hot water.


  • High-quality UV-treated PVC crafting
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Simple, elegant design
  • Easy to use


  • No handles

12. Belize Hot Tub Booster Cushion Water Seat

Belize Hot Tub Submersible Spa Water SeatIf you’re a shorter hot tub user, or you want to boost your kid’s seats in a hot tub, then you need this next hot tub accessory. The Belize Hot Tub Booster Water Seat comes as a comfortable spa cushioned seat. It’s ideal for boosting the places for short people and kids.

It’s also suitable for use inside the wooden hot tubs and in those soft models with floor seating. It comes with a removable, machine-washable outer cover which has a zippered bottom for easy removal and wears. Additionally, the cover is meshed to allow the water to drain when removed.

Its inner compartment will enable you to weight it with small washed pea gravel when desired to prevent buoyancy while not in use. The best part is, it does feature side strap handles for easy removal and easy hanging to dry.


  • Submersible booster cushion
  • Un-zipping Outer cover
  • Easy machine washing
  • Side handle straps
  • Thick cushy core


  • Heavy when wet

13. GoFloats Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

GoFloats Inflatable Pool Drink HoldersThe next product in this best hot tub pool accessories is the GoFloats Drink Holders ideal for creating your private island. It brings a way to relax with your favorite drink within arm’s reach.

It comes in a set of three, meaning you can invite others your hot tub island paradise getaway and share the fun, relaxing moment. The floats feature a unique palm design which gives them an elegant palm island feel. Their full versatility allows them to be ideal for use in hot tubs, pools, spas, lakes, ocean, and more.

The best part is, you do not have to worry about them tipping and pouring your drink. The floats feature an extra-buoyant raft design crafted to work with almost all beverage cups that fit in them.


  • Extra buoyant rafts design
  • Unique design
  • Versatile use
  • Turn heads


  • Easily punctured

14. Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Bath Crystals

Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Spa and Bath CrystalsWe all need that relaxation to feel while enjoying a hot tub bath. Right? Now it has been made even better. With the Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Crystals, which is an all-natural spa and bath crystals, you get to give your body the best relaxation, stress reliever, and anti-inflammatory treatment.

It’s also super safe and oil-free aromatherapy designed to set the mood and also arouse emotion to relax your mind. The crystals also offer a way to boost your ultimate spa experience by combining the Eucalyptus Min Elixir in your hot tub water.

The best part is, adding these aromatherapy crystals in your hot tub water you will also benefit in skin moisturizing, water softening, and fragrance longevity.


  • Sensual aromas, moisturizing botanicals blend
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Works as a stress reliever
  • Spa safe & oil-free
  • All-natural crystals


  • The aroma can be intense to some people

15. Kleeger Non-Slip Home Spa Jacuzzi Bath Pillow

Kleeger Non Slip Home Spa Jacuzzi Bath PillowHere is another excellent accessory, The Kleeger Bath Pillow, designed to give you an ultimate relaxation experience. The pillow provides ideal back and neck support for a genuinely fantastic hot tub experience. The pillow is also designed to provide a good airflow, which in turn keeps you comfortable.

But what makes it an excellent hot tub pillow? It does come with some great features that allow it to out-perform in water. One of the features is the lightweight, soft, and supportive design that also has a contoured shape. The construction ensures the pillow cradles your head, neck, and back no matter the type of your hot tub.

It also comes with suction cups fitted on its back to ensure it never slips. The pillow also comes with open-air fibers making it soft, safe to use, durable, and resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, this fabric allows the pad to dry quickly, making it easy to clean.


  • Ultimate Relaxation Experience
  • Waterproof open-air fibers
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Back and Neck Support
  • Built-In Suction Cups
  • Very quick dry


  • Not comfortable while wet

16. GoPong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set

GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong SetWith this GoPong Floating Beer Pong Set, you get to play beer pong inside your hot tub is an easy and convenient way. All you have to do is inflate it to the right size and begin enjoying the game. I love its fast inflation and deflation as it saves effort and time.

Additionally, the raft remains firm and stable while you playmaking the shots are much easier. Each raft holder is designed to hold up to six standard-sized part cups.

Additionally, this raft is compatible with the GoPong Freezable pong rack so, you can play 10-cup pong while also keeping your drinks cold. I was impressed by the extra-high sidewalls which keep the racks stead while also preventing large waves from ruining your game.


  • Easy to inflate, deflate and clean
  • Lightweight inflatable design
  • Heat-resistant constriction
  • Extra-high sidewalls


  • Easily punctured

17. Spritech SMD2835 Waterproof LED Light Strip

Spritech SMD 2835 Waterproof LED LightWhile enjoying your hot tub, you should keep your safety first. The next accessory, the Spritech SMD LED light strip will ensure you have enough safety lights. The lights also act as decoration with a dimmable setting.

They are waterproof with a rating of IP44 but not submersible. As a high-brightness light strip, it’s cuttable on every three LEDs and comes with over 300 LEDs. At each cut mark, there is a 2-inch allowance.

The lights require a feed of 12V/5A power adapter. The best part is, when you do not need the bright beam, you can use the LED single color dimmer to reduce it. Their impressively long life span is over 50,000 hours. Super impressive!


  • LED Single Color Dimmer
  • Designated cut marks
  • Waterproof IP44
  • High brightness
  • Long life span


  • Not submergible

18. Swimline Floating Mult-Game Gameboard

Swimline Floating Mult Game GameboardEvery game enthusiasts would love to have some game moment while having a hot tub bath getaway. Right? With this next accessory, the Swimline floating gameboard, you get to play your favorite board game right inside your hot tub.

It’s designed to float and not tip while you’re busy enjoying your game. It’s ideal for use inside a hot tub, pool or poolside. The best part is, it’s a magnetic-floating board meaning even if the water waves shake it.

That means you do not have to need to worry; everything on it will remain intact. It comes with all game pieces, doubling cube and a pair of dice.


  • A magnetic-floating game board
  • Includes all game pieces
  • Reversible game board
  • Waterproof design
  • For ages 7 and up


  • At times it floods

19. Bella D’Vine Outdoor Portable Wine Glass Holder

SunChaser Outdoor Portable Wine Glass HolderThe next best hot tub accessory is the Bella D’Vine Wine Glass Holder. It comes as a unique outdoor portable glass holder with three attachments. They also include a base for hot tubs and boats, straps for patio chairs and lawn wine stake for picnics.

It’s a great lightweight and portable wine accessory gift for her. The base is fitted with a suction cup to provide adherence to all hot tub surfaces. It also features two patented interior prongs which gently secure pressure to the stemware and prevent any unexpected spills.

It is quite easy to insert or remove the glass from this holder. On top that, it comes with a high-quality mesh bag for easy and safe storage.


  • Strong Suctioning base
  • Patented Technology
  • Versatile and Unique
  • Sleek and compact
  • Quite easy to use


  • None

20. STARFISH Underwater Submersible LED Lights

STARFISH Underwater Submersible LED LightsThe Starfish Underwater LED lights are my next best hot tub accessories. They are unique waterproof submersible LED lights designed for decoration. With these lights, you will be able to decorate your hot tub water the way you want.

The best part about these lights is, they are battery-powered and wirelessly controlled –no tangling and messy wiring needed. The lights allow you to choose from 16 color preferences and four dynamic color-changing modes and add extra warmth to your hot tub experience.

And since they IP68 waterproof rated and submersible, it means the colorful accent will also be visible inside the water. Their seamless wireless control allows you to have a hassle-free operation while inside or outside the hot tub.


  • Reusable multicolor led lights
  • Submersible and waterproof
  • Portable and easily reusable
  • Ip68 waterproof material
  • Multi-functional
  • Colorful accent


  • Fogs in hot water

21. Wimoto WAT001 Water Bluetooth Smart Water Sensor

Wimoto WAT001 Water Bluetooth Smart Water SensorNext accessory is the Wimoto Water Bluetooth Smart Water Sensor. It’s a small device designed to monitor water level and send the data to compatible smartphones through Bluetooth SMART.

With this Wimoto Smart Water Sensor, you will be able to auto-detect the level of water in your hot tub as well as monitor flooding. With this device using the Bluetooth SMART technology with up to 100ft range, it’s reliable for use in and out of the hot tub.

It acts as a data logger when there is no paired smartphone or tablet in the range. It records the info periodically for a whole month. The best part is, it’s weather-resistant and runs for 1-3 years on a single battery.


  • Flood and water level sensing
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • Weather-resistant design
  • User changeable battery
  • Periodic data recording


  • None

22. Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

Intex PureSpa Cup HolderDehydration isn’t an option with this next accessory, the Intex PureSpa Cup Holder. It’s a two-standard size beverage container holder designed to allow you to have your favorite drink or water within your arm’s reach.

As a cup holder and a refreshment tray, it’s designed to attach to your hot tubs wall securely. It’s easily removable for convenience. The refreshment side can also be used to hold your phone while you are relaxing. I was impressed with the simplicity employed in this tool.

It’s quite effective at ensuring your drinks stay secure and near you. With this holder, you do not need to get out of the hot tub to get some refreshment, beverage, or water.


  • Safe, secure wall attachment
  • Removable for convenience
  • Durable, UV-treated design
  • Simple, but functional
  • Quite easy to clean


  • Holds only two containers

23. GORILLA GRIP Original Bath Pillow

GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath PillowHere is another Spa Bath ideal for supporting your head and neck while keeping you more comfortable. It’s ideal for use with Jacuzzis, Spas, and hot tubs. It’s not only soft and smooth to the touch but also crafted with thick padded foam to ensure it offers superior comfort.

It features a two-panel design to provide you with orthopedic support to the head and neck as you rest and relax. It’s also fitted with seven suction cups which keeps it in one position, preventing re-arrangement and slippage. It’s also waterproof, which makes it easy to clean.


  • Luxury padded foam
  • Orthopedic support
  • Strong suction cups
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof


  • High on the price
  • Quite slippery on the surface

24. Cover Valet Water Brick Seat

Cover Valet 705554678575 Water Brick SeatThe Cover Valer Water Brick Seat is another cushioned booster seat ideal for the short hot tub users and kids that need seat boosting. It’s a comfortable booster seat with an attractive design. Its foam cushioning makes it super convenient.

The best part about this model is, as a heavy-duty booster seat, it’s also heat-resistant. That means you do not have to worry while enjoying your hot bath. Above that, it does come with quick-drying and durable fabric. The quick-drying makes it easy to clean and resist mold and mildew.


  • Heat-resistant, heavy-duty construction
  • Comfortable, attractive design
  • Durable, quick-drying fabric
  • Strong Suction Cups
  • Cushioned interior


  • Quite heavy when wet

25. GoPong Swimming Pool Floating Beer Pong Game Table

Swimming Pool Inflatable Beer Pong GameMy last accessory is yet another high-quality beer pong floating raft from GoPong. It’s a perfect pong raft designed to take your beer pong game into your hot tub.

It consists of two lightweight, floating islands with six cup holders. I love the fact that they feature extra-high sidewalls which prevent large water waves or bubbles from ruining the game.

Additionally, I was impressed to learn that it’s a more affordable alternative to those large floating tables in the market. The fact that it’s quite easy to inflate and deflate makes them even more favorites for many beer pong game enthusiasts.


  • High-quality heat-resistant design
  • Lightweight, inflatable design
  • Extra-high sidewalls
  • Floating coolers
  • Extra buoyancy


  • Easily punctured
  • Produces smell when heated

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