15 Best Frameless Shower Doors (Reviews) For 2020

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Many homeowners will agree that the most critical steps in improving the bathroom are selecting the proper shower door that will enhance the value of the shower room. In this context, frameless shower doors are the best option available in the market.

The best frameless shower doors not only add to the beauty of your bathroom but also contribute to the functional use of the space. Usually, they represent a unique solution for your bathroom. Because these doors have no frame, they must be super strong.


The shower kits and stalls are also very easy to clean and maintain. The frameless shower doors have a great aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your bathroom. Opinions differ as to what is best in the bathroom, in the shower cabin or the bathtub, or both. This decision depends on what you prefer. The market is full of different designs and models, and each maker claims to have produced the best frameless shower doors.

So, picking the best will give you some headaches. For that reason, I have prepared the explanation as to the top pick shower kits, below giving you the best products available today and their unique features. Read through and find out which model fits you best.

Best frameless shower doors are a significant feature of any bathroom. They make a shower space look big and at the same time giving it an extravagant look. If you are searching for the Best Frameless Shower Door, then you might face a few challenges here and there.

15 Best Frameless Shower Doors [Updated in 2020]

But that is about to change. If you read through the review below you will see that I have selected the top best products and highlighted the things that make it the best. You will also know that I have provided the features of every product to ensure your selection process is as smooth as possible. So, don’t wait to hit a searching block, read through and at the end, you might get the best sliding shower doors that match your needs.

Brand & NameColorsSize AvailablePrice
Intex PureSpa4YesCheck Price
Coleman SaluSpa2YesCheck Price
Bestway SaluSpa1YesCheck Price
Coleman 1380411YesCheck Price
Bestway 54155E10YesCheck Price
Intex Inflatable Hot Tub8YesCheck Price
Intex Inflatable Hot Tub5YesCheck Price
Intex 28409E1YesCheck Price
Intex 28409E1YesCheck Price
M-Spa 029S3YesCheck Price
M-Spa 029S1YesCheck Price
GoplusOutdoor Spa3YesCheck Price
GoplusOutdoor Spa1YesCheck Price
Bestway AirJet1YesCheck Price
Bestway AirJet2YesCheck Price

1. DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 – Sliding Shower Door

The Dreamline Enigma X is undoubtedly a reference among the other frameless sliding shower doors currently on the market. It is characterized by style, quality, luxury, and innovation. It features an elegant frameless design in the midst of an exceptional performance, which can convey the ambiance and appearance of custom glass to an extraordinary value.DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 – Sliding Shower Door

This frameless sliding shower door has several features and specifications that guarantee excellent performance. Sliding shower doors benefit from the feeling. Enigma-X is specially designed keeping in mind the style that gives your bathroom a luxurious touch.

Enigma-X is characterized by elegant glass design, completely frameless, with brushed stainless steel fittings of high quality. The construction offers a relatively floating knowledge with a touch of minimal material and personalized glass. That will eventually define your interior space.

The minimum material is equipped to provide a frameless appearance with an elegant and flush look. The Enigma-X is fitted with robust roller bearings designed to allow smooth and quiet operation of the sliding door.

Its 3/8 “tempered glass door is designed to efficiently navigate the guide block with the ultimate goal of providing security and stability. That means that you can clean it privately without attracting unnecessary attention. The installation is a natural process and if you face a challenge installing the stainless steel top guide rail, try to trim it up to 4 inches for the width adjustment.


  • Dreamline Enigma-X 56-60 frameless door
  • thick ANSI certified clear tempered glass
  • Premium adjustable 3/8 inches Stainless Steel Top guide bar
  • Professional installation is required
  • Large wheel assembly
  • Anti-splash threshold
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • It’s ClearMax water repellant and stain resistant glass coating
  • Model Size: 56-60 inches W x 76 inches H


  • Requires professional installation
  • Comes with Installation instructions only

2. VIGO VG6041STCL6474 – Tub Door or Enclosure

The Elan VIGO frameless sliding shower door features 304 Stainless Steel Hardware with a flexible width of 60 to 64 inches. This frameless shower door is pleasant to the point that it is installed in probably the largest hotels in the United States and even in different other countries.VIGO VG6041STCL6474 – Tub Door or Enclosure

The Vigo Elan does very well to prevent water from escaping from the shower. That is how it works: during the bath, the water hits the sliding shower door that redirects it away from the floor of your bathroom. A single water baffle integrated into the door design ensures that the water is diverted completely.

The door offers an alternative to remove it from the walls since you can adjust the section accordingly. In any case, you can insert the shower door on the side or the right considering that the unit thinks this due to its complete reversibility, as well as for the different frameless sliding shower doors described here.

The door is designed to open and close as quickly as it would be prudent. It has guide rails that allow it to roll smoothly. Anyone in the house can open and close the door quickly. For your safety, there is a better support lane.

The door is pre-drilled to allow you to use the door handle that accompanies the package. In any case, the handle is not intrusive to the appearance or design of the door, which contributes to a simple opening of the door. One of the determining factors in the quality of any element is its durability.

The priority of Vigo was the manufacture of this sliding shower door without a frame. Its tempered glass is incredibly durable and resistant to any breakage or temperature change. It is also made of stainless steel that will not scratch, rust or peel.


  • Sleek 304 stainless steel hardware
  • 60-inches- 64-inches adjustable opening, door opening
  • Frameless glass design
  • Flex-sizing technology for full and easy installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 3/8” thick clear tempered glass
  • ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category II certified
  • 1-year warranty on all the shower seal strips
  • 23 ½ inches – 27 ½ inches door opening range


  • Poor manual instructions
  • Quite pricey

3. DreamLine SHDR-20307210F-04 -Budget Suited Door

The DreamLine SHDR-20307210F-04 Unidoor is a frameless hinged shower door that comes with clear scratch-resistant glass and a brushed nickel hardware finish. The door combines an elegant design and an incredible size range to give the user a custom glass in a parallel value.DreamLine SHDR-20307210F-04 -Budget Suited Door

It features a ClearMax stain resistant and water repellant glass coating giving it superior protection from stains and makes it almost maintenance-free. With an upscale look, modern accents and clean lines, the Unidoor shower door provides a timeless style to any bathroom design.

The DreamLine SHDR-20307210F-04 Unidoor has been designed to portray the modern home décor trends. It comes with a classic frameless construction that has three hardware finish choices to help enhance your bathroom style.

It’s equipped with a premium 3/8 inches thick ANSI certified tempered glass which provides a sleek design and give a custom look. The unit is extremely versatile with a 23 inches to 61 inches wide shower opening. The door unit also features a reversible right to the left door opening and a strong brass glass-to-wall self-closing rust-free hinges. Unfortunately, the frameless door unit does not have a width or out-to-plumb adjustment.

The door is a fantastic product that is meant to last. It comes with stainless steel hardware which is rust-resistant and durable enough to support the door. The frameless glass used is super strong and durable in a way that it can handle different water temperatures. The unit comes with a minimum threshold of 7/8 inches.

The tempered glass is ANSI certified, thus passed the quality control test. The installation process is not a DIY. Unfortunately, you will need a professional to do the job. The manufacturer covers the unit with a lifetime limited warranty. However, the Satin Black and the oil rubbed bronze finishes are only covered with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Stain-resistant and water-repellant tempered glass coating
  • 3/8 inches thick premium tempered glass
  • The tempered glass is ANSI certified
  • Requires professional installation
  • Brushed Nickel hardware finish
  • Unit size: 30 inches x 72 inches (W x D)
  • Walk-in Opening size: 29 inches
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • 1-year limited warranty for Satin Black and the oil rubbed bronze finishes


  • Professional installation required
  • Price is too high for a single door unit

4. DreamLine SHDR-1160726-04 – Very Affordable Door for All

This amazing sliding shower door manufactured by Dreamline has a reputation of providing an incredible style for any shower area out there. This product can boast of a revolutionary 1/4 inch thick clear tempered glass which is ANSI certified and which glides smoothly and effortlessly on anodized aluminum guide rails.DreamLine SHDR-1160726-04 – Very Affordable Door for All

A couple of sliding interior doors are guarded by as many as two stationary panels which help to create an extremely convenient central walk-in opening. The task of cleaning the glass as well as the track has become simple because of these innovative fast release wheels.

You need to select this astounding sliding shower door to enhance the beauty and attraction of your bathroom to a great extent. In this way, they can be rightly asserted that Dreamline has got the best solution for all your shower project issues.

Here we like to mention the important thing is that it is imperative to take all these measurements only after finishing the AFTER walls (tile, back walls, and so forth). N.B. These great shower bases from Dreamline always tend to be more prominent (around 2 inches) as compared to the corresponding shower enclosure and shower base from the same manufacturer.


  • Innovative aluminum bottom and top guide rails
  • A couple of siding panels
  • A couple of stationary panels
  • Central walk-in opening
  • Fifty-six inches to 60 inches (Width) by 72 inches (Height)
  • Anodized aluminum wall profiles
  • Brushed Nickel hardware finishing


  • Quality is not that good
  • Can take some time for installation
  • No machined components, simply extrusions

5. DreamLine Infinity – Frameless Sliding Shower Door

This revolutionary sliding tub or shower to from Dreamline provides a sophisticated style which is a combination of classic and contemporary design. This amazing product will help to transform your toilet into a fantastic balance of elegance, sophistication, and functionality.DreamLine Infinity – Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Here you’ll come across different types of finishes as well as glass options which can match virtually any bathroom decoration out there. This best frameless shower door, in a nutshell, is the best solution for your shower project requirements.

However, do not try to install it on your own and instead, take the help of a professional expert who will do the job impeccably and quickly for you. The manufacturer is going to provide a limited warranty for a lifetime. The shower bases are going to be bigger (around 2 inches) as compared to the corresponding shower doors or enclosures from the same company.


  • Has dimensions of 56 – 60 inches W by 72 inches H
  • Comprises of a sliding door and stationary panel
  • 1/4 inches thick clear authorized tempered glass
  • Wall profiles permit as much as 1 inch
  • Guide rails can be trimmed to adjust the width
  • Brushed nickel hardware finishing
  • Reversible right and left door opening


  • The quality should have been better
  • The package can arrive in a damaged condition
  • Water might leak between the door panels

6. DreamLine SHDR-1260728-01 – Duet Semi-Framed Door

This best frameless shower door from Dreamline can boast of an elegant and sophisticated layout which will help to accentuate the value of any bathroom with either modern or classical decoration.DreamLine SHDR-1260728-01 – Duet Semi-Framed Door

This product comes with semi-frameless glass as well as convenient gliding rollers which help to add a touch of conventional style while offering a streamlined and clean appearance too. In this way, the manufacturer has improved a lot in solving any shower project issue whatsoever.

Moreover, the glass has been treated with innovative ClearMax water repellant as well as a stain-proof coating for better protection as well as hassle-free maintenance. Apart from this, the shower door can also take pride in a double sliding bypass configuration which enables entry from either the left on the right side.

You will even come across a semi-frameless glass layout which helps to provide a sleek appearance. There are also some specially manufactured rollers that help to create an excellent free and smooth gliding operation. It is possible to trim the bottom, and top guide rails up to 4 inches to adjust the width.

The wall profiles are going to permit as much as 2 inches of adjustment every side for any uneven wall. However, the one vital matter to bear in mind is that you need to get the help of a professional person for installing this frameless shower door.

These shower bases will always be more significant (around 2 inches) as compared to the corresponding doors or enclosures from the same manufacturer.


  • Dimensions of 56 – 6- inches W by 72 inches H
  • Chrome hardware finishing.
  • The double sliding bypass configuration
  • Limited lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • Specially created rollers for smooth gliding operation
  • Bottom and top guide rails for adjusting the width
  • Thick ANSI accredited clear tempered glass


  • Doors might not stay in the closed always
  • Comparatively expensive unlike other similar products

7. DreamLine Linea – Best Frameless Shower Door

This particular frameless shower door happens to be an assortment of walk-in shower panels which can enhance the attraction of virtually any toilet out there.DreamLine Linea – Best Frameless Shower Door

This product is exceptionally sophisticated as well as functional and provides a convenient space with a luxurious feeling along with a contemporary appeal. This shower door has been treated using the exclusive and unique ClearMax anti-limescale glass covering for better maintenance as well as protection.

In this manner, the manufacturer has proved to be extremely useful in solving the basic demands of any shower project out there. Here, the glass has been treated using the innovative ClearMax water repellant as well as a stain-proof coating to get better protection and make the maintenance extremely easy as well.


  • Has a dimension of 34 inches x 72 inches
  • The configuration comprises of only one glass panel
  • Oil coated bronze finished hardware
  • Limited warranty for one year
  • Professional installation will be required


  • Somewhat heavy unlike the other similar products

8. Delta Shower Doors SD3276443 – Chrome with Clear Glass

It is a high quality sliding frameless shower door from the house of Delta Shower Doors. This firm has an excellent reputation for offering high-quality shower doors, and therefore there is quite a bit of acceptance and popularity as far as this shower door is concerned.Delta Shower Doors SD3276443 – Chrome with Clear Glass

It is features rich and comes with quite a few unique specifications and characteristics. The size of this semi-frameless door is 48 inches x 70 inches, and it is designed and molded on the traditional sliding door style. It is made from high-quality chrome and comes with a quality glass that is crystal clear.

It fits doors having a minimum opening of 43-38/8 inches and can go up to a maximum of 47-3/8 inches opening. It also is designed in such a way that it will be able to accommodate out of plumb or in other words rough conditions up to 3/8 inches.

Hence, when all the above things you will take into account, there are many reasons to believe that it could be a suitable candidate for one of the best shower kits in the market today. It also has a unique door handle which can double as a place for drying wet towel or for staging decorative towels.

It would be interesting even to have a closer look at some other exciting features of this semi sliding door having a model number of SD3276443.


  • It is made from high-quality anodized aluminum
  • It is a track assembly kit crafted
  • It is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Cutting to different sizes is possible
  • It offers installation flexibility
  • ANSI certified tempered safety glass
  • Easy to clean and water spot resistant


  • It does not come with door tracks

9. Woodbridge MBSDC6076-B-4 – Smooth door closing

It is a good looking and high performing sliding shower door. It is from the house of Woodbridge, and they certainly have rich experience in this field. It does is made from tempered glass of high quality.Woodbridge MBSDC6076-B-4 – Smooth door closing

The frame of the door is also quite good and has a stainless steel brushed nickel finish. The design ensures a smooth closing. This model No. MBSDC6076-B-4 also has many other exciting and user-friendly features.

It has a reversible left or right door opening facility which again is something that is liked by many customers. The entire construction is made from quality stainless steel.

Hence, you can be sure that the frame will not rust or scratch. Apart from the above, there are many other features that also go in making it a good value for the money frameless shower door. We will look at a few of them. The stainless steel is ANSI certified, and therefore one can be sure about the quality, durability, and longevity. It is guaranteed for life.


  • The frame is made of tempered safety glass
  • It is 3/8 inches in thickness
  • It is reversible for the left or right installation
  • The stainless steel construction is rustproof
  • It also will not scratch off or rust
  • The stainless steel rollers are solid & substantial
  • It offers effortless sliding and quiet operation


  • Lack of seal leads to water leakage

10. Aston Langham – Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Door

There is no doubt that Aston is one of the most reputed names when it comes to sliding shower doors. Those who have used this product have reasons to believe that it could be one of the best frameless shower doors in the market today.Aston Langham – Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Door

It is well and indeed a frameless sliding door (alcove). The ANSI Z97.1 certified tempered safety glass measuring 3.8 inches or 10 mm ensures privacy, safety, durability, and good looks.

There are many other features that also go a long way in making it one of the best buys for the price at which it is available. The industrial four-wheel sliding door ensures that the door opens and closes effortlessly even after years of use.

Full-length seals are also included which prevents leakage when the door is being installed. On the whole, is a complete and total frameless shower door that is built to last and perform.


  • Reversible design, suitable for left/ right-hand operation
  • Sliding door in a real sense with quality wheels
  • Frameless with minimalist styling
  • High-quality 10 mm tempered glass
  • Glass easy to maintain and is water-spot free
  • Moving parts are fully corrosion and rust-resistant


  • Rust spots start appearing in the rod
  • Not very easy to install

11. Tropical Art Glass – Shower Door (Chrome Hardware & Brushed Nickel)

It is another exciting piece of frameless shower door from Tropical Art Glass Inc. it is one of the few sliding doors which are custom made to suit specific needs and requirements of customers.Tropical Art Glass – Shower Door (Chrome Hardware & Brushed Nickel)

It is available in different sizes to fit the opening which you could have in your bath. It is gorgeous looking and has been built to last and offer value for money. It goes a long way in adding an exclusive look and attraction to your entire bath.

There are other exciting features also that are worth mentioning. We are sharing a few of them, and you will be more than satisfied that you are buying something which offers you excellent value for money.

It can be wall-mounted. It can be operated left or right making it very easy and unique as far as operation is concerned. It comes with some other components such as two hinges, bottom fixing elements and back to back door pull. On the whole, you will be sure that it will be durable, and easy to operate the door. It will continue to adorn your home for years at length.


  • It comes with high-quality chrome material
  • It comes in the oil rubbed/brushed nickel hardware
  • The tempered glass is high polished
  • Order form available for ensuring customization
  • The door comes in a rectangle shape
  • The thickness is around 10 millimeters


  • Installation note could have been better
  • Customer support not good enough

12. DreamLine SHDR-4139720-04 – Frameless Pivot Shower Door

The shower door which we are speaking about now comes in 3 different color options. The measurements are 41 inches in width and 72 inches in height. Thus, it can help you in enclosing the shower area without any problem at all. It has a frameless door that ensures that the interiors of your bathroom look elegant.DreamLine SHDR-4139720-04 – Frameless Pivot Shower Door

To increase the durability of the shower door, it is made from tempered glass 10 MM thick. The glass is water repellent and also stain resistant. It means that the doors will remain in perfect condition for a more extended period.

This means that it will be able to handle the wear and tear and you can use this door for a more extended period without any problem at all. When you look at the wall profiles, they are made from anodized aluminum. This ensures that you can easily adjust them in width up to 1 inch. As a result, they are pretty easy to install.

The necessary hardware which you will need to install the shower door comes along with it. It is made from solid brass. Thus, it will be able to handle the wear and tear and will last for an extended period without any problem at all. The door is entirely reversible which ensures that you can install it as a left or right door.

This means that irrespective of your shower configuration, you will be able to install this door without any problem. All in all, these features make it one of the best frameless shower doors which you can opt for.


  • It is available in 3 different colors
  • It has a frameless design
  • It is stain resistant
  • It is made from tempered glass
  • The wall profiles can be adjusted up to 1 inch
  • It comes along with solid brass hardware
  • It is entirely reversible


  • The company recommends professional installation which can be a bit expensive

13. WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-B – Smooth Door Closing and Opening

The door which we are speaking about now is 76 inches in height and can be adjusted between 56 inches in width to 60 inches in diameter. It is entirely transparent which adds to the elegance of the decor.WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6076-B – Smooth Door Closing and Opening

When you look at the quality of glass, it is made from transparent tempered glass. The thickness of the glass is 10 MM. The design & quality of the door is such that it will allow you to close smoothly without any added pressure.

The stainless steel finish on the side ensures that it can amalgamate into any decor without any problem at all. Due to the stainless steel construction, you can be sure that rusting will not be a problem at all.

Owing to the stainless steel construction, you will not have to worry about any scratches or any chips. When you look at the rollers at the bottom, you will realize that specially designed rollers are used to close it effortlessly.

It means that you will not have to worry about closing or to open the bathroom door. The stainless steel at the bottom provides it with much-needed stability and makes it highly durable. Along with the frameless design, it will add to the interior of your bathroom.


  • It is made from 10-inch tempered glass
  • It has a height of 76 inches
  • It has a stainless steel finish
  • The stainless steel bottom ensures that it is highly stable
  • The rollers are of excellent quality
  • The stainless steel construction makes sure that it will not rust or get scratched


  • The installation is a bit difficult

14. WOODBRIDGE – Frameless Sliding Shower Door

The next option on our list has a brushed nickel finish. The width is 60 inches, and the height is 76 inches. Thus, it can fit into most of the bathrooms without any problem at all.WOODBRIDGE – Frameless Sliding Shower Door

The company has also put a lot of thought into the packaging to ensure that it gets delivered to you in perfect condition. Thus, once you get the door, you can start the work of installation right away.

When you look at the glass type, it consists of a clear and transparent tempered glass. The thickness of the glass is 10 MM. Due to the high depth, it will be easier for you to use it for more time without any problem at all. The reversible nature of the shower door ensures that you can use it as a left door or right door without any problem at all.

When you look at the bottom, you will realize that it consists of stainless steel rollers. The advantage of stainless steel rollers is that they are completely smooth. Thus, when you’re opening or closing the door, you will not have to apply a significant amount of pressure.

Along with the door, you will get all the necessary hardware as well. Since the equipment is provided along with the door, you can be sure that it will be easy to fix and is highly durable as well. It means that you do not have to worry about buying it separately.

The door is completely quiet in operation. A user-friendly instruction manual is provided along with the door if you want to install it yourself. It means that there is indeed an option of DIY when it comes to installation.


  • It has 10 MM tempered glass
  • It has brushed nickel finish
  • It is made from tempered glass
  • It has stainless steel rollers
  • It has 76 inches in height
  • It is reversible


  • The instruction manual can be made more detailed

15. DreamLine Mirage – Brushed Nickel Finish

If you’re looking for a tool that is specifically for the left wall installation, you can pick this one. It slides on the right. Thus, it provides you with some flexibility as well. The design is entirely frameless which ensures that installation is not much of a problem. It has a height of 72 inches.DreamLine Mirage – Brushed Nickel Finish

With the help of an L-shaped bracket design, stability is further enhanced. The glass is completely transparent which means that you will be able to get an unobstructed look without any problem at all. The glass which is used is tempered glass. It says that it is pretty sturdy and can handle the wear and tear without any problem at all.

It is coated to avoid any marks on it. The size of the stationary panel is 23-7/16 inches. The bottom guide rail which is provided can be framed as per your requirement. It can help you in adjusting the width of the entire door. The width can be adjusted between 44 inches to 48 inches.

The glass is entirely water repellent and also stain resistant. It means that keeping it clean will not be much of a problem. If you want to add to the decor of your bathroom, the frameless design of this glass door is the perfect option. You need only a couple of people to install the shower door.

This means that within a few hours, you will be able to install it without any problem at all. The door on the face of it might seem cumbersome, but once you have installed it, it slides quite smoothly without the application of a large amount of force.

If you want a door which can quickly be moved, this is the one which you should opt for. The sleek design makes it one of the best frameless shower door options which you can choose for.


  • It is made from tempered glass
  • It is frameless in design
  • It has brushed nickel finish
  • It is 72 inches in height
  • It has greater stability with the help of the L-shaped bracket
  • It slides very smoothly


  • The installation of the door requires at least a couple of people

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