6 Best Heat Pump For Above Ground Pool 2020 (Reviews)

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Best Heat Pump For Above Ground PoolAbove ground swimming pools require heat pumps that come with mounting fixtures to avoid damage to the walls. The heat pumps available in the market come with several features that you need to check out. There are those with high capacity, while others work well for small pools.

Take into consideration the size of your pool before buying a given swimming pool heat pump. Energy consumption and the mode of operation are other factors to check out. It is recommended to go for a heat pump which comes with energy-saving features.

It will avoid cases where you can end up incurring a lot of costs related to power bills. I love swimming. To make the waters comfortable, I had to research for the best heat pump for the above ground pool. Here are my top recommendations:

Top 6 Best Heat Pump For Above Ground Pool in 2020

1. FibroPool FH120 above Ground Pool Heat Pump

FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat PumpI love the above-ground swimming pool heater due to several reasons. First, it is highly reliable. It works on electricity, which makes it environmentally friendly. There is no worry about greenhouse gases.

The inbuilt 8-foot power cable allows for a secure connection to the power outlet. It works well for swimming pools of up to 7500 gallons. My home is in the coastal climate, and the pool heater has never let me down. Rugged construction makes it highly reliable when it comes to swimming pool heating. All the features included aims at making it highly secure


  • Environmental friendly
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Works in coastal climates


  • 10A draw

2. Hayward H250FDN Pool and Spa Heater

Hayward H250FDN Natural Gas Pool and Spa HeaterThe heat pump is a highly effective pool heater. With 250,000 BTU, it is powerful enough to keep my large swimming pool water warm. It works on natural gas, which is a bit affordable when compared to electricity. The use of a nickel heat exchanger makes it highly reliable.

Value for money and is guaranteed due to the highly reliable design of the heat exchanger. Polymer header and the bypass valves are designed to offer ultimate efficiency. Versatile professional installation makes the heater exchanger suitable for a wide range of pools. Low NOx emissions make it environmentally friendly.

I was looking for a heat enhancer that cannot expose me to air pollution issues. The low emissions produced by the heat exchanger makes it highly reliable. The heat exchanger comes in a simple design that is easy to operate. I put it under intense use, but it is still intact.


  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger
  • High hydraulic efficiency
  • Environmental friendly
  • Highly durable


  • Requires professional installation

3. Pentair 460730 MasterTemp Pool Heater

Pentair 460730 Eco Friendly Pool HeaterIt is a high-performance, eco-friendly pool heater. The use of natural gas makes it among my highly reliable heat exchangers. Its high capacity makes it a fast heating heat exchanger in my collection. There are no long waits before I can start enjoying the swimming pool.

The high capacity heater heats up very fast. It has changed the way my family members enjoy swimming. We have to wait a few minutes, and the pool is ready for swimming.

High energy efficiency saves money. When service is required, the gas shut off feature makes it very easy to operate. Low NOx emission makes it among my energy-efficient systems. It even outperforms industry standards when it comes to emission reduction.

For the time I have been applying the pool heat exchanger, it has contributed significantly towards improving my pool temperature. The different parts fitted on the pool heat exchanger are highly durable. I can’t regret buying the unit. It has served me very well so far.


  • Fast heating
  • Energy efficiency
  • Manual gas shut off
  • Environmental friendly


  • Not easy to install

4. EcoSmart SMART Tankless Pool Heater

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater 18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating TechnologyIt is an electric thankless pool heater, which has made me proud. It comes with a self-modulating technology, which makes it highly reliable in the pool heating process. My family members are now happy each time they enter the pool. The different parts used in the pool heater are of the highest quality.

Eco smart design utilizes flow activation, which conserves energy in the process. The digital setting of temperature makes it easy to operate. It will start automatically when the set temperatures are exceeded.

The use of eco-smart remote makes the whole process of regulating swimming pool water temperature very easy. Sometimes I use the heat pump as a booster, and it still serves me very well. With the heat pump design, I can regret buying it. It has contributed significantly towards making my swimming pool water comfortable. Value for money is realized due to the grand design of the swimming pool heater.


  • Flow activation
  • Easy to install
  • Digital settings
  • Eco smart remote control


  • Electricity powered

5. Hayward H400FDP Universal H-Series

Hayward H400FDP Universal H Series 400000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater Propane Low NoxIt is a highly reliable heat pump for the above ground pool. I had to check on the source of energy before buying. The electricity-powered heat pump works very well in heating the swimming pool. The use of standard cupro nickel heat exchange makes it highly efficient.

Value for money and high reliability is assured due to the grand design of the heat exchanger. Universal and easy to install design makes the heat exchangers stand out. Low emission makes it among my best heat pumps for the above ground pool, which reduces environmental pollution. It is designed to meet all NOx emission standards.

My region has strict rules regarding emissions. The heat exchanger has a unique design which makes it stand out when it comes to the emission standards. The general assembly makes it easy to use a pool heater. My family members are now happy after the introduction of the pool heater. It is among a few pool heaters I highly recommend.


  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger
  • High efficiency
  • Versatile design
  • Environmental friendly


  • Not for small pools

6. Fibropool FH 220 Pool Heat Pump

Fibropool FH 220 Swimming Pool Heater Heat PumpMy main aim was to locate the best pool heater for the temperate to be conducive for the family members to enjoy. The pool heater has proved to be highly effective. It is among few heat pumps which are designed to guarantee me the best performance.

With high heating capacity, it heats water fast to allow my family members ample time to enjoy swimming. My pool is below 7,500 gallons, and the pool heater works very well. I sometimes use it to heat the hot tubs. It does not let me down. The designers of the pool heater took time to ensure it performs very well.

It is easily compatible with electrical standards. For instance, it works on standard electrical outlets. There is no worry about greenhouse gases. The electricity-powered pool heater works very well in assuring me of the best performance. It is among the few pool heaters which are built to guarantee me the best performance. I can’t regret buying the pool heater.


  • High quality
  • 20,000 Btu/Hr heating capacity
  • Works in hot tubs
  • Environmental friendly


  • Low capacity

Best Heat Pump For Above Ground Pool: Buying Details

You need to check out several factors before you can locate the best heat pump for above ground pool. For instance, you need to check on the size of your swimming pool before you can proceed to buy the heaters. They come in different sizes. A larger size can work well for the large swimming pools. Here are other factors to check out:

Environmental friendly

You should avoid pool heaters, which can expose you to environmental pollution. Compare the different pool heaters available out there in the market from where you can decide on one can assure you ecological protection.

Heating capacity

Check on the heating capacity as well as the rate of heating. You will tend to save on time if you can go for a pool heater, which has a large size, and it tends to heat fast. All pool heaters come with descriptions, check on the ratings from where you can know whether the pool heater can speed up the process of warming the pool water.


What is the best heat pump for the above ground pool?

You need to check on several factors before you can locate the best. First, check on your swimming pool dimensions. If your swimming pool is large, then you need to buy a swimming pool with a large capacity. The energy consumption also matters. Ensure you buy an environmentally friendly pool heater, which can save you on the heating costs.

What are the benefits of installing a pool heat pump?

There are several benefits you enjoy. First, it contributes towards making the water conducive for family members to swim. Nobody will like to enter the cold water. The heat pumps are designed in such a way they will raise the pool water temperature to a level where your family members will enjoy swimming. You can save on energy if you opt for automated heat pumps, which will maintain the water at optimum levels and avoid too much drop in the temperatures.

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