5 Best Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas (of 2020 Reviewed)

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For years Infrared Saunas have been either Far Infrared, middle infrared or Near Infrared. The best full spectrum infrared sauna combines all three spectrums for an optimal sauna experience, extended diversity, and amazingly efficient sauna experience.Best-Full-Spectrum-Infrared-Sauna-2

The combination of all three infrared frequencies also ensures total health concerns are addressed and targeted in one session only. The full spectrum infrared energy produced penetrates the human body at not just a single level, but three.

So where and how do you find the best full spectrum infrared sauna? This has been a challenge to many, and it continues to be as the days go on.

The reason behind it is that there are many different models with different features in the market and they confuse the buyer while selecting.

However, because I don’t want you to have the same problem I have prepared the review below to shorten your search and help you get the right model. Read it through, and at the end, you will have a model that you can take home.

The 5 Best Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas for 2020

1. Medical Sauna Therapy – Full Spectrum Home Sauna

Medical-Sauna-4-Full-Spectrum--Home-Sauna---2-Person-Indoor-Infrared-Sauna-Spa-Medical Full Spectrum Sauna is a 2-person home infrared sauna the boasts being the only sauna to have been designed by doctors.

The sauna is made to boost blood flow, eliminate headaches and migraines, heal the muscle and provide complete pain relief. The sauna is also built in such a way that when it reaches its full potential, you can use it for detoxification.

The Medical Sauna also comes loaded with lots of features to make you feel relaxed and give you the best enjoyment as you heat your body.

The full infrared spectrum and the carbon heater technology employed on this model ensures that the heat penetrates deeply to your skin.


  • Canadian hemlock wooden construction
  • Energy-efficient heating system
  • A rapid internal heating system
  • Insulated airflow system
  • Clasp-together assembly
  • Full-spectrum heaters
    Tempered glass door


  • Takes long to heat up
  • Expensive

2. Radiant Saunas BSA2418 – Hemlock Infrared Sauna

Radiant-Saunas-BSA2418-4-Person-Hemlock-Infrared-SaunaGift yourself with the best full spectrum infrared sauna by buying the Radiant Saunas Hemlock Infrared sauna. The model will allow you to enjoy the health benefits produced by a FAR infrared sauna.

It has been constructed using Canadian hemlock which is known to be the perfect wood for containing heat. It comes with a natural, rustic look that will bring a luxurious touch to your home.

The Sauna uses seven carbon heaters to distribute heat evenly all over the sauna, thus blanketing your body with nurturing warmth. The FAR heat produce by this Radiant sauna is designed to penetrate deep into your body to ensure it soothes the sore muscles and aching joints, leaving you with a smile.

The model also features Chromotherapy lighting system which is very effective at relieving stress and anxiety.


  • Chromotherapy lighting system
  • Exquisitely carved details
  • Integrated sound system
  • Low-EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Intuitive control system
  • FAR infrared heating
  • Bronze-tinted glass


  • The instruction manual is not user-friendly
  • Sometimes it takes longer to heat up

3. Radiant Saunas BSA2406 – Deluxe Ceramic Sauna

Radiant-Saunas-BSA2406-2-Person-Deluxe-Ceramic-Infrared-SaunaThe Radiant Saunas Deluxe Ceramic infrared sauna comes as a 2-person FAR sauna. With this unit, you will be able to melt away all your stress in a luxurious way.

It comes with five carbon heaters that are placed strategically to distribute heat all over the room and provide maximum warmth. While using the sauna, you can decide to enjoy the clear sound from the integrated sound system.

The FAR technology employed on this sauna penetrates the body and warms the core temperature thus loosening any aching muscles while relieving joint pain.

When the room temperature rises, your body works hard to cool it down thus ending up giving you the best calorie-burning routine. The sauna also uses color therapy to calm down your worried mind.


  • Simple-to-operate LED control panel
  • Canadian hemlock construction
  • Chromotherapy lighting system
  • Bronze-tinted tempered glass
  • Ceramic, infrared heaters


  • Bulky when assembled
  • Often fits only one person comfortably

4. Dynamic Amz-Dyn -6106-01 – Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Saunas amz-dyn-6106-01 - The Smartest Sauna (1-2 Person)Are you wanting to feel the benefits of using the best full spectrum infrared sauna? Why do you try out the Dynamic Saunas AMZ-DYN? The Dynamic Saunas Barcelona is a 1-2 person sauna that features the FAR technology.

The sauna is made from Canadian reforested hemlock wood, and its walls are dual paneled and built using the thickest exterior and interior wood planks. All that translates to a high-quality sauna which retains heat efficiently heats up quickly and wastes minimal energy.

The model utilizes six carbon heating panels which are super energy efficient to produce tremendous and soft heat which is evenly distributed throughout the sauna inside.

The sauna also features an LED display that features sauna temperature and time functions. The unit also comes with a dual soft-touch control panel for an added operating convenience.


  • Infrared carbon low EMF heating panels
  • Chromo Therapy Lighting System
  • Dynamic FAR Infrared Technology
  • Music Capability System
  • Soft-touch control panels
  • Clear tempered glass door


  • Curbside Shipping
  • Indoor use only

5. Dynamic Venice – Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Venice Sauna – Most RecommendedThe Dynamic Venice sauna is a low EMF 2-person sauna that also features a full-body spectrum and FAR technology. The sauna has been designed using the Canadian hemlock wood and double paneled walls to ensure it retains heat more efficiently while also heating faster.

It’s equipped with six infrared carbon heating panels which are well known for their energy efficiency. The Dynamic Venice Sauna operates at the most effective temperature (120F) to allow you to enjoy the warmth longer while maximizing all the potential sauna health benefits.

Assembling the sauna is a snap and will take you less than an hour, of course, if you have some handy skills. Use the built-in MP3 AUX connection and speakers to play your favorite relaxing music all through the session.


  • Canadian hemlock Reforested wood structure
  • Bronze privacy tempered glass sidewalls
  • Bronze privacy tempered glass door
  • Clasp together assembly
  • Music Capability System


  • Quite Heavy
  • Designed for indoor use only

Best Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna [Buying Guide]

With the above list of the top best full spectrum infrared saunas available today, selecting one model that fits your needs might not be that easy. And since I promised of helping you find the perfect model, I have prepared a guide with some crucial things you need to consider to ensure you make a sound decision.

Size and Capacity

Before you even head to the market, you need to figure out how many people you plan on sharing the sauna with. Mostly, full-spectrum infrared saunas are designed to fit one to four people at a time and the bigger the capacity, the more expensive it is.

Heater Material

The heating element is the central part of a full spectrum infrared sauna and the material used in making it determines the quality of heating it produced as well as the cost of the sauna. Most high-quality saunas come with either ceramic heaters or carbon heaters.

Carbon heaters are known to be the best at heat distribution, and ceramic heaters are known to be the inexpensive option. So, do your math according to your budget, but I would recommend you pick the carbon-made heater.

The Build Material

Keeping a sauna insulated to retain as much heat as possible saves on both power and costs. Using material like cedarwood can help in maintaining temperature better which results in less power consumption and a more effective sauna session.

Construction material

Keeping a full spectrum infrared sauna insulated for it to retain heat as much as possible will save both power and costs. The best full range of infrared saunas should use materials like Canadian Wood to help in maintaining heat better.

Additionally, the walls need to have some insulation like double paneling to ensure the temperature is kept inside. Check for this feature before you settle on a model.


One of the risks brought by infrared radiation is exposure to high EMF. It’s advisable that you use a sauna with low EMF. When doing your research, check for information on how they tested the EMF, the company used in testing and how far from the source were they holding the tester. Finally, check their results and make sure it below the harmful level.


For you to ensure you have bought a safe and reliable sauna you need to check if the manufacturer has taken all the measures to account for different hazards. You sauna choice must be ISO and CE certified, ascertaining that the manufacture adhered to the strict standards and regulation during construction.


A sauna with a timer will be a great deal for you as you might get asleep while in session. That can be dangerous as you can become dehydrated and instead of relaxing yourself you end up fatiguing. A timer will kill the sauna session thus turning the sauna off.


Sauna is all about relaxation and enjoyment. Some best full spectrum infrared saunas come with extra features for added relaxation. Some of these features include; Chromo-therapy lighting, backrests, integrated music system, color lights, and reading lights. All these will give you a better relaxation time in the sauna. But remember, saunas with add-ons will cost you more.


I believe you now have all it takes to get the best full spectrum infrared sauna. Remember to follow your budget. Also, make sure the infrared sauna you buy has some warranty to give peace of mind while using. Proper maintenance is the core of long-lasting service. Good luck!

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